Business Profile

Landia is a Danish family-owned company, which was established in 1933 in Lem Stationsby in West Jutland in Denmark, where we're still based today.

Landia's founder, Mr. Christian Oelgaard (1909-1991), served his apprenticeship with master blacksmith H. S. Hansen in the late 1920s (picture on the right).

Hansen trained several skilled and enterprising blacksmiths in his workshop and encouraged them to think independently.
This led to the establishment of several new metalworking companies in Lem Stationsby in the years leading up to World War II. Today the most well-known of these are Vestas, HansenGroup, IPL and Landia.

Over the years these four companies have shown a special ability to survive, develop and create growth far beyond the town’s borders.

Since 1994, Landia A/S's quality assurance system at the factory in Denmark has been continually certified under EN/ISO 9001 by DNV (Det Norske Veritas).

The purpose of our quality assurance system is - so to speak - to “systemise common sense” so that we continue to meet the demands of our customers.