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  • Offer Profile
  • We open up new areas of application for robots. To do this, we transfer future-oriented research into current, reliable technology. We offer robot solutions that can be used economically and flexibly by companies of all sizes. Our robots are at home outdoors. We offer the complete development and production of your robot from a single source.

    With our Innok Heros modular system, we can set up robots for various requirements very quickly and cost-effectively. We have designed both hardware and software in a modular manner and can therefore implement tailor-made robot solutions in the shortest possible time.

Product Portfolio
  • Autonomous mobile robots from the market leader. Indoor and Outdoor.

  • Modular robot system for custom robots

    Our modular software Innok COCKPIT  includes all modules that are required for autonomous mobile robots. The modules can be put together quickly, easily and cost-effectively for customer-specific applications. The software toolbox enables, among other things, the remote control of the robot as well as various semi-automatic and autonomous robot behaviors, e.g.

    • Mapping
    • Obstacle avoidance
    • Autonomous navigation
    • People follow
    • Mark lines, follow
    • Train route, follow
    • Surface processing
      • Research & Development

      • Industry

      • Intralogistics & Logistics

      • Intralogistics

      • Agricultural economics

      • Mining

    • The Innok Robotics AMR platform offers endless possibilities – indoors and outdoors.


        • INDUROS

        • Your superior AMR solution for intralogistics and logistics - indoors and outdoors

          Der INDUROS ist ein autonom agierender mobiler Transportroboter, der Komponenten und Produkte sowohl Outdoor als auch Indoor transportiert. It also masters combined indoor and outdoor use: If your automated process starts with freshly produced components from pre-production, but the mechanical processing (e.g. CNC milling) is continued in another production hall, the Innok INDUROS is the right choice – and probably the only one – for this transport task.

          AMR that transports loads outdoors and indoors. Can drive remotely, semi-automatically and autonomously. Compact and manoeuvrable, maneuvers in tight spaces.

          • 2.5 kWh power battery
          • robust construction
          • Tractive force up to 500 kg


          • Tight turning circle, little need for space
          • Automatic hitch
          • Tugger train capable Transport robot

          Technical specifications:

          • Dimensions: 115 x 80 x 100 CM
          • Weight: 165 KG
          • Towable load (on level terrain): 500 KG
          • Towed load (for inclines/slopes up to 10%): 350 KG
          • Gauge: 57 CM
          • Ground clearance: 10 CM
          • Top speed: 3.1 km/h or 0.9 m/s
          • Ambient temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C
          • Loading time: 2 hours (20 to 80 %)
          • Battery life: up to 16 hours
          • Battery pack: 2900 Wh, 48 V, up to 4.0 kW
          • Drive wheels: Ø 41 CM, steel rims, turf profile
          • Engine: 800 W, gear ratio: 1:100, optionally 1:50
          • Steering system: differential steering
          • Degree of protection: IP65
          • Radio networks: WLAN or LTE
        • RAINOS - The robot for automatic watering of graves

        • Without RAINOS:

          • Manual irrigation is time and labor intensive
          • Permanently installed irrigation systems are not possible in cemeteries
          • Increasing shortage of skilled workers in the green industry
          • Growing effort in irrigation as climate change leads to more hot spell

          With RAINOS:

          • Rainos autonomously waters the specified graves with the desired amount of water
          • Rainos moves autonomously from grave to grave
          • Water quantity and watering time can be set separately for each grave
          • No more personnel expenditure for watering
          • Flexible and suitable for off-road use
          • Simple operation
          • Safe and reliable


          • Simple operation: On his first trip to a new cemetery, you control Rainos by remote control. Rainos saves the route and the graves it is to water. You can then conveniently change the watering amount and watering time for each grave, as well as many other settings, using the app. You can start automatic watering simply by pressing a button.
          • Flexible and suitable for off-road use. Rainos can be easily deployed in a variety of locations. Its off-road capable drive masters even challenging terrain.
          • Anti-theft protection: The anti-theft protection installed as standard prevents unauthorized access to Rainos.
        • HEROS

        • One robot – many faces: The modular robot Innok HEROS can be put together according to your wishes and can be expanded and converted without any problems. 3 and 4 wheel configurations are possible with a wide range of attachments and bodies.

