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  • We offer our customers a complete range of cranes, drives and handling technology for every application – optimised by comprehensive sales and service support. These solutions provide our customers with valuable quality and efficiency benefits. In small workshops as well as in major industrial enterprises.

    Our extensive product range includes a wide range of solutions for specific industries for travel applications, load handling at the workplace and material flow in production and storage. The Demag crane experts always focus on the benefits for our customers – the greatest possible efficiency and reliability, optimum availability and maximum performance.
Product Portfolio
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    • Expo News

      • Exceptional commitment

        • OPTIMUM project wins Excellence Award in three categories
        • Award for innovation, standardisation and market impact

        The international OPTIMUM project led by Demag Cranes & Components and funded in Germany by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), has received the “Exceptional ITEA Award of Excellence”. The research project has been recognized in all three award categories. The jury acknowledged its decision for the OPTIMUM Project’s high level of innovation, its significant impact on the markets in the fields of “Material Handling” and “Smart Manufacturing” and for its great achievements in standardization.

      • Demag supplies system solution for automated material flow at Layher

        • Automation system for handling bundles of tube
        • Five automatic cranes in goods-in storage area and processing zones
        • Including materials handling equipment, goods management, and safety equipment

        Demag Cranes & Components will provide automation of the incoming goods area and the operation to serve production areas used to process raw materials at the new plant operated by Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co KG. The world leader in the manufacture of scaffolding systems is planning to build a new production line in Güglingen-Cleebronn in the south-west of Germany and awarded a contract to Demag to design and implement the corresponding automated crane and materials handling system, as well as the required safety equipment.

      • For cranes and other heavy-duty applications: New generation Demag DRS-M wheel blocks

        • Modular design with many possible mounting configurations
        • Fast and very precise replacement thanks to patented fixed alignment
        • Mechanical wear indicator as an option
        • Wide range of applications – not only for cranes

        Wetter, Germany, 24 March 2022. The Demag DRS range has gained a reputation as a reliable wheel block system – not only in cranes – offering a long service life in tens of thousands of applications all over the world. The expectations are correspondingly high for its DRS-M successor, which Demag is now launching. Among other benefits, the new wheel blocks feature a rugged, modular design and versatile connection possibilities on five sides. Also new is optional mechanical wear measurement of the wheel.

      • thyssenkrupp Marine Systems orders 14 process cranes from Demag

        • Cranes to be used to build six submarines by 2034
        • 14 cranes planned to operate in seven bays
        • Two 150 t cranes with two hoists each to run in each bay in synchronous operation
        • SAW cranes to receive high-end equipment

        Demag Cranes & Components has received an order for the supply of 14 process cranes from the thyssenkrupp Marine Systems shipyard to be installed in new production facilities in Kiel, Germany. This is a true milestone project for Marine Systems since it intends to develop the site into an international centre of excellence for building submarines.

      • Demag chain hoist with balancer function

      • Demag chain hoist with balancer function

        • DCBS series expansion
        • Loads can be lifted and lowered via the control handle or directly on the load
        • Safe and precise lifting, positioning and assembly

        Demag is expanding the DCBS chain hoist series with a balancer function that it introduced last year. This series makes intuitive load control possible directly on the load without the need to use the control handle. Until now, the DCBS has enabled users to handle loads weighing up to 160 kg easily and safely. The range is now being expanded to a load capacity of 250 kg, resulting in a wider range of applications for the innovative DCBS system.

      • Flexible and fast paper roll handling: Demag automatic cranes for Norske Skog in Golbey

        • Four process cranes, each with two hoists that can move independently of each other
        • Optimum solution determined with simulation
        • Fully automatic operation
        • High peak workloads possible: up to 80 storage operations and 140 retrieval operations per hour

        Paper manufacturer Norske Skog has awarded a contract to Demag to design and implement a fully automatic paper roll store at its location in Golbey, France, as part of its ongoing conversion project at the Golbey site to production of 550 000 tonnes of recycled containerboard. The most cost-effective solution for this challenge is for these handling volumes to be tackled with four automatic cranes, each of which will have two hoists that can operate independently of each other to ensure fast and flexible finished goods handling in a compact space, even when working through peak workloads.

      • Demag to build record-breaking process crane for the new Airbus long-range jet

        • Longest crane in the history of Demag with a span of 106 m
        • Slewing mechanism with four adjustable hoist units
        • With positioning control and rope-tensioning function
        • Commissioning scheduled from April 2022

        A process crane with a record span of 106 metres will be used for assembly of the new Airbus A321XLR long-range jet in Hamburg-Finkenwerder in future. The crane is designed and built by Demag.

      • Online seminars

      • Get to know our Demag products: in theory as well as hands-on. Our crane & component experts will present our broad product portfolio to help you find the right products for your solution and show you tips & tricks for your daily work. Expand or consolidate your knowledge of Demag products in our online seminars, eLearnings and tutorials. We are happy to welcome you to our Demag focus on products.
      • Tandem and smart-tandem control of indoor cranes

      • At the push of a button: synchronised control of 4 hoists

        • Operation of two cranes and up to four trolleys with one radio controller
        • Safe transportation of heavy and bulky loads
        • Efficient load handling, precise positioning
        • All motions are monitored for safety
        • Smart-tandem control with synchronisation function

        The Demag SafeControl system allows a new level of flexibility in crane control. It creates the conditions for two universal cranes (and up to four trolleys) to be operated with a single radio control system. This enables convenient, ergonomic and safe tandem control in various operating modes.

      • A new dimension in crane control

      • Operator-controlled or automated? Demag has traditionally offered two variants for controlling process cranes. The company is now introducing a third operating technology. The Demag Remote Operating Station (ROS) is a remote control station that enables the operator to control the crane from any convenient working environment. By decoupling the crane system from the operator station, the safety of crane operators can be further increased and on-site costs can be minimised.
      • Smart combination of safety control unit and sensors

      • Load-sway reduction for universal cranes offers crane users an improvement in load handling as standard. Thanks to a smart combination of safety control unit, sensors and radio control, the operator can handle loads faster, more precisely and more safely – an assistance system with high benefits.
      • New Demag radio control system supports tandem control

      • The DRC-JT radio control system is based on the well-known Demag DRC-J. The ‘T’ added to the product designation stands for tandem control. Cranes and hoists can be intuitively controlled by means of two joysticks. They enable the crane operator to control all crane functions without looking away from the crane installation.
      • Safely turning heavy parts with Universal Cranes

      • With an optional package of features, crane installations can now be equipped with a load-turning function that achieves maximum safety – no longer with the need for any additional engineering. The additional costs are modest, the benefits are high. This is made possible, in part, by monitoring the entire load turning process using the Demag SafeControl safety control unit. Every so often, many users of indoor cranes are faced with the complex task of not only lifting and horizontally moving heavy components such as press tools, machine beds or special containers, but turning them, too.
      • Chain hoist with balancer function for intuitive load control

      • With the DCBS chain hoist, Demag presents a compact hoist which, with its smart control system, makes assembly and, above all, joining processes even simpler and safer. In its basic function, the DCBS is a variable-speed chain hoist based on the proven DCS range. It has a perfect command of the usual tasks of this hoist. The operator actuates the D-Grip Servo control handle, and the load with a maximum weight of 160 kg is raised or lowered by an electric motor.


        Precise, fast, long service life – the Demag V-type crane revolutionises load handling. Its innovative design featuring tapered diaphragm joints reduces oscillation frequency by 30%, cuts its weight by an average of 17% and doubles its service life to as many as 500,000 changes of load. Our new girder design offers significantly improved efficiency for handling loads and higher handling rates than conventional box-section girders.

