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  • We offer complete solutions in wastewater treatment and water purification for industry and local authorities all around the world. We manage the entire project from start to finish. Our water treatment technologies are developed for ensuring optimal efficiency and specific requirements of waters.

    Our biogas upgrading plants produce eco-friendly and profitable biomethane gas, which is supplied to the gas grid or used as vehicle fuel. This helps to reduce our global carbon footprint.

    We develop and build energy-saving geothermal energy systems for industry, commercial buildings and private properties. Our systems exploit natural heat and cold in groundwater or bedrock, reducing energy consumption and operating expenses.

    Drilling involves advanced technology and requires specialised skills. The ability to operate a rig is not sufficient. A successful drilling project must incorporate technological and geological know-how along with consideration for our environment.
Product Portfolio
  • Water Treatment

  • We design, plan, build and maintain treatment plants for industry and local authorities all around the world. Our engineers consult and design entire treatment plants for turn-key projetcts or develop tailored solutions where we use all our competence and technologies. We have treatment solutions for water that are smart, modular and scaleable for different discharge requirements.
      • Projects industry and municipal

      • We build water- and waste water treatment plants and we take you through the entire project from design to commissioning with focus on sustainability and efficiency. Malmberg was one of the first companies already in the 1940s that was part of the Swedish water infrastructure build up. Today we commission treatment projects for water demanding industries and for local water authorithies around the world.
          • St Petersburg WWTP, Russia.

          • Modernization of St Peterburg Northern WWTP. The biological treatment was planned, designed, supervised and supplied with new aeration equipment including pumps. Total capacity of the plant is 1,200,000 m3/d. The first block of aeration for 600,000 m3/d is in operation and effluents to the Baltic Sea have been improved significantly.
          • Ryaverket, Gothenburg, Sweden.

          • For improvement of the nitrogen- and phosphorous reduction a reconstruction, planning, design, supply and installation of the mechanical equipment was commissioned. Included a disc filter system and denitrification establishment.

            Person equivalents 832 000 pe
          • Water treatment plant in Klaipeda, Lithuania

          • Water treatment process and equipment delivered in partnership with the German company Chriwa. The plant is one of Europe’s most modern and advanced treatment plants today.

            Klaipeda had problems with ammonium and fluoride in its raw water for a long time. Separating these substances called for an advanced process technology with flocculation and sand filtering, biological filters for nitrification and reversed osmosis (RO) to remove fluoride.

            The capacity of the water treatment plant is 21,600 m3/d which supplies clean water to Klaipeda’s 180,000 inhabitants.
          • Birstonas Waste Water treatment, Lithuania

          • Reconstruction and modernization of the waste water
            biological process and activated sludge.
            Person equivalents 19 000 pe
        • Water Treatment technologies

        • Ask our technical expertise when it comes to water treatment. If you have specific water qualities, need to optimize your treatment or look on the use of energy or operating costs, we have great experience in solving these treatment issues. We deal with industrial process water, domestic waste water and drinking water. A pre-study can sometimes help you in order to come up with good treatment solutions and recommendations. We can make the dimensioning, design and set up a treatment project for you.
            • Malmberg Airflo®

            • The Malmberg Airflo® System is a dissolved air flotation unit. It's highly efficient for water clarification. It is used in a variety of industrial applications such as dairy-, food-, oil-, pulp- and paper industries but also for general water treatment. The removal of suspended matters is made by dissolving air in the treated water under pressure and then releasing the air in the flotation tank. Micro- bubbles are formed which attach to the suspended matter causing it to float to the surface where it's removed by a skimming device

              Advantages with Airflo® - dissolved air flotation unit

              • Modular and scaleble
              • Compact with small footprint
              • Smart control system
              • Rigid stainless steel unit

              The Malmberg Airflo® system includes:

              • Dissolved air flotation unit
              • Chemical dosing pumps
              • Polymer dosing euipment
              • Sludge thickening euipment
              • pH-measuremnts
              • Vessel saturation system
            • Malmberg Triton®

            • The Malmberg Triton® System is designed to solve typical problems that occur in filtration plants and offer several advantages to conventional filter-bottom systems. Triton underdrain system utilizes Johnson’s world renowned Vee Wire® screen technology. With its unique system it can easily be adapted to almost any existing filter bottom which shortens renovation time and reduces investment costs.Triton underdrain system offers maximum surface area to optimize filtration efficiency.

