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  • Offer Profile
  • Bucher Hydraulics is an international leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.

    Contributing high levels of technical expertise, we support our clients' product development activities from the initial project phase to the finished machine.

    We can provide valuable help in creating very advanced machinery that features stringent technical demands and exacting quality standards.
Product Portfolio
  • Mobile and Industrial Hydraulics

  • Hydraulics can be used wherever force and movement need to be controlled.

    All development activities at Bucher are centered on customer requirements and thus often result in tailor-made components and systems. By optimizing the layout of the overall design, we can offer compact and economic hydraulic systems that simultaneously raise the performance level of the application.

    Bucher Hydraulics creates systems that reveal the immense flexibility of modern hydraulics when combined with easy-to-use electronic controls.
      • Pumps

          • External gear pumps AP

          • The product range of Bucher Hydraulics includes single pumps 05-100-212-212HP-250-300-312HP (corresponding with the common group denominations: 05-1-2-2.5-3) and several combinations of double pumps, triple pumps, and so on, that can be assembled together according to versions of displacement, flanging, and auxiliary valves.

            • High overall efficiency thanks to optimised hydraulic compensation
            • Design and materials that guarantee excellent technical specifications and long life service
            • Optimum quality/price ratio
            • Customised models can be built for specific applications:
            • Dedicated front covers to improve mechanical and life performances in case of radial/axial loads
            • Dedicated back covers with integrated circuits to control pressure and flow.

            • Single pumps, unidirectional
            • Single pumps, reversible
            • Aluminium and cast iron versions
            • Double and triple pumps, unidirectional, in several configurations.
            • With integral flow or pressure control valve .
            • With outrigger bearing for axial and radial loads.

            • Tractors
            • Agricultural machines
            • Earth moving machines
            • Lift trucks
            • Construction machinery
            • Front loaders
            • Sweepers
            • Hydraulic hoists
          • Internal gear pumps QX

          • The QX pumps are the 5th generation of Bucher internal gear pumps, which have proven themselves in thirty years of service around the world. The straightforward and rugged construction guarantees long service life without the need for extensive maintenance. Tandem and multiple pumps are available worldwide in more than 1000 variants.

            • High pressures
            • Low noise level
            • Long service life
            • Negligible flow and pressure
            • Insensitive to contamination

            • Plastics machinery
            • Waste compactors
            • Machine tools
            • Hydraulic presses
            • Diecasting maschines
            • Lift/elevator drives
            • Hydraulic power units
            • Lift trucks
          • Internal Gear Pumps QXEH – up to 280 bar with One Gear Stage

          • The QXEH series consists of single-stage pumps for both constant and variable speeds. Thanks to the use of high-precision gear parts with a pinion shaft (pinion and shaft as one component), extremely low pulsation levels are produced even at low speeds. In highly dynamic servo drives with reversing operation, the QXEH pumps offer maximum reliability.

            In the overall product portfolio of QX internal gear units, the QEXH – as a single-stage pump with a maximum operating pressure of 280 bar – is positioned between pressure ranges 2 and 3 of the QX internal gear pumps.


            • Compact, non-compensated design
            • Very low noise levels
            • Pressure and flow pulsations are minimal, thanks to pinion-shaft technology
            • Field-proven in both constant- and variable-speed drives
            • First-rate reliability at both high and low speeds and in reversing operation
            • Long service life even under highly cyclical loading

            • Hydraulic power units in general
            • Plastics-processing machinery
            • Pressure die-casting machines
            • Hydraulic presses, etc.
            • Wind-power plants
          • Internal Gear Unit QXM

          • The QXM drive unit can be used in open- and closed-loop hydrostatic drives, and can operate both as a pump and as a motor. The QXM works as a pump to lift the load and it can recover energy when the load is being lowered. Used as a bi-directional pump / motor (four-quadrant operation), the unit can control the complete motion cycle of a cylinder.

            • Very low noise levels
            • Negligible pressure pulsations
            • Long service life
            • Suitable for special fluids
            • 4-quadrant (fully bi-directional pump / motor) or
            • 2-quadrant operation is possible
            • Low susceptibility to cavitation

            • Winches
            • Fork lift for high rack facility
            • Lift hydraulics with energy recovering
            • Fork lift trucks with energy recovering
            • Lifting Platforms
            • Drive for roller coasters
          • Metering Pump QXP

          • The QXP is an internal gear pump for metering isocyanates, polyols, additives and other fluids. Combined with a variable-speed drive, the QXP is being applied very successfully as a metering pump in the production of polyurethane.

            • precision metering with very low pulsations, even at high pressures.
            • can be used with high and low viscosities, and with variable-speed drives

            • as a metering pump in the production of polyurethane
          • Internal gear pumps QXV (for low-viscosity fluids)

          • The QVX is an internal gear pump for low viscosity. It can develope pressures of 300 bar with high efficiency at viscosities of around 1 mm²/s. The QXV is beeing used with great success to pump aviation jet fuels, paraffin oil/kerosene, brake fluids, Pentosin and HFA fluids.

            • Very low noise levels
            • 300 bar can be developed
            • Outstanding efficiencies
            • Long service life
            • Low pump wear
            • Low sceptibility to cavitation
            • Good emergency running

            • Test rigs for diesel injektion nozzles
            • Test rigs for testing Jet A1/ fuel controllers for aircraft turbines
            • Rolling mills
            • Fuel pumps for gasturbines
            • Welding machines
            • Inbrication pump for spindle bearings
        • Motors

            • External gear motors, series APM212

            • The essential components of series APM212 external gear motors are an aluminium alloy body and two gearwheels supported by plain bearings. The front flange can be the SAE standard, or the British or German OEM patterns. Particular attention has been focussed on the design of the shaft seal, which is often affected by back-pressures

              • High overall efficiency thanks to optimised hydraulic compensation
              • Optimum quality/price ratio
              • Customised models can be built for specific applications
              • Low maintenance requirements, even in heavy-duty operating conditions
              • Various components and accessories are available for radial/axial loads, integral anti-cavitation valve, etc.

              • Unidirectional (model code APM)
              • Reversible (model code APMR)
              • With integral anti-cavitation valve
              • With outrigger bearing for axial and radial loads

              • Agricultural machines
              • Construction machinery
              • Winches
              • Harvesting machines
              • Hydraulic tools
            • Internal Gear Unit QXM

            • The QXM drive unit can be used in open- and closed-loop hydrostatic drives, and can operate both as a pump and as a motor. The QXM works as a pump to lift the load and it can recover energy when the load is being lowered.

              Used as a bi-directional pump / motor (four-quadrant operation), the unit can control the complete motion cycle of a cylinder.

