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  • Offer Profile
  • We provide cross-business solutions for automated and manually operated warehouses and distribution centers. With our extensive portfolio we are committed to our customers 24 hours a day.

    We focus on efficient logistics solutions, cost reduction and the continuous improvement of processes. In short: We enable our customers to gain higher profits and to stand up to their competitors.

    Depending on the specific task and customer request we take over the complete responsibility or act as sub-project supplier. In any case professional project management is the basis for success – all over Europe and the world.
Product Portfolio
  • KDL - Passion For Logistics

  • KDL delivers solutions for automated aswell as manual distribution centers and storage facilities.
    With a broad spectrum of offered services, that include consultation, software based solutions, the implementation of logistics systems and further maintenance of these; we are commited to our client’s general satisfaction 24 hours a day.

    We concentrate on providing efficient logistic solutions, reducing costs, and the constant improvement of operating procedures.
    In other words: We enable our clients to generate higher revenues and prevail over the competition. 

    Catering individually to each of our client’s respective needs, KDL creates customly tailored software solutions for all types of logistic processes within the warehouse. However, before the specifically personalized concept is unveiled, our company carries out a careful process and data analysis to ensure the best possible outcome.


    We provide cross-business solutions for automated and manually operated warehouses and distribution centers. With our extensive portfolio we are committed to our customers 24 hours a day.

    We focus on efficient logistics solutions, cost reduction and the continuous improvement of processes. In short: We enable our customers to gain higher profits and to stand up to their competitors.

    Depending on the specific task and customer request we take over the complete responsibility or act as sub-project supplier. In any case professional project management is the basis for success – all over Europe and the world.

      • KDL WOS – Warehouse Management System

      • The in-house developed KDL WOS (Warehouse Operating System) guides, controls and optimizes the processes in manual, semi-automated and fully automated warehouses. The modular concept of KDL WOS makes it possible to adjust its functionalities to the individual requirements without changing the initial software. Due to its modern system architecture KDL WOS can be scaled to fit any preferences.

        Also data transmission and conveyor technology, as well as RFID and track-and-trace systems can be integrated as subordinate systems. In addition, it is possible to separate individual components from KDL WOS, e.g. the radio control or the material flow control, as subordinate units to other warehousing systems.

        A flexible user authorization system makes it possible to re-design the various access rights of users in such a way that each user can only use the controls relevant to his area of activity and responsibility. This allows for extensive organization and a targeted controlling as required.
      • KDL Logistic Consulting

      • KDL Logistic Consulting – Performance. Competence. Experience. Passion.

        For our customers excellent consulting depends upon a deeper understanding of their personal challenges and noticeable progress in meeting these specific challenges. 
        Our advisors and software engineers look ever so closely. They don’t just simply go into detail; they also see the bigger picture regarding the respective situation

        We believe: Only who has mastered both of these tasks, will be able to reach even the most challenging of goals.
        Quality consulting and development as we envision it, calls for extensive understanding of process know-how, and at the same time the ability to know exactly how the necessary requirements can actually be implemented into the particular system.

        Our service profile is as individual as the challenges brought to us. 
        We see ourselves as entrepreneurial companions to our clients. Our goal is to always develop the best possible solutions and to generate real competitive advantages.

        Focal points of our performance profile:

        • Data analysis
        • Warehouse planning
        • Material flow
        • Solicitation, allocation, inspection
        • Specification sheet creation
        • Process evaluation & optimization
        • Automation
        • IT consulting

        Do not hesitate to contact us! We’ll gladly come to you for a preliminary first discussion. After all, we also believe, that only if one knows each other and the chemistry between both parties is of a positive nature, can we achieve outstanding results together.

      • KDL WOS – Graphical Warehouse Set-Up

      • Do you want to set up a warehouse in the simplest/easiest way possible?
        It would be best if you could see the warehouse unit, as you are setting it up?
        If you could just, let’s say, draw your warehouse right in front of you?

        Whether you want to create a wide range of storage areas or design elements such as walls, gates, loading/unloading areas, grassed areas, etc.
        With the KDL WOS Module this task is done quickly and reliably. Only a few mouse clicks are needed to transfer an already existing draft into the WOS-system, while simultaneously generating the storage locations in the correct physical arrangement and dimensioning in relation to the Overview of warehouse storage locations. The only requirement is an applicable measurement of the Warehouse itself. 
        And the most wonderful thing about this is that the route optimization for data transmissions was created automatically as well!
      • KDL WOS Forklift Control System (FCS)

      • The KDL forklift control system is a logistics system that controls the use of industrial trucks, especially forklift trucks. The system places the orders and routes specified for these orders in an optimal way thus preventing unproductive empty runs and search runs. The right use of a forklift control system optimizes the capacity utilization of the forklift trucks and increases their effectivity. A forklift truck control system includes a central control unit as well as mobile terminals for the trucks that are usually connected via radio. It can be part of a warehouse operating system or an independent system connected to the latter.