              Advantages with a Triton

              • Filter design simpler
              • Vee Wire slots to suit different types of media and sizes
              • Ideal for renovation
              • Reduced plugging problems
              • Covers entire filter area
              • Improves the backwash effluent efficiency
              • Low initial headloss
              • Several layers of filter media may be used without risk
              • Works perfectly with activated carbon as filter media
              • Reduced number of backwash cycles resulting in higher production (m³/m²)

              What are your requirements?
              The Malmberg Triton® filter bottom system is modular and scaleable. It can be built new on site or prefabricated. Many old filter systems with conventional nozzle filterbottom can easily be replaced. Triton® has no need for a double layer of filter floor which gives the advantages that the filter bed's active area is increased.
            • Malmberg BioRound™

            • There are increasing demands on industry and plants with landfill today to have full control of the leachate. The method proved to be superior for leachate water is SBR technology (Sequence Batch Reactor). It provides a very effective treatment of the complex leachate. Malmberg BioRound™ is a complete solution from reactor to polishing step and its modular and flexible for optimal results.

              Reactor tank

              • Heating systems
              • Stirring Equipment
              • Aeration
              • Decanter
              • Measuring
              • Sludge Outlet

              Technology Building
              • Sand filters (Malmberg Triton®)
              • Pumps
              • Blowers
              • Heat exchangers
              • Dosage
              • Chemical tank
              • Electrical central
              • Control/regulation room
            • Malmberg µXenic™

            • Our water is filled with a never ending stream of drug residues, hormones and skin care products. Substances in small amounts and separately its not dangerous but together it can have a negative impact on the environment, so-called cocktail effects.Treatment plants are not built to take care of drug residues and other chemicals, which often occur in concentrations below millionths of grams per liter.

              Malmberg µXenic™
              Malmberg µXenic™ is an advanced filter treatment solution to be inserted as a fourth treatment step. The solution is based on the efficient Triton® underdrain filter system with a sand filter followed with active carbon filter. Modular thinking and a scaleable solution provides an off-site building where only a hall building is necessary on-site and x amount of tanks are placed above ground level in the building including automation.

              • Advanced treatment and monitoring of drug residues and other emerging compounds
              • Guranteed treatment
              • Sand and active carbon filter solution
              • Based on Triton® underdrain filter system
              • Off-site building possibilities
              • Modular and scaleable solution
              • Short time from order to treatment
            • Malmberg SDR™

            • Malmberg SDR™ is a solution that treats the stormwater SUSP, oil, metals etc. collected from an industry area. A basin is dug into the ground. The bottom of the basin is paved allowing for infiltration and the walls are built with a special block system which is very quick and effective method. The basin is equipped with mixers and aerators and a oil- and grease separator at the end of the basin. The settling takes place by turning of the mixing and aeration in intervals. Sludge is removed by emptying the basin from water and via a ramp a loader removes the sludge from the bottom. Sludge dewatering equipment included in solution.

              Malmberg SDR™

              • Removes suspended material, oil, grease, metals
              • Guaranteed treatment
              • Modular and scaleable solution
              • Quick build up with Lego block system
              • Fully automated control system
              • Low operational- and maintenance costs
              • Instruments for automatic water sampling
          • Rebuilds & Improvement

          • We have specialized persons that only work with rebuilds and improvements of water treatment facilities. Sometimes a plant needs to be upgraded with new equipment such as pumps, scrapers, diffussors etc. In other cases a rebuild of existing process on site is necessary. Our experts have long practical experience in solving such missions.
              • Plastic chain scrapers

              • Malmberg Plastic Chain Scraper is designed for use even in extreme environments. The chain is extra strong as well as chemical-resistant which guarantee extra long service life and minimum wear. Each component of the Malmberg Plastic Chain Scraper is very carefully designed.

                Malmberg plastic chain scraper
                Precision moulding to extremely close tolerances guarantees perfect form and uniform strength. The scraper blades shaping, made of nylon reinforced with glass fiber, gives it extra long service life. The scraper can be adapted to all usual types of rectangular sedimentation basins either with surface or bottom scraping or a combination of the two. Because it is resistant to corrosive environments, the scraper is especially suited for aggressive waste water and for operations using chemical dosages.

                • Low energy consumption thanks to its light weight
                • High durability
                • Patented design
                • Resistant to corrosion
                • Adaptive to all usual types of rectangular sedimentation basins
                • Easy to install and maintain
              • Malmberg aeration system

              • The operational cost is key when it comes to aeration. We design and install highly effective diffussors combined with a reliable stainless steel piping. The system works for active sludge tanks, sludge stabilizing tanks, aeration of channels or oxidization of iron and manganese in drinking water plants and many other applications. Our system minimizes energy costs by lowest possible pressure losses, optimized oxygen control and a high aeration capacity. The system is equipped with disc- tube or vertical diffusers.

                Robust and efficient diffussor
                Malmberg disc difffusor has a diameter of xxx mm and a body of fibreglass reinforced plastic. The rubber membrane is specially designed to resist aggressive environments but also very easy to replace if necessary. The small perforations in the membrane ensures fine-sized bubbles.

