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  • We at the Baude-Group are proud that we can look back on a tradition which started in the year 1978. Today the second generation is managing the company with its more than 60 employees. By means of most up-to-date technology, best possible training courses and their own sense of responsibility our staff members have obtained a know-how high above average. Furthermore we produce our own spiral cables and we have a large warehouse of special cables. Our presence at national and international markets and trade fairs allows us a constant and up-to-date survey.
Product Portfolio
  • Product range

      • PUR cables

      • Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F
        The harmonised Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F with polyurethane sheathing is used, among other things, to connect commercial and agricultural devices under high mechanical load.

        This Semoflex®-PUR cable type is particularly suitable for electrical tools, including drills, portable circular saws and transportable motors and machinery. Due to its suitability for dry and damp to wet environments, the Semoflex® H05(07)BQ-F hose line is used on construction sites, in agriculture and on wharfs, as well as in connection with deep freezing.

        Semoflex®-Elektronic - the PUR cable for the Electronic area
        With its special Semocore core insulation this PUR cable is the ideal connection cable in electrical uses. Thanks to its polyurethane sheathing this cable type with its thin external diameter is mechanically strong, cut resistant and highly abrasion resistant. The basic materials used are by nature silicon and halogen free, highly microbe resistant, oil and acid resistant and flexible when cold.

        The areas of use of the Semoflex® Electronic are position switches and connections, as well as electronic controllers, for example in the automotive area, in medical and measurement tool technology.

      • Spiral cables

      • Spiral cable type Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F
        Our spiral cables made from Semoflex® H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F are suitable for the highest mechanical demands, for example for robots, high-performance machinery and lifting platforms. They are the right choice for drills, screw drivers and heated vehicles. In a test at the Material Testing Facility and Hanover the spiral cables withstood over one million load changes without fail. They are, therefore, used where high quality and long service life matter. In addition they are distinguished by good rebound characteristics under he influence of cold.

        Spiral cable type Semoflex® PVC/PUR
        The spiral cables made from Semoflex® PVC/PUR are distinguished by their long service life. The areas of use for this spiral cable are, for example, high-value kitchen and household appliances, lamps and lighting tracks. In addition, they are also used for cash register connection lines. The Semoflex® PVC/PUR spiral cables have good recovery characteristics, which guarantee a long service life. They often also a good visual and design solution.

        Special spiral cables

        We manufacture and prepare special spiral cables designed to suit the ideas and wishes of our customers. These include – depending on use and application – for example spiral cables with lengthened connection ends, individual external diameters and shapes, as well as meshing double spirals, cables in PA hosing and with built in compressed air hoses. From part manufacture through to component creation we deliver to measure.

      • Reeling cables

      • We developed out Semoflex® Drum for outdoors use. By using new materials we have been able to achieve a considerable reduction in weight and diameter, as well as longer service lives than traditional reeling cables.

        Reeling cable Semoflex® Drum
        The Semoflex® Drum reeling cable is used in areas at risk of explosion, as well as in the outdoors, including for heavy equipment, which is subject to a high mechanical load. This includes hoists, transport equipment, driveable motorised cable reels, railways engines and agricultural equipment.

        Cable support grips
        Cable support grips, also called mounting grips, are a quick and secure aid for careful and strain relieving hanging of cables and lines.

        With the flexible wire mesh the clamping force of the support grip is distributed along a long section of cable. A point-form load, which can lead to breakage of the core, such as, for example, with cable clamps, no longer occurs with cable support grips.

        Cable support grips are used for the stationary fastening of cables to open-air transformers, terminal boxes, machinery and equipment, including lifts and cranes. They are not designed for pulling the cables.

