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  • With our roots in logistics and a dedicated team of software specialists, project managers and creative out-of-the-box thinkers, we have been working steadily in recent years toward a solution that will link together all the players in the commercial arena: the smooth integration of local brick-and-mortar businesses in the online commerce orders fulfilment process.
Product Portfolio
  • The gax-System for your online shop: Orders fulfilment via brick-and-mortar stores

          • Integrating retailers: Everybody's talking about it

          • There are many names for what we do: distributed order management, e-commerce multi-channel, omni-channel, no-line commerce, retailer or dealer integration, POS integration, ship-from-store. At first, these terms seem like an alphabet soup of marketing terminology, but on closer look they offer many answers to the current challenges facing the mail order industry. All have two things in common: First, they integrate local retailers in the e-commerce distribution process. Second, they can be implemented via our gax-System. For nearly 10 years we have been working to explore and integrate these worlds.
      • How the gax system works

            • Maximum logistic efficiency

            • With the gax-Solution, products can be sold directly by any existing or future webshop. What’s special about gax? When the customer orders online, the gax product exchange offers the order for fulfilment to the nearest points of sale (POS), such as retailers, franchisees or local stores that are part of a chain.
              These trading partners have already been authorized by the webshop operator and can therefore participate in the system.

              The first POS that has the desired item in stock accepts the order proactively and then delivers the products to the customer. If desired, this process can be carried out using delivery service providers who are participating in the system.

              Customers are not aware of these details if the webshop operator requests that they not be informed about them. The customers receive their packages as usual with the invoice from the webshop operator. Only the sender’s address and the return address would indicate that the retailer was local. Of course it is a good idea to actively draw attention to the various regional, economical and environmental advantages and to use these advantages as a marketing instrument.

              If the nearest POS does not respond within a specified time, the search radius of the queried points of sale is gradually increased. If no POS responds, the order goes to the webshop operator itself, thus guaranteeing that no order is left unfulfilled.

              In this way the gax-System allows local retailers to be integrated as decentralized storage locations, and it ensures that delivery is by the shortest possible route.
        • How the gax system works

              • Orders management

              • Order management, including billing, is handled by the gax-System. gaxsys compares the data and provides it in the desired form to the webshop operator and to the POS.
                The settlement of accounts between the webshop operator and the POS is handled by means of a crediting system. Since the articles are dispatched by the POS, but the invoice is generated by the webshop operator, the POS receives a credit for the sold item directly from the webshop operator.

                Interfaces to all of the standard payment providers, transport service providers, and webshop systems make it possible to handle all of the order management process via gaxsys. The webshop operator can choose whether it wishes to handle a portion or all of its orders via POS integration.
          • Target groups

          • A clever combination of online shops and retail trade: Sustainable e-commerce by integrating retailers into orders fulfilment
              • The gax-System fpr brands: Support local retailers whille optimizing your logistics

              • As a manufacturer of brand-name products, you are faced with a recurring conflict: If you sell your products online, you end up cannibalizing your local dealers – the same business partners that helped you to grow through the years. This is where the gax-System comes in: We integrate local dealers into the added-value chain of your online shop!
                Perhaps you already have a webshop for your own brands, or you are thinking about opening one? Great! The gax-System interfaces with your solution without being visible to consumers. Your customer places orders in the usual manner in your online shop and receives the merchandise a short time later by mail. The difference: You don’t the order from your distribution centre, but rather send the order to a dealer who is part of the gax-System, who has the merchandise in stock and is located in the immediate vicinity of the customer. This dealer fulfils the order and then is the contact point for any returns and exchange transactions. The invoice comes from you as the brand manufacturer in the normal manner. Settlement between you and the dealer is handled by the gax-System.

