Business Profile

In 2006 KITO Corporation founded the subsidiary Kito Europe GmbH. The foundation of the German company has placed an increasing corporate focus on the European market and allows us to concentrate on our core competence in the area of hoists. We partner with qualified dealers to provide user-specific solutions for the entire European market and are represented by specialist traders as well as customer services in all countries.

Business Field:

  • Complete customer support: from pre- to a comprehensive after sales service

  • Sales through a network of specialist traders

  • Training

  • Supply of replacement parts

Our Core competence:

  • Timely fabrication of products according to customer requirements

  • Quick and efficient delivery of our complete product portfolio from our base in Düsseldorf

  • Full-fledged support to specialist traders in terms of Technique, Marketing and Sales

  • Marketing Support to our European distributors

Highest Quality in all Areas:

  • KITO Corporation is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

  • Precise manufacturing quality followed by internal and external quality controls at the highest level

  • GS certification (certified safety) for all common manual chain hoists

KITO – Quality has a Tradition
Our commitment to safety during the operation of our hoists has been the focal point of our work for more than 75 years, from product development to production and service. Ever since the formation of the company by Miyoshi Kito, the name of this family business has been known for having the highest safety and quality standards on all five continents

This KITO philosophy is realized through a high production capability and precise manufacturing quality followed by internal and external quality controls at the highest level. With every KITO hoist we offer our customers a perfect symbiosis of safety, functionality and reliability.

A variety of safety features and high product quality, in combination with GS certification (certified safety), guarantee a long product life and a high level of reliability with minimum maintenance expense and maximum operating efficiency.

KITO is securely established in the market because of our dedication to customer satisfaction, quality and product safety. Our employees are well trained and will assist you in any of your requirements. This is a partnership you can rely on. Please give us a call.