              • Very low noise levels
              • Negligible pressure pulsations
              • Long service life
              • Suitable for special fluids
              • 4-quadrant (fully bi-directional pump / motor) or
              • 2-quadrant operation is possible
              • Low susceptibility to cavitation

              • Winches
              • Fork lift for high rack facility
              • Lift hydraulics with energy recovering
              • Fork lift trucks with energy recovering
              • Lifting Platforms
              • Drive for roller coasters
            • Internal-Gear Motor, Series QXM-HS

            • The QXM-HS (High Speed) internal-gear motor was developed specifically for use at extremely high speeds. Its first-rate efficiency and extremely low noise levels also make a significant contribution to reducing the costs of both energy and anti-noise measures.

              Thanks to the special motor flange, adapted for such applications, and the integral ports for auxiliary functions, the motor can be used in many applications without needing any further modification.

              • Particularly suitable for high speeds
              • Very low hydraulic and mechanical losses
              • Can carry high external radial loads
              • Low noise levels
              • Cost-savings in system design, assembly and maintenance

              • Saw-drive motor in forestry harvesters
              • Fan drives in mobile machines
            • Internal Gear Motor QXM-Mobil

            • The QXM-Mobil internal gear motor was specifically developed for use in mobile applications. Its outstanding efficiency and extremely low noise levels also make a significant contribution to reducing the costs of both energy and anti-noise measures. The QXM design principle, featuring an integral outboard bearing, ensures top-class protection against leakage at the shaft seal.

              • Excellent torque characteristics even at high speed
              • Sealing concept for ultra-high protection against external leakage
              • Easy start, no "stick-slip-effect"
              • Integral outboard bearing can carry high external loads
              • Valve functions ca be integrated

              • Fan drives in general
              • Fan drives in cooling systems
              • Blower drives in general
              • Blower drives in seed drills

          • Valves

              • Pressure functions

                • Unloading valves
                • Pressure relief valves
                • Pressure reducing valves
                • Pressure control valves
                • Pressure compensators
                • Rapid Traverse Pressure-Control Cartridge
              • Safety relief valves

                • Load control valves
                • Pipe rupture valves
              • Flow-preventing valves

                • Check valves
                • Pilot-operated check valves
                • Load Holding- / Check Valves, Pilot-Operated
                • Shuttle valves
                • Drain valve
              • Flow functions

                • Differential lock valve
                • Throttle valves
                • Throttle check valves
                • Flow control valves
                • Flow dividers
              • Directional spool valves

                • Directional spool valves solo units
                • Cartridge valves
                • Manifold mounting
                • Sectional valves

              • Directional seat valves

                • Solo units
                • Cartridge valves
                • Manifold mounting
                • Stack mounting valves

            • Power units

                • Electro-Pumps ET

                • Bucher Hydraulics electro-pumps series ET are equipped with modern external gear pumps - AP05, AP100 and AP212 series together with efficient DC or AC electro-motors. These electro-pumps offer high volumetric efficiency and mechanical characteristics, good balancing and therefore reduced noise and vibration.

                  In Bucher Hydraulics ET project development, simplified architectures and reduced dimensions were the main goals to be achieved. For this purpose the housings of these pumps can be equipped with valves and hydraulics circuits.

                  • Low noise emission
                  • Wide range of displacements and electric motor powers
                  • Hydraulic circuit simplification.

                  • Unidirectional
                  • Reversible (ET.. APR05 , ET.. APR212)
                  • With or without motor starting switch
                  • With thermocouple
                  • Integrated circuit with valves assembled in the housings

                  • Fork lifts
                  • Scissors
                  • Aerial platform
                  • Small truck-mounted cranes
                  • Electro-hydraulic steering
                  • Emergency backup systems (steering and braking options included)
                • Hydraulic power packs, series UP

                • These units feature a high degree of accuracy and have a wide application range. Bucher Hydraulics power packs are designed according an integrated modular system of valves for the various functions.

                  This highlights the equipment’s compact nature, the foundation of its high performance level.

                  The basic components of the power packs are:
                  • a manifold block with cavities for various types of valves
                  • a very quiet, high-efficiency gear pump
                  • an electric motor (DC or AC)
                  • a reservoir (plastic or steel)
                  • several optional accessories

                  • Compact and modular construction, limited number of components, quick and easy assembly
                  • Maximum flexibility – numerous different circuits can be built from just the few basic versions
                  • Valve cavities conform to international standards
                  • Optimisation of motor-pump unit produce increased efficiency and low operating noise level

                  • Unidirectional
                  • Reversible (UP50 only)
                  • Manual/solenoid control, 2 way / 3 way / 4 way
                  • Modular blocks for CETOP 2 – 3 solenoid valves
                  • Emergency hand pump
                  • Customised manifolds to match client’s specific requirements

                  • Car lifters
                  • Lift trucks
                  • Scissor lifts
                  • Medical equipments
                  • Truck tailgate lifts
                  • Lifting platforms
                  • Equipments for disabled needs
                  • Automation: opening/closing of swing doors, tailgates, safety locking systems, etc.

                  Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE documentation is available in LOGintern Area
                • Hydraulic power packs, Series M

                • DC Power Units

                  DC power units have a lot of features and include:
                  • Compact designs
                  • Integrated and manifolded valve circuits
                  • Flow: 0.40 - 8.0 GPM (1,5 - 30 l/min)
                  • Pressures to 4000 psi (280 bar)

                  AC Power Units

                  We manufacture AC hydraulic power units for commercial and industrial applications. We offer a wide range of motors, reservoirs, manifolds and valve options. In addition to our standard products we are willing and capable of manufacturing AC Power Units to your exact specifications.
                • Hydraulic power packs, Series MT & T

                • We design and manufacture series MT & T AC hydraulic power units for industrial and commercial applications. These power units can be configured to create common circuits or systems that incorporate specialized and custom manifold designs.

                  System Capabilities
                  • Flow rates from 0.25 gpm to 15 gpm, pressures to 4000 psi
                  • Electric motors from 0.5 Hp to 20 Hp in several voltages and frequencies
                  • Pressure balanced, pressure compensated, and fixed clearance pump options
                  • Single acting, double acting, and multi-station circuit options
                  • D03 & D05 directional valves and stack mount control modules
                  • Conduit box, DIN style, and other coil options
                  • Air / oil and water / oil type heat exchangers
                  • Return line and pressure filter options

                  • Higher flow rates, alternate pump types, and special manifolds available upon request.

