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    With over 50 years of experience in intralogistics, we support you in increasing the efficiency and performance of your systems and in simplifying complex tasks. We implement individual solutions tailored to your needs. With the viadat warehouse management system (WMS) we offer a future-proof standard software for the administration and control of the entire material flow in warehouse and production.

Product Portfolio
  • Warehouse and Material Flow Solutions

      • Distribution Center


        Your distribution center is the link to your customers

        The distribution center or logistics center is the core element for manufacturing and distribution companies. Here you put together the goods in a customer and order-specific manner and distribute them to customers, wholesalers and retailers. The distribution center is the interface between producer and customer. It is therefore important to have a smooth and fast processes, short delivery times, flexibility, and efficient and intelligent goods processing. These are competitive factors that are decisive for the satisfaction of your customers.

        Automated distribution centers offer significant advantages: they are more space-saving, flexible, resource-efficient, process secure, cost-effective and reliable. This increases the effectiveness of distribution, even in multi-channel retailing. With the automation know-how from viastore you can achieve error-free processes, shorter delivery times, flexibility and efficient goods processing in your distribution center.

        Growth and profit through automation

        With an automated logistics system, industrial companies in various sectors benefit from greater inventory security, transparency, throughput and output. This reduces inventory levels, significantly increases the performance and reliability of your distribution center, optimizes the supply chain, enables the growth of your business and improves operating results.

        A modern warehouse management system (WMS) intelligently calculates all processes in the distribution center – from order management to picking and consolidation. It manages order utilization throughout the day because not every order is a rush order, intuitively controls every step in the process and manages the packing, shipping and delivery confirmation. Among other things, it calculates the size of the shipping cartons and suggests the right packaging material to the packer. This avoids waste and increases the packing density during transport.

      • Warehouse Modernization


        Improve reliability, uptime and customer satisfaction

        • State-of-the-art technology
        • Optimized processes
        • Reduced downtime, risks, logistics costs, energy costs and human errors
        • Increased efficiency, uptime, order processing, throughput and quality
        • Spare parts availability

        Business models change. To remain competitive, logistics facilities and processes must be adapted to the new demands of the business. With a retrofit, your intralogistics process will remain up to date via hardware and/or software upgrades and services to keep your system running optimally.

        If your system has been in use for a long time, maintenance or service measures are often no longer sufficient. Parts on the equipment may be obsolete, software may no longer be supported, and information is not readily available – all of which puts you at risk. The first step for modernizing your system is a comprehensive analysis of the current condition. Based on this, we collaboratively define goals, identify potentials for optimization and create a concept tailored to your individual requirements. The focus is on the optimal interaction of the old with the new. Scheduling of the work required for the upgrade will be planned to have minimal disruption to your business.

        Future-proof your automated system

        As systems age, the availability and reliability of the system decreases while maintenance costs increase. In addition, some spare parts are difficult to find or no longer available. The result: unplanned downtime, delivery failures, frustrated customers and uncontrollable costs.

        Timely modernization of your intralogistics system will help you remain competitive. You benefit from improved availability, greater throughput, and lower maintenance and energy costs. Unplanned downtimes are avoided and the service life of the system is extended.

        viastore does not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you're a current customer or a future customer with 3rd party equipment, we work with your team to develop a plan that will work for your needs. Some of the offerings available are:

        • preventative maintenance
        • spare parts audits/obsolete parts cross reference
        • controls upgrades/retrofits
        • software replacements/upgrades
        • modernization of current system to match new business needs
      • Automated Tray Storage


        Universal storage up to 65 feet high: Automated tray storage

        In a tray warehouse, stable metal sheets, so-called trays, are used as load carriers. The trays themselves are always the same size, but the storage units can vary in size, weight and packaging - meeting the demands of today's warehouses and distribution centers.

        Automated tray warehouses from viastore offer you maximum flexibility and functionality when storing containers, cartons and other products with different weights, geometries and dimensions. They meet all the requirements for your intralogistics and can be individually adapted to your needs.

        • Guaranteed flexibility and functionality
        • Automated storage and optimal use of space through standardized size
        • Storage units are stable and secure
        • Very dense storage to maximize space usage

        Tray storage systems can be planned with single or multiple aisles and built up to 65 feet high. The system is based on a viaspeed XL storage and retrieval machine (AS/RS), which is equipped with a load handling device that inserts and extracts the trays from the rack structure. They automatically store the products according to their access frequency. This ensures short distances and thus time, cost and energy efficiency.