                • Wide operating range, 1-20 Nm3/h
                • Low investment costs
                • Low energy consumption
                • Disc-, tube- or vertical diffusers
              • Malmberg circular sludge scraper

              • The Malmberg circular sludge scraper has a combined unique logaritmic/lamella bottom scraping device for optimized sludge transport. It has also a simple but efficient device for removing surface sludge. The scraper is center mounted on a heavy duty bearing either on a framework which itself functions as an inspection bridge or on a conventional concrete bridge. The circular motion is induced through a gear motor.
              • Malmberg Back flow protection

              • The back flow protection unit prevents polluted water in contact with the drinking water. The product is perfect for pumping stations, smaller treatment plants and stables.
                • Complete unit
                • Plug-and-play
                • Reliable performance
                • Reliable automation
                • Highest protection class (category 5)
                • Easy to place, even in corners
                • Cohesive waterbeam for best treatment effect
              • Malmberg Safety hatch

              • Our safety hatch can be used both outdoor and indoor but also applied to a wall. It can be as single- or double hatch. The hatch and the protection bars are manufactured in aluminium as standard but are available in stainless steel as option. We have a wide range of locks. For example if the hatch will be used as escape hatch it can be equipped with a panic lockwhich makes it possble to open it from the inside even when it locked from the outside.
                • The hatch is rabbeted and insulated
                • Frame type B1
                • Rubber list EPDM
                • Attachement for alarm
                • Max size on single hatch is 1400 x 2900 mm. Separated hatches in the same frame can be manufactured in significantlly larger sizes.
                • The protection bars can be removable or fixed. The bars are manufactured of aluminium pipes EN AW- 6063, dimension 40x25 mm, thickness 2 mm. Can be made in stainless steel. The bar screen is lockable.
              • Decanting

              • The sludge cover thickening can be radically improved by draining off the clear face below the cover. Install our vertical decanting pipes on the inside of the tank and get a better thickening.
                We have developed a complete decanting unit for sludge tanks where the clear face can't be taken out by gravity. The slotted decanting pipe is connected with a DN 400 pipe which is equipped on the inside with a submersible pump and an integrated switch for on/off function. The result is a continous decanting of the sludge which works independently of the water level in the tank. An ascending pipe leads the drained water off and is ended with a tube connection for further transport.

                The unique V-slot makes it possible
                • Clogging is prevented thanks to the V-shaped design
                • Made in stainless steel 316L as standard for best corrosion protection.
                • Other steel qualities as option
                • High mechanical strength
                • The decanting pipes are manufactured in optional gap width
                • The gap widths can be varied over the height of the pipes
                • Easy to adapt to local conditions (for all types of flanges)
                • Quick installation, flexible and cost efficient
            • Biogas

            • Using our biogas uprading technology, you can produce biomethane gas, ready to supply the natural gas grid or to be used as vehicle fuel. It’s not only eco-friendly, it’s also highly profitable. We are the biggest supplier of biogas upgrading plants in the world and our delivery time from order to implementation is unrivalled. We have delivered over 40 biogas upgrading plants in Germany alone.
                • Biogas upgrading

                      • From biogas to pure energy!

                      • Using our technology you can produce renewable and CO2-neutral biomethane for injection into the natural gas grid or for usage as vehicle fuel. Our turnkey biogas upgrading solution is proven, simple and compact. When you choose to upgrade biogas to climate-friendly biomethane using Malmberg´s technology, you get pure energy that benefits your economy as well as our environment.

                        It´s very simple!
                        Biogas meets water and then there is green gold
                        Our process is simple, reliable and works forever. Incoming biogas is compressed and meets the water trickling from the top of the column. CO2 and H2S is absorbed by the water while the methane rises to the top, is dried internally and ready to be either injected into the natural gas grid or used as vehicle fuel.
                  • Malmberg COMPACT®

                        • Malmberg COMPACT® - Swedish cleantech technology

                        • Malmberg COMPACT® is a prefabricated, standardized biogas upgrading machine. By combining this with in-house production in Sweden we can ensure a short lead time from order to gas delivery. The biogas upgrading is easy to operate through our Malmberg feniX™ control panel. The interior system and fittings are housed in a specially designed and optimized container for simple maintenance and convenient servicing.

