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  • Offer Profile
  • BD|SENSORS is a mid-sized, owner-managed company, which attaches great importance to independence and sustainability.

    With our unremitting product and quality strategy we have been successful in becoming a major player on the world market for electronic pressure measurement devices within a few years. Our consistent product and quality strategy has enabled us to set new benchmarks on the global market with the development of a portfolio of pressure measurement devices that range from 0.1 mbar up to 6,000 bar.
Product Portfolio
  • IIoT | Industry 4.0

  • Sensors are paramount to industrial processes that are increasingly automated and digitally networked since processes are impossible to control without the reliable acquisition of signals and measurement data. The chapter “digital base” is old hat already at BD|SENSORS, many variations of pressure and fill level acquisition are currently communicating with the digital periphery.

    Measuring technology 4.0 – reality already at BD|SENSORS

      • PRESSURE

          • Pressure transmitter analog

          • pressure ranges 0 ... 10 mbar to 0 ... 6000 bar

            Based on different sensor technologies, combined with housing materials of stainless steel and various plastics, the industrial transmitters are suitable for almost all industrial gases and fluids. Our industrial pressure transmitter may be adapted to almost any application due to a variety of electrical and mechanical connections.

          • Pressure transmitter with digital interfaces

          • IO-Link | RS 485 Modbus RTU | I2C Pressure ranges 0 … 100 mbar up to 0 … 600 bar

            Whereas pressure transmitters with analogue output signals and switching contacts dominated the market a few years ago, devices with digital interfaces are becoming increasingly important - Industry 4.0 sends its regards. BD|SENSORS has taken up this challenge like no other provider of electronic pressure measurement devices. As impressively documented by the product matrix below, BD|SENSORS has probably the widest product range of pressure measurement devices with global interfaces in the world.

          • Digital pressure gauge

          • pressure ranges 0 … 100 mbar to 0 … 600 bar

            With a great variety of mechanical and electrical connections, BD|SENSORS offers a new generation of digital pressure gauges for different applications. Due to the two sensor technologies in use (stainless steel sensor or ceramic sensor), our digital pressure gauges are suitable for nearly all fluids, pasty media and gases. The display module is continuously rotatable, so that a clear readability is guaranteed even in unsual installation positions.

          • Electronic pressure switches

          • pressure range 0 ... 6mbar to 0 ... 2200 bar with up to 4 contacts

            Due to the simple handling as well as the variety of software features (switching points and hysteresis freely configurable, delay function, Min/Max-value data storage, display and analogue output signal scalable, etc.) the DS 200 / DS 400 series is especially suitable as an intelligent pressure switch for general plant and machine construction and the processing industry.

            Types without display

            Druckbereiche 0 ... 1 bar bis 0 ... 400 bar for OEM applications

            These electronic pressure switches are used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications for monitoring and controlling the pressure via switching outputs.

          • Pressure measuring products - special versions

          • DMK 456
            ceramic sensor
            marine, shipbbuilding, offshore

            nominal pressure:0 ... 40 mbar up to 0...20 bar
            accuracy:0.1 % / 0.25 % FSO

            HU 300
            stainless steel sensor (strain gauge)
            oil and gas industry

            nominal pressure:0 ... 5000 psi up to 0 ... 15 000 psi
            accuracy:0.5 % FSO

          • Pressure measuring devices - accessories

          • LV 3
            Digital charge amplifier for piezoelectric sensors

            Measuring range freely selectable
            Signal output ± 10 V
            Ethernet system interface
            Compact, robust design

            KL 1
            terminal box aluminium


          • pressure ranges 0 ... 8000 bar
            highly dynamic pressure recording up to 50 kHz

            The new DAC series allows accurate recording of measured values in extreme situations, such as pressure spikes or pressure surges, pressure gradients during explosions or combustions, e.g. in the case of ballistic measurements or the ignition of internal combustion engines.

            Piezoelectric sensors are suitable for dynamic measurements up to ranges of more than 100 kHz. They are very small and can easily be integrated into the applications. Use of the DAC requires a charge amplifier which converts the generated electric charge into a corresponding output signal.

          • Differential pressure transmitter

          • For differential pressure measurement pressure ranges 0 ... 1 mbar up to 0 ... 70 bar

            aluminium die-cast cases or plastic housings, our differential pressure transmitters may be used for numerous fluids and gases, e. g. for monitoring ventilation ducts, filters and fans in HVAC areas as well as for level measurement in closed pressurized tanks.

        • LEVEL

            • Submersible probes | level probes

            • BD|SENSORS offers a wide range of submersible probes designed for the measurement of fill levels of fluid or paste-like media or for levels of water and waste-water. The sensors are based on hydrostatic pressure, i.e. the fill level is found by measuring pressure.