                  • Industrial Presses and Processes
                  • Rollforming Equipment
                  • Material Lifts
                  • Factory Automation
                  • Scissor Lifts & Platforms
                  • Material Handling Equipment
                  • Hydraulic Door Systems
                  • Positioning Equipment
              • Electronics

                  • Electronic control systems

                  • Proportional amplifier PBS-3A
                    • 1-channel for proportional valves with one solenoid
                    • With integrated set value potentio- meter

                    Proportional amplifier ELSK 103-*****
                    • With one power output and two ON / OFF outputs
                    • To drive one proportional valve and one ON / OFF directional valve

                    Proportional amplifier ELSK 103-13 and ELSK103-18
                    • With one power output
                    • To drive either of two proportional valves, one at a time

                    Proportional amplifier ELSK 103-16
                    • With one power output and two ON / OFF outputs
                    • To drive two proportional solenoids and one ON / OFF directional valve

                    Proportional amplifier ELSK 103-17
                    • With one power output
                    • To drive a proportional solenoid

                    Proportional amplifier ELSK 103-18
                    • With one power output
                    • To drive a proportional solenoid

                    Proportional amplifier ELSK 106
                    • With one power output, switch ON / OFF and ramp
                    • To drive one proportional solenoid, installed for example in instrument panel

                    Digital 3-level controller ELDR 105
                    • With motor output for MTK../MTQ..
                    • Position control

                    Analogue open-loop control unit ELMP 150-01
                    • With two power outputs that vary according to the adjustable control signals and the external control signal
                    • To drive two proportional solenoids (spread density and spread width) on salt/grit spreaders

                    Digital closed-loop controller ELMR 152-01
                    • The ELMR 152-01** is a digital control unit, specially designed to suit any make of single-chamber salt spreader that is used in winter road maintenance operations. Basic functions are auger and belt speed, spinner speed and liquid pump. The system can be operated in “closed loop” or “open loop” modes, as well as in mixed mode
                    • Inputs: 2 analogue, 4 frequency and 3 ON/OFF outputs
                    • Outputs: 3 proportional and 6 ON/OFF outputs

                    Digital closed-loop controller ELMR 152-60
                    • The ELMR 152-60*** is intended for single-chamber unit with proportional liquid pump. The liquid proportion from 0% to 100% can be selected with a step switch. The controller is also intended for the application as two-chamber unit with the facility for operating with blended materials
                    • Inputs: 2 analogue, 5 frequency and 4 ON/OFF outputs
                    • Outputs: 4 proportional and 6 ON/OFF outputs

                    Digital closed-loop controller ELMR 152-61
                    • The ELMR 152-61*** is intended for single-chamber unit with proportional liquid pump. The liquid proportion from 0% to 100% can be selected with a step switch. The controller is also intended for the application as two-chamber unit with the facility for operating with blended materials
                    • Inputs: 2 analogue, 5 frequency and 4 ON/OFF outputs
                    • Outputs: 4 proportional and 6 ON/OFF outputs

                    Digital closed-loop controller ELMR 152-62
                    • The ELMR 152-62*** is intended for single-chamber unit with proportional liquid pump. The liquid proportion from 0% to 100% can be selected with a step switch. The controller is also intended for the application as two-chamber unit with the facility for operating with blended materials
                    • Inputs: 2 analogue, 5 frequency and 4 ON/OFF outputs
                    • Outputs: 4 proportional and 6 ON/OFF outputs

                    Digital closed-loop controller ELMR 152-70
                    • The ELMR 152-70*** is intended for single-chamber unit with proportional liquid pump. The liquid proportion from 0% to 100% can be selected with a step switch. The controller is also intended for the application as two-chamber unit with the facility for operating with blended materials
                    • Inputs: 2 analogue, 5 frequency and 4 ON/OFF outputs
                    • Outputs: 4 proportional and 6 ON/OFF outputs
                  • Joysticks

                  • Lever switch FGE
                    • ON / OFF switching, with either momentary or latched positions

                    Joystick FGE JS4
                    • Supplies demand signals to propor-tional amplifiers
                    • Available for 1 or 2 axes

                    Joystick FCE
                    • For electrically controlled valves
                    • Robust design, handgrip with 2 switches and "Dead man" facility
                    • Variant with on-board electronics

                    Joystick FCE JS3
                    • For CAN Bus systems. 4 power outputs, 6 control outputs
                    • Operated as a slave on a CAN Bus

                    Joystick FCEG
                    • CAN interface in intelligent systems
                    • Ergonomically designed grip with hand support
                    • Grip can have various equipment levels
                    • EMC-certificated
                  • Amplifier and control cards

                  • Proportional amplifier ESSK 103
                    • 1-channel for proportional valves with one solenoid
                    • With one control signal input andone power output

                    Proportional Amplifier EBM-300308-DS-MOBI
                    • Can control 3 directional valves (6 proportional solenoids)
                    • Can be used with various demand signals
                    • Can be used immediately; no programming needed
                    • Output stages are protected against switch-off peaks

                    Proportional amplifier SAN-535
                    • 1-channel for proportional valves with one solenoid
                    • Very fast reaction time

                    Proportional amplifier SAN-527
                    • 2-channel for proportional valves with two solenoids
                    • PWM - output stages (high dynamic)

                    Multi-function card ESSK 107
                    • With three power outputs, two programmable analogue/ digital inputs, one purely digital input and one current measurement input for current control
                    • To drive one proportional valve and one on/off solenoid

                    Fan-Drive Controller ESLF 101
                    • Fan speed is controlled to match system requirements
                    • Any target value for temperature can be set
                    • For reversible and non-reversible fan motors
                • Cylinders

                    • Boom Cylinders

                    • Boom cylinders are used for moving the boom and stick. These cylinders are the largest in our product range. They are up to 3500 mm in length when extended and weigh almost 600 kg.

                      • Excavators
                      • Material handlers
                    • Swing-axle Cylinders

                    • Swing-axle cylinders are used for locking the swing axle in mobile construction machines. Our swing-axle cylinders feature a strong and stable design with integral lock valves. Thanks to this compact design, complex routing of hydraulic lines is unnecessary. The cylinder can be controlled with just one line.

                      • Construction machines
                      • Harvesters
                    • Stabiliser Cylinders

                    • Stabiliser cylinders are safety-related components that are subjected to enormous loads. Our cylinders fulfil the exacting requirements relating to functionality, compact design, long service life and, of course, safety-related design.

                      • Undercarriages of mobile excavators
                    • Dozer-blade Cylinders

                    • The dozer blade is an attachment on mobile excavators. The dozer blade is also used as a support to improve the stability of the excavator. Two hydraulic cylinders bring the blade into the support position. Integral check valves provide leak-free shut-off and offer pipe-rupture protection. In a similar manner, when the dozer blade is in the raised position a check valve prevents it from sinking.