                          Malmberg COMPACT® _ made in Sweden
                          • World class control system
                          • Columns in stainless steel
                          • Recovery rate >99%
                          • Availability >97%
                          • No chemicals
                          • Minimal water usage
                          • Requires no heat
                          • Products for improved operation
                    • Our markets

                    • We are among the pioneers in the field of biogas upgrading to biomethane with almost 100 upgrading units in Europe and China. Already in 1998 we delivered the first upgrading plant in Sweden. Since then the Swedish and German biogas markets have grown rapidly.
                        • Brumby, Germany

                          • Customer: DEL Biogas GmBH & Co.KG
                          • Type of biogas: Agricultural
                          • Use of the biomethane: Grid injection
                          • Capacity: 1400 Nm3/h
                        • Dessau, Germany

                          • Customer: BayVVa r.e. Bioenergy GmbH
                          • Type of biogas: Agricultural
                          • Use of the biomethane: Grid injection
                          • Capacity: 1400 Nm3/h
                        • Minworth, UK

                          • Customer: Imtech Process Ltd
                          • Type of biogas: Sewage
                          • Use of the biomethane: Grid injection
                          • Capacity: 1400 Nm3/h
                        • Dorsten, Germany

                          • Customer: EnD-I group
                          • Type of biogas: Agricultural/waste
                          • Use of the biomethane: Grid injection
                          • Capacity: 2800 Nm3/h
                        • Fürth, Germany

                          • Customer: infra Biogas GmbH
                          • Type of biogas: Agricultural
                          • Use of the biomethane: Grid injection
                          • Capacity: 1400 Nm3/h
                        • Hadmersleben, Germany

                          • Customer: Bioraffinerie GmbH
                          • Type of gas: Agricultural
                          • Use of biomethane: Grid injection
                          • Capacity: 1400 Nm3/h
                        • Nauen, Germany

                          • Customer: Agro Biogasanlage Nauen
                          • Type of biogas: Agricultural
                          • Use of the biomethane: Grid injection
                          • Capacity: 1250 Nm3/h
                        • Jordberga, Sweden

                          • Customer: SBI Jordberga AB
                          • Type of biogas: Agricultural
                          • Use of the biomethane: Grid injection
                          • Capacity: 2400 Nm3/h
                      • Drilling

                      • We are highly skilled and experienced in the field of drilling, with specialised geological knowledge of southern Sweden. Whether we are drilling for water, energy or for investigative purposes, we have the skills and knowledge required to deliver precise results while caring for the environment. Pioneers in the field, we drilled the groundwater wells for the world’s largest geo thermal energy system at Arlanda airport in Stockholm.
                          • Drilling projects

                                • We drill large and small wells for municipal drinking water, industry and farmers

                                • We offer the full range of our competence and technology for a perfect drilling project of rock wells, formation filter wells and gravel filter wells in dimensions from 2” to 800 mm. The drilling methods are Air pressure drilling, Water pressure drilling (Wassara) and Rotational drilling type direct- and reversed circulation drilling.

                                  Suscessful drilling
                                  There are always uncertainties that you can not control in a drilling project. Experience is obviously important, but also that there are procedures and check points. We want our clients to feel secure in the implementation and therefore is the geological feasibility study important. It gives us the answers and what we can expect when drilling. Sometimes a eploration drilling is required to provide further responses to the dimensioning of the well. The well drilling is always done after a given routine and with as little environmental impact as possible. Completion and installtion of the well equipment is always under Malmberg method and according to Normbrunn 07 (Sweden).
                                  • Geological feasibility study
                                  • Hydrogeological exploration drilling
                                  • Dimensioning
                                  • Drilling
                                  • Installation
                            • Drilling for

                            • Our drillers are the most experienced in our industry branch. They have the skill to make the right decisions out there. It takes years to learn how to make the drilling most effective and to get the well working according to the requirements. We always succeed in our drilling either its for drinking water purposes or for energy wells that shall keep houses warm or cold for many years ahead.
                                • Water wells since 1866

                                • Malmberg has always been well drillers. In 150 years to be exact! Learn more about our history here. This means that we have transferred knowledge for generations how drilling will be carried out and the geology at many places in Sweden. We have honed our methods and techniques and always made sure to have the most modern equipment on the market, which has made us the leading driller.

                                  What can you expect when you start a water well project with Malmberg?
                                  • Thorough feasibility study and correct assessments for the drilling site.
                                  • Our experience with our own unique well documentation.
                                  • Estimates from the "Geological Survey of Sweden".
                                  • Quality assured drill procedure with minimum environmental impact.
                                  • Cutting-edge drilling equipment with the best compressors on the market.
                                  • Highest qualified and certified drill staff.
                                  • Highest quality of materials and installation of the well.
                                  • Several own-developed well superstructures to choose from.
                                  • Thorough documentation and handover to the customer.
                                  • Service and maintenance agreement.
                                  • Good and plenty of water for a long time to come!
                                • Energy-drilling for heat and cold

                                • Geothermal energy from groundwater or bedrock is often used for the heating and cooling of buildings. We have extensive experience of drilling and designing groundwater and collector wells and, in fact, we are pioneers in Sweden in this field. For example, we drilled the groundwater wells for the world's largest geothermal energy storage at Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm​.

