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  • Offer Profile
  • voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik is your partner for efficient solutions in two business areas:

    • High bay warehouses – Benefit from our experience gained from successfully completing over 1,000 projects across the globe
    • Road safety – Quality guard-rail systems from the steel specialist for your safety
Product Portfolio
  • High bay warehouse

  • If you want to be the best, we are your partner to make it happen. Warehouses that can be operated fully automatically and which reach heights up to 50 metres are our speciality. Yet we are still the partner that keeps its feet firmly on the ground. We realize your project economically, reliably, precisely and quickly by providing all the services you need from a single source:
    • System development
    • Project development
    • Production
    • Assembly

    Strong arguments, that build on:
    • Height: We are the specialist for heights above 30 metres
    • Precision: The tightest possible production and assembly tolerances ensure the perfect functioning even at large heights.
    • Expertise: We offer solutions for the most diverse array of requirements and warehouse tasks.
    • Strengths: Heavy-load solutions, warehouses in regions prone to earthquakes as well as in regions with high wind loads are our strengths
    • IQ Chain: from a single source, from a single company - from system development to assembly.
      • Unit load system

      • Creating a unit load system is a precision task. In order to ensure the functionality of a automatically-operated plant, it comes down to the millimetre. It is for this reason that we use quality-assured, cold-formed profiles from our own company. The extremely small tolerances of our profiles are the foundation for the dimensional accuracy of the entire structure and the permanent secure automatic operability.

        Complete solutions from a single source. With the perfect interaction between system technology and customized production, we provide you highly economically with the best solutions. The stored product is a determining factor for our construction as well. We assemble turn-key unit load systems as roof and wall-bearing steel constructions, in which case we take absolutely all parameters into consideration, ranging from the structures technical infrastructure such as ventilation, heating and sprinklers, through to conveyor technology and operating devices. Our professional approach to the construction work, starting from laying the foundation, is a decisive factor for the final success of the warehouse.

        We are specialists for

        • single, double and multi-deep solutions
        • Highest stability and earthquake resistance
        • Pallet rack with integrated order-picking levels
        • Deep-freezer warehouse


        • 1/2/3 pallets per bay
        • Rack-space height is over 3 meters, rack-space width up to 4.5 meters
        • Highest flexibility: Euro pallets, industrial pallets, chep-pallets, pallet cage – everything can be stored
      • Pallet shuttle system

      • Tailor-made for all operating devices

        We provide complete, turn-key solutions for steel constructors – from design and planning, including the static design, to production all the way to assembly. Our high density storage system with tailor-made channel rails have high capacities and are tailor-made for all conventional operating devices. The design for shuttle operation makes large block depths possible.

        • 1-, 2-, 3-, 4 pallets per bay
        • Rack space heights above 3 metres
        • Complex pre-zones with complex platforms and elevator technology
        • Tailor-made devices in the channel rows and aisles
      • Automatic small parts warehouse

      • We put your requirements regarding warehousing shelf boards and boxes into an efficient and economical rack solution into action. With the tightest manufacturing tolerances and highest assembly accuracy, we guarantee the highest precision possible for reliable automatic rack loading. Whether it be a silo solution or free-standing in a hall, we are the right partner. Thanks to our wide-range of different types of warehousing we are the specialist when it comes to perfectly aligned combination solutions made up of pallets and small-parts warehousing.

        • Single-space and multi-space warehousing
        • Single-space to more rack-space depth solutions
        • Integration of flow-through channels
        • Highly economical silo constructions with several device levels
        • Cartons and boxes in different sizes can be warehoused.
      • Special warehouse

      • Special goods require special warehouse solutions.

        From coils, paper reefs and wooden boards to car bodies or fully automated multi-story car parks with up to 30 tons of load - thanks to our IQ chain from individual planning to production, we are the specialists for special solutions and exceptional tasks. Due to our many years of experience in the area of heavy and bulky goods, we can guarantee rack solutions, which exactly meet the respective needs. Leading international companies from the automobile, paper, forest and metal industries trust our special solutions.
      • Silo plants

      • High capacities, implemented highly efficiently

        Economical, simple and clever. With our advantageous silo solutions, you receive your intra-logistics solution from a single source. The basis are our special, open system profiles. They enable a highly individualised warehouse facility to be created from standard elements, a warehouse which we will plan together with you. Just as is the case with high bay warehouses, an automatic warehouse management is possible and is available in addition to semi-automatic or manual operation. Irrespective of what goods you have to store, we have the silo solution. Talk with us, plan you individually optimised solutions and you can count on convincing economic advantages.