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  • Offer Profile
  • RYCO Hydraulics commenced manufacturing hoses, fittings and filters in 1946. Over the years, RYCO Hydraulics has established a commitment to quality, extensive research and product development.

    RYCO Hydraulics is continually improving and enhancing its product range, meeting and surpassing the most stringent of industry requirements. The company strives for innovative design and technological advancement.
Product Portfolio
  • Hydraulic Hoses

  • RYCO Hydraulics offers a broad range of hydraulic hoses to suit different types of applications. All our hoses are manufactured under strict quality controls and meet or exceed the most popular technical standards (SAE, EN, DIN, ISO and AS). We are proud to offer hoses with the tighter dimensional tolerances than required by industry standards.

    Our hydraulic hose range can be grouped into the following product categories:

    • T1A, T1D, T1F, RQP1 (SAE R1AT – EN 1SN)
      RQP5, T5 (SAE R5)

    • T2A, T2D, T2S, RQP2, TXA2D (SAE R2AT – EN 2SN)
      AS2D (SAE R2A – EN 2ST)
      DF2A (SAE R16, SAE R2AT, EN 2SC)
      TJ2D (IJ 100 Jack)

    • H12A, H12D, H12S (SAE R12)
      H13A, H13D, H13S (SAE R13)
      H15D (SAE R15)
      HSPA, HSHA (EN 4SP & EN 4SH)

    • RTH1-Teflon (SAE R14), SR, SRF, (SAE R4), M1(SAE 30R7), M2(SAE R3), RQP6(SAE R6), FB1, FB2(SAE J2064 Type C),
      RT7, RT7N, RT7T, RT7TN(SAE R7)
      RT8, RT8N, RT8T, RT8TN(SAE R8)
      PL1, PW2, TW1

    • Avenger (Standard cover)
      Diehard (Extra abrasion)
      Slider (Extremely abrasion)
      Survivor (High temperature)

    • RWA (Wire Armour) , RSG(Spiral Guard), FS1072(Fire Sleeve), RH(Nylon Sleeve), 750(Bend Radius Control)
  • Hose Couplings

  • RYCO Hydraulics manufactures a broad range of quality hydraulic couplings.
    We have grouped our couplings range into the following categories for ease of navigation and searching:

    • Have the ferrule already attached to the insert at the factory.
      This eliminates the possibility of selecting the wrong ferrule type
      when fabricating hose assemblies, which can cause failure of the

    • Have the ferrule separated from the hose tail stem.
      RYCO hose tail stems come in broad range of end styles,
      and can be used with different kinds of ferrules according
      to the hose type.
    • FIELD

    • Can be assembled in the field using commonly
      available hand tools.
    • PUSH ON

    • For SR (SAE 100 R4) and PUSH ON hoses
  • Adaptors, Accessories & Filters

      • RYCO Hydraulics manufactures a broad range of quality hydraulic couplings.
  • Applications

  • In today’s competitive international business environment, the requirements for suppliers and customers to work closely together is greater than ever before. At RYCO Hydraulics we do more than simply supply a product; we understand that our success is dependent upon our customers’ success.

    We actively work with our customers, connecting partnerships across a broad range of services. In partnership we work with cost reduction programs; comprehensive engineering solutions; hose management systems; vendor managed stock; Kanban supply; JIT deliveries; reliable despatch; combining to give higher technology and greater performance to our customers.

    Our hydraulics technology and professional expertise is often required to solve problems arising from clients’ often unique applications. The experience and knowledge gained from involvement in these special applications increase our service levels so we can provide a superior service to our clients.

    Whether you are a manufacturer involved in the worldwide export market, a mining operation in a remote location or a local distributor, talk to RYCO Hydraulics about “Connecting Partnerships” to enhance your business.
    • MINING

    • RYCO Hydraulics is a specialist supplier of hydraulic hose and fittings to the mining industry. Heavy-duty mining requires heavy-duty product. Built to last
      – that’s RYCO.

      RYCO Hydraulics is constantly working together with the mining industry to develop new technologies and solutions to suit specific mining requirements. These developments improve mining processes for above and below ground operations.

      RYCO Hydraulics, with our world wide distribution and support network, have established supply contracts directly with mines, OEM suppliers and support providers for all types of mining applications.

    • The increasing pressure to develop more efficient methods and raise productivity levels places greater demands on hydraulic circuitry.

      RYCO products excel in industrial applications such as:

      • Cranes and Forklifts
      • Earth-moving and Road construction
      • Steel manufacturing
      • Refuse collection and Compaction
      • Cherry pickers and Power ladders
      • Materials handling equipment
      • Plastic injection moulding
      • Tail gate loaders and dock levellers
      • Tip trucks and cement mixers

      Alongside a host of other applications where hydraulic systems are used.
    • OEM

    • RYCO Hydraulics has partnerships with many leading Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout the world.

      OEM's require high quality, cost effective product delivered on time.

      Specialised OEM applications often require investment from RYCO to support their requirements for unique product and product design developments.

      The international distribution network and Quality
      Accreditation approvals maintained by RYCO Hydraulics meet the global standards required by OEM's.

    • The agricultural equipment manufacturing and distribution industry has been a cornerstone of RYCO Hydraulics since our commencement.

      In today’s demanding environments it is more important than ever to have efficient and streamlined
      hydraulic systems.

      OEM's rely on RYCO Hydraulics to manufacture and supply specialised product and deliver on time. Equipment manufacturers use and trust RYCO product in their regional and international markets.

      The demanding conditions in which these machines operate highlights the proven design features and product durability of RYCO Hydraulics hose, Field
      Attachable fittings, and One Piece and Two Piece Crimp fittings.

    • RYCO is an accredited supplier to the Australian and the US Departments of Defence, and also the Australian Defence Industry Group.

      When the ASC required specialised hydraulic hose
      assemblies, they chose RYCO Hydraulics to design, test and produce to their high standards.

      The brief was to design hydraulic hose systems that would operate outside the pressure hull of a submarine in a war time environment. The assemblies also had to withstand high fluid pressures and operate in a corrosive environment.

      RYCO Hydraulics designed and built highly specialised test equipment and developed technology to validate and maintain these unique systems.

      Only RYCO Hydraulics design and technology offered the ASC a solution to their extreme requirements.
    • MARINE

    • Today’s maritime industry and vessel fleets rely heavily on their hydraulic systems.

      RYCO Hydraulics hose and matched hose assemblies are certified by third party bodies including DNV, MED, ABS, Lloyd's Register and USCG (principally for the maritime industry).

      When vessels are in port they require fast and efficient service. RYCO Hydraulics stocks a large supply of hydraulic hose and fittings for our customers’ convenience.

      The RYCO HOSE Mobile Connector Service operation provides 24 hour – 7 days service to meet the demands of the industry and minimise downtime.

      RYCO Hydraulics has a proud history of providing hydraulic hose and fittings to the maritime industry.