        Our viadat warehouse management software ensures an automatic, trouble-free and fast material flow and supports the order picker in his work with an intuitive user interface.

      • Production Supply


        Integrated material flows for the manufacturing industry

        Increasing levels of customization, increasing product individualization, batch size of 1 – what has long been the order of the day in logistics means a real challenge for production. To ensure real-time transparency, reduce inventory levels in the warehouse and in circulation, and react flexibly to different batch sizes and variants, it is advisable to take a holistic view of material flows in logistics and production, to network systems, coordinate workflows and integrate various software tools.

        • Reduction of circulating and warehouse stock
        • Save storage space
        • Faster throughput speed
        • Improve economic efficiency
        • Increase competitiveness

        A modern warehouse management system (WMS) optimizes warehousing, regulates the complete material flow, controls all processes and tasks, recognizes missing and high circulating stocks and adjusts them independently. By connecting the WMS to the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) you create the prerequisites for networking your material flows in logistics and production. This enables the demand-oriented supply and disposal of the machines and central storage in your production with the currently required items. Our standard WMS offers an interface to all common MES.

        Even with targeted measures such as just-in-time, just-in-sequence, a milk run/tugger train or driverless transport system (i.e., AGV), your processes can be made leaner and more flexible while minimizing expenses at the same time. Reduce your circulating and warehouse stock in production and assembly, save valuable storage space, lower costs, increase throughput speed and improve the efficiency and competitiveness of your entire operation – even with small production sizes up to batch size one.


        Effective assembly and production supply is an important part of intralogistics. It encompasses in-house transport to the processing centers and assembly stations, handling, storage and provision as well as order picking. In order to avoid shortages during production and assembly, many companies hoard goods that they need at the installation site. This leads to a high – and costly – inventory, to an increased need for expensive storage and production space and to a lack of transparency, because you no longer know where which goods are ultimately located – circumstances that negatively affect performance, efficiency and profitability of the entire operation. For industrial companies, the right assembly and production supply has great cost and optimization potential. With targeted measures, you can make your internal workflows more efficient, safer and more cost-effective and thus also economically manufacture small lot sizes, improve your ability to deliver and thus increase your competitiveness.

      • Automated Unit-Load Storage


        For faster turnover, efficiency and safety in the pallet warehouse

        With an automatic pallet warehouse, you make optimum use of your existing storage space and obtain dynamic, fast and efficient intralogistics. These systems help you to react appropriately to increased market requirements such as short order cycles, smaller batch sizes or short delivery times. Automatic pallet warehouses are available as a rack supported building or as a free-standing system within a building, and can be built up to 150 feet high. They are suitable for almost all types of goods, and can also be designed as deep-freeze warehouses. ASRS systems show their strength when a large number of articles have to be stored and handled in limited space. A unit-load ASRS such as viapal from viastore, can be utilized with either shuttle forks or other automated systems such as shuttles for deep-lane.

        • Optimized storage footprint
        • Short throughput times, high availability of goods
        • Automated processes that reduce error rates
        • Relief of employees from physically strenuous and monotonous activities

        Speed and precision are the key factors in the storage and retrieval process. Automated warehouses are efficient, fast, flexible and reliable. They ensure improved inventory management and more efficient order fulfillment as well as short delivery times, require less floor space, have lower energy consumption and enable error-free workflows. Employees are relieved of heavy physical and monotonous work steps and errors are reduced to a minimum. For companies in industry and trade, these factors become a decisive competitive advantage.

        We support you in the planning, development and implementation of innovative automatic high-bay warehouses (HBWH), as well as all other material handling automation. As a system integrator, we offer a complete system with automated storage and retrieval machines (ASRS), shuttles, picking systems, conveyor technology, control system (PLC), material flow system (MFS) or material flow computer (MFR) and warehouse management software (WMS). The viadat Warehouse Management System (WMS) and our SAP EWM solutions organize, monitor and control all processes. Therefore, you not only optimize warehouse processes but also reduce the error rate to a minimum.