                Your advantages in brief:
                • You retain control of your product pricing.
                • You utilize the local retailer as a decentralized storage location located in the immediate vicinity of your customers -> Same-Day Delivery and Click and Collect become economically feasible.
                • You can expand the number of dealers that are connected to the system at will.
                • Independent retailers can also be integrated.
                • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
                • We process all of your order management activities.
                • You decide how many orders you wish to offer to outside retailers.
                • The gax-System operates regardless of whether the retailers have the merchandise in stock.
                • You increase the availability of your brand products in the marketplace.
                • You generate a noticeable increase in the number of orders obtained by the merchants affiliated with you in the gax-System.
                • You broaden the range of your products that are available in the retail trade.
                • Now your online shop no longer competes with your local retailers, but rather gives them the opportunity to sell merchandise utilizing the Internet. It’s fair while still being advantageous for you.
              • The gax-System for associations: Cooperation amongst local retailers in cross-channel trade

              • Coordinating a cooperative association of retailers means that you must allow all of the members of the association to participate as equally as possible. If you are managing a central online shop for such a retailers’ cooperative, it is often difficult to treat the companies uniformly.

                With the gax-System, you can let the members of the association decide for themselves whether or not they want to fulfil an order. If a customer order is received in your centralized webshop, you pass the order on to our product exchange, so that all of the participating retailers have access to it. Any retailer who has the desired product in stock can accept and fulfil the order. In this way the association members can engage in e-commerce without having to administer their own webshops. You can also use your centralized online presence to establish a brand for your association and attract new association members.

                Your advantages in brief:
                • You and your association members cut organizational and financial costs because you only need to acquire and maintain one centralized webshop.
                • The members of your association gain visibility without needing to have their own websites.
                • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
                • We process all of your order management activities.
                • It becomes easier to build up a brand because there is only one contact point: attention can be focussed on one centralized URL.
                • The customer gets the products faster because of the Click and Collect option, and in the process the individual retailer has the opportunity to make additional sales.
                • The customer has a competent nearby contact who can also provide additional services.
                • The customer buys at a contact point that he trusts, but receives products from decentralized locations.
                • “Showrooming” at the point-of-sale can be prevented by using retailer codes.
                • The retailers’ cooperative association increases the quality of the portal.
              • The gax-Systems for pure players: Your merchandise close to customers

              • As a pure Internet mail order business, your products, come from centralized distribution centres that are often located far away from your customers. So the customer looks upon you as a virtual enterprise that offers no personal point of contact if questions and problems arise.

                The gax-System brings you close to your customers. By integrating gax order management into your webshop, you can utilize the stock on hand at local specialized retailers to fulfil your e-commerce orders. The retailer’s closeness to your customer can be taken into account as a distribution criterion. The retailers that are part of your gax-System participate in the online business and simultaneously serve as your decentralized warehouses and service centres, for example to process returns and to provide additional services. It is up to you which orders you wish to pass on to which retailers.

                Your advantages in brief:
                • You utilize the local retailer as a decentralized storage location located in the immediate vicinity of your customers -> Same-Day Delivery and Click and Collect become economically feasible.
                • In this way you create a nearby contact for your customers.
                • As a pure player, you gain representation in the local retail market without having to have your own brick-and-mortar stores.
                • You can expand the number of dealers that are connected to the system at will.
                • You substantially reduce your process costs.
                • Independent retailers can also be integrated.
                • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
                • You decide how many orders you wish to offer to outside retailers.
              • The gax-System for franchisors: Support all your franchisees with a single webshop

              • Suppose you offer companies the opportunity to sell your brand as franchisees? If so, then you probably have the challenge of presenting all of the franchisees on your corporate webpage, and possibly even maintaining shops for the individual companies.

                Using the gax-System, you can supply orders to your franchisees via your centralized webshop without having to sell through separate store-operator webshops. If a customer places an order in your webshop, you can pass this order on for fulfilment to your local franchise partners – either systematically to specific partners or via the product exchange used by the retailers who are integrated into the system. If one of your franchisees has the desired product in stock, he proactively confirms this and makes a binding commitment to accept the order from the product exchange, and then sends the product to the customer. Both a local relationship to the customer as well as the franchisee’s authorized territories can be taken into account in distributing orders.