                      • Undercarriages of mobile excavators
                    • Suspension Cylinders

                    • Suspension cylinders are used for hydro-pneumatic chassis suspension on mobile cranes. The extending piston rod is an area that is exposed to many demands, and it is protected by a gaiter.

                      • Mobile cranes
                      • Tractors
                      • Snowblowers
                    • Counterweight Cylinders

                    • Counterweight cylinders are used to hold the counterweight on mobile cranes. Appropriate process planning ensures the safety standard for this cylinder during manufacturing and assembly.

                      • Mobile cranes
                    • Locking Cylinders

                    • Locking or bolting cylinders are safety devices on cranes. They are used to bolt the boom extension or the main boom. The necessary bolts are integrated in the design of our cylinders.

                      • Telescopic booms
                    • Steering Cylinders

                    • Our steering cylinders are used in the hydraulic steering system of various vehicles such as cargo/material handlers, for example. Thanks to our efficient manufacturing, you get an inexpensive, long-lasting product.

                      • Vehicle steering systems
                    • Brake Cylinders

                    • Our brake cylinders are used in the hydraulic brakes of various vehicles, for example as wheel brake cylinders.

                      • Vehicle brakes
                    • Spring Actuators

                    • Our spring actuators are mainly used in parking and service brake systems in a very wide variety of vehicle types. The active work is done by the integral compression spring and the brake is released hydraulically or pneumatically. The compression springs used are fatigue resistant and treated to ensure optimum corrosion protection.

                      • Parking and service systems
                    • Lift/tilt Cylinders

                    • Lift and tilt cylinders are used to move the bucket in wheel loaders. These cylinders are subjected to high dynamic loads and therefore need to be designed and built for extremely heavy-duty service.

                      • Wheeled loaders
                    • Gripper Cylinders

                    • Our gripper cylinders are used in two- and multi-tine grabs for material handlers. These cylinders feature the robust and fail-safe design that the harsh application requires. The piston rods used are induction hardened and, where needed, the cylinders are equipped with cushions.

                      • Multi-tine grabs on material handlers
                    • Cylinder for Quick Hitches

                    • Quick-hitch cylinders are incorporated in the steelwork of the attachment-change devices on wheel loaders. They bolt and unbolt the attachment. The heavy-duty design ensures a long service life

                      • Attachment-change device on wheel loaders
                    • Counterbalances

                    • Hydraulic counterbalances are used in industrial robots. The job of the closed system is to counteract the axis load-moment sufficiently that the axis drive is not statically overloaded and can provide maximum torque for the acceleration of the axis. The function of the closed gas volume in the diaphragm accumulator is comparable to that of a mechanical spring.

                      • Industrial robots
                      • Lifting tables
                    • Dosing Units

                    • Dosing cylinders are used for metering abrasive fillers into both the polyol and the isocyanate component.

                      • Plastic processing
                    • Cylinders for Tool Changers

                    • Our tool-changer cylinders are used in modern CNC machine tools. A long service life is essential for this application.

                      • Machine tools
                    • Push-out Cylinders

                    • Push-out cylinders are double-acting cylinders. On mobile cranes they extend the stabiliser outriggers, and on crawler machines they push the whole track outwards, thereby increasing the stability.

                      • Mobile cranes
                      • Crawler machines
                    • Hydraulic Backstop Cylinders

                    • Hydraulic backstop cylinders are used on lattice boom cranes as a hydraulic means for preventing the boom from toppling backwards. In the final position of the jib (almost vertical), the cylinder is forcibly in-stroked and thereby builds up the necessary pressure to push the jib back again. They are therefore Category A safety components. A cylinder failure would result in the crane overturning. To accommodate the enormous mechanical forces, our hydro-storage cylinders are manufactured exclusively from high-strength steels.

                      • Lattice boom cranes
                    • Steering Lock Cylinders

                    • Steering lock cylinders are special designs for locking steered axles on construction machines. Our products range from spring actuators with pneumatic override to steering rods with hydraulic unlock for mobile cranes.

                      • Construction machines
                      • Mobile cranes
                    • Stabiliser Cylinders

                    • Mobile cranes are usually brought into their working position with four ground stabiliser cylinders. It is important to provide the greatest possible stability. The cylinders must be designed for high loads and shear forces. As is fitting for this application, we use high-strength materials and take care to ensure the greatest precision. The stability of the cylinder is ensured by incorporating leak-free lock valves in the head of the cylinder.

                      • Mobile crane
                  • System solutions

                      • System Solutions for Towed Machines EPOM

                      • Bucher Hydraulics is a very capable partner for electrohydraulic systems. Hydraulic and electronic components specially developed for use in towed machines are marked out by their reliability, despite variations in temperature, severe mechanical stresses and electromagnetic interference.
                        The EPOM range (Externally Propelled Off-Highway Machines) includes highly adaptable modular designs for all roles within the area of electro-hydraulic system solutions for towed machines, and it reflects more than 50 years of experience in this field.


                        • Sustained cost reductions and increases in performance ratings
                        • Minimal unloaded and internal headlosses
                        • Leak-free positioning functions
                        • Component tank-line pressure ratings to 200 bar
                        • Tried and tested components
                      • Internal Gear Pumps for Variable Speed Drives

                      • As a result of increased environmental awareness and growing competitiveness of rival drive technologies, the energy consumption and noise generation of plant and machinery have become decisive criteria. By using variable speed pumps, it is possible to create energy-efficient hydraulic drives.

                        • Reduced energy requirement, especially so in part-load and no-load running conditions
                        • Lower noise levels from the use of BUCHER internal gear pumps and by reducing the speed in part-load and no-load running conditions
                        • Continuosly variable flow rate (0% bis 100%)
                        • Dependent on model, BUCHER internal gear pumps can perform any duty from that of unidirectional pump up to bi-directional pump/motor with pressure at either port
                        • Intermittent operation at high pressure and low speed, pressure-holding with no net flow is possible
                        • As determined by the dynamic requirements of the system, BUCHER internal gear pumps can be driven by servo-motors or by a variety of asynchronous motors

                        • Plastic injection moulding machines
                        • Sheet metal processing machines
                        • Ruber presses
                        • Waste paper presses
                      • Hydraulic Drive Systems for Engine Cooling Fans

                      • Bucher Hydraulics has developed an ideal system based on tried and tested components. It consists of the AP212 external gear pump, the APM212 fan drive motor and the ESLF 101 electronic control unit.

                        The external gear pump is available in various models and flange configurations, including those required for direct flange-mounting on all common internal combustion engines.

