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  • Offer Profile
  • Köhl Maschinenbau has specialized in the development and manufacture of high-quality machines and systems. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, the company has made a name for itself as a reliable partner for individual solutions in the fields of intralogistics, robotics, automation, manufacturing IT and tobacco technology.

Product Portfolio
    • Intralogistics

    • KÖHL Maschinenbau is one of the leading suppliers of intralogistics. We see ourselves as a system integrator who offers integral and customized logistics solutions from a single source.
      As an internationally experienced general contractor, we assume overall responsibility for your new logistics center.

      The KÖHL system integration includes :

      • Potential analysis
      • Planning
      • Selection of components
      • Simulation & Visualization
      • Project management
      • System test & emulation
      • Installation & Commissioning
      • Turnkey handover
      • Maintenance & Service
        • Automatic storage and retrieval systems

        • KÖHL offers fully automated solutions adapted to special customer requirements. KÖHL systems are combined with components from leading partners. The result: full warehouse systems with fully automated storage and retrieval of pallets, containers, cardboard boxes or rolls that set a new benchmark in terms of standards.

        • Conveyor- and transport systems

        • KÖHL Maschinenbau has a long tradition in providing innovative conveyor systems. With coordinated components and tailor - made products from our own development, we design customized systems for pallets, cardboard, containers, and much more. To represent future potentials on the customer´s side process analysis, simulation studies and profitability calculations are used.

          Köhl conveyor features:

          • Conveyor technology for pallets, containers & roll boxes
          • Travel cart systems
          • Vertical conveyor systems
          • Flow storage & delivery systems
          • Driverless vehicle systems
        • Empty pallet checking system (LPK)

        • Pallets that are to be supplied to an automated logistics system must be of superior quality in terms of dimensional accuracy and stability. Any deficiencies with regard to these quality markers can cause interruptions in the automated goods flow. That causes costly downtimes, service applications, resultant repairs as well as packed goods onto defective or instable pallets may be damaged.
          Forward-thinking companies are opting for a check of the pool pallets by the fully automated KÖHL empty pallet check-ing system. The system ensures that only faultless and undamaged pallets are supplied to the material flow (palletizing and transport systems, high rack storage, rack operating units, etc.).


          • Modular design (modules can be customized)
          • Available as a "standalone" or integrated system
          • Conveyor system and layout adaptable
          • State-of-the-art
          • Robust and user-friendly construction
          • Modern visualization for operation and analysis of the system
          • Creation of test reports for digital communications with higher-level system
          • Easy maintenance

          • Material flow simulation secures investment


            KÖHL simulation models reflect proposed or existing production, installation and logistics systems. Even ahead of realisation, simulation offers precise analysis and assessment criteria on productivity and functionality. Further optimisation is possible, based on simulation results. For KÖHL's clients, this means maximum security for their investment.

            • Material flow and stock management
            • Process and production data management
            • Material flow simulation
            • Image processing
            • Process visualisation
          • Warehouse Management System

          • Web based . Cloud Connectivity . Smart
            KÖHL WMS offers a comprehensive reliable software for warehouse and material flow management for every industry. It allows the management of complex logistics processes from incoming materials through picking to outgoing goods. The modular software architecture allows maximum flexibility for tailor-made solutions. Standardized and proven best-practice components optimize the degree of automation of your intralogistics.


            • System monitor
            • Reporting system
            • BI dashboards
            • Material management
            • Storage place management
            • Multi storage capability
            • ABC classification
            • Multitenancy
            • BBD management
            • Reorganization / compression
            • Warehouse optimization
            • Inventory
          • Stacker control system


            KÖHL's stacker control system designs your stacker fleet intelligently, managing transport orders centrally and sending them to the mobile stacker terminals automatically, by priority and availability. Standard interfaces mean you can integrate FCS in your total system of warehouse management, material flow management and ERP systems.

            Intelligent management and documentation of stacker transports, as with goods inwards, picking and packing and dispatch, optimise vehicle need scheduling, reduce empty trips and make tracking easier.

