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  • Offer Profile
  • We are experts in automation technology. Our outstanding performance and our trust-based cooperative style is inspirational to our customers, employees and owners alike. We provide intelligent and complex automation solutions. As a technology leader serving profitable market niches, we are the supplier of choice for our customer
Product Portfolio
  • Automation

  • As a traditional company and a global market leader with over 60 years of experience, the EMG Automation business division produces strip guiding - as well as quality assurance systems for the metal industry, especially for cold rolling mills and surface coating lines.

    We offer our strip guiding systems as safe, lowmaintenance and technically mature components but also as holistic solutions providing optimum support to our customers’ technological production processes.

    EMG Automation’s innovative quality assurance systems enable customers to continuously optimise their production processes, thus enhancing the quality of their products to comply with evermore exacting demands by their customers with regard to their final products.
  • Strip Guiding Systems

  • Quality during continuous strip processing

    For metal strip production, treatment and processing, the material, which is supplied in the form of coils, is unwound and then fed to the production process. In most cases, it is rewound into coils thereafter so as to allow convenient transport. Due to its geometric shape, metal strip tends to run unevenly on the deflector rolls in the production line.
  • QS Systems

  • Tuning for your strip processing lines
    • Online measurement of tensile strength and yield point IMPOCpro

    • The IMPOCpro measuring system is a testing device for automatic, non-destructive online determination of mechanical parameters (tensile strength, yield point) of ferromagnetic steel strip.
    • Online roughness measurement SORM 3plus

    • SORM 3plus is a non-contact online roughness measurement system, which can be used on metallic and non-metallic surfaces at production speeds of up to 1800 m/min. SORM 3plus measures online the surface roughness of the travelling strip.
    • Strip width measurement BREIMO

    • The use of the BREIMO strip width measurement system leads to more efficient processes and savings of expensive resources. In combination with the SWOp strip width optimization system the resulting trimming scrap is minimized. Investing in BREIMO pays for itself in well under 6 months.
    • Electromagnetic strip stabilization eMASS

    • eMASS electromagnetic strip stabilization gives targeted control of strip oscillations and allows high galvanizing quality without minimizing the production throughput. Furthermore, the use of eMASS electromagnetic strip stabilization gives significant zinc savings in all hot-dip galvanizing plants.
    • Automatic air knife wiping equipment eWIPE

    • The eWIPE Air Knife WIPing Equipment is a pneumatically operated cleaning tool for air knives in galvanizing lines. It allows the removal of firmly bonded zinc deposits inside and outside the nozzle lips.
    • Baffle blade control system eBACS

    • The eBACS electronic BAffle blade Control System optimizes galvanizing at the strip edges. Contamination or damage to the zinc coating through contact with the strip by touch rolls is prevented. It results in a homogenous zinc layer even at the strip edges.
    • Pinhole detection MICRONpro

    • MICRONpro is based on a line of pulsed infrared diodes (50 kHz) and opposite infrared receivers in a distance of approx. 60 mm which cover the whole strip width scalablely. The system detects holes of 15 µm in a transmitted light process, even close to the strip edge (distance 5 mm), and therefore guarantees a high material rate of yield. A shading of the strip edges with masks is not necessary.
  • Compact hydraulic

  • With the hydraulic compact actuators, EMG has come up with new actuator units combining tradition and innovation. Their great adaptability as well as their rugged technical design and economic efficiency allow the hydraulic compact actuators to be used in a broad range of industrial applications including:
    • mining and conveyor technology
    • power plant engineering
    • mechanical engineering and plant construction
    • hydraulic steel constructions
    • valve engineering
    • renewable energy (solar energy, water energy, etc.)

    Wherever a defined, straight movement is required in or on a plant, machine or piece of apparatus, the hydraulic compact actuators are a natural choice. This is particularly true when a dependable actuator is needed which would be too difficult or expensive to realize using mechanical or pneumatic systems. Furthermore the hydraulic compact actuators are extremly environmental efficient because energy is only needed when the cylinder is moving. Furthermore the hydraulic compact actuators are extremly environmental efficient because energy is only needed when the cylinder is moving.

    • Hydraulic compact actuator linear HKAL

    • The hydraulic compact actuator linear HKAL from EMG Automation GmbH in Germany is really an “All in One“ solution: besides the pump, the motor as well as the necessary valves, the design also includes the balancing volume for realizing the cylinder movement. All these components are included in one unit directly mounted on the cylinder.
      • A hydraulic oil, that was filled in in a vacuum, secures the safe operating of the HKAL in all mounting positions.
      • Due to the “motor in oil“ principle dynamic seal rings don’t apply.
      • The typical oil change all 12 months can be dropped because of the closed design.
      • The powerful HKAL supplies best work, from little up to very big tasks with for example 500 KN and a stroke of more than 1000 mm
    • Hydraulic compact actuator HKAA

    • The HKAA hydraulic compact actuator sets standards for longevity with its reliability and wear resistance. User-defined installation and operating position and extremely simple installation provide flexible operation, even under unfavorable placement conditions.

      Benefit to customers

      • Strong reduction in installation expenses
      • Minimal service costs during operation
      • Shortening of the commissioning time
      • Simple integration into the system diagnosis and control technology
  • Thrusters

  • In addition to a wide range of applications in the mechanical engineering industry, materials lifting and handling can be considered as the main uses of industrial brakes offered on the market. Drive and brake problems can be solved using a drum brake or a shoe brake which is still quite common or by using industrial type disk brakes.
    As the requirements with respect to driving power, controllability and availability have clearly increased, advanced electrical engineering and electronics have become ever more important catering for these demands. Although most components of modern systems are electrical and electronic, the mechanical safety brake, with the electrohydraulic ELDRO® brake thruster, still has the most important role to play: as the last link in the chain, it ensures safety for man and machine in the event of power failure.
    • Electrohydraulic thruster ELDRO® standard unit

    • All ELDRO® electrohydraulic thrusters are characterized by the highest operational safety and longevity through a wear-resistant operating principle. The hydraulic system provides soft, shock-free operation and short positioning times. An intelligent device design allows easier handling during installation and removal.
    • Electrohydraulic brake systems control BRAKEMATIC®

    • BRAKEMATIC® electrohydraulic brake systems are ideally suited to safely meet the necessary safety functions and timeframes. Suitable for retroactive installation, they are ideal for the reconstruction and modernization of machinery and equipment. They are inexpensive and allow flexible application through a wide range of permitted supply voltages.
    • Electrohydraulic thruster ELHY® type EB

    • The advantages of ELHY brake thrusters are:
      • Long useable life - up to 10 million switchings
      • Digital and analogue sensors for monitoring proper functioning
      • Setting force from 120N up to 6300N
      • Variable mounting position
      • Setting path from 40mm up to 160 mm
      Main advantages
      • high lifting force and compact dimensions
      • smooth and shock-free operation
      • variable mounting position
      • low noise work