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    For 35 years, DS AUTOMOTION GmbH with its company headquarters in Linz has been specializing in the development and production of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVs) and has become one of the world's leading suppliers in this segment. Apart from general AGV logistics applications in various branches of industry, DS AUTOMOTION has specialized, in particular, in the sectors Automotive, Hospital & Healthcare, Agriculture as well as Intralogistics. Our scope of services mainly comprises system implementations based on specific customer preferences. For the main part, we build Automated Guided Vehicles ourselves, which means that customer requirements can be considered. This is applied Industry 4.0!

Product Portfolio
  • AGV Systems

  • Being one of the leading manufacturers of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems, we offer advanced in-house transport and handling solutions to customers worldwide. With our products and services we want to improve our customers' competitive edge and autonomy. To our employees we offer an environment providing room for development and encouraging motivated and responsible acting.

    Additionally, series vehicles are automated, thus expanding the range of products. We regard simple and favourably priced systems as well as complex requirements as a challenge. That's why we're able to prevail against our competitors. By offering creative products and comprehensive services DS AUTOMOTION wants to improve its customers' efficiency and competitive edge.

      • AGV Navigation Technology

      • An important differentiating aspect of our automated guided vehicle solutions is the broad spectrum of state-of-the-art navigation technologies we offer to address your specific needs. This proprietary know-how is at the heart of our core competencies, which we consistently apply to the benefit of our customers. We are experts in the following navigation technologies:
          • Lead Track

          • This category of automated guided vehicle systems is based on the positioning of special strips or markings on or into the floor of the operating area. These markings precisely define the vehicle’s path. We have special expertise in three distinct lead-track approaches:
            • active-inductive
            • magnetic
            • optical
              • Lead Track: Active-inductive

              • Electrically-conductive strips are affixed to or imbedded into the floor in layouts that define multiple operating zones, each of which can be activated and controlled independently, thereby providing high route flexibility and utility. Two sensors positioned under the vehicle detect the electrical current flowing through the strips. Differences in the readings between the two sensors signal deviations from the strip’s path, which in turn trigger steering corrections.
              • Lead Track: Magnetic

              • Magnetic strips, which are affixed to the operating floor surface to define the vehicle’s operating path, communicate with two to three magnetic-field sensors positioned in the undercarriage of the vehicle. These sensors in turn direct the vehicle’s steering mechanism.
              • Lead Track: Optical

              • Uniquely-colored markings that are either painted onto the operating floor or otherwise affixed as textile bands serve to guide optical sensors in the vehicle’s base. Corner-detection algorithms and associated calculations are used to translate sensor information into instructions for the steering mechanism.
            • Free Navigations

              • Free navigation  based on: magnetic-point referencing
              • Free navigation  based on: laser technology
              • Free navigation: contour based navigation "SLAM"
                • DS NAVIOS


                  DS NAVIOS provides the intelligence behind the flexible DS AUTOMOTION AGV solutions. It minimizes the number of vehicles required.

                  The DS NAVIOS AGV control system:

                  • Manages all vehicles, comprising different types, as a single fleet.
                  • Efficiently assigns transport orders
                  • Provides interfaces to third-party systems
                  • Provides system visualization
                    • Solutions for Industry

                        • Automotive

                        • We implement flexible automated guided vehicle "AGV"-systems for assembly and production applications which meet your economic requirements.

                          Part of efficient production

                          Flexible system solutions for picking, assembly and handling in production or assembly lines.

                          DS AUTOMOTION specializes in AGV solutions for the Automotive Industry. Reliability, efficiency and flexibility characterize the innovative DS AUTOMOTION solutions.

                          Advantages that make the difference:

                          • Accessibility to the product from all sides
                          • Tailored solutions for improved ergonomics and humanization of the working world
                          • Flexibilty in terms of production processes as well in cycle time
                          • Highest safety for goods, personnel and the operating environment
                          • Reduction of the internal logistic costs
                          • Increase of production flexibility
                        • Hospital & Healthcare

                        • Our automated guided vehicle system solutions provide automatic and punctual goods-transport within hospitals and clinics.