        • Load capacity: up to 12.5 t
        • Span: up to 30 m
        • Long-travel speed: up to 60 m/min
        • Cross-travel speed: up to 30 m/min
        • Lifting speed: up to 12.5 m/min
          • Cranes

            •  Efficient, safe and reliable

              From light crane solutions for small workshops to integrated intralogistics concepts for large manufacturers: we supply load transport solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Our high-performance crane installations feature efficiency, reliability and maximum safety.
                • process cranes

              • Our process cranes are tailored to meet the needs of your production processes. They are designed and built to specific requirements. In this way, we ensure the highest efficiency, availability and safety for your installations. We have extensive expertise and knowledge of our customers' specific industrial processes – in the paper industry as well as in process integration, in recycling and bulk handling, in the aircraft industry, in steel production and in steel handling.
                      • Process cranes for the paper industry

                      • Reliable solutions for reliable processes

                        In the paper industry, the wet and dry ends of paper machines need to be supplied with a high level of reliability and they have to be equipped ready for any maintenance work that needs to be done. In addition, rolls of paper have to be stored and retrieved gently, precisely and efficiently. To meet these diverse requirements, we have developed special solutions that provide for reliable processes in paper mills and stores:
                        • cranes to serve paper machines
                        • cranes to serve roller cutters
                        • automated process cranes to serve paper roll stores
                        • warehouse management systems.
                      • Process cranes for steel handling

                      • Efficiency and flexibility combined with impressive performance

                        Materials handling systems are a decisive component for cost-effectiveness in the steel trade. The performance provided by our cranes has a great influence on the efficiency and flexibility of all operating sequences – also in the downstream industrial processes. Our customers use Demag crane systems to meet requirements with efficient storage and just-in-time delivery. To satisfy these needs, we offer:
                        • a wide range of crane products for the steel trade
                        • crane concepts that are designed and optimised to meet specific industry and process requirements
                        • constant availability
                        • high utilisation of the available space in stores
                        • flexibility in handling products.
                      • Process cranes for process integration

                      • Full integration and efficiency

                        From the lifting and positioning of a load, to serving machinery or installations and loading – we link processes to ensure seamless integration. Efficient, versatile and cost-effective. Our tailored solutions provide for:
                        • modular load handling concepts
                        • specific modifications for cost-effective applications
                        • efficient handling of large and small loads
                        • precise delivery of material to machining centres, machine tools and press lines
                        • cranes with manual control, semi or fully automated operating sequences
                        • high handling rates
                        • smooth and gentle material transport.
                      • Process cranes for metal production

                      • Our cranes perform with the reliability of steel

                        Difficult loads, reliable and versatile handling functions, high or extremely fluctuating ambient temperatures: the harsh operating conditions in foundries demand high levels of safety and functional reliability for crane systems. Our solutions offer high levels of flexibility and performance:
                        • magnet cranes to transport billets
                        • cranes to transport rolls (roll grinding shop)
                        • cranes in the annealing shop, pickling plant and in the shipping store
                        • charging cranes
                        • workshop cranes.
                      • Process cranes for recycling & bulk material

                      • Ready for every application

                        In refuse incineration installations, facilities for refuse-derived fuels, cogeneration plants and in the cement industry, the requirements to be met by cranes are particularly high. These demands include heat, dust and agressive environments. Our process cranes are ideally equipped for these applications – and can deliver their performance without any limitations. What other benefits do they offer?
                        • Optimum design for serving stores and bunkers: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control
                        • Laser-assisted height measurement
                        • Full operation around the clock
                        • Our own software for control and visualisation
                      • Process cranes for automotive industry

                      • Efficiency is decisive in the automotive sector. That not only applies to the cars, but production processes must also run smoothly. For decades, Demag has supplied many sectors with cranes for safe, reliable and optimised process sequences.

                        Car production starts in the press plant. Wherever tools weighing several tons need to be automatically transported for optimised tooling times, Demag can supply customised cranes equipped with tool grippers.

                        Tasks can include:

                        • Tools stored in up to 5 layers above each other
                        • Tools placed on the press transfer stations as required

                        The Demag warehouse management system (WMS) with interfaces to ERP and press control systems provides for optimised travel motions and allows for any obstacle contours. Supported by a camera-based active load control system incl. twist and sway compensation, the crane can also transport the tools to their destination without any sway.

                      • Cranes for special applications

                      • Build on proven technology: Demag Process cranes for special applications

                        Processes in special industries are highly dependent on the raw materials to be handled. Intralogistics tailored to match specific needs are decisive. Demag cranes are versatile and can be adapted to match the properties of the relevant materials to ensure optimum handling.

                        Straw bale handling

                        Straw needs to be transported and stored for various purposes in many processes. It is often used as an efficient source of energy in biomass power plants. Double-girder process cranes with versatile smart gripper units in connection with position measuring systems to achieve high positioning accuracy have proven themselves in these applications. The system can be controlled by a warehouse management system (WMS) with an interface to the customer’s ERP system. Straw is fed to the furnaces on the basis of moisture levels in biomass power plants. Sensors that utilise microwaves are used to measure the moisture levels of the straw bales.

                        Wooden panel handling

                        Process cranes also play an important role in wood processing operations. Handling high density fibreboard panels (abbreviated as HDF panels), which are mostly transported in stacks, is just one of many applications. Here, electric motor-powered grabs on Demag double-girder overhead travelling cranes provide for convenient handling. When they are permanently reeved with the hoist unit via four rope attachment points, this is not only very safe and reliable, but also enable a high level of efficiency.

                      • Process cranes for the aviation industry

                      • Maximum precision, safety and reliability for handling sensitive parts

                        Large parts have to be regularly lifted, turned and positioned on assembly lines in the aviation industry. The process cranes and hoist units that are used in these applications have to provide correspondingly high performance, which has to match the specific requirements precisely. Our solutions to meet these needs pave the way in industry:
                        • suspension cranes with multiple suspensions to bridge large building spans
                        • cranes with latching devices for trolley transfer to link various working areas
                        • cranes with rotating crabs for optimum use of the available space
                        • telescoping platforms for maintaining, overhauling and applying the paint finish to aircraft
                        • workshop cranes for turbine maintenance.
                    • universal cranes

                  • Our universal cranes give you the certainty of quality, efficiency and reliability at the highest level. Every crane and every crane component reflects decades of crane expertise and reliability as a partner for the industry.

                    Our product portfolio includes single and double-girder overhead travelling cranes and suspension cranes. Besides universal cranes with welded box-section girders, we also offer solutions with rolled steel sections. Our wall-mounted travelling cranes and crane sets, which are tailored to meet specific customer needs, round off our range.
                          • Demag V-type cranes

                          • The key to higher handling rates: revolutionary product design.

                            Precise, fast, long service life – the Demag V-type crane revolutionises load handling. Its innovative design featuring tapered diaphragm joints improves oscillation characteristic by 30%, cuts its weight by an average of 17% and doubles its service life to as many as 500,000 changes of load. Our new girder design offers significantly improved efficiency for handling loads and higher handling rates than conventional box-section girders.

                            Improved efficiency

                            • More precise positioning
                            • Higher handling rates
                            • Double the service life

                            Optimised deadweight

                            • Lower forces transmitted to existing superstructure
                            • Additional load capacity


                            • More lifting points simplify assembly and installation
                            • Additional safety thanks to improved view
                          • EKKE single-girder overhead travelling cranes up to 16 tonnes

                          • Optimum performance and cost-effectiveness

                            Our EKKE single-girder overhead travelling cranes feature maximum rigidity for a minimum deadweight. This keeps the load on the crane runway to a minimum – and a cost-effective design can be selected for the building. This approach provides you with a cost-effective solution. They also include a hoist unit with high handling speeds and the benefits of outstanding crane geometry, resulting in exceptional travel characteristics. For greater overall efficiency. What other benefits do EKKE units offer?
                            • Crane girders made of computer-optimised box sections
                            • End carriages of torsionally rigid, welded box-section design
                            • Improved cost-effectiveness offered by the hoist thanks to extended service life as part of the Demag standard design (1,900 hours of service at full load)
                            • Improved load handling thanks to increased lifting and cross-travel speeds
                            • Low-sway load motions thanks to infinitely variable cross-travel speeds
                          • EPKE single-girder overhead travelling cranes up to 16 tonnes

                          • For cost-effective handling – efficient and integrated to meet specific requirements

                            EPKE single-girder overhead travelling cranes are the cost-effective entry-level models in the Demag crane product range. They offer high levels of efficiency and are the optimum solution for light loads and relatively small spans. This is mainly due to the use of rolled-steel profile sections for the crane girder and specially developed travelling rope hoists or chain hoists. However, EPKE units also offer other benefits:
                            • end carriages of optimised design to suit the structure
                            • rigid standard I-beam girders for optimum load distribution
                            • efficient, fatigue-free load handling thanks to ergonomically designed control units
                            • low-sway travel motions for smooth handling and exact positioning of loads
                            • crane components offering high safety and reliability
                            • supplied with DR rope hoist or DC chain hoist.
                          • EPDE single-girder suspension cranes up to 16 tonnes

                          • For column-free handling of loads up to 16 tonnes

                            Our EPDE suspension cranes leave your entire workshop area available for production. The cranes are simply attached to the existing roof structure – columns to support the crane runway are not needed. This design saves time and costs. Alternatively, the installation of stand-alone steel superstructures also enables the solution to be adapted to changed production requirements.