              The submersible probes are available with many types of enclosure materials, pressure sensors and diameters and will thus in their standard version already offer perfect solutions to predominant installation conditions.

              he detachable submersible probes are noteworthy. These designs allow very simple detachment of probe and cable, requiring no tools. This is a decisive advantage during maintenance or servicing, since only part of the submersible probe will require attention, not the entire installation. with stainless steel sensor LMP 308 | LMP 808 with ceramics sensor LMK 358 | LMK 808 | LMK 858 The range also includes other designs such as submersible probes with integrated overvoltage protection, temperature sensors or data loggers, also types communicating via RS 485 interface or HART® protocol.

            • Screw-in transmitters

            • pressure ranges 0 … 40 mbar to 0 … 60 bar

              Due to the ability to combine stainless steel and ceramic diaphragm wiht housing materials of stainless steel or plastic and different sealing materials, our screw-in-transmitters are suitable for almost all liquids occuring in industrial level and process measurement.

            • Detachable submersible probes

            • Our detachable submersible probes boast easy maintenance, debugging and repairs. Sensor heads are in this case separable from the instrument without touching the remaining cabling. You may now examine, clean or replace the probe head and then simply screw it on again. Simple, fast and at the drop of a hat.

            • Accessories - Level measurement

            • KL 1
              terminal box aluminium

              KL 2
              terminal box plastics

          • EVALUATION

              • Evaluation devices and displays

              • In order to correctly interpret analogue signals, display and evaluation devices are indispensable.

                Besides the classic version with display and analogue outputs (PA430, ASM430), BD|SENSORS offers with the process display of CIT-series an evaluation device that can be combined with our pressure measuring devices and hydrostatic submersible probes and is furthermore also suitable for acquiring for example temperature and potentiometer signals.

              • Data logger

              • The data logger can record up to 2 million measurement values with a maximum measuring rate of 1 Hz in internal memory (8 MB).

                By connecting a USB stick, the capacity can be enlarged to several GB. The LoogySoft software (CIT 600 / CIT 650 ) or DAQ-Manager (CIT 700 / CIT 750) helps the user displaying (table, graphic), saving, evaluating and exporting the recorded data.

            • INDUSTRIES

            • The number of different applications across the various sectors is virtually limitless. However, a special solution that meets customer requirements must be found in each specific case.

              This is exactly what BD|SENSORS does best. We are able to cater for most of our customers' needs through our extensive range of standard products that can be modified as necessary in order to create the optimum solution. However, we can quickly come up with special designs too thanks to our highly qualified team of expert developers.
                • Machinery and plant construction

                • The machinery and plant manufacturing sector spans an enormously wide range of different applications. Plant control is based on reliable and accurate measurements based on sensors. This particularly also applies to the measurement and communication of pressure and fill levels.

                  Be it pressure sensors, pressure transducers or electronic pressure switches, BD|SENSORS will offer you the most cost-effective solution in terms of technology or price - from cost-effective OEM pressure transducers up to precision instruments for reference measurements:

                  • Pneumatics and hydraulics
                  • Machine tools / presses / injection molding machines
                  • Test rigs / test systems
                • Energy generation and transmission

                • Our CEO Rainer Denndörfer is convinced that conventional energy generation technologies will persist adjacent to renewable energies. BD|SENSORS will thus offer suitable electronic pressure transducers and hydrostatic fill level probes for both fields of energy generation and also be ready to design new ones where needed.

                  Areas of application

                  • Conventional technologies:
                  • Large power stations (nuclear, coal, gas)
                  • Peak-load power generating plant
                  • Combined heat and power plant

                  Renewable energies:

                  • Wind energy plant
                  • Biogas plant
                  • Solar and geothermal power plant


                  • Pressure monitoring in potable water and steam circuits and in pump controllers
                  • Leakage control in gas lines
                  • Level measurement in supply systems, reservoirs and containers with lubricants, ethanol, slurry, etc.
                  • Gas density measurement in SF6 insulated switchgear
                • Shipping and yacht construction

                • Plant and equipment used on ships and yachts are exposed to the harshest of climatic conditions, to rough environments and extremely high mechanical stress. BD|SENSORS pressure and fill level measuring instruments will remain reliable and durable for many years under such conditions of stress. The many certifications for shipping worldwide document that the functionality and design of our equipment is eminently suited for deployment on ships.

                  Examples of applications include:

                  • Fill level measurements in tanks on container ships containing a diversity of media(potable water, ballast/industrial and waste water, fuels, liquid chemicals and more)
                  • Control of anti-heeling systems, measurements of draught
                  • Pressure measurement in hydraulic systems, lubricant lines, pumps and compressors and in HVAC systems
                • Food and beverage

                • Hygiene is as essential in the manufacture of foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco as in the production of pharmaceutical products. This is true not only for the production facilities but also for machinery and plant and in the latter case especially sensors, probes and measuring technology. The design and materials BD|SENSORS uses for their pressure and fill level measuring instruments fully meet the demands made by these markets globally.