      • Conveyor & Sortation Systems


        Automated sortation systems to improve your operations and reduce your costs

        • Improved material flow
        • Reduced product damage
        • Increased speed and accuracy
        • Increased throughput
        • Quick and reliable product flow
        • Improved order accuracy
        • Handling of cases, totes or pallets

        Whether handling cases, totes or pallets, conveyor and sortation systems are designed to efficiently move and sort virtually any mix of items in manufacturing and distribution centers. These systems provide quick and reliable material and product flow within a facility which improves productivity.

        viastore's experienced engineers help you design a sortation system that reduces the costs associated with receiving, order fulfillment, route delivery, palletizing, and shipping by increasing your current throughput and order accuracy. With our integration expertise, we expand those cost savings by designing systems that incorporate sub-systems such as voice and light picking, label print and apply, parcel manifesting, and order packing automation. Furthermore, with our 3D emulation process we use state of the art software to build a digital twin of your conveyor solution prior to any equipment being manufactured and installed which saves you time and money. Finally, a conveyor system can become fully integrated through our viadat 9.0 suite of fully featured WCS/WES/WMS functionality.


        We can design custom conveyor solutions including, but not limited to:

        • Stainless steel conveyors
        • Powered roller conveyors
        • Servo gapping conveyors
        • Belt conveyors
        • Pallet conveyors
        • Chain transfers
        • Chain driven live rollers
        • Non contact controlled case rotators


        We can offer solutions to improve your operations and reduce your costs including, but not limited to:

        • Conveyor sortation systems
        • Air assisted sortation
        • Pop up wheel sorter
        • Sliding shoe sorter
        • Narrow belt sortation
      • Frozen Warehouse


        Efficient process and high storage density save energy costs

        • Ensuring the cold chain
        • Continuous monitoring of your stored goods 
        • Lower energy costs due to consistent cooling 
        • Higher storage volume 
        • Higher turnover of goods with reduced stocks

        Temperature-controlled warehouses can become real energy guzzlers if they are not carefully planned and managed. Temperatures as low as -40° F put a considerable strain on employees and limit working hours in the deep-freeze area to a minimum. In manual warehouses, a lot of cold is lost when the industrial trucks move in and out causing energy costs to rise. In addition, forklift trucks require more space for maneuvering because the racks cannot be built nearly as high.

        The most efficient, and in the long term, the most economical solution is an automated cold or frozen warehouse. It enables a higher storage density, smaller storage area, constant temperature and thus significantly lower energy costs. Additional benefits are faster and therefore more frequent turnover of goods, the continuous and transparent monitoring of processes and stored goods, lower personnel and administrative expenses which all increase your profit.

        Highest efficiency for your warehouse with a WMS

        Sensitive goods, compliance with an uninterrupted cold chain, and temperatures well below freezing – working in a deep-freeze warehouse presents many challenges. The requirements for such a warehouse are just as demanding: cold-resistant technology, high storage density and energy efficiency, short throughput times with minimal error rates, and seamless tracking of goods.

        The automated frozen warehouse is controlled and managed by a warehouse management system. The software maps all processes and enables a high level of transparency and traceability of the stored goods, including the management of batches, best before dates and serial numbers. In addition, the WMS ensures that every product is in the right place at the right time, from goods receipts to storage and picking to shipping. This keeps the cold chain intact, unnecessary goods movements are avoided and energy is saved.

      • Automated Mini-Load Storage


        Automated small parts warehouse for compact storage and maximum turnover

        An automated small goods warehouse enables you to store goods in containers and cartons quickly, flexibly and reliably. It offers short access times, optimal space utilization, high handling performance and optimal access to small parts. Automatic small parts warehouses are as individual as your requirements. They can be operated under normal temperatures, in a temperature-controlled environment or even as a deep-freeze warehouse and are used in as spare parts operations, order picking of small items, or as buffer storage in a high-speed distribution warehouse.

        • Fast access times and high throughput
        • Space and cost efficiency through high storage density
        • optimal use of space
        • reduced error rate

        viastore is the right contact for the planning, new construction or modernization of this type of facility. We plan, develop and implement your automatic small parts warehouse for the storage of small-volume units and deliver dynamic and energy-efficient storage systems that are precisely tailored to your requirements. We offer optimal solutions for the single, double or multiple deep storage of different containers and boxes, which can be transported extremely efficiently by shuttle or storage and retrieval machine, such as viaspeed. With various load handling devices, we ensure reliable handling of standard containers as well as individual load carriers. For a fast and efficient material flow as well as high throughput and maximum flexibility. Our WMS software viadat and our SAP logistics solutions manage, monitor and control all processes and thus significantly reduce the error rate.