        Forklift control system by KDL: Integrated flexibility 
        The system is suitable for both smaller companies with only a few trucks / employees and medium-sized and big warehouses with several halls and more than 100 forklift trucks. Thanks to its extensive configuration options and the many benefits of an online system the KDL forklift truck system is extremely flexible and can be adapted optimally to the respective situation at the customer. If required, the system adapts to already existing processes and completes them optimally. Moreover it can be easily extended by other technologies such as pick by light, consolidate by light or pick by voice. The customer is almost entirely free to define and choose the hardware because for KDL it is not only the software that counts but also the hardware to enable our customers to work with the best possible solution.

        Benefits of the KLD forklift truck control system

        • Optimum integration into existing systems due to flexible interfaces and user-defined fields of use.
        • Highly efficient control based on priorities and route optimization.
        • Direct online booking of all activities executed for perfect transparency and avoiding of separate bookings.
        • Easy to extend by new technologies and features.
        • Excellent configuration capabilities and thus easy adaptation of the dialogues.
        • To be used both in the warehouse and in open space.
        • Highest possible configurability of the tasks of individual forklift trucks.
      • Stocktake - KDL WOS inventory

      • By providing a warehouse management system we see it as our duty to support you in inventory in the best possible way. Therefore, the KDL WOS supports all standard types of inventory.

        • Annual inventory
        • Continuous inventory
        • Inventory sampling

        The inventory can be carried out in different ways:

        • Use of inventory lists with subsequent recording
        • Inventory using radio
        • Inventory at special spaces on automated systems

        Apart from these basic or technical aspects the KDL WOS system provides an extremely high level of configuration capabilities and selection criteria with respect to the inventory execution.

      • KDL WOS Interfaces

      • It goes without saying that KDL offers interfaces to other systems. And this is how interfaces should work – smoothly. Without you noticing it. Whether it is communication with one or several ERP or host systems or with subordinate control systems of e.g. automated high-bay warehouses, automated warehouses for small parts, conveyor technologies or other components. It simply has to run smoothly!

        Interface technologies

        While KDL offers standard interfaces for the most different pieces of information it is particularly important for us that the system can be adapted to any interface situation to offer our customers exactly the solution he needs. This includes both, the contents as well as the interfacing technology. Only in this way can a smooth and effective process be ensured.

        Examples for interfacing technologies:
        • Exchange of text files
        • XML interfaces
        • Access to interfacing or operational tables of the host database
        • Release of interface table in the KDL WOS database
        • SAP IDOC transfer
        • Other solutions upon request
      • KDL WOS Visualization

      • "A picture is worth a thousand words."

        Different people experience situations in different ways. While some like handling figures and lists others do not like it at all. A new format is called for. Especially in the field of warehouse operating systems list views can most certainly be expected. For the staff this means again and again: Analyzing and interpreting what is provided by the system. In many cases this is a useful proceeding and should not be missing in any system.

        Here, however, KDL goes one step further.

        Much of the information in the system is displayed visually as well. This is done with simple graphics but also in complete visualizations of the warehouse. The key factor is: all graphics are interactive. This means that in each graphic it is possible to call up details and/or lists directly from the graphic or event to illustrate complete situations within the warehouse (e.g. the existing picking orders) in the warehouse layout. Thus KDL WOS provides the right tool for controlling the processes in the warehouse for any type of staff member.

      • KDL WOS Material Flow Control System (MFC)

      • The KDL material flow computer is used as subordinate system to already existing ERP, PPS or other warehouse operating systems. There it takes over the control and handling of the transports and processes. In this respect it is important that the KDL material flow computer always takes the overall situation in the warehouse – as far as known in the MFC – as a basis for the control and thus is able to make optimal decisions.

        Partly, ERP or PPS systems offer solutions in that direction. However, often these systems only offer a limited scope since in this field it is not the core competence of the supplier. In contrast, warehouse operating systems or material flow control systems have a clearly higher scope, but often it is the optimal overall integration that is lacking.

        What KDL offers
        KDL provides you with the flexibility you require. Together with you we take a look into the specific situation and define an optimal solution. In doing so we adapt the scope of the KDL WOS MFC flexibly to your demands, the demands of your host system(s) and the respective subordinated solutions required.