      • Round lift control cables

      • As a long-term partner in lift construction we can prepare construction for the highest load and flexibility with long service lives. From the careful selection of high-quality materials through to the precise processing using the most up-to-date machines and a range of quality controls DIN/VDE guidelines, we guarantee a long and fault-free service life. Our lift control lines can be delivered in a range of versions – shielded or partly shielded, with hemp or steel carrier units (for the highest hanging heights), as well as round or flat cables. PVC, neoprene and halogen-free materials are used as sheath insulation. For optimal fastening we recommend round cable hanging clamps, which can also be delivered individually.

        Flat lift control cables
        Our flat cables – also for the lift business – have been summarized in the rubric flat cables. The corresponding clamps will be available, too.
      • Flat cables

      • Maximum flexibility with the minimum space requirement! If it has to be flexible and space saving, our flat cables come to the fore. Demanding applications need flat cables, which have a low bend radius and a highly efficient cable construction.

        Our flat cables are suitable for power and control lines and are used for average mechanical loads and strong operational bends in only a narrow plane. They are particularly used for hoists, transport equipment, tool machines and trailing cable systems.

        We use PVC and neoprene materials. Shielded cables fitted with carrier elements, as well as combination versions are part of our warehouse programme.

        SemoFlat H05VVH6-F / H07VVH6-F

        SemoFlat H05VVH6-F / H07VVH6-F- Flat cables are suitable for use in dry and damp areas. Used for installations of transportation systems, machine tools, elevators and hoisting gears. Freely suspended heights should not exceed 35 meters and travelling speeds of 1.6 m/s (according to VDE) should not be exceeded.

        SemoFlat shielded

        SemoFlat shielded - Screened PVC flat cables are suited for use as energy and control cables, in particular for hoisting gears, transportation systems, machine tools for medium mechanical stresses and operationally strong bends in a single plane. Used in dry and damp areas.

      • Drag chain cables

      • With our years of experience and our extensive expertise with the development of this product, this robust drag chain cable with the smallest bend radius has proven itself to a high degree. Die Semoflex® Roboschlepp® was developed for the highest demands in constantly moving machinery and gantry robots.

        With its Semocore core insulation and the PUR external sheathing the cable is mechanically stable, highly abrasion resistant, cut-resistant, microbe resistant and flame resistant and – due to its extremely low external diameter – is also suited for smaller drag chains. In addition drag chain cables can be supplied with shielding or as a combi construction in PVC or PUR. The base materials used are silicon and halogen free.

        Semoflex® Roboschlepp® - high flexible PUR cables for drag chains
        Semoflex® Roboschlepp® is suitable for use in cable chains and continual moving machines as well as gantry robots. The polyurethane outer sheath enables a very small cable outer diameter, high mechanical stresses can be withstanded. The cable is abrasion-proof, microbe-proof and flame resistant.

        Semoflex® D-PVC - the PVC cable for drag chains

        The flexible Semoflex® D-PVC drag chain cable is especially suited for use in cable drag chains as well in constantly moving machinery and gantry robots. It is mechanically robust and substantially resistant to benzene, oil and grease. In addition the Semoflex® D-PVC can also be supplied in a shielded variant.

      • Construction Lift Cables

      • Construction lift cables are used on lifts for the transport of persons and material. The cables are subject to extreme usage conditions, such as heat, cold, moisture, oil and chemicals. In our in-house development department we offer our customers the best advice and support, as well as special solutions to meet customer wants.


        • cost-effective solutions
        • reduced installation times
        • higher service lives
        • protection against outside influences
        • partial special manufacture through to component manufacture
        • the most extensive UV protection possible

        Cable support grips
        Cable support grips, also called mounting grips, are a quick and secure aid for careful and strain relieving hanging of cables and lines.

        The cable support grips can be fastened precisely and easily in comparison with existing clamps. With their sophisticated construction and high quality materials the cable support grips can support an exceptionally high load.

        The flexible wire mesh distributes the tension on the cable support grips along a long section of cable. A point-form load, which can lead to breakage of the core, such as, for example, with cable clamps, no longer occurs with cable support grips.