                Your advantages in brief:

                • It’s a single solution that covers all of your partners.
                • All franchisees can be included, even if they offer different product ranges.
                • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
                • We process all of your order management activities.
                • You communicate with the consumer from a centralized location but deliver from decentralized locations.
                • Everything has and continues to have your firm’s familiar look and feel.
                • You expand your storage space to include the companies in the exchange, and storage can occur “around the corner” from customers.
                • Franchisee’s authorized territories can be taken into account in the distribution of orders.
                • The costs of the gax-System can be shifted to franchisees who participate in the system.
              • The gax-System for city portals: A single order fulfilment system for all retailers

              • Establishing and maintaining a city portal is a real challenge because of the great variety of participating merchants. Often, such websites are only of informational value for users because the implementation of a webshop is technologically and quantitatively difficult for such a varied group of retailers.

                Using the gax-System you can provide an online shop that involves all of the retailers but does not require that the individual retailers have their own separate webshops or special ERP systems. The webshop that your city portal operates or is developing forwards orders from customers to a product exchange by means of our orders management system. Any of the retailers that are linked to the exchange can accept and fulfil an order from your webshop, provided that they have the ordered products in stock. The customer orders online and nevertheless receives the merchandise directly from a local retailer. With features like Click and Collect, Same-Day Delivery, or additional services pertaining to the purchased product, you give your customer added value and simultaneously strengthen your local partners.

                Your advantages in brief:

                • All of the retailers can participate, even though they offer different product ranges.
                • The distribution of orders can be modified specifically to match the groups of products offered by local businesses, and it is controlled by the webshop.
                • You can expand the number of dealers that are connected to the system at will.
                • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
                • We process all of your order management activities.
                • Marketing costs can be shared by the retailers, who are now visible online and are participating in e-commerce without having to operate their own webshops.
                • Even though e-commerce is involved in the process, customers get a competent contact point in their immediate vicinity who can also offer additional services.
              • The gax-System for chains: Integrates your chain stores into your distribution network

              • As an operator of a chain of local stores, you are faced with the challenge of optimizing the capacity of your local stores. Since local stores in chains do not generally operate their own webshops, the obvious thing is to use your corporate website as a specialized webshop. But how can orders be distributed to local stores in the advantageous way possible?

                The gax-System gives you the opportunity to pass orders from your webshop onto your local stores – the very people who have local ties to your customers. When an order is received, it is forwarded to the product exchange for your local points of sale. If one of the stores has the item in stock, they can accept and complete the order. The invoice originates with your company. If you wish, the order can be forwarded with a local link to the customer or to a preferred local store. You decide which orders go to which stores in the chain.

                Your advantages in brief:
                • You increase your profitability per floor space by achieving a higher sales volume in your local stores.
                • The load on your logistics processes is reduced because you are using your local stores as decentralized storage locations.
                • Same-Day Delivery and Click and Collect become economically feasible.
                • You can reduce regional overstocking systematically by coordinating orders accordingly or by giving priority to specific local stores.
                • You can assign orders directly to individual retailers.
                • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
                • We process all of your order management activities.
                • You offer a higher level of service to the consumer, who now has a local contact person in the event of questions or problems.
                • You utilize the proximity to the consumer to make fulfilment economical and environmentally sound.
                • You can use the data from your online business to monitor the overall effectiveness of your local stores.
                • We can also utilize the expertise offered by our parent company, Dr. Thomas + Partner (, to assist you in optimizing your branch store logistics.
            • REFERENCES - The g.a.x.–system in use

            • Successful customer projects from recent years demonstrate our know-how and expertise
                • ZALANDO SE
                  Online plaform for fashion

                • Zalando is Europe’s leading online platform for fashion. It offers customers in 15 European countries a full selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. The selection includes over 1500 international brands and more than 150,000 articles. Zalando’s shops and services are tailored at the local level to meet the unique needs of customers in the various markets. Zalando is developing from a pure online retailer into a platform, and in future it aims to offer intelligent solutions for all of its partners in the world of fashion.