                                  What can you expect from us?
                                  When an energy drilling is planned, we take care of the feasibility study, we conduct geological tests, dimensions with respect to the number of boreholes and the depth required. We drill and take it all the way to the deployment of a fully optimized system. Naturally, we offer service and maintenance too.

                                  Dimensioning of energy well
                                  The energy wells must be dimensioned properly. We carry the thermal response test to determine soil conditions such as temperature, conductivity and resistance. The results show the number of wells required, depth and location of the wells.

                                  Energy Drilling
                                  The life-span of an energy well is at least 100 years. During these years, heat pumps and other equipment are replaced 4-5 times. We are professional driller with drilling machines specialized for energy drilling. With our experience and modern drilling equipment we always ensures that the bore hole energy exchange is optimized and meets the requirements and lasts for at least 100 years.
                                • Infrastructure

                                • Groundwater lowering and anti-skid roads
                                  At the construction of roads, viaducts and bridges many times need to lower the groundwater and then keep it at the right level. We manage the documentation needed with regard to geology and capabilities in order to then carry out the drilling and make a complete well installation with control equipment. With a service agreement, we can also take care of maintenance of the well system and provide with the background values needed for water rights.

                                  Geothermal energy for anti-skid roads
                                  Accidents due to icy roads is a major problem. Most often, it´s road section with level increases or decreases where the accidents happen. Energy wells can solve this problem by seasonal storage the summer heat in the bedrock and then to be used during the winter. Benefits apart from reduced risk of accidents are low operating costs and an environmental impact. The system can be applied for skid- and ice control on particular road surfaces, train gears, platforms and tunnels.
                              • Enviroment and quality

                                    • Malmberg Drilling means high quality, better environment and safe working environment

                                    • To perform a water well or energy well means large machines working and moving around. It requires planning of the works and experienced staff that know the routines. We stand for a safe work carried out by modern machinery, well trained and experienced staff who always gives his utmost and act professionally. We are ISO 9001 certified to quality, environment ISO 14001 and health and safety OHSAS 18001.
                                • Rebuilds and improvements

                                • Irrespective of age and function of drinking water wells, they may need a rebuild or upgrade. It may be increased requirements due to the working environment, so that the well can be managed on a service-friendly manner. Or for environmental reasons, to secure the drinking water so that the well installation is not open to undue or to prevent infiltration of contaminants.

                                  Do you have an old well with piping below ground level?
                                  We perform renovation of the well pipes by relining for both rock and filter wells. Old wells have many times piping below ground level and then we can extend the well pipes to above ground as well as upgrade and modernize the entire well installation. New well superstructure provides a secure perimeter and makes servicing easier.

                                  Take the opportunity to upgrade your wells with electricity and automation from Malmberg.
                                  We offer a complete solution for your well with easily foreseeable panel that displays important control parameters and alarm functions. Of course, it can be controlled remotely if you want to, and connects to an overall system.
                                  • Flow measurement
                                  • Level- and pressure measurement
                                  • Temperature Measurement
                                  • Speed control of the submersible pump
                                  • Measured values can be read up to higher-level control system, for example MODBus
                                    • Reconditioning of wells

                                    • Increase the well capacity with Jet Master®
                                      We master all the conventional methods for reconditioning of wells, from the simplest form of the blowing with compressed air, packer and mammoth pumping to jet pulsation and chemical cleansing. Each service unit is equipped with a compressor in addition to supply compressed air but also provide a pump with power. Moreover, we have a comprehensive range of pumps for rental and we also offer maintenance of pumping and pipe equipment for operational optimization.
                                      JET Master® clean out pumping
                                      We are the only drilling company in Sweden that uses the unique JET Master® method for cleaning of the filter wells. In most cases it results in a capacity increase of more than 100 percent. What is unique is the vibration induced by flushing through 4 nozzles. They rotate up to 10 000 rpm and in the combination of high pressure water gives it the unique pulsating effect. The vibrations get sand and gravel grains to vibrate and rotate and the detached coatings and oxides of the gravel formation is pumped up continuously. All waste is then pumped out of the well.

                                      What types of wells can be reconditioned with Jet Master ®?
                                      JET Master® can be used in all filter wells of any material (steel, plastic, wood, concrete, etc.) with a well diameter of 100-1000 mm.