          Technical specifications:

          • Dimensions: 920 x 720 x 440 MM
          • Weight: 70 to 140 KG
          • Max. load: 70 to 400 KG
          • Ground clearance: 95 to 195 MM
          • Top speed: 3.1 km/h or 0.9 m/s
          • Loading time: 3 hours
          • Battery life: 6 hours
          • Battery pack: High power: 960 WH, standard: 400 WH
          • Drive wheels: Ø 320 – 520 MM, steel rims
          • Tire tread: Tractor profiles, soil protection profiles
          • Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ to 40 ℃
          • Engine: 2WD: 800 W, 4WD: 1600 W
          • Steering system: 2WD: differential steering, 4WD: tank steering
          • Degree of protection: Vehicle: IP65, body: up to IP66/67

          Applications according to your wishes:

          • Multifunction robot
          • Spray robot
          • Research robot
          • Camera robot
        • INSPECTOS

        • Inspection robot for the automatic inspection of systems

          The INSPECTOS inspection robot automatically follows specified routes and carries out certain inspection tasks. For example, photos of fixed subjects could be taken from the desired perspective. These photos can be sent to a control center via a secure Internet connection or called up from there at any time. We rely on the highest available IT security standards. In this way, your sensitive data is safe from unauthorized access.

          Highest safety standards – Shorter inspection cycles without additional costs.

          Changes and damage to the system (for example, an unmanned substation of a power grid operator) can be detected in this way without a service technician having to travel to and be deployed on site. Necessary maintenance and repair measures can thus be identified with significantly greater reliability and significantly less effort. In fact, inspection cycles are shortened without additional costs in order to further minimize system risks. 

          Technical specifications:
          • Dimensions: 1,050 x 750 x 940 MM
          • Weight: 125 KG
          • Top speed: 3.1 km/h or 0.9 m/s
          • Ambient temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C
          • Zoom: 120x total, 10x optical, 12x digital
          • Camera: 1080p, 360° endless, 0° to 90° tilt
          • Loading time: 3 hours
          • Battery life: 6 hours
          • Battery pack: 960 Wh, 48 V, up to 2.4 kW
          • Drive wheels: Ø 410 MM, steel rims, turf profile
          • Engine: 800 W
          • Degree of protection: IP65
      • Innok COCKPIT™ Software - The nonplusultra in navigation

      • For the most difficult requirements from remote control to fully autonomous.

        In order to be able to fulfill its tasks, a mobile robot must have suitable and reliable self-localization and navigation, obstacle detection and various actuators (e.g. the fully autonomous coupling and decoupling of trailers or the handling of loads using a COBOT system integrated on the AMR).

        Our modular Innok COCKPIT™ software covers all common navigation tasks and makes it possible to optimally tailor your robot’s navigation to your application. Whether it’s remote control, following people or automatically driving along defined routes – Innok COCKPIT takes over all the tasks required for navigating a robot. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the software can be used efficiently by the user after a very short training period.
        Innok COCKPIT™ is fundamentally based on the open system robot control software libraries ROS / ROS2. The illustration shows the integration of Innok COCKPIT™ into the software stack.


          • Innok COCKPIT™ Software

          • USP Innok Robotics

            In order to achieve the best precision, reliability and usability Made-in-Germany, we have continuously developed and improved the proprietary code of our Innok COCKPIT™ autonomy software over the past 10 years and enriched it with powerful algorithms for numerous AMR tasks. Through the interaction of technically high-quality mechanical components (power batteries, powerful electric motors, sensors, 2D/3D scanners), we produce high-quality AMRs as one of the market leaders. Through intelligent, AI-based sensor data fusion, our AMRs also master complicated operational situations, including outdoors (outdoor or all-terrain) – fields in which we have a unique position (USP) worldwide. Mobile Innok robots locate themselves with an accuracy of 0.5 to 2 cm, depending on the needs and the navigation hardware derived from it.