                  As part of its platform strategy, Zalando is testing various services and, in a pilot project, is integrating selected brick-and-mortar merchants into its platform via the gax system. This will give these merchants the opportunity to take over online customer orders from Zalando and dispatch the Zalando package directly from their own stores. Via the gax product exchange, orders from the webshop will be offered specifically to those authorized merchants who carry the ordered brands in their product portfolio.

                  It is totally easy for merchants to participate: They only need to have a computer with Internet access and a printer; and they must register to be linked into the gax system.

                  Zalando customers receive their packages as usual by mail – quickly and reliably.
                • RUN1ST

                • The goal of the RUN1ST retailer portal is to bundle the experience of over 50 participating running shoe stores on a single website. RUN1ST is not simply a sales portal. All of the shoes it offers are tested and reviewed by experienced runners. Many of the retailers contribute their own know-how, making the portal both a shopping platform and an information platform. To minimize the financial and administrative burden on local retailers, sales are handled centrally by the RUN1ST webshop using Shopware software. Then the orders are fulfilled by the participating stores. Orders are managed by the gax-System, so that any of the participating retailers can fulfil incoming orders if it has the desired shoe in stock. In this way the stores can participate in e-commerce without having to concern themselves its technical aspects.
                • I LOVE MY NEW BIKINI
                  Adolf Riedl GmbH & Co. KG

                • Adolf Riedl GmbH & Co. KG has specialized in beachwear for over 60 years. The Bayreuth, Germany company sells its own brands of fashionable beachwear – Sunflair, Olympia, Opera and Sunmarin – on its Internet platform “I love my new bikini”. Each of the brands has its own Internet presence but not its own webshop. Orders that are placed on “I love my new bikini” are fulfilled by local retailers. When an online order is received, it is offered to participating independent retailers via the gaxsys order management system. The first dealer who accepts the order sends the merchandise directly to the consumer. The webshop technology is from Shopware, and payments are processed via the webshop.
                • Däumling
                  kids shoes

                • Däumling Kinderschuhe is a family-run business that has been producing and selling children’s shoes for over 75 years. Its portfolio extends from shoes for tiny tots taking their first steps to sneakers for teens. From its very beginning, the firm’s philosophy has been to use high-quality sustainable materials. It also evaluates its materials from the environmental perspective. Integrating local retailers was the next logical step. By working with independent local shoe stores, Däumling can supply merchandise to its online customers directly from local businesses. All order processing is handled by the gax-System. With the Däumling customer, some of the retailers who are already participating in the gax-System gain a further distribution channel within the gaxsys solution.


                • PICARD Lederwaren GmbH & Co. KG – Fashion/Accessories

                • The PICARD family company, founded in 1928, relies on high-quality, stylish leather goods. The bags and purses by Picard are characterised by a linear and timeless design. The Hessian bag manufacturer was faced with the task of setting up a modern online shop and, thereby, considering the brick and mortar retailers in the inner cities. gaxsys only needed four months in collaboration with One Commerce GmbH in order to implement an e-commerce solution with the g.a.x. system, which boosts company sales and, in doing so, directly involves the retailer. Online orders are thus delivered quickly and securely to the end consumer by local retailers with short delivery routes.
                • RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH– Children's shoes

                • RICOSTA has long sought a solution for going online with their brick and mortar retail partners. With the g.a.x. system, RICOSTA has found a way to integrate retail into the brand's own e-business. With many authorised trading partners distributed nationwide, the RICOSTA online shop is well connected with local retailers' storage facilities. As a result, consumers benefit from short delivery routes and high product availability in the online shop. The online shop was implemented by GAXWEB GmbH.
                • LEKI Lenhart GmbH – Outdoor