                            Further outstanding benefits of EPDE units:
                            • rigid I-beam girders for optimum load distribution
                            • specific sections of the workshop can be served
                            • loads can be handled immediately adjacent to the building wall by means of girder ends tailored to your application requirements
                            • lateral overhangs to extend the cross-travel path beyond the runway span
                            • supplied with DR rope hoist or DC chain hoist (up to 5 tonnes).
                          • EKDE single-girder suspension cranes up to 16 tonnes

                          • Overhead handling – for loads weighing up to 16 tonnes

                            Our EKDE suspension cranes are mainly characterised by high torsional rigidity thanks to their welded box-section design. The cranes run on tracks that are simply attached to the existing roof structure – columns to support the crane runway are not needed. This design saves time and money. And it saves space, leaving your entire workshop area available for production. Further benefits?

                            • Computer-optimised box-section profile used for the crane girder for optimum load distribution
                            • Specific sections of the workshop can be served
                            • Lateral overhangs to extend the cross-travel path beyond the runway span
                            • Loads can be handled immediately adjacent to the building wall by means of girder ends tailored to your application requirements
                            • Engineering tolerances for minimum wear
                          • ZPKE double-girder overhead travelling cranes

                          • Large lifting heights for small spans

                            ZPKE double-girder overhead travelling cranes are the cost-effective entry-level models for Demag indoor cranes. ZPKE profile-section girders impress by virtue of their high degree of efficiency and offer an alternative to box-section girders – especially for small spans. The lifting height is high however – because the load hook can be raised between the two crane girders. The use of rolled steel sections as crane girders and specially developed rope hoist trolleys create an economically attractive overall package for double-girder overhead travelling cranes.

                            Further strengths of ZPKE
                            • High long and cross-travel speeds thanks to high-performance double-girder design
                            • End carriages of optimised design to suit the structure
                            • Minimum approach dimensions thanks to compact trolley design
                            • Crane control to meet application requirements: by radio control, pendant controller
                            • Low-sway travel motions for smooth handling and exact positioning of loads thanks to optional frequency-inverter control
                            • Crane components offering high operating safety and reliability
                          • ZKKE double-girder overhead travelling cranes up to 100 tonnes

                          • A solid investment in handling efficiency and performance

                            Our double-girder overhead travelling cranes offer exceptional load capacity for a low deadweight. Their outstanding crane geometry also provides for extremely good travel characteristics, which minimises wear on the end carriages and crane runway. The load hook can be raised between the two crane girders, which allows large lifting heights to be achieved. Further strengths?
                            • High long and cross-travel speeds thanks to high-performance double-girder design
                            • Low deadweight reduces investment layout
                            • Crane girders can be adapted to building structure requirements
                            • Minimum approach dimensions thanks to compact travelling hoist design
                            • Crane control to meet application requirements: via radio control, control pendant or cab control (optional)
                            • Maintenance platform and accessible crab facilitate maintenance of building interior fittings (optional)
                          • EKWK wall-mounted travelling cranes up to 6.3 tonnes

                            Our EKWK wall-mounted travelling cranes are ideal workstation cranes for workplaces that are arranged next to each other. They are used to transport materials to the individual workstations and, at the same time, are used for positioning at assembly stations. They operate below the bridge crane level on crane runway rails that are arranged one above the other along the workshop wall. Other features:
                            • outreaches up to 12 m
                            • load capacities up to 6.3 tonnes
                            • control via cable-connected control pendant or by radio
                            • travel units made of Demag drive components with first-class travel characteristics
                            • travelling DR rope hoist on a cantilever bracket.
                          • Crane sets

                          • Components tailored to meet your needs

                            Our crane sets guarantee maximum quality, efficiency and reliability. They are based on standardised components for a wide variety of specific application configurations. Every component reflects our decades of expertise in all aspects of crane design. You benefit from decisive advantages:
                            • complete packages of components tailored to meet specific needs for single and double-girder overhead travelling cranes and suspension cranes
                            • for single and double crab operation
                            • hoists to meet application requirements: Demag rope and chain hoists
                            • optimum combination
                            • user-friendly assembly on the plug-&-play principle
                            • high safety, reliability and efficiency.
                        • KBK light crane system

                      • We launched our KBK light crane system 50 years ago – today, we are the world market leader with this product in the light crane system sector. Using our KBK system, we can meet your specific application requirements precisely, quickly and efficiently. The components of our modular system can be combined to create individual suspension monorail, suspension crane, pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib crane solutions. Thanks to the system's high flexibility, our KBK installations can be integrated easily into any production infrastructure – and modified at any time.
                        See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages.
                              • KBK Aluline

                              • Demag KBK Aluline light crane system

                                International studies prove that ergonomic workplace design has an immediate impact on productivity. Benefit from the productivity opportunities that KBK Aluline has to offer. We have redefined smooth running characteristics for our KBK Aluline light crane system. The result: one of the smoothest-running systems on the market. For operating sequences that are more ergonomic and convenient than ever before. And now for loads weighing up to 2,000 kg.
                                • Extremely smooth travel
                                • Fast and simple installation and conversion
                                • Load capacity up to 2,000 kg
                                • Ergonomic load handling for even heavy loads
                                • Low noise levels
                                • Virtually maintenance-free system
                                • Six different aluminium profile sections in four sizes
                                • Integrated conductor line for two profile sizes
                                • Maximum freedom of planning thanks to modular system design
                                • Unique combinations with steel profile sections for maximum distances between suspensions
                              • KBK single-girder suspension cranes

                              • Safe and reliable transport at high level

                                Single-girder suspension cranes from our KBK light crane system enable you to achieve fast and reliable area-serving overhead handling and exact positioning of a wide variety of goods. What other qualities do our KBK single-girder suspension cranes offer?
                                • Modular system design
                                • Smooth and reliable handling
                                • Smooth manual travel
                                • Cost-effective implementation
                                • Customer-specific configuration to meet individual requirements
                              • KBK double-girder suspension cranes

                              • Reliable transport also for large spans and high load capacities

                                Double-girder suspension cranes from our KBK light crane system enable goods of all kinds to be transported with ease. They provide area-serving, overhead handling – and guarantee fast, reliable and precise positioning even for heavy loads and large span dimensions. What other successful characteristics do they offer?
                                • Cost-effective implementation
                                • Modular system design
                                • Smooth and reliable handling
                                • Favourable installation dimensions
                                • Rated for loads weighing up to 3,200 kg
                              • KBK overhung and extending cranes

                              • Large overhang – constant or variable

                                Loads can also be moved beyond the crane runway using overhung and extending cranes from our KBK light crane system. These solutions offer greater room to manoeuvre – and facilitate optimum utilisation of the available space. Our solutions to meet specific requirements include:
                                • Overhung cranes which are fitted with crane girders that extend beyond the width of the crane runway
                                • Extending cranes that consist of a fixed section and a crane section that can extend in both directions
                                • Crane girders that extend up to 2,500 mm beyond the runway span
                              • KBK cranes for manipulators