            Thanks to the intuitive user interface of Innok COCKPIT™, the system can be used efficiently by the user after a very short training period. Whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone: the robot can be tracked and controlled from almost any end device.

          • Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™

          • This means that exactly the most suitable technology is used.

            Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™ is installed on board and offers a wide range of state-of-the-art navigation technologies. This means that the most suitable technology for the current circumstances is always used.

            In order to be able to fulfill its tasks, a mobile robot must above all have suitable and reliable self-localization and navigation. The Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™ technology covers all common application scenarios: Whether in a production hall, a logistics hall, in the open outdoor area, in an outdoor area with vegetation, in tunnels or underground – Innok HYBRID NAVIGATION™ uses either GPS, high-precision GPS (RTK GNSS), High-performance 2D and 3D laser scanners, as well as camera/vision and radar technologies, and integrates them into a highly precise and highly reliable overall system.

          • Innok ReMain™ Remote Maintenance

          • With the experts from Innok Robotics you save valuable working time.

            With Innok ReMain ™ your robot is connected to the Innok Robotics Cloud at all times and our employees can respond to your requests immediately and without delays. One call is enough and we will explain the current status of the robot to you, bring the system up to date with developments or help you set it up for your changed requirements. Innok ReMain ™ also allows you to use the analyzed data to make predictions about the maintenance requirements of your AMR (Predictive Maintenance).

            As part of an attractive ongoing service contract, we will also inform you proactively and in good time to ensure error-free operation at all times.

        • Applications - One robot - many faces Heros the multi robot


            • Modular robot system

            • The modular robot system Innok HEROS enables fast and cost-efficient assembly. The robots can be optimally adapted to customer requirements with little effort. 3- and 4-wheel configurations with different attachments and superstructures are possible.

              • Software
              • Technology
              • Applications
            • Logistics/Intralogistics

            • The Innok INDUROS is an autonomous mobile robot that transports loads both indoors and outdoors. Can drive remotely, semi-automatically and autonomously.

              • Powerful
              • Compact
              • Agile
            • Irrigation

            • The Innok RAINOS can be used flexibly and off-road. Example: graves are poured autonomously. RAINOS travels autonomously from grave to grave. No more manpower for irrigation necessary.

              • Fast ROI
              • Safe
              • Reliable
            • Inspection

            • The Innok INSPECTOS automates strenuous, time-consuming and dangerous tasks both indoors and outdoors. Example: Control of a substation from E.ON / Bayernwerk.

              • Robotic arm
              • 2 laser scanner
              • Cameras
            • Waste management

            • With the blade attached, the Innok HEROS clears snow or manure from a horse farm during winter maintenance, for example.

              • Trough
              • Clearing blade
              • Storage tank
            • Field / Agricultural

            • A fully functional system was realized on the basis of the Innok HEROS, which can, for example apply sprays. It is used remotely, semi-automatically or autonomously.

              • Autonomous
              • Versatile
              • Effectively
            • Construction industry

            • This robot is used in sewer rehabilitation. It handles demanding tasks with a lot of weight — remotely controlled and with battery operation. For this purpose, Innok Robotics integrated the flexing system from Bodenbender GmbH on an Innok HEROS .

              • Remote controlled
              • Battery pack
              • One-man operation
            • Autonomous working machine

            • Equipped with a spreader, the Innok HEROS spreads grit, salt or lawn seed, for example.

              • Grit
              • Salt
              • Seed
            • Collaborative

            • Innok HEROS can grab and manipulate objects with a robotic arm. Many models with different sizes, weights and payloads can be mounted on the platform. We also integrate the complete control and power supply.

              • Robotic arm
              • 2 laser scanners
              • Cameras