                • LEKI, global market leaders in poles for skiing, hiking and trekking & glove systems, rely on the networking of their brand's online shop with brick and mortar retail partners. Thanks to the flexibility of the g.a.x.–system, the consumer can expect an online shop with modern design and a smart, decentralised logistics management in the background. The long-established company makes it possible to intelligently link the online shop to the local authorised LEKI retailer via the g.a.x.–system. XNX GmbH (now Neom – Agentur für digitales Marketing GmbH) is responsible for the implementation of the online shop.
                • PETER KAISER Schuhfabrik GmbH – Shoes

                • The shoe manufacturer PETER KAISER, located in Pirmasens, Rhineland-Palatinate, is not only the oldest shoe factory in Germany, but it is also where most of the internationally famous shoe brands are produced in Germany. The PETER KAISER products are characterised by high-quality, exclusive materials and a special standard, with an elegant look and unique design. By connecting the new online shop to the g.a.x. system, PETER KAISER is able to create a sustainable point-of-sale integration. With the g.a.x. system, PETER KAISER gradually integrates selected and authorised PETER KAISER retailers into online retail. Thus, in the future, all participants can shop online with a clear conscience and, at the same time, make an active contribution to strengthening local trade.
                • Think Schuhwerk GmbH – Shoes

                • For the past 10 years, Think Schuhwerk GmbH has realised its vision of healthy shoes made with natural materials in a distinctive, stylish look. The Upper Austrian company has managed to create an innovative and creative brand on a global scale. Think! is very proud of its growing global fan base. Think! is always in dialogue with end customers, for therein lies the secret to fulfilling individual demands. With the g.a.x.–system, it is now possible for Think! to intelligently interlock its online and offline trade. And this is of bilateral benefit.
                • Finn Comfort Vertriebs GmbH – orthopaedic shoes

                • The Finn Comfort brand looks back on 25 years of experience in the production of healthy, comfortable and durable orthopaedic shoes. Finn Comfort is committed to "Made in Germany" quality - so only high-quality materials are selected for the shoes, which are produced in Germany. In addition, shoes from Finn Comfort are still mainly manufactured by hand and developed together with doctors and leading orthopaedic shoe manufacturers. For example, Finn Comfort produces shoes for diabetics. By using the g.a.x.–system, the shoes ordered online from the Finn Comfort brand's online shop are mostly shipped by local authorised retailers. This ensures secure ordering on the Internet – combined with short delivery routes.
                • Indigo – Winter sports

                • When the first snowboards were produced using ash wood in a small workshop at Indigo in 1988, no-one imagined that an international brand would develop from producing single pieces for close friends. The first design awards followed further development of the product range; not least the foundation for the expansion. The idea of creating the perfect ski equipment was an adventurous undertaking aside from economic productivity. But the momentum and spirit of this idea have remained to this day and have helped Indigo to expand their lead in the international market. The online shop was developed by GAXWEB GmbH and won the Red Dot Award 2010 in the category of Communications Design. The shop was also nominated for the German Design Prize in 2012.
                • Joy Sportswear GmbH – Sports clothing

                • Since its inception in 1977, the Joy Sportswear brand has represented high-quality, sturdy and durable jogging and leisure wear. In the Joy Sportswear brand's online shop, which is linked to authorised local retailers, visitors can now buy the products directly online from the company website. Selected materials and excellent craftsmanship provide the highest standards of quality and best wearing comfort, and give the fashion of Joy Sportswear a distinct profile: contemporary yet timeless.
                • TAO® – Outdoor clothing

                • The TAO® Technical Wear brand has represented highly-functional sports clothing since 1997 and is one of the leading premium sports brands in the running sector for textiles. TAO® Technical Wear always focuses on the athlete's requirements and, from its headquarters in Ottensoos, implements innovative concepts and highly technological products which support athletes in the best possible way during their training. Consequently, the products are characterised by high functionality, good wearing comfort and high quality. TAO® Technical Wear consistently focuses on sustainable online trade and integrates authorised retailers in the fulfilment of online orders via the g.a.x.–system.