                  Designed for hygiene:

                  • no blind pockets, cracks, edges
                  • material surfaces with low roughness depths
                  • pressure measuring instruments easy to fit or remove
                  • flush coupling components
                  • may be cleaned and steam sterilized in installed condition (CIP, SIP)

                  Foodstuffs compliant materials:

                  • stainless steel 1.4404 / 1.4435, Tantalum, Hastelloy
                  • surfaces polished extra smooth on request
                  • ultrapure pure ceramics (AL203 99.9%), polished
                  • elastomeric seals made of EPDM, FKM, etc.
                  • Hygiene standards / certifications:

                • Chemistry / Petrochemistry

                • Chemical processes make very high demands on electronic pressure measuring instruments and hydrostatic fill level probes in two respects:

                  • processes may be complex with high dynamic pressures and fast changing temperatures
                  • the media are diverse and may be chemically aggressive, explosive, toxic, abrasive and sometimes also dirty and viscous.

                  Add to this top safety requirements, especially in explosion hazardous plant and equipment and the absolute demand for top operational reliability.


                  • Pressure monitoring of tanks for gas and fluids
                  • Pressure measurement in distillation columns, supply systems and vessels (e.g. ammonia, solvents)
                  • Fill level measurements in storage tanks for fluids or sludge
                  • Fill level monitoring in distillation columns and retention tanks
                  • Fill level measurement for coolants, condensates and end products

                  Characteristics / special features

                  • nominal pressures from 100 mbar to 1 000 bar
                  • fill heights from 1 m WG
                  • pressure connections and membranes made of materials suited for virtually all gases and fluids in the chemistry/petrochemistry sector, e.g. many stainless steels, Hastelloy, titanium, high-purity ceramics Al2O3 99,9% - polished etc.
                  • robust die cast aluminium or stainless steel field frames
                  • 4 - 20 mA / 2L design, display or HART communication optional
                  • accuracy classes from OEM via industrial and up to 0.1% standard accuracy class
                  • temperature ranges from -40 to +125°C; protection classes IP65 to IP69K


                • Environmental technology

                • water/waste water/recycling

                  The acquisition of fill and gauge height is a central requirement in this field. BD|SENSORS here deploys the highly reliable method of hydrostatic fill level measurement. In practice this is implemented in different variations -  be it in the form of level probes for surface and ground water applications, submersible probes for wastewater treatment plants and storm water overflow tanks, or down to fill level probes for tank farms and in container construction. 
                  In addition to probes of any imaginable type required for water processing, we also offer solutions designed for aggressive media such as acids and lyes.


                  The combination of a diversity of materials for enclosures with sensors made of metal and ceramics is a perfect basis for innovative customer solutions. BD|SENSORS in this way ensures that the hydrostatic water and fill level concept will remain superior to any other method of measurement, both in terms of technology and price and in terms of accuracy, service life, reliability, simple fitment and commissioning.

                  Characteristics / special features

                  • fill heights of 40 cm to 250 m fluid column
                  • enclosures made of different metallic and synthetic materials
                  • sensors made of stainless steel and ceramics
                  • high-purity ceramic capacitive pressure sensors, polished, extremely resistant to media and mechanically virtually indestructible
                  • separable submersible probes with integrated overvoltage protection
                    a range of electrical output signals, analog or digital and with HART protocol
                • Oil and Gas industry

                • Scientists these days believe that the natural resources of oil and gas are not quite as finite as thus far assumed. These resources are likely to remain available considerably longer than hitherto predicted.
                  This is the reason why BD|SENSORS is one of only a few global companies that recognized a need for the development of accurate and robust instruments for the measurement of pressures in the field of oil and gas production - including traditional onshore and offshore drilling for and extraction of oil and also fracking.

                  • Measuring pressures in pumps, drilling heads and sludge recirculation lines
                  • Monitoring of process pressures in separators
                  • Monitoring pressures and measuring flow in pipelines
                  • Monitoring fill levels in storage vessels and tank


                  The electronic BD|SENSORS pressure measuring instruments in the field of oil and gas production have set standards in terms of

                  • high pressures (up to 8 000 bar)
                  • robust construction to withstand stresses of drilling, production or fracking in the most extreme operational and environmental conditions
                  • reliability and long-term stability


                  • nominal pressures up to 8 000 bar
                  • fill heights from 1 m water column
                  • pressure connections meeting international standards, e.g. Hammer Unions
                  • instruments with turn-down function
                  • protection classes IP65 to IP69K