    • Industry solutions

        • Manufacturing Industry


          Combining logistics and production makes manufacturing fit for the future

          • Integrated processes in logistics and production
          • Optimal use of resources
          • Linking logistics and production paves the way to the Smart Factory
          • Economic production even with small quantities of batch size 1
          • Maximum availability of goods with minimum downtime
          • Real-time parts tracking along the entire material flow
          • Automation simplifies work steps and relieves employees

          In industrial production, reliable and fast logistics, integrated processes and the optimal use of resources are essential. Raw materials and semi-finished products must be available on time and waste must be avoided. This applies to every sector – be it metal or plastic processing, the electrical industry or mechanical and large-scale plant engineering.

          Perfectly coordinated and optimized processes such as just-in-time (JIT) or just-in-sequence (JIS) are the basis for being able to remain competitive, achieve the highest production efficiency, avoid downtimes, increase throughput speed and reduce inventories. By integrating your logistics and production processes, you achieve greater transparency, true goods traceability along the entire material flow and thus benefit from optimized production supply.

          Our viadat Warehouse Management System (WMS) can be connected to all common Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) via a standard interface and thus connect your logistics with production. This paves your way to a Smart Factory, reduces your warehouse and work in progress inventory, and enables you to economically manufacture batch size 1, as well as large series. WMS and MES are equal partners, but use and generate different information. The MES knows what and how much each machine produces and which material is required when and where in production. The WMS knows where the required materials are stored and controls the supply and disposal of materials, as well as the transport between the production units. It knows the means of transport, their characteristics and the topology of the plan and can therefore control the optimal routes and times for the transport of goods.


          As an industrial company, you are faced with unique challenges: high inventory and current stocks, error-prone processes due to frequent manual intervention, expensive batch size 1 production, long production times and, as a result, limited growth opportunities. Equally challenging are the demands of your customers: precision, fast order processing, transparency and flexibility.

          In order to overcome these challenges and benefit from Industry 4.0, companies of all sizes rely on automated and networked intralogistics and in-house transport solutions. Driverless transport systems and intelligent software play a crucial role here. It is essential to be networked at all levels. This is the only way to achieve maximum flexibility in manufacturing, ensure continuous supply and disposal of goods to and from machines and keep your inventory transparent – from semiconductors and machine parts to semi-finished products to finished products and spare parts.

        • Retail


          Tailor-made storage solutions for the greatest possible flexibility

          In retail and e-commerce industries there are many challenges such as small order quantities with increasing order frequency, short delivery times and large volumes of returns, as well as high speed and flexibility so you can supply your external and central warehouses and customers as required without delivery bottlenecks. Online and omni-channel trade is booming. This will put even more immense pressure on retail companies.

          With modern hardware and software you can react flexibly to the increasing demands in the retail sector, secure replenishment and achieve the highest possible throughput.

          • Meet your customers demands for flexiblity and shorter delivery times
          • Automation to optimize your online and omni-channel presence
          • Secure replensihment and maximize throughput
          • Solve for seasonal and trend-related order fluctuations


          We offer logistics solutions that enable you to meet the needs of your customers at any time, even at short notice. To achieve this, we rely on the right level of automation, a consistenly intelligent control concept, ergonomic picking systems, a modern warehouse management system, and optimal integration of shipping - for trouble-free process in your replenshiment, external or central warehouse.

          A modern warehouse management system (WMS) that maps, manages and admisters all processes in your warehouse is indispensable for retail and e-commerce. A WMS like viadat, manages functions such as package determination, determination of shipping routes or the definition of fast, medium and slow movers, and is responsbile for the integration of different subsystems. In addition, with food & beverage retail, viadat manages batch and serial numbers as well as BBE and BBD data of articles, regulates hazardous substance classes, processes for products that respond to consumer intolerances such as gluten, lactose or fructose intolerances as well as the picking of food according to FIFO or FEFO. This enables you to track every article along the entire supply chain and provides you with optimum inventory transparency, even with a large variety of products.

