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  • Offer Profile
  • Rötelmann GmbH, leaders in shut-off and control technology

    Rötelmann specialises in ball valves. You will recognise this on the basis of our easy to use, high quality products. Our combination of practical design, future-orientated innovation and proven product quality has been delighting our customers for over 100 years. Our design engineers are familiar with the special requirements of the various different areas of application and sectors down to the finest detail.

    Even our standard range, comprising popular 2-way ball valves, multi-way ball valves and ball valve combinations, includes additional solutions for specialist applications. Our range is rounded off by individually tailored custom productions. These solutions demonstrate that our ideas for control, shut-off and measurement technology are often a step ahead of current market developments.

Product Portfolio
  • Ball Valves - Shut-off and control technology

      • 2-way ball valves

      • Rötelmann’s 2-way ball valves, pointing the way!

        Our 2-way ball valves are made from stainless steel, steel or aluminium. They can be used at up to 1500 bar. We offer numerous variants for different intended applications. For example, our 2-way ball valves can be automated with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators, and can be supplied with visual displays, limit switches, proximity switches and locking devices. And so that everything fits together properly, we also produce all common types of thread, flange and plug connectors, as well as ball valves, for manifold mounting and for manifold insertion in cartridge form.

      • Multi-way ball valves

      • Multi-way ball valves, the ideal setting

        Our multi-way ball valves are produced in nominal widths DN 4 to DN 65, with floating ball or trunnion ball. They are also available for manifold mounting. The enclosures are made from stainless steel, steel or aluminium and are designed for use at up to 500 bar. For precise automatic control, we can optionally supply our multi-way ball valves with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators, as well as visual displays, limit switches, proximity switches and locking devices.

      • Ball valve systems

      • Rötelmann’s ball valve systems, because they just work

        Because we plan for and with our customers, our functional systems too are also systematically developed products. Rötelmann’s range includes a wide selection of shut-off blocks for liquid and lubricating media for upstream switching before working cylinders and for shutting off and shorting cylinder lines. The units are easy to use and can be installed quickly. Thanks to their intelligent design, fewer pipe connections are required. Because the valves interlock among themselves, they prevent pressure transmission in the working cylinder.

        Our sandwich panel enables valves to be replaced quickly and without complications. They are screwed to the control block, blocking all the control unit’s channels if required. In this way, a way valve can be replaced without loss or release of pressure and without affecting the other controllers in the same block. During normal operation, all channels are open. The key is removable, preventing unauthorised activation. This operating principle reduces downtime in the event of faults or during maintenance work, and also makes startup easier, as no fluids need to be drained and refilled. Similarly, there is also no need to vent the system.

        Thanks to their modular construction, our accumulator safety blocks with integrated 2/2, 3/2 or 3/5-way ball valves are particularly economical and user friendly when it comes to protecting, shutting off and discharging hydraulic pressure accumulators. If required, we can supply your accumulator safety blocks with additional electromagnetic discharge and fit each enclosure with the necessary connectors.

      • Excavator ball valves

      • Rötelmann’s excavator ball valves – Safe tool changing!

        Modern excavators are extremely versatile machines. With the aid of a hydraulic quick-change system, it is easy to change from bucket to grabber. When the bucket is not in use, the changeover system has a tendency to pull the piston rod out of the cylinder, due to its weight. Rötelmann’s excavator ball valves solve this problem, making it faster and safer to change attachments. The ball valves close off both sides of the bucket cylinder. The integrated check valve function enables the piston rod to retract into the cylinder, therefore preventing the rod from being pulled out. In driving position, the check valve function is reversed, so that the bucket cannot touch the road surface.

      • Swivel drives

      • Made to fit – Rötelmann’s swivel drives

        Rötelmann GmbH is the first company in the world to manufacture and sell its own valves for hydraulic systems and hydraulic swivel drives. The RSI range integrates perfectly into all possible systems. With our products, steplessly adjustable home position and the possibility to adjust the stop position by ±10% is standard. On top of this come functions such as countless flange/coupling combinations, optional end position damping plus a wide selection of connection threads that open up even more potential applications.

        With our hydraulic products too, we make the same high demands regarding our products’ flexibility and functioning: We have a comprehensive range of modules. An emergency hand pump and comprehensive switching options are a matter of course. With a linear pressure/torque ratio, the drives can be used at any operating pressure up to 210 bar.

      • Valves

      • Precision valves from Rötelmann

        Rötelmann’s needle valves, check valves and flow control valves have thread connections from DN 4 to DN 50. Their enclosures and spindles, or threaded connectors, are made from steel. The flow in Rötelmann’s check valves is not reduced. As a specialist in custom solutions, we can produce for you cartridge and block-mounted solutions tailor-made to your requirements.

      • Attachments, accessories

      • Attachments and accessories – Rötelmann provides these too

        Mounting kits for limit switches and proximity switches, locking devices, actuators, detents and handles – We also offer innovative product solutions for specialised areas of application. They make operation, maintenance and installation of your systems and machines considerably easier, therefore noticeably increasing safety and efficiency.