      • KDL WOS Carrier Module

      • Capacities, routes, costs, time – to identify the best carrier is difficult. Too many factors have to be taken into account. The KDL carrier module makes it easy for you. And when you integrate the module into our Warehouse Operating System it can do even more.

        The carrier module offers extensive options to assign orders, delivery notes and shipments consistently to the best suitable carriers. The assignment can be made manually by a staff member in the control center or via the host system already when entering the order / delivery note. In particular, there is the option to assign the carrier, carrier code and relation automatically. The carrier is determined based on comprehensive configuration tables that take into account the country, the post code, weight, number of packages and other criteria. Thus it is always ensured that the optimal carrier is used.

        Your most important benefits
        • Automatic selection of the optimum carrier
        • Automatic selection of the best / most efficient shipping method
        • Order picking on carrier level
        • Printing of carrier-related shipping labels
        • Transfer of the shipping data to the carrier (EDI)
        • Error control during palletizing and loading
      • KDL WOS Hub System

      • Time is the most precious commodity for logistics professionals – and always scarce. Costs for warehousing and transport rise continuously. We counter this: KDL has developed a comprehensive hub system for the warehouse operating system in order to rationalize picking and loading processes ad hoc and to efficiently use precious cargo hold.

        The hub system module enables feeding delivery data provided by a dispatch warehouse into a hub module. This data is then processed such that it shows the goods as “quasi picked”. The “picked” goods can now be run through the system as existing unit or even consolidated into new loading units with the goods ready for loading in the hub warehouse. A final inspection and loading control with subsequent EDI is being prepared.

        Your most important benefits:
        • Freight optimization due to consolidated withdrawal on article basis for the line haul route
        • Automated data exchange and streamlined receipt of goods
        • Consolidation of orders in final inspection at carrier level or relation
        • Potential consolidation of goods from different delivery warehouses to the final delivery address
        • Printing of carrier-related shipping labels
        • Transfer of shipping data to the carrier (EDI)
        • Error control during palletizing and loading
      • KDL WOS Emulation Module / Quality Management

      • Warehouses and their intra-logistic systems change continuously. With new projects all contingencies have to be taken into account before the actual start. This is ensured by the highly efficient KDL emulation instrument testing different warehouse processes – without big investments.

        We ensure that the system we implement is on track right from the start. Hence, with this emulation or simulation we are able to test the warehouse management processes before the final system is available. Moreover, by emulating different components such as pick by light (PbL), radio terminals, conveyor technology messages we are able to depict processes without having to connect directly to an external supplier.

        Potential applications of the emulation
        • For the new introduction of a pick by light system instead of other picking systems we provide our software emulation of a pick by light terminal.
        • For training of forklift truck drivers or pickers we provide our software emulation of a radio terminal.
        • For new systems or changes in the area of conveyor technology dialogues, conveyor technology processes such as assigning of pallets, containers, cardboard boxes, etc. are emulated so that the dialogue can be tested.
          Conveyor technology hardware is not required.
      • KDL WOS – Process Control via Instructions

        • Do you want to use a standard software in the area of warehouse operation and at the same time create customized and dynamic processes?
        • Do you want to ensure that your staff is well informed about all specifics of the current order at all stations any time?
        • Is it important for you that different process stages are integrated automatically in the handling of orders?

        Then KDL WOS with its passive and active instructions offers the perfect solution for you. While the passive instructions have a more informative character for the staff, the active instructions allow the material flow to be adapted dynamically and real activities to be executed by the system in a safe manner.

        Benefits of passive instructions
        • Display of test information at different work places
          • at work stations (e.g. planning, final inspection, packing room)
          • in radio (like HBR (high bay rack) pick, block pick, consolidation pick)
        • Transfer of information from the host via defined record types and numerical keys or manual entry in the warehouse.
          • shipping instructions
          • special handling instructions
          • delivery instructions
          • transfer information
          • article information
        Benefits of active instructions

        • Required activities, e.g. activities depending on customers or articles are automatically integrated as processing step (e.g. loading and unloading towards requested customer pallet height, customized labels per article, etc.)
        • Offering options to generate production orders for production of e.g. set articles for inventory generation.
        • Generation of de-palletizing in case inventory is needed, e.g. in picking or in the small parts warehouse (AKL).
        • Special inspections of articles at special stations in the warehouse.
        • Execution of customized quality tests in the outgoing goods process.
        The KDL WOS system structure enables implementing new requirements that can change processes dynamically in a short period of time thus realizing a safe, smooth and especially a customer-oriented warehouse process.
      • Pick by Light

      • Let there be light: Paperless pick by light

        The basic idea of Pick by Light is to display the message to the warehouse staff directly at the shelf. In pick-by-light systems a light module with a numerical or alphanumerical display, at least one acknowledgement button as well as entry and correction buttons is located at each shelf compartment. If the picking container has reached the picking position the signal light at the respective storage compartments lights up and the picking quantity is indicated. The warehouse staff can clearly identify the compartment and the quantity to be picked. After withdrawal of the goods the staff presses the acknowledgement button – the light goes out. When pressing the acknowledgement button the change in inventory is reported to the warehouse operating system in real time. The information is recorded due to the direct connection, e.g. in our warehouse operating system KDL WOS.

