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  • Innovative automation technology
    There is no advancement without innovations. Innovations open new solutions. Innovations bring success. VIPA is seen as innovative by its customers and partners, because here solutions are found by leaving usual routes that bring real competitive advantages. We focus on customer requirements, whether it is simple or complex solutions. !
Product Portfolio
  • Our system solutions for all your automation tasks - from simple to very complex

    • Control systems

    • Our systems 100V, 200V, 300S and 500S offer you a variety of top solutions and benefits for your central and decentral functions, as well as the long-term protection of your investments. All our CPUs are universally programmable with:
      • WinPLC7 from VIPA
      • STEP7 from Siemens
    • I/O-systems

    • 200V CPUs, depending on the version, are ex works equipped with an integrated Ethernet CP for network communication via Ethernet.

      SLIO - the intelligent, decentral I/O system. During development we paid particular attention to the highest cost-effectiveness and long-term efficiency for end users and service providers.
    • HMI

    • The VIPA Touch Panel with 4.3" to 12.1" TFT-display, Windows embedded CE 6.0 and visualization system can be used universally. The touch panels are equipped with Windows embedded CE 6.0 and the visualization software Movicon. The VIPA Commander Compact CC 03 with two-line display and integrated PLC-CPU is the ideal device for small control and operating tasks. The VIPA Operator Panel OP 03 and the Text Display TD 03 are universal operating units for use with VIPA systems and other control systems with MPI interface.
    • Software

      • WINPLC7
      • WINPLC-Analyzer - SPS analyzer
      • Parameterization software
        • includes TD-Wizard, WinNCS, WinCoCT, OP-Manager
      • OPC server
    • Accessories

      • Antennas
      • Cables
      • Memory modules
      • Fieldbus accessories
      • S5 components
      • Teleservice
      • Miscellaneous
    • Solutions

    • For a long time our industrial customers, with high density automation, have increasingly been calling for turnkey and coordinated complete solutions that are developed by us completely individually to their energy and environmental management systems. Specifically tailored to their production and organizational processes. Complete packages, which are perfectly put together from modern hardware, sustainable software and experienced engineering. Existing facilities and systems are holistically optimized and networked with their controlling.