                                      • Continous slotted
                                      • Bridged
                                      • Horisontally slotted
                                      • Vertical slotted

                                      Sustainable method
                                      No chemical additives in the flush water. The increase in permeability is only due to the vibrations and flushing.
                                      • Proven technology
                                      • Effecient execution
                                      • Long lasting capacity increase
                                      • Short downtime, 1 day
                                      • Better total economy (pump operation, cleansing intervals)
                                    • Furuboda is the most service-friendly well superstructure

                                    • Our Furuboda well superstructure is designed as a small house. It gives the well a perfect protection against weather and external influences on the water supply. Piping, pump fittings and electrical installations are very easy to access and service. The service person can work freely and in hi/her upright position. Furuboda is made of sandwich panels with finishes in different designs depending on the model. Furuboda is also suitable for pumping- and pressure increasing stations or valve chambers.
                                      Furuboda in four sizes

                                      Quick and easy installation
                                      The superstructure is completely prefabricated and is mounted on a foundation or placed on a gravel bed, alternatively concrete casted. The well will have a excellent frost free spaceing which is easily accessabel by a door. At larger maintenance work as pump chnages the entire superstructure can be lifted of from the foundation. The house is locked and released by hatches on the inside.

                                      Extra shell protection in the Solid version

                                      As standard Furuboda has a layer of fully galvanized steel sheet . The walls consist of a core of insulating 40 mm extruded polystyrene plastic (80 mm as option) Furuboda can also be ordered with an outer wall shell protection of fiberglas armoured concrete board. A perforated aluminum sheet is also glued between the concrete board and the polystyrene core. We call it Furuboda Solid.

                                      Furuboda in four sizes
                                      Furuboda I: 1930 x 1930 mm

                                      Furuboda II: 2930 x 1930 mm

                                      Furuboda III: 2930 x 2720 mm

                                      Furuboda Solid: 3340 x 2700 mm

                                      • Service- and maintenance friendly
                                      • Complete lift-off possible
                                      • Option with safety classified door 2 or 3 with handle and lock
                                      • Standard colour in red
                                      • Optional in other colours
                                    • Prisma well superstructure for the smaller well

                                    • Our well superstructure Prisma has a simple and modern, perfect for the somewhat smaller well installation. Walls and hatch are sandwich panels with a layer of aluzink on the in- and outside. The insulating core is 40 mm extruded polystyrene. Prisma is standing on a base of aluzink, which is placed on a gravel bed or a concrete base.

                                      Protect your other water installations
                                      Prisma can also be used to protect water reservoirs. The superstructure is then placed above the descent door. It is also suitable for protecting valve installations above ground.

                                      Service-friendly and easy handling of your well installation

                                      The front of Prisma is easily opened by two spring dampers. Here is plenty of room by inspection and service- and maintenance. For larger service work the entire superstructure can be folded backwards and then exposing the installation. The pump- and electrical installation are completely protected from frost and external polution from th surface. The electrical equipment is mounted on a wall panel made of aluminum, 800 x 1000 mm, and is fixed on the base so it remains on its place when the superstructure is folded or off lifted.

                                      Prisma in two sizes

                                      Prisma I: 1850 x 1850 mm

                                      Prisma II: 2850 x 1850 mm

                                      • For the smaller well
                                      • Foldable
                                      • possible to lift off
                                      • Perfect as protection of water reservoir or valve above ground protection

                                    • Yngsjö is Sweden's first prefabricated well superstructure

                                    • Our well superstructure Yngsjö is Sweden's first prefabricated superstructure and protects wells all over Sweden. It is our original model. It has walls of sandwich panels with layer of aluzink. The insulating core is 40 mm extruded polystyrene. The superstructure is mounted on a base which is placed in a gravel bed. In that way the well is provided with an excellent frost-free spacing, easy accessable.

                                      Adapted to the surroundings and service-friendly

                                      Yngsö well superstructure is developed to melt into the surroundings. Standard colour is in Aluzink. For an additonal price Yngsjö is of course available in other colours. For larger jobs, with the well, such as pump cleansing or pump replacement, the superstructure can be easily lifted aside and work can proceed unhindered.
                                      Yngsjö in two sizes
                                      Yngsjö I: 2000 x 2000 mm

                                      Yngsjö II: 3000 x 2000 mm

                                      • Service-friendly
                                      • Possible to lift off
                                      • Standard colour in Aluzink
                                      • Other colours as option
                                  • Geothermal energy

                                  • We have over 30 years of experience in harnessing energy using geothermal technology. It is a safe and eco-friendly method of extracting heat from underground water or bedrock in order to heat or cool buildings. Our geothermal energy solution is perfect for residential- and office buildings or larger hall buildings as logistic centers for example. By the way, we have helped Arlanda Airport in Stockholm cut their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint considerably. It´s the world´s largest energy storage solution ever built.
                                      • Geothermal energy project

                                      • We were among the first companies within the field of geothermal energy in Sweden. Our geological know-how and extensive experience in geothermal projects allows us to offer you a complete solution. We have all the technical and geological expertise to lead you to a sustainable energy solution for your property.

