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Business Profile

Sertechnik is a young company with enormous experience in the background.

In the spring of 2018, the new shareholders thought of belonging to a joint company. The reasons for making the in-house product of the company ERHA, the PM pneumatic manipulator, the already existing market leader, the manipulator war produced in Turkey, available throughout Europe, if not the global one, are influencing this.

A milestone for this branch of business is the introduction of the BPM, a manipulator with its own brand name which originated for the global market.

Thanks to the ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 certifications we have carried out, we can guarantee production and use that comply with CE standards. Of course, our CAD information is also up to date.

Why BPM manipulators?
Because we have been design and technology in the various production processes since 1988. Because our entire company has decades of experience in pneumatic manipulators interests.

Today and in the future, the entire group of companies will be available with its own rights.

Thus, the BPM manipulators, bringing together the quality of experience and the dynamism of youth, will become a brand that will continue to develop for many years to come.


We have and will make our products, which are almost identical in construction, market leaders in Turkey, Europe-wide, if not worldwide.

our promise

With a responsible person and political qualification and development, our company has decided to work in a solution-oriented manner. Compensate yourself for the customer side, the best solution and the best quality. And also service and revisions after installation.