        • 3PL


          Intelligent intralogistics as the heart of 3PL providers

          • Efficient handling for multiple clients
          • Fulfill customer requirements such as short delivery times, adherence to delivery dates and high delivery quality
          • Flexible systems to ensure competitiveness
          • Optimized processes through automated hardware and software
          • Secure processes for satisfied customers

          To save costs in warehousing, warehouse operations and vehicle fleet, many companies outsource their logistics. Due to the increasing time pressure for deliveries and increasing expectations from customers, the demand for specialized third-party logistics (3PL) providers continues to grow. But it is precisely these expectations that 3PL's must also meet. Optimal warehouse management, high throughput and fast order processing are key factors for 3PL providers to remain competitive. Flexibility also plays a crucial role, not just because of the changing sales volume and increasingly diverse ranges, but because many contracts only run for two or three years.

        • Food Industry


          From raw materials to the end customer

          • Material flow for different temperature zones
          • Hygienic and safe handling solutions
          • Comply with cold chain requirements
          • Reduce energy costs and improve throughput

          Since the food and beverage industry works with highly sensitive goods, the material flow system must meet special requirements. Whether food production, warehousing or distribution; high standards of freshness and hygiene, the creation of different temperature zones, consistent adherence to the cold chain and the consideration of best-before dates must be guaranteed.

          Safe and thorough cleaning practice are essential, especially in processing plants where food comes into direct contact with equipment.

          The systems must be designed to the highest hygienic standard to prevent the formation of bacteria. In addition, throughput times between production and storage should be as short as possible. The aspect of perishability or reduction in quality of goods during storage and transport to the end customer poses additional challenges. Efficient processes are therefore indispensable.

          viastore's understanding of processes and our expertise support you in responding optimally to the needs of retailers, restaurants and consumers with the right warehouse and material flow systems and in delivering sensitive and perishable goods quickly and reliably in varying quantities.


          An energy-efficient and process-reliable automated cold and deep-freeze warehouse meets your requirements for food production and storage. It enables lower energy costs due to closed cooling, a higher storage volume, high goods turnover with reduced stocks, ensures the cold chain, and helps keep employees out of the cold. All processes are controlled by a storage software such as viadat and executed by automated storage and conveyor technology. The WMS enables you to permanently monitor your goods as well as their BBE and BBD data.

        • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals


          Hygiene and safety have priority in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

          • Strict adherence to legal requirements
          • High quality standards
          • Proper inventory management
          • Avoid errors
          • Special handling of sensitive products (cooling & storage of hazardous substances)

          In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, stable and above all transparent processes are required, and the highest safety standards must be met. Especially in the chemical industry you are faced with many specific challenges – even the smallest disturbance can have far-reaching consequences.

          Special devices and processes are required to ensure the safety of the stored goods, your employees and the environment during transport, storage and handling. Since many chemical products are highly flammable, intelligent storage according to hazardous substance classes, as well as explosion and fire production play a particularly important role.

          Also in the health care industry, error-free storage as well as fast and accurate delivery to your customers are of great importance. All products and processes must be documented, the availability of goods should be 100 percent. Because delays or errors can result in serious health consequences for patients. In order to meet the contracts with health insurance companies, which require that no delivery bottlenecks occur, the stock of raw materials and finished products must be correspondingly large. Therefore, storage capacity is just as necessary for you as perfect inventory management, high picking performance and fast storage and retrieval processes.

          With viastore you the right partner - with the right storage and the right technology and software - we optimize your workflows and support you in ensuring proper handling and storage of hazardous and sterile goods. As a general contractor, we supply and install all required components, the entire storage and conveyor technology, as well as software, all from a single source.


          The handling of products from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors is strictly regulated by law, because safety for people and the environment must be guaranteed at every step. Even more than in other areas of logistics, it is important to avoid mistakes. The more automated and standardized your processes are, the more safety you can guarantee. With an appropriate software solution, you can design your warehouse processes efficiently and dynamically and flexibly adapt them at any time.

          Our viadat warehouse management system (WMS) enables complete traceability of goods as well as clear inventory management and error-free batch documentation. The software meets the strictest certifications and validations (e.g. GAMP, FDA), manages the batches, the expiration dates of raw and finished goods, as well as the storage locations so that substances which should be separated are not stored next to each other. The WMS starts the stock removal order for raw materials when a certain product is to be mixed. It also processes orders from the corresponding containers into which the product is filled, as well as for the packaging materials and controls the storage of finished goods and their removal from storage, picking and shipping.

