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  • Offer Profile
  • DR. THOMAS + PARTNER develops ‘made in Germany’ logistics and software solutions for you

    With over 30 years of experience, the family company DR. THOMAS + PARTNER GmbH & Co. KG has a solid basis for innovation to build on. A team of over 95 specialists forms the backbone of the company; our constant push for optimisation and new challenges is what drives us forward. We are a reliable partner for you when it comes to conceptual matters, small and large projects, modelling your software, and selecting the right technology.
    Our expertise is your guarantee.
Product Portfolio
  • Logistics Excellence: We Achieve Your Goals Through Innovation And Research. Warehouse Management Solutions Made In Germany

      • Consulting

      • Our consulting services are based on trust and all-important expertise. We guide your company professionally through individual logistical processes while giving equal consideration to your employees and your company philosophy.
      • Planning

      • We take on all of the planning work for your project, which includes coordinating transport, handling and warehousing processes with an eye to the future. The aim: clean processes that are guaranteed to run smoothly over the long term.
      • Software development

      • Pure research is the foundation of our unique software modules, and is integrated into our clients’ existing situations on an individual basis during projects. Strong software is based on strong ideas.
      • Modernisation

      • Through targeted modernisation, we can breathe new life into logistics processes and systems that are getting long in the tooth. Retrofitting is used to make your system capable of performing better than ever - without needing to reinvent the wheel.
    • IT solutions

    • We implement innovative intralogistics systems with our ‘made in Germany’ software solutions

      Tailored, intelligent inventory management
      Our constant aim is to offer more than just manual skill: DR. THOMAS + PARTNER creates comprehensive IT solutions for intralogistics. We plan and implement the most effective results in line with our clients’ requests. In the process, we offer flexible work packages, from partial subsections to taking end-to-end responsibility for an entire project, from planning, consulting, and implementation, through to support after start-up.
      One of the special features of our IT solutions is the use of object-oriented adaptive software. The individually combinable module groups in our products guarantee you the highest flexibility with maximum security. We have been developing and perfecting this for many years.
      When it comes to your inventory management, material flow control, order picking and control panel, you buy exactly what you need - no more, no less. You have the security of knowing that the system modules are already tried and tested, while also retaining absolute flexibility for later system modifications.
      The solution skills and quality of work offered by a service provider only become apparent on implementation. The high technical level of our products has already made a positive impression in over 1000 successfully implemented projects. Put us to the test!
        • Warehouse management systems

          • Smooth process flow from goods receipt to goods dispatch, with very stable system performance and quickly implementable service potential
          • Combination of various picking forms for efficient order processing
          • Transparency in all warehouse movements and the order workflow
          • Comprehensive control panel functions for effective planning, monitoring, control and optimisation of business processes
          • Minimisation of logistics unit costs through economical processes
          • You rely on a tried and tested system that has won many top-class awards
        • Material flow systems

          • Effective use of all system resources
          • Cost savings and risk minimisation thanks to a modular system
          • Maximum flexibility and quick reaction times for later expansions
          • Standardised modules guarantee seamless integration and a high level of reliability
          • Transport management based on the innovative SAIL standard
        • Manual sorting and picking

          •  Greatest possible flexibility with fluctuating order volumes
          • Increased employee motivation thanks to a varied workflow
          • Optimal utilisation of the facility
          • Performance, output and quality of a fully-automated sorter
          • Positive environmental impact
        • Control panel

          • Optimised output and resource utilisation
          • Clear, graphic depiction of all data
          • Comprehensive process overview, progress monitoring, process manipulation (gather or split orders) and performance overview (output per channel, employees per channel)
          • Optimal transparency in the warehouse
          • Ability to specifically select performance indicators for improved controlling, and data for weak-point analysis
          • Ergonomic, intuitive user interface
        • Production data collection

          • Maximum transparency
          • Easy collection of key performance indicators
          • Allows incentive wage accounting
          • Automated data collection
          • Performance-related and performance-free activities
          • Target-performance comparison
        • Mobile device system

          • Incoming goods, order picking and stocktaking controlled directly by the system
          • Acceleration of all warehouse processes
          • Precise stock management through online booking onsite
          • Secure data verification using scan processes (product ID, warehouse coordinates, etc.)
          • Ongoing processes can be monitored online.
        • Automotive ERP

          • All existing and future trading partners directly linked to the central organisation
          • Mapping of flexible distribution structures and the associated bonus programmes (performance bonus, quantity bonus, profile bonus, etc.)
          • Control of multiple PDI (pre-delivery inspection) centres, even if these are independent
          • Further importers or distribution centres linked to own organisation for use as a ‘back office’
          • Quality management at the highest level
          • Increased retailer satisfaction and importer attractiveness
          • Risk minimisation through stock security and financial security (importer/retailer)
          • Cost transparency/margin calculation
        • E-commerce multichannel

