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    Eggersmann sets new standards in recycling with its specially developed plants, concepts and products. We excel in a wide array of competencies based on five core areas.

    Have the advantage of our all-round line-up and benefit from our profound service from planning to operating your plants and components. Use our synergies for your project.
Product Portfolio
  • Recycling Plants

  • Eggersmann Anlagenbau is your expert for the implementation of complex plants for waste processing.

      • Mechanical Treatment

      • Mixed or pre-sorted industrial and commercial waste contains raw materials that can be recovered by means of mechanical processing. Mechanical recycling equipment supplied by Eggersmann separates recyclable waste by composition and particle size to deliver the recovered raw materials in a particularly effective and efficient way, in accordance with application and material requirements.

        The size of each plant system is based on a detailed analysis of the substances being handled and the required quantities of recycled raw material. High-performance components developed by us in house guarantee maximum purity, reliability and fine-tuned capacity as required.

        The entire design and setup procedure is placed in the expert hands of our highly-qualified, multi-disciplinary team.

          • Biological Treatment

          • Procedure for the treatment of organic waste

            The majority of municipal waste consists of organic waste. Therefore, biologial processes for waste treatment are especially favorable.

            Especially the treatment of organic waste is crucial for climate protection, because: untreated organic waste leads to uncontrollable greenhouse gas emissions. Depending on the project requirements, Eggersmann offers dry fermentation for biogas production from organic waste or different aerobic treatment procedures.

            Dry fermentation:
            The exploitation of biological residues on the basis of natural fermentation processes realizes a nearly unlimited energy potential. The fermentation of biological waste releases valuable methane gas, which is a great alternative to fossil fuels due to its quality and economic efficiency.

            Aerobic waste treatment:
            For the aerobic treatment Eggersmann uses composting - with the goal of producing high quality compost as nutrient supply for the use in gardening and landscaping - as well as biological drying for the production of refuse derived fuel.
              • Processes - The Right Solution for your Requirement

                  • Biogas Production

                  • BEKON Dry Fermentation
                    BEKON dry fermentation plants achieve high and constant biogas production through the fermentation of solid Inputs (e.g. source separated organics, garden waste, organic fraction of municipal solid waste, manure on bedding and other stackable organic waste) while consuming very small amounts of energy for plant operation.
                  • Tunnel Composting

                  • Intensive Rotting
                    Tunnel composting is a completely enclosed treatment process and fulfills highest requirements regarding the emissions arising during waste treatment. Optimized process conditions ensure that process goals are achieved safely and swiftly.
                  • Triangular Windrow Composting

                  • Triangular Windrow Composting
                    BACKHUS Compost Turners BACKHUS compost turners optimise the rotting of the compost material and thus significantly reduce treatment times.
                  • Lane Composting

                  • BACKHUS Lane Turner
                    The BACKHUS Lane Turners enable composting of biogas and biological drying of organic-rich fractions from waste streams.
                  • Membrane Covered System for Composting & Biological Drying

                  • CONVAERO System
                    CONVAERO System - For composting and biological drying of organic waste with pressure ventilation and membrane cover.
                  • RDF Production

                  • Eggersmann FUEL
                    Eggersmann FUEL is a proven and solid procedure for the treatment of large waste volumes with the goal of producing alternative fuels, e.g. for the cement industry.
                  • Drying of Digestates

                  • BRT HARTNER DCD
                    The Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD is suitable for the conditioning or thermal drying of wet and heterogenic material.
                  • Pretreatment of Digestates

                  • BRT HARTNER DM
                    The mixing unit for the pretreatment of digestates BRT HARTNER DM produces ideal mixtures of structureless and structural material.
                • Service for Recycling Plants and Components / General Contractor Recycling Plants

                    • Service for Recycling Plants and Components

                    • At Eggersmann, our focus is on the customer.
                      From developing modern plant constructions to the final implementation, maintenance, service and repairs – Eggersmann is your competent partner in all areas. Our service staff does not only react promptly and flexibly to occuring problems and trouble-shoots them, but also shares its knowledge with the owner to improve workplace safety, make your processes more efficient and reduce operating costs. This well-founded know-how that we share with you is the same we use to develop and improve our own recycling plants.
                    • General Contractor Recycling Plants

                    • Planning and construction of recycling facilities

                      In its role as a general contractor, Eggersmann establishes public and commercial projects and is responsible for all work involved in planning and construction of recycling plants. These include

                      • engineering
                      • implementation planning
                      • procurement
                      • production and supply of machinery and conveying/handling systems
                      • Installation
                      • start-up
                      • trial operation
                      • turnkey handover of the plant
                      • all the civil-engineering for the project

                      With our effective deployment and smooth integration of professionals from all disciplines we can guarantee high levels of reliability at all stages of the project.

                      Recycling plants supplied by Eggersmann are particularly well-integrated in terms of infrastructure, control and regulating systems. In order to ensure a smooth handover, our experts remain onsite until the system is up and running in normal operation.

                  • Recycling Machines - Mobile & Stationary

                      • BACKUS Compost Turnerss

                      • BACKHUS Compost Turners for effective Composting

                        With working widths from 3 to nearly 8 meters and turning capacities of up to 6.800 m³/h there is no challenge, small or big, a BACKHUS windrow turner cannot handle. With more than 1500 sold machines in more than 70 countries and more than 30 years of experience, we can guarantee, whatever your task or problem: we faced it, we solved it!

                      • FORUS Pre-Shredder

                      • FORUS Pre-Shredders are specialists for all types of wood and waste – effortlessly shredding domestic waste, commercial
                        and industrial waste, C&D waste, waste wood, green waste and rootstocks. The slow-running two-shaft-shredder also
                        processes plastic films, paper, cardboard and electronic scrap just as efficiently. Depending on the shredding unit different
                        rotor drives are used, from 2 x (multifunctional type, not synchronized) to 1 x (triangular knives, synchronized). The output
                        sizes range from 150 to 500 mm depending on the type of the after breaker bar. The Special Edition 250 is a superb allrounder that is reliably adapted to your requirements

                      • Terra Select Screening Machines

                      • Screening and sifting technology made in Germany. Be it wood, stones or organics, Eggersmann can separate it in up to three fractions with only one process. With trommel lengths ranging from 3.2 to 7.5 m, Terra Select machines deliver the best results with throughputs of up to 250 m³ / h.

                      • TEUTON Universal Shredders

                      • TEUTON Shredders are made for highest demands. In addition to three easy-to-change hammer types for cutting, crushing and shredding, the TEUTON offers an adjustable comb with counter knifes to adapt the final grain size to the individual requirements with only one pass. Applications include wood waste, household waste, commercial and industrial waste, tyres, as well as bulky waste and mattresses.

                      • BRT HARTNER Opening, Dosing & Sorting Systems

                      • BRT HARTNER offers a multitude of handling, sorting and separation equipment to compliment the most demanding applications, with an equipment portfolio including feed & metering hoppers, bag openers, ballistic separators, fine & coarse screens, trommel screens, air classifiers, de-compactors, bale breakers & bottle perforators.
                      • Used Machines - Get informed now!

                      • Here you will find our used machines as well as offers on behalf of the customer.