                              • Ergonomic and efficient

                                Our KBK cranes for manipulators are an oustanding example for the versatility of our KBK light crane system. They can be designed to meet the exact needs of a wide variety of loads, processes and production conditions. They reliably accommodate kick-up forces with great positioning accuracy – and at high operating speeds. Further strengths include:
                                • optimum positioning of workpieces and sub-assemblies into the most favourable positions for the relevant process
                                • workplaces, machinery and installations can be served from alsmost any direction
                                • installations can be built with steel or aluminium profile sections.
                              • KBK suspension monorails

                              • Perfect for linear overhead material handling

                                KBK suspension monorails from our KBK light crane system give you the certainty of solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements for linear, overhead handling. Their special strengths are to be found in their many options:
                                • simple, manually operated straight sections – also possible with aluminium profile sections
                                • complex installations
                                • load capacities up to 3,200 kg
                                • flexible routing by means of straight and curved sections, track switches and turntables
                                • direct link between pick-up and deposit points in reversing operation or a closed circuit
                                • besides manual operation, semi- or fully automated designs also possible.
                              • Pillar and wall-mounted slewing jibs

                              • Switch to improved productivity and ergonomics

                                Demag slewing jib cranes ensure that all types of workpieces can be lifted and transported quickly and easily and deposited gently and precisely. They provide handling performance at machine tools and assembly stations, as well as in outdoor storage yards and on loading ramps. They are installed direct at the workplace and can be equipped with a wide selection of hoist units.

                                Manual handling and combining or moving relatively light loads is often not only time-consuming, but also an ergonomic burden for employees. Demag pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib cranes help to improve workplace ergonomics. We provide you with solutions to meet your specific requirements. For high efficiency and improved operating safety for workers, equipment and loads.
                                • Further strengths of our pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib cranes:
                                • light and fast load handling
                                • ease of operation and high operating safety and reliability
                                • load capacities up to 10,000 kg
                                • simple installation using fittings included in the system
                              • KBK stacker cranes

                              • Flexible handling equipment for stores and factories

                                Our KBK stacker cranes make it possible to complete all storage and handling tasks in one operating cycle without the need for ladders, order-picking trolleys or similar equipment. Unit loads, containers or pallets weighing up to 500 kg can be safely and reliably transported, sorted and stored.
                                • Combination of KBK double-girder suspension crane and special stacker trolley
                                • Load handling attachments to match the load – forks, prongs, grippers and other attachments can be supplied
                              • KBK portal cranes

                              • Mobile workplace units – load-bearing flexibility

                                Our KBK portal cranes are the ideal solution wherever a permanent crane would be too complicated or cannot be installed. They run on solid, even floors and can be easily manoeuvred in any direction. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of loading and unloading operations in your factory as well as for maintenance and repair work. What other benefits do they offer?
                                • Load capacity up to 3,200 kg
                                • Crane girder span can be adjusted over a wide range
                                • Optimally suited for repair and assembly work
                                • Ideal for help in loading and unloading operations
                            • Components for process cranes

                          • Demag components for process cranes turn a crane into a fully fledged process crane. Without the need for any additional design or development work. Fast, safe and reliable. Not only our customers appreciate these benefits – these components are extremely reliable elements of the Demag process crane engineering product line.

                            The individual components – MPW open winch units, MPW open winch crabs and corner-bearing end carriages – are proven components that have been tried and tested for many years. They are individually configured to meet the specific requirements of your process crane. The variety of possible applications is virtually unlimited. See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages.
                                  • MPW open winch units

                                  • Compact, robust, high performance

                                    Our MPW (Multi Purpose Winch) open winch crabs are as variable as the needs that they have to meet. Individually configured from reliable system components, they also satisfy the most demanding quality requirements. Their variable configuration makes it possible to implement the most efficient technical solution for your application. Further benefits of MPW open winch units:

                                    • matching modular components
                                    • compact arrangement of drive, brake and gearbox
                                    • high level of safety thanks to a second hoist brake
                                    • clear interfaces for ease of assembly and maintenance
                                    • minimum maintenance requirement and easy to service.
                                  • HCW High Capacity Winch Crabs

                                  • Compact design and high performance

                                    Demag HCW open winch units feature an extremely compact design. Thanks to their outstanding combination of size and lifting capacity, they can be used to create a full range of solutions for power stations, shipyards and heavy mechanical engineering applications. The load on the crane superstructure can be significantly reduced due to the low hoist unit deadweight.

                                    HCW hoist units are equipped with wear-resistant components and offer good accessibility for service and maintenance. They can also be used to modernise existing crane installations where little space is available. HCW open winch units can be configured to meet individual needs thanks to their modular system design. Fast, safe and reliable – thanks to clearly defined interfaces. And without the need for any additional design or development work.

                                  • MPW open winch crabs

                                  • For crab designs ready for installations

                                    Fully equipped, assembled and supplied just-in-time. You can eliminate any delivery time and interface problems with our MPW (Multi Purpose Winch) open winch crabs, which are ready to be installed. Precisely designed to meet the customer's specific requirements, MPW open winch crabs feature outstanding benefits.
                                    • Modular design
                                    • Few connection interfaces (drum, gearbox, motor and brake form a unit)
                                    • Proven travel unit design used in our crane end carriages
                                    • Jig-built crab frame
                                    • Bolted crossbeam connection
                                    • Minimum assembly requirement
                                • Hoist units

                                  •  Technology and expertise for lifting applications

                                    Our hoist units have served as reliable components in cranes and materials handling systems for many decades. All over the world. Customers in many industries and in more than 100 countries rely on our technology and expertise in lifting applications. For good reason: we offer a unique range of lifting appliances – from chain hoists to open winch units with load capacities of more than 230 tonnes.
                                      • Rope hoists

                                    • Hoists to meet individual needs

                                      Demag rope hoists feature high handling rates, cost-effective operation and maximum safety. As basic hoist units for integration into plant and machinery or as lifting solutions with electronic controls that are optimised for crane applications, with our wide range of rope hoists we offer the optimum solution to meet our customers' specific requirements for efficiently lifting loads weighing up to 100 tonnes.
                                            • Demag DMR rope hoist

                                            • One rope hoist. Two designs. Many possibilities.

                                              Individual needs require specific solutions. That is why we developed the Demag DMR modular rope hoist. You can benefit from ground-breaking flexibility in all types of applications: from stationary installations to crane systems. For the first time, a rope hoist can be built either in a C-design or co-axial design utilising one basic technology. The extraordinary wide range of possible DMR applications can be extended thanks to smart interfaces and corresponding fittings and accessories.

                                              Choose for yourself:
                                              • C-design or co-axial design
                                              • Five sizes with load capacities up to 50 tons
                                              • Various application types: foot-mounted hoist, low-headroom travelling hoist, double-rail crab and standard-headroom travelling hoist
                                              • Control system: smart SafeControl system, conventional contactor control or provided by the customer
                                              • Variable or two-stage switching elements
                                              • Control concept: wired connection or radio control
                                            • DH hoist units

                                            • For demanding requirements

                                              Our DH hoist units can be used in a wide variety of applications, both as a travelling hoist on cranes or monorails and as stationary solutions. They offer a number of special technical features that enable loads to be handled reliably also for demanding requirements. Conical-rotor brake motors in combination with mechanical microspeed units facilitate particularly high numbers of starts/stops and duty factors. In combination with tried-and-tested contactor control, DH hoist units ensure reliable operation also in harsh environments with high ambient temperatures, high dust levels and aggressive atmospheres. Other features include:
                                              • three sizes with load capacities up to 100 tonnes
                                              • hook paths up to 104 m
                                              • highly precise positioning with mechanical microspeed
                                              • rope lead-off possible in any direction
                                              • torsionally rigid frame open on all sides – for bolted connection on all sides.
                                            • Demag DS10-Wind rope winch

                                            • For swift service in wind turbine installations
                                              When maintenance work needs to be carried out on wind turbines, the spare parts and tools have to be lifted on the outside up to the nacelle to heights of 100 metres or more. For onshore and offshore installations we offer cranes, rope and chain hoists that are specially designed to meet the needs of the wind power industry.