                                        5 steps to a geothermal energy plant
                                        A geothermal energy plant always lead to extensive energy cost reductions. The investment is normally paid back in a few years. We take care of the pre-study, geological tests, dimensioning, drilling and all the way to commissioning of a fully optimized plant. Choose your own level of service for the years ahead.

                                        1. Energy well dimensioning
                                        It´s essential that the energy wells are dimensioned in a proper way. We perform the thermic response test to find out the ground conditions such as temperature, conductivity and resistance. The result gives the the number of wells , depth and placement of the wells.

                                        2. Energy drilling
                                        A energy well life span is at least 100 years and during these years the heat pumps and other euipment will be replace 4-5 times. We are professional drillers with drilling machines specialized in energy drilling. We use Comacchio drill rigs with Atlas Copco compressors. Measurements are contioniusly made during drilling regarding straightness in order to achive the most optimized drill hole for a energy exchange.

                                        3. Heat pump central design
                                        We have the technical expertise and resources to design a complete geothermal plant for a property. along. A pre-study of the propery´s heat- and cold demand and technical status is performed by us. The analysis gives us the factors to design an optimal plant with no energy losses. We design a compact and easy maintenance plant including heat pumps, pipeworks, electrical and automation.

                                        4. Manufacturing/installation
                                        Depending of the site and property the heat pump central can be either on site installed or pre fabricated. We have our own manufacturing site with highly experienced and skilled welders and metal workers. As a pre fabricated and complete unit geothermal energy unit it´s delivered for docking to the property´s borehole storage and internal heating- and cooling system, electricity and webb connection. Our pre-fabricated unit is called Malmberg enerGeo™

                                        5. Comissioning
                                        We made the first geothermal energy projects already in 1977 and have developed a secure and quick process for a complete energy project and we guarantee the output of the plant. We have our own installers specilized in geothermal energy installations and we can offer you flexible service agreement in which you choose the level of maintenance.
                                          • Stockholm Arlanda Airport

                                            • Clien: Swedavia
                                            • Property: Airport
                                            • Type of wells: Aquifer storage for heat/cold
                                            • Effect Heat/Cold: 8/8 MW
                                            • Number of wells: 11
                                            • Depth: 20
                                          • Masthusen, Malmö

                                            • Client: Diligentia
                                            • Property: offices
                                            • Type of wells: Collector wells for heat/cold
                                            • Effect Heat/Cold: 360/420 kW
                                            • Number of wells: 30
                                            • Depth: 300 m
                                          • Västberga logistic center, Stockholm

                                            • Clien: DHL
                                            • Property: Logistic hub
                                            • Type of wells: Collector wells for heat/cold
                                            • Effect Heat/Cold: 443/200 kW
                                            • Number of wells: 34
                                            • Depth: 300
                                        • How it works

                                        • Geothermal energy is a fantastic innovation. It´s completely sustainable and works for ever. When the sun shines the ground is heated up and this heat we utilize it in a smart energy system. A system that includes energy drilling for wells in borehole or aquifer storage and the design of the technology central. You can count on a fast pay-back for the investment. For every part of electrical energy you buy to run a geothermal energy plant you get at least four parts of free heat.
                                                • Geothermal heat

                                                • How geothermal energy is recovered
                                                  Geothermal energy involves a building's heat retrieved from rock, groundwater or soil. The energy is then recovered using a cooled liquid circulating in a tubing system. As the fluid passes the heat pump it heats up the refrigerant inside the heat pump. Its then compressed and becomes a hot gas and is passed to a condenser where it exchanges its heat to the building's heating- and hot water system.
                                              • Geothermal heating/cooling

                                              • Stored heat and cold for a perfect indoor climate
                                                Generally, there are two different ways to utilize geothermal energy for heating and cooling. A bore hole storage means that a number of energy wells are drilled in a defined area forming energy volume. A aquifer system is appropriate in water-rich areas and is often used for large buildings such as hospitals, airports and other large facilities. The geothermal energy principal is simple. During winter, heat is extracted from the groundwater and the bedrock is cooled down a few degrees. As summer begins, the stored cold accumulated as "free cooling" and the bedrock or the ground water is heated gradually and becomes the source of heat next winter.
                                            • Malmberg enerGeo™

                                                  • Malmberg enerGeo™

                                                  • enerGeo™ provides efficient geothermal heating installation
                                                    Geothermal energy means that the operating cost efficiency for heating buildings considerably improves and at the same time it is a renewable energy. Geothermal heating installations in small and large properties are often quite inefficient. With our prefabricated geothermal energy central, Malmberg enerGeo™, the geothermal installations become more efficient.