          • Opening of an additional distribution channel by integrating static retail
          • Brand strengthening through a central, manufacturer-optimised e-commerce site
          • Maximisation of goods availability by integrating static retailers
          • Cost reduction through intelligent process and returns management
          • Development of collaborative business relationships with retailers
          • Image boost thanks to sustainable online retail and ‘green logistics’
        • Urban Transport Control

          • Cloud application
          • Multilingual
          • Multi-client
          • Support for shipping service providers using mobile data collection with cyclical real-time positioning reports and handover points for run optimisation
          • Automatic order and transport comparison between the courier service and XTS with manual intervention options
          • Automatic map rendering with tool support (applicable prior to inclusion of new clients)
          • Innovative subdivision of map material into zones, handover points and hubs
          • Industry and product-independent design, with various adaptation and expansion options
      • Our intralogistics services at a glance

      • Services and expertise with passion

        The world is getting smaller, but the roads are not getting any shorter. This is why logistics is now crucial to the well-being and profits of your company. At the same time, the demands on your intralogistics system are also growing. Speed, efficiency and reliability are more important than ever and need to be given comprehensive attention, both within your processes and in your IT system.

        And? Does your current model offer the flexibility to allow you to react quickly and reliably to tomorrow’s changes and thus ensure lasting success?

        We fight for your success. Our team puts everything into providing you with dependable, experienced assistance throughout your intralogistics project. We work with you to achieve the ideal outcome. Over 1000 successfully installed projects are a testimony to the excellent quality and high technical level of our products and consulting services.
          • Intralogistics consulting

          • Good advice from DR. THOMAS + PARTNER

            The demands on your logistics IT system are increasing: e-commerce is growing ever more important, product ranges are changing, order quantities vary. Older systems are often no longer able to cope with these new tasks – technical components are no longer supported by the manufacturer, and the lack of reliable maintenance increases the risk to your business.

            So the question you ask yourself is: a new investment or modernisation?

            DR. THOMAS + PARTNER works with you to develop concepts to reorganise your global logistics processes. By regularly sharing experience across projects, our intralogistics planners and developers are able to start work on complex client processes very quickly. In this way, our team has established unrivalled analytical skills throughout all industries over the last 30 years.

            You will receive comprehensive intralogistics consulting. We adopt a target-oriented approach and consider the cost-effectiveness of all possible options so as to use your resources efficiently. At DR. THOMAS + PARTNER, we feel that open dialogue is essential, even (or especially) when it comes to controversial topics.
          • Intralogistics and IT planning

          • Eurologistics site planning

            In intralogistics and IT planning, we take a similar approach to Albert Einstein: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” When applied to our work, this means that established workflows should be simplified first, and only then automated, if reasonable. And, by incorporating all relevant factors from an early stage, we can work together with you to put in place a strong, sustainable logistics IT system.

            As part of the planning services offered by DR. THOMAS + PARTNER, we design intelligent systems that precisely meet your requirements. At the same time, these still allow sufficient room for alterations to suit technical advances and business developments.

            Just a few of our planning services
            •  Site planning
            • Distribution structure planning
            • Works structure planning (master planning)
            • Material flow planning and optimisation
            • Warehouse system, material flow system and picking system planning
            • Simulation studies for systems planning and optimisation
            • Process analysis and optimisation
            • Capital budgeting and cost-effectiveness analysis
          • Modernisation through retrofitting

          • We get your distribution centres back up to speed

            On form with retrofit logistics
            Expiring service contracts and a drop in replacement parts supplies increase operational risk. However, there is often still a great deal of potential to be found in old systems. In many cases, modernisation or reorganisation are an economical alternative to buying a new system.

            Using targeted measures, the performance of your system can be quickly adapted to suit your day-to-day work again. A small change in one area is often sufficient to produce a general increase in performance. Additional functions can also be integrated into existing systems. The costs of such measures are quickly balanced out by reduced servicing costs and an increased throughput.

            Your business is going well, your order volumes are increasing. Now is the time to make your processes and intralogistics system fit for the future! One of the most common misconceptions in business economics is ‘never change a running system’. Don’t wait until you are forced to act, as then you will not have the breathing space for considered, long-term and strategic decisions. In such cases, there is often only time for damage limitation. Your logistics processes, software and hardware should all undergo regular checks to make sure that you don’t get a rude awakening. Use your good business figures to set the right course. We can assist you with the analysis and tap into unexploited potential in your intralogistics system.
          • Intralogistics implementation

          • We implement turnkey logistics systems for you

            We make your project a reality
            An intralogistics project involves many aspects that need to be coordinated and monitored. These include software development, hardware provision and configuration, structural changes, warehouse and material handling equipment, peripherals, tools, personnel, and much more. It also includes linking the various areas together to form a harmonious whole.