                        The fan drive motor is designed on the "building block" principle and can be supplied with the following options:
                        • Outrigger bearing to support radial and axial loads
                        • Integral anti-cavitation make-up valve
                        • Integral control valves that are regulated electro-proportionally, electrically on/off or thermostatically
                        • Drain port
                        • High-pressure shaft seal
                        • Right-hand, left-hand or reversible rotation

                        • The internal combustion engine reaches its optimum operating temperature quickly
                        • Over-heating damage is prevented by monitoring and controlling up to 3 system values
                        • Fail-safe function in the event of system failure
                        • Demand-regulated cooling:
                          • less energy consumption
                          • lower noise levels
                        • Reversible - leaves, dirt, etc. can be blown out of the radiator
                      • Manifold blocks

                      • System manifold blocks

                        In Systems Engineering, project methods are used to design client-specific solutions in the form of manifold control blocks. These are mainly used in mobile equipment for agriculture and municipal services, in road-building and construction machines, as well as in renewable energy systems such as wind turbines or solar power plants. The manifold blocks, in steel or aluminium design, offer maximum functionality in a very small space.

                        Monoblock designs

                        Valve combinations in monoblock construction consist of a single, heavy-duty, cast body that is designed for high working pressures. Thanks to the wide selections of spools, types of operators, types of hand levers, and auxiliary valves such as secondary pressure relief, anti-cavitation make-up, pressure control, flow control and check, these are particularly suited for use in complex applications where small installation dimensions are vitally important.

                        Stack-mounting designs

                        The combination of inlet, intermediate and outlet sections makes up a very adaptable building-block system whose elements are selected for the specific application and then assembled into a valve block. Various functions such as proportional flow control, downstream pressure compensation, anti-shock valves, anti-cavitation, seat valves, manual override, etc. enable wide application in mobile and industrial machines.

                        Horizontal-sectional valves and stacking assemblies

                        Application-specific control units are assembled using flange-mounting and sectional valves. Directional, pressure control, flow control and check valves can be combined in one valve block. These are widely used in mobile and industrial applications.
                    • Applications

                    • Our focus is on the customer ...
                      From the very first idea to the ready to plug-in machine, we support our customers by providing specialist know-how and expertise.
                      Bucher Hydraulics are setting standards in technology, quality, manufacturing, delivery performance, customer relations and service.
                      It is our aim to develop customized and cost-effective solutions, that already exceed today's standards.
                        • Construction equipment

                        • When reliability determines your peace of mind

                          From pipe-rupture valves or travel brake valves to complete system manifolds, Bucher Hydraulics develops tailor-made hydraulic drive and control systems for every excavator function.
                          Every day, you and your customers can work with complete reliability and peace of mind.

                          • Wheel Loader
                          • Loader Backhoe
                          • Telehandler
                          • Excavator
                          • Concrete Boom Truck
                          • Mixers
                          • Road building
                        • Materials Handling

                        • We forward our know-how and service to customers around the globe

                          Materials handling equipment is powerful and economical thanks to tailor-made hydraulic control systems from Bucher Hydraulics.
                          For over 50 years, our system designers have produced customized solutions for materials handling.

                          • Reach Stacker
                          • Mobile Cranes
                          • Fork Lift Trucks
                          • Skip Loaders
                          • Material Handler
                          • Lift Platforms and Lifting Frames
                          • Boom Lifter
                        • Industrial hydraulics

                        • Low noise - long life - high performance

                          Manufacturers of hydraulic presses, plastic processing and pressure diecasting machines, waste compactors, and paper/textile machinery place particular importance on the low noise level and long service life of their products.
                          Bucher Hydraulics kept these requirements in mind, especially when developing the range of internal gear pumps.

                          • Injection Molding Maschine
                          • Hydraulic presses
                          • Waste compactors
                          • Paper and textile machinery
                          • Pressure diecasting machines
                          • Door openers
                          • Plastic processing machines
                          • Power unit construction
                        • Municipal equipment

                        • High-quality hydraulic components sweep every obstacle out of the way

                          Several problems can arise during the design and use of municipal equipment, problems that must be overcome.
                          Bucher Hydraulics can draw on decades of experience in this field - we are always at the leading edge of the technology and we work out tailor-made solutions for the manufacturers of municipal vehicles.

                          • Verge & Hedge Cutter
                          • Wood Shredders / Chippers
                          • Attachments and Drop-on Equipment
                          • Winter Road Management
                          • Ride-on Mowers
                          • Fire-fighting Vehicles
                          • Refuse Vehicles
                        • Agricultural machines

                        • Harvest success with precision and reliability

                          Modern agricultural machines are at work day and night and their operators demand very high levels of reliability and flexibility, as well as ease of operation. Exceptional demands are placed on each link in the chain, including the hydraulic drive and control system.
                          For over 50 years, Bucher Hydraulics has been partnering its customers to success.

                          • Tractors
                          • Sugar Beet Harvester
                          • Three-Axle Trailer
                          • Feeder Mixer
                          • Seedling- and Plant-care
                          • Muck Spreader
                          • Seeding and Planting
                          • Forestry Machines
                          • Farm Loaders
                          • Harvesters
                          • Attachments and Towed Equipment
                        • Other hydraulic applications

                        • Powering plant and machinery reliably and profitably

                          The interval between maintenance work in industrial and mobile machinery can be from five to as much as ten years - a challenge to the reliability and long service life of the hydraulic components installed in them. For exactly this reason, leading manufacturers have now been installing reliable products from Bucher Hydraulics for several decades.

                          • Wind-power plants
                          • Flight simulators
                          • Tunnelling and mining equipment
                          • Rescue equipment
                          • Forestry equipment
                          • Marine and offshore technology
                      • Elevator Hydraulics

                      • iValve – the intelligent and cost saving hydraulic solution
                        The iValve is the response to two major trends: Diminishing hydraulic know-how on job sites and the increasing demand for remote management.

                        Your benefits:
                        • up to 70 % less installation time
                        • up to 30 % energy saving
                        • highest level of safety
                        • first-class ride quality
                        • preventive maintenance (optional)
                          • Valves

                          • Electronically controlled lift valve

                            All Lift Control Valves by Bucher Hydraulics dispose of an integrated Hall-sensor - or feedback sensor - to measure and regulate their flow-rates electronically. This technology has been under constant development for 25 years and offers a very high travel comfort, even under extreme conditions.

                            The new intelligent valve that adjusts itself and is learning continuously.

                            The original electronically controlled lift valve for passenger and freight elevators with integrated flow-rate measuring system (Hall-sensor).

                            Based on the original LRV-1, combined with a frequency convertor acting directly on the motor/pump unit, this drive offers even higher travel comfort, optimum heat dissipation and reduced noise emission.