                                              Demag hoists ensure fast, convenient and reliable service procedures and minimise the time required to transport material. They help to ensure that facility downtimes are cut to a minimum and to boost the efficiency of these installations. Many companies in the wind power industry also employ our technologies to manufacture their wind turbines.

                                              Convenient operation

                                              • Fast main lifting and precise creep lifting motions
                                              • Ergonomic and fatigue-free handling
                                              • Compact dimensions due to low-headroom trolley design
                                              • Unrestricted view of the working area thanks to large chain collector bag
                                              • No damage to the inner or outer surface of the tower caused by lifting motions thanks to a protective sleeve on the hook assembly (optional)
                                              • Simple movement on I-beam girders or in the KBK system for horizontal transport of loads within the nacelle
                                              • Even more convenient movement thanks to optional handles
                                              • Cyclic duration factor up to 100% enables efficient operation even at large lifting heights
                                              • Slipping clutch for overload protection
                                          • Chain hoists

                                        • Our compact hoist units offer outstanding performance, reliability and a high level of operating safety in daily use.

                                          We have set a new industry benchmark with our DC-Pro chain hoist, which already includes a large number of equipment features as standard. We offer a variety of compact hoist units in finely graded load capacities from 80 kg to 5,000 kg. One example: DC-Wind for service work on wind turbines. Two other examples: Manulift for handling loads quickly and safely with only one hand and SpeedHoist for ergonomic load handling at even higher speeds.
                                                • DCBS chain hoist

                                                • Intuitive control. Precise positioning. Demag chain hoist with balancer function

                                                  Higher availability for greater efficiency
                                                  Intuitive load handling has never been so easy and, at the same time, efficient: Based on our DC range, DCBS chain hoists include a balancer function that allows loads be guided and precisely positioned with ease. DCBS units are available in two sizes with load capacities up to 160 kg. They are compatible with our comprehensive Demag KBK light cranesystem. DCBS units can easily travel on KBK profile section rails: on single-girder suspension cranes, suspension monorail systems or on slewing jib cranes.

                                                • DC-Pro chain hoist

                                                • The industry benchmark

                                                  With our DC-Pro chain hoist, we meet our own high standards in terms of quality and innovation.The DC-Pro chain hoist is a fully featured, highly versatile chain hoist, which can be installed and put into service in minimum time. Many features that have to be ordered and bought as extras elsewhere are already integrated as standard. The result:
                                                  • "all inclusive" features at no extra cost
                                                  • two lifting speeds as standard
                                                  • improved safety thanks to 24 V contactor control, operating limit switches and elapsed operating time counter as standard
                                                  • slipping clutch with automatic cut-out by means of speed monitoring
                                                  • optimum ergonomics and ease of service
                                                  • main components are maintenance-free for up to 10 years.
                                                • DCS-Pro chain hoist

                                                • An investment with added value

                                                  Our DCS-Pro chain hoist offers high efficiency and reliability to ensure maximum precision in assembly operations – for gently and safely lifting, lowering and positioning valuable and sensitive parts. Thanks to almost double rated speed in the partial load range, lifting motions can be performed very quickly. What other benefits does it offer?
                                                  • Variable speed over the entire load spectrum
                                                  • Exceptionally fine control at slow speed
                                                  • Up to 90% higher speeds for reduced loads thanks to its Pro-Hub function
                                                  • Load capacities up to 3,200 kg
                                                • DC-Com chain hoist

                                                • High quality for everyday needs

                                                  Our DC-Com chain hoist is the right choice for everyday needs: designed for applications with normal requirements – simplicity and reliability in proven Demag quality. DC-Com units can be integrated into the rails of our KBK light crane system or installed on I-beam girders – where our U 11–U 22 generation of trolleys provides smooth transport of your loads. And what else do they offer?
                                                  • Simple commissioning
                                                  • Ergonomic handling
                                                  • Service-friendly
                                                  • FEM classification from 2m
                                                  • 24 V contactor control
                                                  • Two hoist speeds as standard
                                                • DCM-Pro Manulift

                                                • Convenient operation and load handling with one hand

                                                  The DCM-Pro Manulift was developed for handling loads quickly and safely with only one hand. The DCM-Pro is based on the lifting unit of the DC-Pro chain hoist and the DSM-C control unit. Thanks to the control unit which is rigidly connected to the load handling attachment, the operator only needs one hand to operate the hoist and guide the load. Further strengths:
                                                  • convenient operation and load guidance with one hand
                                                  • for all Manulift load handling attachments or specially developed load handling attachments
                                                  • simple replacement thanks to quick-change coupling
                                                  • suitable for right-hand and left-hand operation.
                                                • DCMS-Pro Manulift

                                                • Single-handed operation - For careful handling

                                                  Our DCMS-Pro Manulift combines fast and reliable load handling with variable speed control and operation with only one hand. It is based on the lifting unit of our DCS-Pro chain hoist and our DSM-CS control unit. The wide range of performance offered by the DCMS-Pro:

                                                  • chain hoist operation and load handling with one hand
                                                  • safe, reliable and precise positioning of sensitive goods and valuable products thanks to variable speed control
                                                  • fast lifting motions at almost double the rated speed in the partial load range
                                                  • quick-change coupling for a reliable hold
                                                  • simple replacement of the load handling attachment
                                                  • suitable for right-hand and left-hand operation.
                                                • DC-Wind chain hoist

                                                • Optimum solution for wind turbine maintenance

                                                  The DC-Wind chain hoist has been proven in operation all over the world for the maintenance and service of wind turbines.
                                                  Its high lifting speeds enable it to cut maintenance and downtimes to a minimum – making a valuable contribution towards high availability and efficient operation. What other benefits does the DC-Wind chain hoist offer?
                                                  • Convenient operation
                                                  • High safety standard
                                                  • Simple transport of loads weighing up to 1,500 kg
                                                  • Hook paths up to 180 metres
                                                  • Variable attachment to a slewing arm or a travelling portal arrangement
                                                • Trolleys for DC chain hoists

                                                • Smooth travel, low travel resistance

                                                  Our trolleys for chain hoists are a perfect match for DC chain hoists and ideal for installation on I-beam girders or on our KBK light crane system. For push travel or with electric positioning – these trolleys provide horizontal travel solutions tailored to meet specific requirements for our compact hoist units. What possibilities do they offer?
                                                  • U type trolleys for manual travel
                                                  • E type trolleys for low-sway electric travel
                                                  • Click-fit trolleys that can be clicked into position
                                                  • Smooth-running KBK trolleys as system components
                                                  • Low-headroom trolleys for optimum utilisation of the available height
                                                  • Double chain hoist for mechanically synchronised lifting, e.g. for long material or large-volume components
                                                • Double chain hoists

                                                • Demag double chain hoists: two mechanically synchronised chain lead-offs

                                                  Double chain hoists that have two mechanically synchronised chain lead-offs are particularly suited for handling long materials and for spreader operation. LDC-D or KLDC-D variants can be supplied.
                                                • KDC low-headroom hoist

                                                • Low-headroom travelling hoists for restricted headroom dimensions

                                                  The particularly compact KDC travelling hoist offers extremely low headroom for optimum utilisation of the hook path.
                                                • KLDC travelling hoist for big bags

                                                • Low-headroom travelling hoist with extended hook lead-off: for big bags

                                                  The KLDC travelling hoist for big bags with an extended distance between hooks can be used for large load spreaders.
                                                • DDC articulated trolley

                                                • Articulated trolley for curved tracks

                                                  R/EUDDC (standard-headroom) and R/EKDDC (low-headroom) travelling hoists with articulated trolleys are ideally suited for travel on curved tracks made of I-beam girders.
                                                • LDC-Q quadro chain hoist

                                                • LDC-Q quadro chain hoist with four chain lead-offs

                                                  Four attachment points may be necessary for transporting dedicated load handling attachments or parts that have a large surface area. Demag offers its mechanically synchronised LDC-Q Quadro chain hoist that has four chain lead-offs to meet these needs.
                                              • Crane sets

                                                      • Crane sets

                                                      • Components tailored to meet your needs

                                                        Our crane sets guarantee maximum quality, efficiency and reliability. They are based on standardised components for a wide variety of specific application configurations. Every component reflects our decades of expertise in all aspects of crane design. You benefit from decisive advantages:
                                                        • complete packages of components tailored to meet specific needs for single and double-girder overhead travelling cranes and suspension cranes
                                                        • for single and double crab operation
                                                        • hoists to meet application requirements: Demag rope and chain hoists
                                                        • optimum combination
                                                        • user-friendly assembly on the plug-&-play principle
                                                        • high safety, reliability and efficiency.
                                                  • Drives

                                                    • Keeping things on the move

                                                      As a leading supplier of industrial drives, we offer the entire range of products – from sub-assemblies to complete systems. These include motors, gearboxes, geared motors and wheel systems. These components can be combined to create complete travel units. Frequency inverters and power supply lines round off our portfolio. All components are designed to match precisely for perfect drive element combinations and sophisticated controls for efficient integrated systems.