                          Part of efficient production

                          Automated Transport Systems (ATS) for Healthcare logistics.

                          DS AUTOMOTION specializes in AGV solutions for the Hospital and Healthcare industries. Reliability, efficiency and flexibility characterize the innovative DS AUTOMOTION solutions.

                          Advantages that make the difference:

                          • Reliable and on time delivery of goods
                          • Reduction of logistic costs
                          • Costumized systems
                          • Automated monitoring and control of material flow
                          • Optimized material flow
                          • Integration in existing structure without interruption
                        • Agriculture

                        • Our applications in the field of agricultural machinery are designed for high payloads and stand out due to their robustness. This applies to the fields of both logistics and flexible production.

                          Efficient in spite of long product cycles and production fluctuations

                          Production figures are often subject to considerable market fluctuations, especially where long product cycles are concerned. Automated guided vehicle systems afford the required flexibility to achieve the best possible efficiency in this special production environment.

                          DS AUTOMOTION offers many years of experience in the field of agroindustry. Our solutions are characterized by reliability, economic efficiency, and availability.

                          • Benefits that make a difference:
                          • Increased flexibility of production
                          • High payloads due to customer-specific design
                          • Accessibility to the product from all sides
                          • Customized solutions to improve ergonomics and the humanization of work
                          • Flexible design of work flows and cycle times
                          • Maximum safety for the goods to be conveyed, the personnel and the operational environment
                        • Intralogistics

                        • The internal transport of pallets, wire-meshboxes and other similar containers can be carried out by our AGV - automated guided vehicle system.

                          Part of efficient production

                          Tailored solutions for customer - specific transport requirements.

                          DS AUTOMOTION specializes in AGV solutions for the Intralogistics. Reliability, efficiency and flexibility characterize the innovative DS AUTOMOTION solutions.

                          Advantages that make the difference:

                          • Highest safety for goods, personnel and the operating environment
                          • Reduction of the internal logistc costs
                          • Increase in production flexibility
                          • Automatic tracking of material and warehouse stock
                          • Optimization of logistic processes
                          • Integration of the system during production
                          • Implement of logistics into your production planning system
                      • Series

                          • AMADEUS - Automated forklift for next generation

                          • AMADEUS is a result of 35 years experience in the development of driverless transport systems. It accomodates laser navigation as well as the contour-based Navigation (SLAM). The optimized technology for driverless operation and its very compact design make the AMADEUS forklift an uncompromisingly industry compliant AGV, guaranteeing personal safety.

                            AMADEUS is characterized by its solid mechanical structure, high personal safety and harmonious compliance and coordination of all components (software, actuators and sensors). The optimized technology for driverless operation and its very compact design make the AMADEUS forklift an uncompromisingly industry compliant AGV, guaranteeing personal safety.

                            AMADEUS – born driverless

                            AMADEUS is a result of 35 years experience in the development of driverless transport systems. It accomodates laser navigation as well as the contour-based Navigation (SLAM).

                            AMADEUS can be offered with all different types of navigating systems offered from DS AUTOMOTION and it is possible to integrate it into existing systems. The sensors for personal safety work without blind spot with unobstructed 360 ° surround view. It fits seamlessly in the new design of DS AUTOMOTION with a compact, rounded vertex. For the interaction with operators AMADEUS offers a 10“ touch display and can also be equipped with voice output.

                            Other options include ToF depth image cameras for additional property protection, Blue Spots projectors and Laser lane marker for collision avoidance with manual forklifts.

                            TECHNICAL DETAILS

                            • Max. Payload 1,5 t (3300 lbs)
                            • Max. Speed 1,8m/s (5,9 f/s)
                            • Lifting height / Fork height 85 mm – 2.880 mm (3,35 in – 113,4 in)
                            • Navigation Laser, SLAM technology
                            • Power supply: automatic charging, battery replacement
                            • Battery
                              Li-NMC (24V / 208Ah / 312 Ah)
                              Trog 63
                              Lead Gel (24V / 375Ah) Trog 63
                            • low maintenance cost due to AC drives

                            PERSONAL SAFETY
                            Protected integrated laser scanner with 360 ° surround view

                          • ARNY- Counterbalanced truck

                          • UP TO 8.5 M / 28 FT LIFT HEIGHT

                            Uncompromising industrial suitability combined with a high load capacity and the outstanding dimension of the lift height of up to 8.5 m / 28 ft enable a wide range of applications for this counterbalanced truck.