                            Your advantages

                            For almost three decades, the following advantages have been appreciated by our customers worldwide:
                            • Unequalled travel comfort independent of load and temperature
                            • Highest performance at low energy cost
                            • Low maintenance requirements, long life-cycles
                            • Simple installation procedures
                            • Low installation, maintenance and running costs
                              • iValve

                              • iValve – reduce the costs intelligently
                                The iValve is the revolutionary new development of Bucher Hydraulics. This valve contains all advantages of the approved LRV-1 and follows trends and changes in the hydraulic market. With the iValve, you are ready for the future!

                                Features and Advantages
                                • up to 70 % less installation time
                                  • no more settings of hydraulic parameters required
                                  • iTeach is a self-teaching algorithm that provides the shortest travel curve autonomous
                                • up to 30 % energy saving
                                  • continuous short travel curve, independent of load and temperaturee
                                  • in many cases no oil cooling or heating is necessary
                                • highest level of safety
                                  • always an accurate positioning of +/- 3 mm, to prevent trip hazard
                                  • the self-monitoring function guarantees fully integrated A3 compliance
                                • first-class ride quality
                                  • smooth acceleration and deceleration thanks to electronic controlled travel curve (closed loop)
                                  • soft stop function with almost direct landing
                                • preventive maintenance (optional)
                                  • remote access (iAccess) and intelligent condition monitoring (iMonitoring) offers the opportunities for longer service life of components and advanced service level
                              • Electronical Controlled Lift Valve LRV-1

                              • This elevator valve with integrated flow-rate measuring system is used to operate hydraulically powered passenger and freight elevators.

                                • Travel characteristics independent of load and temperature (viscosity) with constant travelling times.
                                • Wide range of operating temperature
                                • Highest travel confort up to 1 m/s
                                • Design conform to EN81-2 and Elevator Directive 95/16
                                • Down speed can be increased by up to 50 % without extra costs nor loss of comfort
                                • Travel speed adjustable with mini-keyboard on electronic card (digital)
                                • Many options available

                                Available versions
                                • LRV 175-1, 350-1 and 700-1
                                • All versions including: digital electronic card DELCON, power supply NTA-2
                              • Electronical Controlled Lift Valve VF-LRV

                              • This elevator valve with integral flow measuring system is used in frequency-controlled hydraulic drives. Based on the original LRV-1, combined with a frequency convertor acting directly on the motor/pump unit, it offers highest travel comfort, optimum heat dissipation and reduced noise emission.

                                VF-LRV technology is available only in combination with the power units of the Bucher Eco Line.

                                • Energy saving up to 60 %
                                • Travel characteristics independent of load and temperature (viscosity) with wide range of operating temperature
                                • Highest travel comfort up to 1 m/s
                                • 120 travels per hour without cooling
                                • Low energy consumption (no cooler needed)
                                • Savings in machine-room ventilation
                                • Lower oil temperature resulting in less wear and tear of hydraulic parts
                                • Shorter and unvarying travel times
                                • Up to 10 dBA noise reduction in the machine room

                                Available versions
                                • VF-LRV 350 and VF-LRV 700
                                • All versions including: digital electronic card VF-DELCON, power supply VF-NTA-2, frequency invertor (VVVF), power unit with oil-submersed motor/pump unit
                              • The New Safety Valve Against Unintended Car Movement DSV-A3

                              • Safety valve (additional to the lift valve) to protect against unintended downward car movement as per EN 81-2:2010 (A3).

                                • Complies, together with appropriate door movement sensors and control system elements, with the requirements of the standard for a “means” of protection
                                • Must be built into any new system after 2012
                                • Type-examination certified by TÜV SÜD
                                • Compatible with control valves from any manufacturer
                                • incl. ball valve

                                • with electrical emergency lowering: 12 VDC or 24 VDC
                                • withouth ball valve (for modernisations)

                                Appropriate control system

                                To the "means" the standard requires does not only the DSV-A3 belong, but a sensor unit that detects unintended movement of the car, and a controller that processes the signal and interrupts the power supply. Most manufacturers controllers meet the standards needs by now. You can contact them directly to this matter.
                            • Power units

                            • Comfort Line
                              The standard power unit with the iValve electronically controlled lift valve offers unlimited application possibilities and numerous options.

                              Eco Line

                              The high-performance, economical, and low-nois drive solution with the VF-iValve electronically controlled lift valve reduces energy consumption by up to 80 % in comparison with mechanically controlled hydraulic lift drives.


                              The reliable standard power unit of our Comfort Line combined with an elevator control gives the intelligent package iPack.
                                • Comfort Line

                                • Maximum ride comfort independent of load and temperature.

                                  The hydraulic power unit with the electronic iValve guarantees maximum ride comfort, independent of load and temperature. The many options available allow it to be used in a wide range of locations, from new buildings to modernisation.

                                  The Comfort Line can be supplied for hydraulic elevators for any required total loads and travel heights up to 25 m.

                                  • Straightforward, compact design and construction
                                  • Optimised tank sizes, tailored to the floor area
                                  • Constant travel times, even with changes in load and temperature
                                  • Low energy costs
                                  • Wide operating temperature range
                                  • Short total travel time due to the short slow speed travel
                                  • In only a few cases does the oil need to be cooled
                                  • Down speeds can be increased by up to 50 % at no extra cost and without loss of comfort

                                  Benefits for you:
                                  • Short commissioning time thanks to the "iTeach algorithm"
                                  • Outstanding travel characteristics in the widest possible range of conditions
                                  • Short set-up time
                                  • Freedom of planning for architects, thanks to flexible positioning of drive system
                                • Eco Line

                                • Silent, fast and safe – the energy-efficient solution

                                  For new installations and for modernization, Eco Line guarantees maximum travel performance. The VF-ivalve electronic elevator valve solves problems of overheating, inadequate connected power size, or high noise levels.

                                  Eco Line is the energy saving, variable frequency hydraulic drive system for elevators that are used up to 200 travels per hour – wihout oil cooling, and with the ultimate in ride comfort. Eco Line can be used for payloads up to around 6,600 lbs and travel heights up to 65 ft.

                                  Variable-frquency technology:

                                  Your investment in VVVF technology easily pays for itself.
                                  Thousands of Bucher Hydraulics VF drive systems have been in successful operation since 1998.

                                  We will be pleased to calculate the possible energy- and cost-savings for an actual project!

                                  • High traffic volume and travel per hour
                                  • Minimal noise emissions
                                  • Energy savings of up to 80 %
                                  • No oil cooler is needed
                                  • Savings in machine-room ventilation or air conditioning
                                  • Stopping accuracy ± 3 mm in UP and DOWN directions
                                  • No start lag, fast and smooth start
                                  • Start current limited without soft starter
                                • iPack

                                • The power unit with controller

                                  With the iPack you are completely safe: It is fully certified according to A3 and contains an approved test procedure for easy inspection!