                                                      We use our modular drive system to provide cost-effective solutions to meet specific requirements on the basis of standardised sub-assemblies. This saves you valuable project engineering time and gives you the certainty of reliable product specification. Benefit from our comprehensive plant and engineering expertise.
                                                        • Transfer carriage with battery drive

                                                        • Transfer carriage with battery drive: flexible and autonomous

                                                          Demag drives make the right moves – with perfectly matching components for an efficient overall system

                                                          With our components for battery-powered transfer carriages, we can offer you a self-sufficient solution in which the charging and power unit is already integrated on board. All Demag drive components can be used with their full performance features for battery-powered systems.

                                                          Extend the range of your travel applications, e.g.

                                                          • Rail-bound transfer carriages with the ability to overcome gaps at crossings
                                                          • Indoor and outdoor applications where the power supply cannot be laid due to obstacles
                                                          • In painting booths and other areas that are not suitable for an electric power supply
                                                          • As a cost-effective solution for long travel paths – without the need for additional cabling & wiring for the power supply
                                                          • For emergency power supply to vertical applications
                                                      • Motors

                                                    • Our motors perform a wide variety of industrial drive tasks. Reliably and effectively. For example, our type Z cylindrical-rotor brake motors – also as brake motors – offer high drive efficiency – also in continuous duty. They are specially designed to match our gearbox range and provide for simple project engineering. Our conical-rotor brake motors with outputs of up to 55 kW are used for stopping-and-starting drives or for direct line-fed travel applications. Thanks to their unique brake principle, they are the first choice wherever demanding requirements have to be met by the brake.
                                                            • Cylindrical-rotor motors

                                                            • Cylindrical-rotor motors

                                                              Our Z cylindrical-rotor motors perform a wide variety of industrial drive tasks – reliably and effectively. They are suitable for a broad range of applications, offering outstanding performance:
                                                              • motor output up to 45 kW
                                                              • inverter-fed drives for travel applications, line-fed travel and continuous operation
                                                              • specially designed to match our range of gearboxes
                                                              • simple project engineering
                                                              • high drive efficiency
                                                              • software tools to calculate drive requirements according to specified physical characteristics at
                                                            • Conical-rotor brake motors

                                                            • Starting and stopping with maximum performance

                                                              Simple, robust and reliable – these are the key characteristics of our KB conical-rotor brake motors. Their unique brake operating principle eliminates the need for separate control or additional switching elements. This is due to the mechanical connection between the brake and rotor. The result:
                                                              • particularly high braking performance
                                                              • approval for operation with extremely high switching frequencies
                                                              • two-speed pole-changing motors
                                                              • drives for starting-and-stopping applications and for direct line-fed travel motions
                                                              • resistance to temporary overload
                                                              • KB motors can be connected to gearboxes via a coupling.
                                                          • Geared motors

                                                        • Our geared motors are configured from a modular range of motors and gearboxes that are designed for a perfect match. Our modular system enables us to implement solutions tailored to meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively using standardised sub-assemblies to create offset geared motors, angular geared motors and helical geared motors.

                                                          This saves you valuable project engineering time – and gives you the certainty of reliable specification. At the same time, you benefit from our extensive design and application expertise in every module.

                                                          See all the performance details and benefits on our product pages and specify your own drive solution using our online configuration tool at
                                                                • Offset geared motors

                                                                • Full drive performance, also in a small space

                                                                  Our offset geared motors are specially designed for space-saving drive solutions. The housing design offers good ground clearance for travel applications at ground level. The large centre distance between the parallel gearbox shafts enable these units to be used in a central drive arrangement, e.g. when fitted with shaft ends on both sides. What else do they offer?
                                                                  • Wide range of transmission ratios
                                                                  • Cost-effective solutions with high efficiency
                                                                  • Practical designs for a variety of travel applications
                                                                  • 9 gearbox sizes
                                                                • Angular geared motors

                                                                • A compact solution tailored to meet your needs for every drive application

                                                                  Our angular geared motors feature an extremely compact design – which makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications. They enable efficient travel drive solutions to be implemented with ease, even with narrow track gauge dimensions. The basis is provided by outstanding parameters:
                                                                  • large torque range from 120 to 12,000 Nm
                                                                  • wide range of transmission ratios
                                                                  • particularly smooth operation
                                                                  • bevel-wheel gearbox with high efficiency
                                                                  • 10 gearbox sizes.
                                                                • Helical geared motors

                                                                • Rugged drive solutions to meet your needs

                                                                  Above all, our helical geared motors offer one outstanding benefit: their rugged design. They enable high radial forces to be accomodated on the output shaft in a wide torque range. Other features:
                                                                  • torque range from 90 to 1,800 Nm
                                                                  • excellent efficiency
                                                                  • coaxial design
                                                                  • 7 gearbox sizes
                                                                  • 3 housing designs.
                                                                • FG microspeed units

                                                                • Gearing up for wide speed ratios

                                                                  Our FG microspeed units can handle tough applications. They are extremely resilient to vibrations and increased ambient temperatures. Microspeed drives consist of main and microspeed motors that are connected by means of microspeed gearboxes, which enables them to be used for wide speed ratios in rugged, simple and cost-effective solutions. They provide for:
                                                                  • maximum positioning accuracy
                                                                  • high switching frequency
                                                                  • movement of large masses in short cycles
                                                                  • implementation of extremely high speed ratios of up to 500:1.
                                                              • Wheel range

                                                            • Our wheels and wheel block systems are designed and manufactured as modular solutions for a wide variety of applications.
                                                              They are used in countless mobile devices and systems – as single components or as complete travel units. They demonstrate their high reliability and long service life in operation every day – with only a minimum maintenance requirement. Simple installation and alignment, favourable dimensions and a wide variety of versatile connection options make our wheel systems particularly cost-effective. The broad range covers wheel loads up to 60 tonnes. See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages.
                                                                    • DRS wheel block system

                                                                    • Modular system for tailor-made solutions

                                                                      Our DRS wheel block system is a versatile travel wheel system and is perfectly integrated into our modular drive system. Eight finely graded sizes with load capacities of up to 40 tonnes per wheel provide the right wheel block for every application. And the large selection of travel wheels and special wheel designs enable them to be adapted to almost any travel rails and operating conditions. Cost-effective and ready to install. Further strengths:
                                                                      • high performance range and maximum load capacity
                                                                      • many travel wheel shapes as standard as well as customer-specific designs
                                                                      • 4 variants for connection to the customer's superstructure
                                                                      • high-quality housing with optimum protection of the travel wheels and bearings
                                                                      • high rigidity
                                                                      • direct connection of optional accessories
                                                                      • laser alignment system for wheel blocks on multiple travel units.
                                                                    • LRS travel wheel system

                                                                    • The system that is ready to install for a perfect fit

                                                                      Using our LRS travel wheel system, you can meet your drive requirements quickly and reliably for transport, feed, transfer, distribution or merge applications. We can supply you with the travel wheels and drive units to suit every application. Ready to install, tried-and-tested designs at extremely attractive prices. What other benefits does the LRS travel wheel system offer?
                                                                      • Suitable for wheel loads up to 6.5 tonnes and travel speeds up to 240 m/min
                                                                      • High-quality sheroidal-graphite cast-iron housing
                                                                      • 5 connection surfaces provide for a multitude of connection variants
                                                                      • Versatile thanks to the modular design
                                                                      • Also ideal for OEMs
                                                                      • Maintenance free
                                                                    • RS wheel block system

                                                                    • Performance and versatility – also under extreme conditions

                                                                      Our RS wheel block system is suitable for applications in which a housing made of sheet steel is required, such as for impact loads. The RS system is also employed in high-temperature applications up to 250 °C or wherever a stainless steel housing is needed. Various travel wheel designs and possible connections to superstructures make the system suitable for universal applications.

