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Company Profile

Precision as Standard ... ... has always been our guiding principle when developing our products! The hydraulic components produced by Hunger Maschinen GmbH are an important contribution to the hydraulic market. The production line ranges from single items such as rotary distributors, rotary actuators, pressure transducers and valves to hydraulic power packs. The productions programme is further complemented by a range of spherical plain bearings and rod eyes in standard and maintenance-free designs for hydraulic cylinders and other applications. Optimum performance, low maintenance as well as long service life are well known qualities of our products. The high quality standard is achieved by constant functional and dimensional control. These high performance standards are leading to new markets being developed worldwide. Customers around the word have valued for many years this type of complete service. Custom-made solutions and short delivery times are our strength!

Product Range

  • Hydraulic accumulator: Compact accumulator
  • Hydraulic accumulator: Spherical accumulator
  • Hydraulic accumulator: Welded cylindrical accumulator
  • Hydraulic actuator, drive and motor listed by function
  • Hydraulic motor: Electro-hydraulic actuator drives
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic axles
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic drive, general
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic fixed displacement motor
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic gear motor
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic high torque motor
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic motor used as wheel motor
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic motor, general
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic motor: Compact size motor
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic rotator
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic standard rotating drives
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic variable displacement motor
  • Hydraulic pump: Combination pump
  • Hydraulic pump: Custom made pump
  • Hydraulic pump: Gear pump
  • Hydraulic pump: High pressure pump
  • Hydraulic pump: Low pressure pump
  • Hydraulic pump: Standard pumps and power packs
  • Hydraulic pump: Two and multi-stage pump
  • Hydraulic valve component
  • Hydraulic valve listed by function
  • Hydraulic valve: Custom made hydraulic valve
  • Hydraulic valve: High pressure valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Safety valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Special valves
  • Linear guide
  • Linear slides
  • Rail guide system