        Cable support grips are used for the stationary fastening of cables to open-air transformers, terminal boxes machinery and equipment, including lifts and cranes.

      • Electronic cables

      • Electronic, Installation and Data Cables

        So that our customers can exploit the capabilities of the increasing data transfer speeds as best as possible, we provide a variety of products in our electronic, installation and data cable range.

        These include cables with coaxial elements for high performance transfers in a transmission range, fibre-optic cables for data, television or video transfers and cables for intrinsically safe systems in explosion hazard areas.

        In addition, we manufacture custom products, such as, for example, for computer systems. In the fields of measurement, management and control technology and medical electronics we offer cables with copper braiding, as well as twisted copper shielding and aluminium foils. In addition to our many special constructions we have many years of experience in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), so that electrical systems and devices work harmoniously with each other.


        LiYY - The cable is suitable for flexible connecting cable in the measuring and control technique. The cable is also suited as connection for intercom, especially installed where short measurements will be required.


        LiYCY - The cable is suitable for flexible connecting cable in the measuring and control technique, in data processing and office technology. These cables with copper screening are ideal for interference-free data and signal transmission in measuring and control technology in EMI environments.

      • Standard cables

      • We can offer you a wide product range and deliver standard lines and cables for the widest range of applications.

        We keep the following standard cables in our product range

        • PVC tube cables
        • Rubber tube cables
        • Earth cables
        • Installation cables
        • Telephone cables
        • Machinery control cables


        Machinery control cables are used in industry as a connection of control cable for a range of machines. A special feature of this cable is that it is highly alkali and oil resistant.

        Machinery control cables are used as connection cables – including for control devices on tool machines, conveyor and assembly lines, conveyor systems and production lines – under moderate mechanical load. They are designed for fixed laying and flexible application for free movement without tensile load and without constrained motion control. Machinery control cables are suitable for use in dry, damp and wet environments.

        HYSLY Flex - JZ, OZ, OB, JB

        HYSLY Flex - Flexible PVC-Machine control cable with GOST approval. The cable is suited for use as connection cable and link circuit for the control equipment of machine tools, conveyor lines, hoisting plants as well as assembly lines at medium mechanical stresses. The cable is also suitable for the installation in dry, damp and wet rooms.r applications, adequate UV-protection must be ensured and the specified temperature limits must be observed.

      • Accessories

      • Flat Cable Threaded Connections
        Flat cable threaded connections are used for flat cables, such as, for example, in crane, machinery and plant engineering, as well as for drag chain systems. With their fixed connection to a housing these threaded connections protect against mechanical influences, including dust and moisture.

        Flat Cable Clamps
        These hanging clamps are mounted for flat hanging lift cables – also in halogen-free installation.

        Round Cable Clamps
        Round cable clamps are used for round hanging lift cables, such as, for example, in lift construction. This clamp type is the preferred choice for halogen-free installation. The round cable clamps are manufactured from a special aluminium alloy.
      • Special Manufacture

      • Due to the constantly increasing complexity of the products of our customers we offer complete, ready to assemble and partly manufactured cables and spiral cables. Our specially manufactured cables are used in a range of industry sectors and applications.

        We manufacture to a sample, specifications or a drawing, according to your requirements. In this case we process purchased parts or components provided by you.

        A wide range of technical possibilities is available for special manufacture, including soldering and tinning, crimping or pressing with a range of plugs, cable lugs or ferrules. In addition we have many years of experience in the assembly of plugs and plug connections, as well as test devices for installation-ready cable connections.

        We can also carry out commissions for special cables and the smallest contracts according to your requirements without problems, as well as commissions for larger series. We are happy to make you an offer on special requests.

        AT A GLANCE

        • Individual customer printing
        • Cable shaped to your needs
        • Stripping/tinning
        • Fastening of ferrules to twisted contacts
        • Individual, connection-ready and tested plug assembly
        • Packing and labeling of cables