                            The various versions of the fork by means of ISO suspension allow the transport of different load carriers from pallets or pallet cages to large load carriers of all kinds.

                            NARROW AISLES FROM 3.3 M / 11 FT WIDTH

                            The special feature is the compact design for efficient mobility in narrow aisles from 3,3 m / 11 ft width. The small turning radius makes ARNY particularly fast when transferring loads.

                            ARNY masters all free navigation modes and can be operated with different battery types and loading concepts.
                            Like the AMADEUS, OSCAR and SALLY series, ARNY is born driverless and can be seamlessly integrated into existing free navigating solutions.

                            FOCUS ON SECURITY

                            A comprehensive safety concept with 3 integrated safety scanners ensures reliable 360° personnel protection and thus smooth mixed operation. Detailed object protection is optionally available.

                          • CAREY - Proven solutions with customers since decades.

                          • More than 20 years’ experience in medical facilities and hospitals, our hospital vehicle is continuously improved and developed further.

                            CAREY is our proven AGV, specifically designed for medical facilities, designed and built with high standards of hygiene. It is an energy-efficient, low-maintenance AGV with focus on longevity in operation cycle.

                            CAREY is rated IP 54 and is compatible with all DS AUTOMOTION solutions.

                            CAREY – Efficient, flexible and safe!

                            • 2 variants:
                              – CAREY trike (3-wheels)
                              – CAREY spin (differential drive)
                            • Long life span, due to high quality standards of component choices and robust vehicle design and construction
                            • Stainless steel cladding meets high hygienic requirements
                            • Accommodate large fleet of vehicles in the system
                            • Compact vehicle: minimal envelope
                            • Safe Zone: two laser safety scanners per vehicle
                            • RFID reader for identifying containers
                            • Compact and robust design

                            End 2 End Integrated System Provider Everything from a single supplier:

                            • Administration of the interface
                            • AGV Control System
                            • AGV Layout

                            TECHNICAL DETAILS

                            • Max. Payload 500 kg (1100 lbs)
                            • Max. Speed 1,6 m/s (5,25 f/s)
                            • Lift travel 80 mm (3,15 in)
                            • Navigation Magnets, SLAM
                            • Power supply Automatic opportunity charging
                            • Battery Lithium battery (LiFePo4, 24V / 100Ah) or Lead Gel
                              Low maintenance cost due to brushless drives

                            PEOPLE SAFETY
                            Protected integrated laser scanner with 360° surround view Bumpers

                          • OSCAR omni - The lift deck AGV of a new generation.

                          • OSCAR omni is a low 235 mm AGV which can handle various loads independent of the carrier. With a lift deck, this new generation AGV combines full omnidirectional mobility with uncompromised personal safety.

                            Proven DS AUTOMOTION technology with a smart design and high reliability

                            OSCAR omni Highest ergonomics and personal safety.

                            OSCAR omni navigates contour-based (SLAM) without specifically installed landmarks. For areas of increased position accuracy, magnetic references can be added to the floor. Omnidirectional mobility allows turning on the stand as well as diagonal driving hence reduces the space required for cornering and turning radius.

                            This robust construction and the solid drive concept contribute to uncompromising industry suitability and longevity of the AGV. In addition, OSCAR omni offers a 25 mm ground clearance to overcome even uneven floors. On board lithium battery is charged automatically via opportunity charging. This AGV is fully compatible with all different types of free ranging AGV navigation principals offered by of DS AUTOMOTION, even with existing systems.

                            With its lifting height of 120mm and a 360° surround view without blind spots, full pedestrian safety is achieved, even with load on board.

                            Embedded front LED lights together with the colored ground light not only ensure the necessary visual attention, but are also used for communication with the environment.