                                  The iPack consists of:
                                  • Power unit with iValve and control cabinet
                                  • NEW Lift controller
                                  • Shaft wiring with control panels

                                  Your Advantages
                                  • Total hight only 1.8 m
                                  • Fast installation
                                  • Preconfectioned wiringSelf adjusting valveIntegrated components
                                  • Simple final inspection with complete test documents according to A3
                                  • Optional: control the iValve with iAccess via controller

                                  • Up to 1000 kg load
                                  • Up to 0.63 m/s
                                  • Up to 7 stops realizable
                              • Car frame kits

                              • Pluto
                                • Pluto BR1 MK-II
                                  Car frame with 1:1 cantilever suspension with ram on side or at rear.
                                • Pluto BR2 MK-II
                                  Car frame with 2:1 cantilever suspension with ram on side or at rear, with reduced shaft head of only 2550 mm and shaft pit of only 500 mm.

                                • Jupiter BT1
                                  Car frame for 1:1 tandem suspension with 2 side rams.
                                • Jupiter BT2
                                  Car frame for 2:1 tandem suspension with 2 side rams.
                                  • Pluto MK-II

                                  • The 1:1 and 2:1 side-ram car frame kits are used in hydraulically powered passenger and freight elevators with load capacities up to a maximum of 1600 kg and a minimal shaft head of only 2550 mm and shaft pit of only 500 mm.
                                    The equipment consists of car frame, base unit set for the shaft pit, car buffers, guide rails, rail brackets, cylinder pillar and cylinder mountings, and - for 2:1 systems - guide pulley and ropes.

                                    • No roof superstructure needed (BR2: 2550 mm shaft head): Saves money in building structure
                                    • Only 500 mm shaft pit
                                    • Just one supporting shaft wall necessary, 3 entrances possible
                                    • Simple layout and clear design
                                    • Easy and quick installation
                                    • Good accessibility to important components

                                    • 1:1 system: BR1-15, BR1-25, BR1-35
                                    • 2:1 system: BR2-15, BR2-25, BR2-35

                                    The size - e.g. 15 - describes the related load divided by 100
                                  • Jupiter

                                  • Our tandem car frames (1:1 or 2:1 sling) are specifically designed for goods elevators with load capacities up to 9000 kg (cf. EN 81-Tab. 1.1).
                                    The 2:1 systems are delivered with car frame, base elements with buffers, guide rails, rail brackets, cylinder pillars, cylinder clamps, diverter pulleys, suspension ropes and governor set.

                                    • Simple construction
                                    • Planning support with project specific drawings in dxf/dwg format
                                    • Easy, rapid installation
                                    • Easy access to main components
                                    • Excellent stability under heavy loading conditions
                                    • Suitable for fork lift

                                    • 1:1 System: BT1-40, BT1-50, BT1-60, BT1-75, BT1-90, BT1-150
                                    • 2:1 System: BT2-40, BT2-50, BT2-60, BT2-75, BT2-90, BT2-120
                                    • Diagonal or in-line ram arrangement

                                    Various options available upon request
                                • MRL-System Tiger

                                      • MRL-System Tiger MK-II

                                      • Machine room less installation, the system for minimal shaft dimensions.

                                        • Free choice of car and controller
                                        • Minimum shaft pit is 300 mm
                                        • Minimum shaft head is 2600 mm
                                        • Maximum car floor area thanks to optimum utilisation of the shaft cross-section
                                        • Proven hydraulic drive with the electronically controlled lift valve iValve
                                        • For the discerning application, also available with frequency control (reduced noise emission combined with high travel performance – and without oil cooling)

                                        • TG2-15, TG2-25
                                  • Cylinders

                                  • These single acting, robust and reliable cylinders are intended for use in hydraulic elevators. Bucher Hydraulics offers the following models:

                                    Plunger cylinder – series BZG
                                    The BZG cylinder is suitable for personnel and freight elevators. For each piston rod, there are different cylinder diameters with corresponding wall thicknesses.

                                    Piston rods [mm] 50 ... 290
                                    Max. pressure [bar] 66.9

                                    Synchronised telescopic cylinder – series BGLZ
                                    The synchronised telescopic cylinder are single acting and it's particular design principle produces uniformly-distributed lifting and lowering speeds.

                                      2-stage 3-stage
                                    Piston rods 35 ... 200 35 ... 140
                                    Max. pressure 64 51


                                    For almost three decades, the following advantages have been appreciated by our customers worldwide:
                                    • Very good sliding motion
                                    • Long service life
                                    • Deliveries in serval parts possible
                                      • Areas of application

                                          • Public buildings such as airports, train stations and shopping centres

                                          • Transport needs: People and goods

                                            • Unsurpassed ride comfort
                                            • High level of travel performance
                                            • No overheating during peak periods
                                            • Maximum availability

                                            The ideal Bucher Hydraulics solution is the: Eco Line
                                          • Privat houses and apartment building

                                          • Transport needs: People

                                            • Space-saving design
                                            • Low noise emissions
                                            • Low operating and service costs
                                            • No visible shaft head

                                            The ideal Bucher Hydraulics solutions are the: Comfort Line, Eco Line or the Tiger MRL-System
                                          • Commercial building

                                          • Transport needs: People and goods

                                            • High payload
                                            • Maximum availability
                                            • No overheating
                                            • Robust and reliable

                                            The ideal Bucher Hydraulics solutions are the Comfort Line or the Jupiter tandem car frame range
                                        • Hydraulic drives for high-voltage switch gear

                                        • Since almost 35 years, Bucher Hydraulics develops and produces:

                                          • hydraulic valves,
                                          • control modules as well as
                                          • hydraulic systems

                                          for the high-voltage circuit switch gear application.
                                            • Application

                                            • All products are developed, designed and manufactured to the specific requirements given by today's HVSG industries.
                                            • Products

                                            • The following overview shows only some examples of the complete product range for hydraulic switch gear application.

                                              • solenoid-operated, 2/2-way seat-valve
                                              • solenoid-operated, 3/2-way seat-valve
                                              • hydraulic-operated 3/2-way seat-valve
                                              • actuator
                                              • hydraulic drive system

                                              Please speak in concrete cases with our system specialists.
                                          • Dyna-Lift ®

                                          • Ergonomic, height-adjustable workbenches are quickly becoming the standard in industry. And as more people demand height-adjustability, Dyna-Lift ® is the standard for delivering it.

