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  • Offer Profile
  • The AGVR Group is a leading provider of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and control devices, having 60 dedicated employees working on AGV automation worldwide. We keep the AGV design and the manufacturing in-house, and have sold more than 2.500 vehicles and 3.500 control units throughout the world. From single components for automated guided vehicle control, to fully integrated material handling systems, we offer a wide range of products featuring standard, as well as custom built, vehicles.
Product Portfolio
  • Automated Guided Vehicles

  • AGVR offers a unique range of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), ranging from standard models to over 100 tailor-made vehicles. With payloads from 3 kg up to 65 tons, lifting heights up to 11 meters, and use of any type of navigation such as laser/vision/ contour/wire/magnet, AGVR can provide the highest quality automated guided vehicles for most applications.
      • Forklift

      • Fork-over
        Fork configurations : single
        Load weight maximum : 1250 Kg
        Lifting height (Top Of Forks) : 1, 2, 4 or 8 m

        Forklift counter balance
        Fork configurations : single, single/double, side shift
        Load weight maximum : 1250 Kg or 2500 Kg
        Lifting height (Top Of Forks) : 1, 2, 4 or 8 m

      • Hybrid AGV Train

        • Pulling weight up to 50 Tons
        • Automatic - and manual driving
        • Outdoor - and indoor use
      • Crawl Under

        • Width: 1200mm
        • Length: depending on application
        • Max load: 3000kg
        • Max lifting height: 6000mm
        • Navigation: all types available, including laser guided vehicles

        Material handling:
      • Tugger – Automated Guided Towing vehicle
      • FLC – Automated Fork lift counter balance
      • SLR – Automated Sidle loader with reach fork (reach or swing reach)
      • SLC – Automated Sidle loader with conveyer
      • Custom Automated Guided Vehicle
      • Customized vehicles

        • Load capacity between 3kg and 65 ton
        • Quad directional motion available
        • All types of navigation available
        • No limitations in design

        Some examples:
      • Fork lift can be delivered with load capacity up to 6 000 kg and lift heights up to 9 meters. This can be combined with quad directional motion (Six wheels total with dual spring loaded drive wheels in bogie with castor wheels, and separate castor wheel bogie for high stability. Dual steer/drive units makes quad direction motion possible)
      • Counterbalanced fork lift with load capacity up to 4000 kg and lift heights up to 5 meters
      • Tugger (towing) vehicles with towing capacity of 5000 kg
      • Low profile platform with load platform and load capacity up to 3000 kg. Vehicle can be fitted with any type of load handler on top. Roller or chain conveyor, fixed load table, lifting load table or arms, telescopic fork, etc. Quad directional motion available.
      • Side loading vehicle with telescopic fork or reach fork for load handling on both sides. Load capacity up to 2000 kg and lift heights up to 10 meters
    • Our Services

    • We keep the AGVs moving and your production running
        • 24/7 Support & Service

        • You can call our hotline 24 x 7. An experienced software engineer will answer your call and start solving your problem within 1 hour max. Most calls are operator/software related and can be solved remotely. In case of a mechanical or electrical issue, the hotline will dispatch a service engineer.
        • Training of your operators

        • Your operators will be trained before they operate the AGVs. The training will be largely on a simulator featuring virtual AGVs in a virtual version of your site. Thus, your operators will be well prepared before they start using the AGVs and can try-out new operating strategies without disturbing the actual production process.
        • On-Site Installation

        • The AGVs will be configured to navigate and operate in your plant. Interfaces connect the AGVs to your host system and to equipment like production machines, conveyors, elevators, fire alarm, etc. 
          We take care of it all. We have been doing so since 1987.