        Pick by light by KDL: Any requirement, any size, any warehouse!

        Our pick by light systems are easy to operate, easy to integrate in all warehouse systems and inexpensive. The KDL pick by light systems can be used in a variety of applications independent of the business sector. The systems can be applied for picking of different articles ranging from small part picking to package picking up to picking of large volume articles.

      • KDL Monitoring

        • You want your IT to run smoothly and problems to be identified and solved early, if possible before they actually occur?
        • You do not want to completely rely on the cloud and feel better when your IT system is run in-house?
        • Your IT infrastructure has been growing continuously and you would like to use the experience of a professional IT team, but a full-time or part-time job position is still not being planned?
        • In your company critical software packages are running and in case of failure your job would be impossible to handle and you would like to be sure that there is someone who keeps an eye on it?
        • You are using KDL WOS (Warehouse Operating System) as a logistics tool and want to be sure that the conditions for a smooth operation of the system are already in place?

        Then KDL Monitoring is what you are looking for!

        Together with you our IT experts will develop the optimum concept. No matter whether you just want to be informed by email in case of a problem, or if you want KDL to call you or even initiate corrective measures. You define the scope and the period KDL is to take action. This can be different tasks from simple monitoring up to the full service package including hardware and network support. – anything is possible. In cooperation with your team our professionals will define the sensitive issues and aspects critical to the success of your company and will prepare a monitoring concept and plan measures adapted to your needs.

        Examples for the effective utilization of KDL monitoring

        • Monitoring of servers
        • Monitoring of critical services
        • Monitoring of drives
        • Monitoring of virus scanners
        • Monitoring of critical operating system updates
        • Monitoring of print queues
        • Monitoring of the “environment“ (UPS, temperature, …)
        • Monitoring of printer statuses
        • Monitoring of access points
        • Monitoring of critical messages
        • Monitoring of backups
        • And much more...

        Target groups

        • Small companies without in-house IT
        • Companies that urgently want to relieve the burden of their in-house IT department
        • All companies that want to keep their IT department running
      • KDL IT-Consulting / IT-Services

      • Consulting and system solutions for warehouse logistics in small and medium-sized companies

        IT Consulting and IT Services for an efficient warehouse logistics and intra logistics are the main pillars of KDL Logisticsolutions. For more than 25 years we have been providing IT consultancy when it comes to warehousing and warehouse logistics tailored to our customer’s needs. Hence, we are very familiar with the requirements of logistical IT networks and IT infrastructures.

        We create IT system solutions for increased output capacities, optimize all processes between order entry and dispatch of goods and provide effective IT protection. Completely independent of manufacturers or suppliers. Our focus are pragmatic solutions for the customer. Faster processes and less errors, higher performance and efficiency, and the maximum possible security for IT systems and data.

        Consulting and system solutions for warehouse logistics of small and medium-sized companies
        • 25 years of know-how in warehouse management and intra logistics
        • IT consulting from A to Z, including investment planning
        • Analysis of the network infrastructures, expansion of capacities
        • Support also of complex server systems
        • Virtualization of client and host systems
        • Protection of the IT infrastructure against unauthorized access
        • Protection of systems from viruses, malware, etc.
        • Data protection concepts and quality checks
        • Training & workshops
      • Hardware

      • Hardware

        Aligned with individual customer requirements and the respective software environment KDL develops partial and complete solutions for radio and network components.

        The product portfolio includes scanners, printers and industrial PCs for any requirement.
      • Pick by Voice

      • Pick by Voice
        Clear statements during picking

        Pick by voice is a synonym for the latest generation of voice-controlled picking systems. The complete picking process is controlled via microphone and headset while KDL WOS enables an efficient dialog. The system uses a voice recognition function independent of the speaker. The increased freedom of movement (hand free) accelerates the picking process considerably, because entries via keys are no longer necessary. Via pick by voice on the whole a more efficient handling of the picking processes is enabled. The warehouse staff can focus better on the picking processes since the natural workflow is not interrupted as it is with conventional picking involving paper.