                                                                      Further strengths include:
                                                                      • 5 sizes with load capacities from 3.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes
                                                                      • housing made of steel or stainless steel
                                                                      • many travel wheel contours as standard
                                                                      • 4 variants for connection to the customer's superstructure
                                                                      • driven by Demag offset geared motors
                                                                      • integrated connections, e.g. for torque brackets, guide roller arrangements and buffers.
                                                                    • DWS wheel sets

                                                                    • DWS wheel sets

                                                                      Our DWS wheel set performs transport duties on rails, including for heavier loads. We use it to build complete travel units of driven and non-driven design. These are equipped with our offset and angular geared motors from our modular range of industrial drives.

                                                                      The use of these proven DWS series-manufactured components offers a high level of functional reliability and guarantees ease of installation when the wheel is replaced. Thanks to its versatility, the DWS wheel set is not only used in the crane and materials handling sector, but also for related mechanical engineering solutions.
                                                                      • DWS wheel sets can be installed in hollow profile sections, box-section girders and used as corner-bearing travel units
                                                                      • The entire wheel set can be installed without the need for complicated alignment in corner bearing arrangements
                                                                      • Complete configuration with torque bracket
                                                                      • CAD drawings are available in various formats at to support your design process.
                                                                  • Crane end carriages

                                                                • Solutions ready for installation to meet individual requirements

                                                                  Our crane end carriages, which we have developed in various designs, offer flexibility and high operating reliability. These compact, modular rail-mounted travel units can be connected direct to crane girders and load-bearing structures. Our end carriages consist of a torsionally rigid box section and complete travel units with geared motors and wheels from the Demag modular system, which can be configured for all load capacity ranges. These combinations result in solutions to meet specific application requirements for safe crane and machinery travel motions that are kind to the rails.
                                                                        • KTL corner-bearing end carriages

                                                                        • KTL corner-bearing end carriages
                                                                          Convenient long and cross-travel motions

                                                                          Our corner-bearing end carriages are versatile, modular rail-mounted travel units of torsionally rigid box-section design. They can be connected direct to load-bearing superstructures – for cranes or crabs. Further benefits:
                                                                          • precise single or double-girder design with up to four travel wheels
                                                                          • can be configured for all load capacity ranges
                                                                          • optimised design of the entire crane system
                                                                          • convenient adjustment and maintenance
                                                                          • save time for handling during assembly.
                                                                        • DFO | DFM end carriages

                                                                        • Solutions ready for connection to cranes and superstructures

                                                                          Our end carriages are compact, rail-mounted travel units for direct connection to crane girders and other load-bearing structures. The end carriages consist of a torsionally rigid box section, our wheel blocks and one of our geared motors. They offer excellent travel characteristics – also for high loads

                                                                          Minimum force transmitted

                                                                          to the crane runway and building structure by travel units that are specially designed for crane applications:

                                                                          • Travel units with precisely manufactured wheels made of wear-resistant material provide for smooth running characteristics
                                                                          • Variable-speed inverter-fed drives for precise positioning and gentle loads on the entire design
                                                                          • Low maintenance costs: the travel units are rated for the entire crane service life
                                                                        • DFW II end carriages

                                                                        • Solutions ready for connection with proven Demag quality for cranes and other load-bearing structures

                                                                          Demag DFW II end carriages are compact rail-mounted travel units with variable options for connection to crane girders and other load-bearing structures. The end carriages consist of a torsionally rigid box-section profile, Demag DRS wheel blocks, and Demag geared motors. DFW II end carriages can be used for all single-girder and double-girder overhead travelling cranes. To meet your specific needs, our two-wheel and four-wheel end carriages can be combined with Demag drives to offer the performance you need to achieve travel speeds up to 40 m/min (380–400 V) or 48 m/min (480 V). New connection possibilities can increase the wheel base and offer more solutions for your needs.

                                                                          Our high-quality two-stage pole-changing motors not only deliver enough power, but also provide your crane with outstanding travel characteristics – also with heavy loads. The resulting precision when driving the crane is characterized by powerful starting and perfectly accurate stops. More efficiency for your material handling.

                                                                          A broad variety of options complement the end carriage: derailment catches, storm protection, rain covers, buffer extensions and rail sweeps all ensure that the crane will continue to work and can also extend its service life.

                                                                      • Frequency inverters

                                                                    • Demag frequency inverters ensure that your motors deliver the performance that you expect. We offer solutions for virtually all drive applications with our Dedrive Pro and Dedrive Compact STO ranges. To meet even the most demanding requirements.

                                                                      Dedrive Pro and Dedrive Compact STO provide optimum utilisation of motor output for variable speed control. The starting current is limited and, at the same time, the motor and gearbox loads are reduced – any mechanical elements (including the crane girders and crane runway) are protected and loads are transported smoothly and gently.
                                                                            • Dedrive Compact STO

                                                                            • Outstanding drive performance combined with maximum functionality

                                                                              Our Dedrive Compact STO frequency inverters offer outstanding performance and satisfy even the most demanding drive requirements with ease. They feature not only tried-and-tested reliability and functionality, but also:
                                                                              • high overload capability
                                                                              • simple operation
                                                                              • control characteristics for travel and lifting applications independent of the load
                                                                              • can already be used for 0.75 kW recommended motor shaft output
                                                                              • highly cost-effective thanks to low wear on the drive system
                                                                              • application modules are also available with Dedrive Compact STO
                                                                            • Dedrive Pro 880 frequency inverters

                                                                            • Safe. Efficient. Controlled.
                                                                              Our new generation of Dedrive Pro 880 frequency inverters offers high-performance components ranging from 0.55 to 560 kW for 380 to 690 V systems. This new range of frequency inverters is the right solution for many crane control requirements.

                                                                              Developed by a crane manufacturer for crane manufacturers: Dedrive Pro 880 offers completely configured software solutions and minimises engineering and design costs with its Demag CraneControl system.
                                                                          • Components for cranes and machinery

                                                                            • Using our components, we have developed a unique range of products for cranes and machinery – always tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Every single component reflects our many years of experience: as a proven module for crane installations, machinery and equipment and as a single component.

                                                                              We also offer the optimum solution for your most demanding applications. Regardless of whether you need radio controls or control units that always ensure excellent performance, or power supply lines that guarantee a high level of safety and reliability. And our wide range of load handling attachments provides the right solutions for your load handling needs.

                                                                              See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages.

                                                                                • Demag StatusControl

                                                                                • The intelligent remote monitoring system: current operating data and evaluations at a glance

                                                                                  With Demag StatusControl, you can have full control over your equipment anytime, anywhere. Our smart remote monitoring system provides you with current operating data and evaluations of your cranes and hoists: risks of downtime, utilisation, usage and service life. And that simply, reliably and at a glance. You can always rely on smooth, safe and reliable operation and optimise the productivity of your equipment to meet your specific needs.

                                                                                  Demag StatusControl collects data from the control and diagnostic systems of cranes and hoists to provide you with relevant, up-to-date status and operating data as well as information. This information is transmitted in real time via LTE mobile communication (VPN tunnel) to a data cloud and from there to our customer portal. In addition, the remote monitoring system uses the world’s largest database and unique Demag expertise in crane systems to generate automatic analyses and evaluations.