                            TECHNICAL DETAILS

                            • Max. Payload 1,0 t (2,200 lbs)
                            • Max. Speed 1,6 m/s (5,25 f/s)
                            • Lift travel 120 mm (4,7 in)
                            • Navigation SLAM, magnetic dot sequence
                            • Power supply Automatic opportunity charging
                            • Battery Lithium (LTO, 48V 22 Ah)
                            • Reduced maintenance cost due to Brushless motors

                            PERSONAL SAFETY
                            Protected integrated laser scanner with 360 ° surround view Bumpers

                          • SALLY - the small load carrier - Direct human-machine interaction for agile production

                          • With SALLY, you are closing a gap for in-house transport chain compliance Industry 4.0. SALLY is a compact, manoeuvrable vehicle designed for lighter load up to 100 kg/120 lbs, allowing direct and safe man-machine interaction. Customized load handling devices allow almost unlimited application possibilities. SALLY is designed to meet industry standards.


                            SALLY uses „Simultaneous Localization and Mapping“ (SLAM) technology to check its route using natural environmental features. It uses a laser scanner to scan the contours of the surrounding space and creates a map with easily retrievable features.

                            SALLY is able to fade out changes in the room, such as people, vehicles or parked material. In addition it uses artificial landmarks because the hybrid navigation system allows the combination of different locating methods.

                            SALLY‘s safety features for collision avoidance and personal protection are similar from previous vehicles from DS AUTOMOTION and have been proven a thousand times over. SALLY is also designed to use additional 3D sensors and signaling devices.

                            TECHNICAL DETAILS

                            • Max. Payload 100 kg (220 lbs)
                            • Max. Speed 1,6 m/s (5,25 f/s)
                            • Navigation SLAM technology or Hybrid with magnets or reflectors
                            • Charging Inductive or charging contacts
                            • Low maintenance efforts due to Brushless motors, LiFePO4 Battery

                            CUSTOMIZED CONSTRUCTION
                            Adapted to your requirements: 7” touch panel, additional E-STOP, indicators, lights, fingerprint sensors, barcode / RFID readers, and many more …

                          • SALLY COURIER

                          • How to become a superhospital.

                            SALLY Kurier optimizes routes and handles the transport of sterile goods, documents, laboratory samples, instruments, medicines and other items very efficiently. At the same time, SALLY takes transport services so that employees have more time over for the more important Tasks.

                            • Max. Payload 50 kg (110 lbs)
                            • Max. Speed 1,0 m/s (3,28 ft/s)
                            • Navigation SLAM technology or hybrid with Magnets or reflectors
                            • Charging Inductive or charging contacts
                            • Low maintenance efforts due to Brushless motors, LiFePO4 Battery

                        • References

                            • Zott GmbH

                            • Features and advantages
                              • 12 freely navigating low-floor vehicles for 7/24 operation
                              • Replacement of an existing system; enhanced performance; vehicles adapted to a wider temperature range (incubation chamber and cooling tunnel)
                              • Automatic recharging of batteries during low-production periods; additional battery changing station in times of high production.
                            • Cleveland Clinic

                            • Features and advantages
                              • 81 freely navigating vehicles for 24/7 operation
                              • 60 battery charging stations Max. container weight 500 kg
                              • Daily haulage capacity approx. 1700 km

                              The Cleveland Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical center based in Cleveland/Ohio.
                              It is known worldwide for its first-class cardiological department.
                              The task was to connect the newly built service center with the clinic buildings, some of which are situated a little further away.
                            • LMS

                            • Features and advantages
                              • CleverMax is a simple and inexpensive vehicle featuring proven technology and a standarized, modular design for industrial applications.
                              • The driving course can be configured individually by the operator.
                              • CleverMax can travel a 90 degree curve at a radius of 1,000 mm.
                              • 43 automated guided vehicle systems type CleverMax

                              LMS, which is a 100% subsidiary of Ferrostaal Automotive GmbH in Essen, is a neutral service provider with approx. 420 employees. Every 32 seconds a motor has to be ready at the final assembly line in the Ford factory. This demand takes priority over each and every activity. A longer malfunction of one member may lead to a stoppage in the production of Ford and, consequently, to damage running into millions.