                                            In addition to work tables, other common applications include hospital beds, assembly line fixtures, rehabilitation tables. Less conventional applications have included casket lifts, massage table lifts and lectern/podium lifts. We have developed Dyna-Lift ® applications for many light and heavy industrial and medical applications, including a successful product to help Boeing make the production of airplane wings height-adjustable for workers. Every customer has a special, unique need that they need Dyna-Lift ® to satisfy. That is why Bucher Hydraulics excels at timely response, outstanding research of our clients'' needs, engineering of the right applications and ultimately the best solution for each situation.

                                            Dyna-Lift ® Benefits
                                            • OEM and Retrofit Kits Install Quickly
                                            • Improve Productivity
                                            • Increase Comfort
                                            • Comply with ADA & OSHA guidelines
                                            • Smooth and Quiet Operation
                                            • Units Shipped Fully Charged and Ready To Install
                                              • Base Dyna-Lift

                                              • Adjustable lift tables/systems for industrial workbenches provide ergonomic workstations for worker safety and comfort.

                                                • Complete and Ready-To-Install Height Adjustable Ergonomic Workstations
                                                • Choose from 1-6 Cylinders
                                                • 250 pound capacity per leg on a 4-post system
                                                • 1,000 pound max capacity on 6-post system
                                                • Manual or Electric Operation
                                                • Stainless Steel Leg Systems
                                                • Custom Systems Available
                                                • Standard Unit Offers 0-16 Inch Height Adjustment Range
                                                • Uses Colorless, Odorless, Non-Staining, Non-Toxic Fluid
                                                • Smooth Quiet Operation

                                                The adjustment of Dyna-Lift to various heights is as simple as turning a crank handle for manual installations and pressing a button for electric ones.

                                                Typical Applications
                                                • Food Table
                                                • Ergonomic Workbench
                                                • Hospital Bed
                                                • Sewing Table
                                              • Heavy Duty Dyna-Lift®

                                              • The Heavy Duty Dyna-Lift® Kit quickly converts a fixed height structure to one with a 0-12” range of height adjustment.

                                                The 1,500 lbs. capacity Heavy Duty Dyna-Lift® is now available for both retrofit and OEM applications.

                                                • Complete, Read-To-Install for Height Adjustable Ergonomic Workstations
                                                • 4 Cylinders, with electric motors.
                                                • Standard unit offers 0-12 inch Height Adjustment Range.
                                                • Smooth, quiet Operation

                                                The adjustment of the Heavy Duty Dyna-Lift® is as simple as pressing a button.

                                                Typical Applications
                                                • Bariatric
                                                • Hospital Bed
                                                • Specialty Machine
                                                • Ergonomic Workstation
                                                • Conveyor
                                              • Internal & External Aluminum Extrusion Mount

                                              • The Internal and External Extrusion Mount quickly converts a fixed structure or OEM design to one with a 0-16” range of height adjustment with either manual (hand crank) or electric actuation.

                                                External Leg Assembly

                                                • Retrofit the “D” style cylinder to any size extrusion via the Dyna-Lift “L” Bracket (Part #DH-08000)
                                                • Dyna-Lift “L” Bracket universally fits many different brands and sizes of extruded aluminum profiles via the T-Slot
                                                • Simply tighten down the Dyna-Lift “L” Bracket to the T-Slot with an Allen wrench
                                                • Easy installation as an OEM design or as an add-on retrofit to a pre-existing structure

                                                Internal Leg Assembly

                                                • Easily mounts inside most 2"x 2" and 3"x 3" extruded aluminum profiles
                                                • Internally mounted cylinder neatly hides away unwanted outside obstructions
                                                • Perfect application for OEMs and Custom Machine Builders

                                                Technical Data

                                                • Easily mounts inside most 2"x 2" and 3"x 3" extruded aluminum profiles
                                                • Internally mounted cylinder neatly hides away unwanted outside obstructions
                                                • Perfect application for OEMs and Custom Machine Builders
                                              • INV Inverted Motor + Pump Dyna-Lift®

                                              • The Telescopic Leg Assembly (TLA) is specifically designed to provide optimum form and function for industry specific ergonomic height adjustable needs.

                                                The two piece anodized aluminum extrusions were engineered to work in tandem with each other to provide smooth, quiet, rigid height adjustability regardless of off-center or cantilever loads.

                                                The TLA. allows Original Equipment Manufactures to easily integrate the columns into custom applications. Simply bolt on your top and bottom frame with cross member, then add your table top.

                                                The TLA offers the perfect height adjustable solution for your ergonomic OEM design!

                                                Technical Data

                                                • Materials: extruded aluminum with clear matte anodized finish
                                                • Adjustment range:
                                                  • 12" (305 mm)
                                                  • 24" (610 mm) full retracted
                                                  • 36" (914 mm) fully extended
                                                • Capacity: 250 lbs per column and 500 lbs per set of 2 columns
                                                • Multiple columns available
                                                • Designed to be used with B1C cylinders
                                                • Manual (hand crank) or electric actuation

                                                The adjustment of the new Telescoping Leg Assembly (TLA) is as easy as turning a crank handle for manual installations to pressing a button for electric actuations.

                                                Typical Applications

                                                • Office
                                                • Medical
                                                • Light Industrial
                                              • INV Inverted Motor + Pump Dyna-Lift®

                                              • Dyna-Lift® INV Inverted Motor + Pump Systems are designed for applications in which space is limited. The INV system reduces 6 1/8 inches off the total length of a Standard Dyna-Lift® Electric 4-Cylinder System. The INV system is available in 4-Cylinder configurations with stroke lengths of 6", 8", 12", & 16" and offer 1,000 lbs. lifting capacity. The INV system is the ideal solution in applications where Standard Dyna-Lift® will not fit and a more compact unit is necessary. 

                                                • Materials: extruded aluminum 
                                                • Adjustment ranges available: 6", 8", 10", 12", 16"
                                                • Lifting capacity: 1000 lbs. (450 kg)
                                                • Lifting capacity per cylinder: 250 lbs. (113 kg)
                                                • Electric actuation only
                                                • 4 cylinder only
                                                • 6 1/8 inches shorter overall length than Standard Dyna-Lift®
                                                • Same cylinder configurations available as Standard Dyna-Lift®
                                              • Dyna-Lift Quick Ship Units

                                              • Bucher Hydraulics keeps standard manual and electric units in stock, ready-to-ship, to meet your expediting needs.

                                                • Units come fully charged, system complete
                                                • Available in Manual (hand crank) or Electric (115 VAC motor)
                                                • Stroke lengths available: 6", 8", 10", 12" and 16"
                                                • Straight fittings
                                                • Standard hose length: 96"-96"-60"-60"


                                                • Quick Ship units come ready to install
                                                • Bolt the unit to existing structure 
                                                • Follow instructions included in shipment