                                                    Installed by docking

                                                    Malmberg enerGeo™ is a completely pre-built geothermal central and is easily docked to the energy wells, as well as the property's heating and cooling systems. The approach has several advantages compared with the site-built centrals. Energy Drilling and landscaping with connections are made on-site and in parallel the energy central is built in our workshop. The central is then delivered as a complete unit including the electrical, control and plumbing installations. It is the docking that makes enerGeo™ so smart, its completed in the workshop and just docked in. A site-built geothermal central often needs to involve multiple subcontractors and working in the customer's building for a long time. Thanks to a prefabricated solution, you have full control over production and ensures that costs are kept down, resulting in a lower price for the customer. It only requires a power supply and the entire facility is directly prepared for remote support if needed.

                                                    Operating cost-effective and environmentally friendly

                                                    Geothermal heating is operating cost efficient, environmentally friendly and a sustainable heating technology compared with other alternatives as district heating, pellet, gas or electric boiler. 1 part electricity for the operation of geothermal heating results in heat production worth 4 parts. 1 part electricity for the operation of free cooling results in produced cooling worth 40 parts. Besides, the geothermal energy is also CO2 neutral and a renewable energy source. If you, as a property owner then only uses green electricity, such as wind, solar or hydropower your facilities will be completely environmentally friendly.

                                              • Technical expertise

                                                    • Our expertise gives you the best economy, environment and technology

                                                    • Contact us for a free planning of a perfect designed geothermal energy solution for your property. Profitability calculation, tender documents, technical specification, shows the benefits of geothermal energy in your particular property.

                                                      We can help you with

                                                      • Feasibility study and detailed energy values
                                                      • Technical system design for optimal heat factor, COP
                                                      • Economical calculations
                                                      • Tender documentation including a time schedule for execution
                                                • Service & Support

                                                • Your plant is worth excellent maintenance and operations
                                                  Regardless your plant performance is for biogas production, water treatment, wells for drinking water or geothermal energy it needs proper planned maintenance. Conditions will change over time, such as increasing demands on production and decreasing energy consumption. You need the reassurance that your plant is being taken care of. Our aim is to be the perfect service partner that cares and puts your plant performance above all.
                                                  Malmberg Performance Agreement
                                                  A Malmberg Performance Agreement assures that you get the most out of your plant. The preventive maintenance we perform ensures that everything runs smoothly and at an economically optimal level.
                                                    • to delete

                                                        • Service Water treatment

                                                        • A treatment plant or any other installation where water is processed needs continuous supervision and operational optimization. Our service engineers are those who start up new plants and have extensive experience in both process, mechanical and electrical / automation. We offer service agreements where you choose the level of maintenance. From basic to more extensive service and support. We have 24/7 help desk service, which means we can constantly keep track of your facility. Your plant is in safe hands with Malmberg Service & Support.
                                                        • Service Geothermal energy

                                                        • A Malmberg geothermal energy service agreement assures that you get the most out of your plant. The preventive maintenance we perform ensures that everything runs smoothly and at an economically optimal level. We have long, proven experience in geothermal energy service. So we can detect if your plant isn’t working as efficiently as it could.
                                                          Our service offering is flexible, so that you can make your choices according to your plant’s requirements. What ever your agreement is, you will be taken care of. As a minimum, you have planned maintenance where you can choose from different levels - Warranty maintenance, Maintenance Pro, Maintenance Basic.

                                                          As the conditions change,and the plant becomes older, we can help you with status reports, modifications and software/hardware updates and many other functions that your plant may require.
                                                        • Service Wells

                                                        • Irrespective of age and function of drinking water wells, they may need a rebuild or upgrade. It may be increased requirements due to the working environment, so that the well can be managed on a service-friendly manner. Or for environmental reasons, to secure the drinking water so that the well installation is not open to undue or to prevent infiltration of contaminants.

                                                          Do you have an old well with piping below ground level?
                                                          We perform renovation of the well pipes by relining for both rock and filter wells. Old wells have many times piping below ground level and then we can extend the well pipes to above ground as well as upgrade and modernize the entire well installation. New well superstructure provides a secure perimeter and makes servicing easier.

                                                          Take the opportunity to upgrade your wells with electricity and automation from Malmberg.
                                                          We offer a complete solution for your well with easily foreseeable panel that displays important control parameters and alarm functions. Of course, it can be controlled remotely if you want to, and connects to an overall system.

                                                          • Flow measurement
                                                          • Level- and pressure measurement
                                                          • Temperature Measurement
                                                          • Speed control of the submersible pump
                                                          • Measured values can be read up to higher-level control system, for example MODBus