        • Other Industries

        • Individual solutions for your company

          Whether automotive, healthcare or consumer goods: our customized intralogistics solutions help you to achieve the greatest possible transparency, efficient processes and optimized delivery capability. With our know-how in systems, software and services, we offer you a broad product portfolio that you can adapt to your individual needs. See for yourself!


      • Warehouse management software for networked material flows

        With the viadat warehouse management software (WMS) and material flow control (MFC) system, viastore offers a warehouse management system that significantly reduces the cost per unit shipped and reduces warehouse inventory and work-in-process levels by managing and optimizing the administration and control of the entire intralogistics. The software package can be implemented quickly through pre-configuration, is fully scalable in function and performance and has more than 2,500 standard logistics functions.

        viadat can be connected to ERP systems of different manufacturers and has a standard interface to all common Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). This makes it possible to network material flows across traditional boundaries by integrating logistics and production processes.

          • WHAT IS viadat?

          • viadat software manages your intralogistics processes

            The powerful viadat warehouse software manages all warehouse, picking, and shipping processes and controls your internal goods movements. The software manages small warehouses with low turnover just as reliably as distribution centers and high-performance logistics systems with several hundred thousand order lines per day. It can be used for conventional manual or forklift-operated warehouses or high-bay warehouses, as well as for automated systems.

            viadat can be operated intuitively, is ergonomic and suitable for multiple storage. The warehouse management system can be implemented particularly quickly due to pre-configuration, is fully scalable in function and performance and includes more than 2,500 logistics functions in the standard version, which we extend and adapt to customer-specific requirements. viadat can be connected to ERP systems of different manufacturers and has a standard interface to all common Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). This makes it possible to network material flows across traditional boundaries by integrating logistics and production processes. Operators benefit from lower inventory levels, shorter order throughput times and genuine traceability of goods, even in the smallest sizes - an important step towards the Smart Factory.

            • Control of all processes in your warehouse
            • From small warehouses to high-performance logistics systems
            • Suitable for manual, forklift-operated and automated systems
            • Standard interface to all common ERP systems
            • MES interface enables connection of logistics and production
            • Quickly implemented, intuitively operated
            • Multi-client and multi-storage capability
            • Upgradeable, scalable, powerful


          • WHAT DO I NEED viadat FOR?

          • viadat facilitates your warehouse management and the internal transport of goods

            • Fast, transparent and secure incoming goods process
            • Control of goods movements
            • Optimal utilization of storage capacities
            • Efficient production supply
            • Reliable management of inventories and orders
            • On-time order processing and dispatch of goods

            The certified standard software viadat is suitable for all intralogistics tasks in production and distribution logistics. The modern and intelligent WMS supports you in managing intralogistics and controlling all your internal material flows to machines and production lines (production supply and disposal) up to the dispatch of the finished product. viadat not only allows you to reduce throughput times, optimize delivery quality and adherence to delivery dates, but also to sustainably reduce error rates and to manufacture even smallest batch sizes economically.

            The application of the warehouse management software offers you the possibility to minimize warehouse and buffer stocks, to create space for value-adding processes and thus to increase production output. This provides you with clear competitive advantages and turns your logistics into a value-added factor.

          • WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF viadat?

          • viadat ensures your competitiveness

            From conventional manual or forklift operated systems to highly automated systems: viadat controls and manages all tasks, processes, material flows and transport along the entire value chain. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables you to achieve shorter throughput times, higher efficiency and process reliability and highest picking quality.

            viadat has a standard interface to all common Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), from which the manufacturing industry in particular benefits. Logistics and production processes can be linked via this interface. This paves your way to a Smart Factory, enables more transparency, shorter throughput times and a real traceability of goods, even in the smallest sizes.

            • Shortened processing times
            • Minimized stock and current inventories
            • Optimized delivery quality and adherence to delivery dates
            • Sustained reduction in error rates
            • Increase in production output and employee motivation
            • Improvement of transparency, efficiency and process reliability

            A warehouse management system for every requirement and task

            The software is precisely tailored to the requirements of your intralogistics. You want maximum throughput speeds and economical production of small batches in industrial manufacturing? Are you dependent on short delivery times and flexible processes in retail and wholesale? Do you need error-free storage and the highest possible safety in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry? Our WMS viadat supports you in this!

            In all of this, the focus is on the benefits for the software users in the various work areas. Our claim: simple operability. The result: Anyone who can operate a smartphone can also operate viadat – regardless of education, origin, experience or usage behavior.