            The project managers at DR. THOMAS + PARTNER have amassed many years of cross-industry experience in managing projects of various sizes and complexities. During this time, they have perfected how they deal with all relevant aspects, tools and elements of efficient project handling.

            Turnkey intralogistics
            DR. THOMAS + PARTNER has extensive experience in planning and implementing turnkey intralogistics systems. If required, we can take care of every aspect of the design, organisation and coordination work. This might incorporate:
            • Monitoring construction work and planning the warehouse layout, including warehouse and material handling equipment
            • Evaluating racking systems and control panels
            • Installing suitable systems and components, including computer-aided automation technology and the associated hardware
            Our project managers act as intermediaries between all parties, and are experienced in working with suppliers, builders and IT systems technicians. Our clients, meanwhile, deal with just one contact person at our company who is responsible for their project and provides them with comprehensive information. You decide what we do for you.
          • Software development

          • Strong ideas shape our excellent software modules

            Our motto: software follows function
            After more than 1000 projects, we know that many software systems are similar, but none are identical to any other. We endeavour to find the ideal, customised software solution for each of our clients. A logistics information system developed by us must be capable of coping with any solution-finding process. This requirement is a constant challenge, as both the preconditions and aims are never identical.

            Our software has a modular structure. Since 1997, we have relied on a stable, open architecture precisely because each client is unique. Our developers always aim to be flexible, and to expand and adapt the software on an individual basis. A particularly notable feature is its independence with regard to heterogeneous operating system environments. For many years, our clients have also trusted the ability of our software to faultlessly support even multiple sites.

            No short-lived developments - Adaptive software & variability
            In software development, it all comes down to the right approach. DR. THOMAS + PARTNER has focused on adaptivity for decades: our dynamic architecture adapts to suit your requirements and can react to changes at any time. Below are just a few of the variables in a new project:
            • Each client’s established business processes
            • Different levels of automation
            • Individual interfaces between enterprise resource planning, logistics and control systems
            • Integration of existing software systems and databases
            • Connection to existing dialogue systems (based on different operating systems and development tools)
            • Use of different peripherals
            • A wide range of functions/processes/technologies
            We aim to minimise the influence of these variables on the project duration and costs.
          • Hardware & infrastructure

          • We lay the necessary foundations

            Hardware and IT infrastructure
            Your projects and the associated IT infrastructure fundamentally require capability, extensibility and, of course, appropriate security. DR. THOMAS + PARTNER offers you these three pillars in a comprehensive package, including documentation, service and support.

            Right from the beginning, DR. THOMAS + PARTNER supports you through your project. At the same time, we adapt our services with regard to hardware and the associated infrastructure directly to suit your processes, while also taking into account existing systems where required (retrofitting). The basic principle: your requirements in terms of the hardware and IT environment itself emerge from the dialogue we establish with you. We work with you to define which components are best suited for all of your company departments. After planning, implementation (including any necessary installation work) is carried out as quickly as possible. Naturally, you can expect us to maintain your system both throughout the project as well as after it is finished. This means that your IT system will remain future-proof.

            Technical aspects:
            • High-availability solutions with the shortest failover times in active-active configurations
            • Backup, restore and disaster recovery
            • Concepts/implementation/testing/fulfilment
            • Slimline virtualisation concepts for development, testing and quality assurance systems
            • Integration into existing environments or planning and implementation of new network and SAN structures
            • Regular application performance measurements on manufacturers’ beta systems
          • Service & maintenance excellence

          • Go-live support, service and maintenance all under one roof

            After start-up, the new system needs to prove itself during day-to-day operation. To ensure that everything functions seamlessly, the challenge faced by project managers is to achieve a smooth transition from the test phase to the production phase. We strike a balance between support and autonomy, which is characterised by change management, test operation, test runs, and fall-back strategies in addition to training courses.

            Even during the planning stage, we work with you to devise a suitable support concept. And, as previously mentioned, from run-up support and change management, training and test operation, through to test runs and documentation – we leave nothing to chance. The continuous inclusion of all those involved in the project and the provision of suitable fall-back strategies at critical points reduce reaction times for improvement measures and enable an effective suggestion system.
          • Training & qualifications

          • Employee training courses and technical IT training

            Professional training
            Value-adding activities require trained employees. This is why DR. THOMAS + PARTNER offers training courses to share system knowledge; these are available in the form of comprehensive onsite training or intensive courses at our premises.

            In addition to training on the system and its functionalities, our training courses also include instructions on handling peripherals and provide a clear overview of the interdependencies between processes. Furthermore, they offer practical instructions on how to handle faults and problem situations.

            Service via Customer Support and Maintenance (CSAM)

            The CSAM (Customer Support and Maintenance) online platform is your online portal for support requests and forms part of the after-sales service from DR. THOMAS + PARTNER. CSAM makes communication more transparent and convenient. Maintenance issues can be dealt with transparently, quickly and therefore cost-effectively thanks to CSAM.