                                                                                • Safety during crane operation

                                                                                • The combination of crane control and wireless control concept creates the link between an operator and a crane and thus makes optimum load handling a tangible experience. Absolutely safe operation of a crane or a system of several cranes must always be guaranteed – safety for the crane operator as well as for the transported goods and surrounding infrastructure.
                                                                                  The smart Demag SafeControl system enables independent and continuous monitoring of a crane on the basis of a largely redundant control concept to bring the system to a standstill independently if any irregularities occur. Furthermore, dangerous conditions can be identified and prevented in advance. The crane operator can concentrate fully on his/her work at all times thanks to the safety control system. Radio control of the crane or cranes is intuitive, efficient and user-friendly. The combination of safety control system and radio control enables the crane operator to transport and position loads precisely. This meets our high demands for safe and reliable crane control.
                                                                              • Control pendants and wireless control systems

                                                                            • Thanks to our many years of experience in the controls sector, you can benefit from a comprehensive range of products that also includes the right solution for even the most demanding requirements.

                                                                              Control your cranes, machinery and installations with our wire-connected control pendants – and utilise the wide choice of configuration options. Or profit from the maximum flexibility, safety and reliability offered by our radio and infrared controls.

                                                                              All of our controls give you ergonomic design, convenient operation and many opportunities to tailor the solution to meet the needs of your application.
                                                                                    • DSC-3, DSC-5 and DSC-7 control pendants

                                                                                    • Compact and ergonomic: DSC-3, DSC-5 and DSC-7 control pendants for operation of chain hoists

                                                                                      With the DSC-3, DSC-5 or DSC-7 control pendants, users literally have hands-on control of Demag DC chain hoists. DSC-5 is much more compact than previous control pendants designed for controlling two motion axes (lifting and cross travel). DSC5 and DSC7 control pendants fit well in the user’s hand and allows both left and right-handed operators to control the hoist safely, reliably and intuitively, both with and without gloves. Single-handed control also makes it possible for the operator to manipulate the load with a free hand at the same time.

                                                                                    • DRC MJ mini joystick

                                                                                    • Ergonomics @ Intuition
                                                                                      You can control your cranes safely and precisely with the Demag DRC MJ hand-held transmitter, while concentrating fully on the handling task. By controlling your crane with two joysticks, you can intuitively and easily move it on three levels – and always keep the load safely in sight at the same time.

                                                                                      This transmitter is ideally suited for intuitive control with just one hand, since you can precisely control combined crane and crab motions with one thumb.

                                                                                      The compact transmitter design ensures fatigue-free control, even after several hours of operation.
                                                                                    • Demag D3 radio control

                                                                                    • Demag D3 radio control: our goal – the best of its class

                                                                                      The safety and efficiency of a manually controlled crane is largely influenced by control equipment.
                                                                                      Radio controls offer freedom of movement and improved safety. As the control system for Demag V-type cranes, the latest generation of the DRC range of equipment, the DRC D3 radio control system, provides important features. The hand-held transmitters as well as the receivers meet the requirements of the future EN 300 328 V 1.8.1 radio standard.
                                                                                    • DRC-DC radio control system

                                                                                    • Fast installation. Ergonomic control.

                                                                                      The DRC-DC radio control system is the ideal solution for optimum ergonomic operation of high-performance DC chain hoists. It offers much greater flexibility than cable-connected control systems and ensures that the operator can maintain a safe distance from the load at all times.
                                                                                      • Two sizes to control up to two (DRC-DC 6) or three axes (DRC-DC 10), respectively
                                                                                      • Strong, tough hand-held transmitter
                                                                                      • Reliable radio transmission thanks to frequency hopping
                                                                                      • Ergonomic design
                                                                                      • Fast installation and simple operation
                                                                                    • DRC-MP radio control system

                                                                                    • Convenient, safe and reliable control

                                                                                      The versatile alternative to wire-connected controls. DRC-MP radio controls are used for reliably controlling cranes, hoists, industrial doors, machinery and installations. You can choose between the DRC-10 key-actuated transmitter and the DRC-J joystick transmitter. Further benefits?
                                                                                      • High level of safety thanks to greater distance to the load
                                                                                      • Highly reliable data transmission thanks to frequency hopping
                                                                                      • Rugged housing
                                                                                      • Ergonomic design
                                                                                      • Fast and simple commissioning
                                                                                    • DSE control pendants

                                                                                    • Safely control simply everything
                                                                                      DSE-10 control pendant for ergonomically controlling hoists and machinery. These wire-connected units are used for controlling DC chain hoists and DR rope hoists in applications with up to three motion achses. To serve these needs, we supply DSE-10 control pendants for two different control technologies:

                                                                                      DSE-10C/CS: control pendants to control DC chain hoists, travelling hoists and cranes with an innovative 'triState' interface
                                                                                      available with 2-stage pushbuttons (C) or with variable pushbuttons (type CS)
                                                                                      DSE-10R: control pendants with a CAN bus interface prepared for the safe control of DR rope hoists, travelling hoists and especially DR cranes that are fitted with CAN bus-based safety control.

                                                                                      Both types offer outstanding features, such as:
                                                                                      • particularly ergonomic control pendant design for safe and fatigue-free operation
                                                                                      • housing that is highly resistant to impacts
                                                                                      • comprehensive accessories for operation in harsh environments and for protection against fluids and aggressive media.
                                                                                    • DSK control pendants

                                                                                    • Convenient control

                                                                                      Regardless of whether you need to control hoists from ground level or want to control machinery, wire-connected DSK control pendants are the ideal solution.


                                                                                      • High level of safety
                                                                                      • For direct or contactor control
                                                                                      • Ergonomic design and operation
                                                                                      • Can be configured to meet a wide range of specific needs
                                                                                    • DST control pendants

                                                                                    • Safely control simply everything

                                                                                      DST control pendants are real universal solutions – for universal operation of cranes, hoists and machinery. Their benefits are evident:
                                                                                      • three sizes with multiple combinations of operating and switching elements
                                                                                      • ergonomic design and operation
                                                                                      • switching elements for direct and contactor control
                                                                                      • high switching capacity
                                                                                      • high operating reliability.
                                                                                  • Power supply lines

                                                                                • Conductors and power supply lines

                                                                                  Our power supply lines and conductors are extremely rugged systems for supplying power and control signals to mobile equipment. They feature high transmission reliability and ease of installation and maintenance. And they are equally suitable for applications on cranes and other rail-mounted equipment. In harsh outdoor operating conditions and in dusty working environments.

                                                                                  Depending on requirements, our power supply lines and conductors can be supplied in various designs with different numbers of poles.
                                                                                        • DCL-Pro compact conductor line

                                                                                        • Safe and reliable power supply

                                                                                          Our DCL-Pro compact conductor line sets new standards for power supply arrangements for mobile equipment. It features innovative technology all along the line. The highly rugged enclosure profile has a low deadweight and its flexible configuration provides for a wide performance range.
                                                                                          The current collector system has been developed with absolute reliability in mind to ensure safe and reliable operation over a long service life. The patented connection arrangement with prepared modules makes installation much easier – and cuts the time required for assembly.
                                                                                          • High profile section rigidity with a low deadweight
                                                                                          • Long service life thanks to optimised current collector trolley design
                                                                                          • Up to 200 A in continuous operation
                                                                                          • Fast installation thanks to pre-assembled connection system
                                                                                          • Compatible with DCL predecessor model
                                                                                        • DEL single conductors

                                                                                        • Compact supply – with high level of safety
                                                                                          DEL single conductors are power-supply solutions for mobile consumers such as cranes and monorails. They offer a high level of safety and versatility for easy installation and conversion. Further strengths include:
                                                                                          • light, compact design
                                                                                          • space-saving power supply line
                                                                                          • high electrical safety
                                                                                          • reliable power supply
                                                                                          • convenient maintenance
                                                                                          • variety of suspension possibilities.