        • Robotic Systems

        • From the stand-alone robot cell to the highly complex automation system
          KÖHL Robotic Systems specialized in intelligent, robot-based industrial automation that have to meet industry-specific requirements or customer-specific tasks. he integration of the in-house conveyor and automation technology as well as the embedding of a production control system tailored to the customer are further benefits that speak in favor of the holistic KÖHL plants. KÖHL Robotic Systems is the competent partner for demanding, complex automation solutions. International customers use our technology to increase the efficiency and productivity of their value chain.

            • Robot system solutions


              KÖHL offers complete solutions for a wide range of tasks in industrial automation, from design through implementation to comprehensive service. With our experience and knowhow, especially in emission-prone branches of industry, we can produce product and process specific applications strategies for a broad range of industries.

              Industrial automation is often characterised by individual demand profiles. Design and engineering competence alone is capable of handling increasingly complex tasks in both technical and financial terms. State of the art simulation programmes enable plant to be designed reliably and faithfully in detail, so all input factors can be reflected and tested before installing any hardware components. The KÖHL group of companies can call on synergy effects, such as between specialist mechanical engineering for the cigarette and tobacco industry, in-house conveyor systems and central control cabinet construction, to meet the most complex demands our customers can throw at us.

              Optimising process and production procedures equals higher productivity, improved quality and more people-friendly production = KÖHL

              KÖHL designs automation systems such as:
              • Fireproof and other press automation systems
              • Steelwork automation for ladling, test probe handling on sub-lances etc.
              • Casting plant systems such a score and casting filter handling
              • Process automation for (Silgranit) kitchen washers, cutting tool processing etc.
              • Palleting systems for a wide range of products, such as car batteries, FF blocks, dispatch packing etc.
              • Process quality control system (PQC – total geometry measurement, calculating weights etc.)

            • In-house development of robot applications with task-specific gripper systems.

              We give the robot its „hand“ tool!
              Standardized grippers are not sufficient for many automation applications. It is part of KÖHL‘s core competence to develop gripper systems that optimally support robot automation for specific sectors or tasks.

              High precision and efficiency
              Our robot-based automation encompasses all process steps from the front to the end of line. These include palletizing & depalletizing, assembly & handling, pick & place, processing & packaging.


            • Conception and realization of userfriendly control & visualization for the complete system

              In our robot-based automation solutions, the robot controller is integrated in the system control so that the complete system is easy to use for the operator. For changes or optimization measures at the programs only few parameter inputs have to be defined; Special robot program knowledge is not necessary.

              Your advantages:

              • Only one control platform for the complete robot-based automation system
              • Clear presentation of functions
              • Intuitive and easy to use
              • Connection to higher-level process control systems
              • Maximum flexibility in adaptations
            • PLANT SIMULATION

            • Virtual testing and optimization of the plant from the quotation phase to commissioning

              With special 3D simulations programs we analyze our complete systems already during the quotation phase. The interaction between the robots and the production machines is checked, machine movements are evaluated and material flow calculations are carried out.

              Your advantages:

              • Commissioning is shortened
              • Prevention of erroneous interactions
              • Avoid downtime in production
              • Optimization of production processes and logistics
            • VISION SYSTEMS

            • Integration of modern recognition systems such as e.g. 3D laser camera or sensors.

              Intelligent recognition of the products:
              Wherever it is necessary to detect, separate and feed chaotic objects, we use state-of-the-art VISION technology for bin-picking. The recognition of the objects and the measurement of their position takes place via programmable 3D laser cameras or sensors integrated in the robot.

              Advantages of the 3D laser camera:

              • TCP/IP interface for data transmission
              • Output of images via internal HTTP & FTP Server
              • Direct coordinate transformation on the camera
          • Automation

              • Energy Management system

              • Eco.On Energy Management System

                In the age of industry 4.0, the goal of an energy management system is the continuous improvement of a company‘s energy performance. Often the energy managers have too little time for the essential task to identify and realize saving potentials. eco.On helps you with the automated collection and evaluation of the energy data you need as a basis for decision-making. In this way, potential savings can be identified and a continuous improvement process according to the PDCA process is made possible.

                eco.On is your sustainable and integrated energy management system, which fulfils the requirements of the DIN ISO 50001 standard and following.

                eco.On is available everywhere, every time

                Clear visualisation and intuitive operation contribute to the user friendliness of eco.On. Communication is “to go” on Smartphone or at the workplace. By automation of information flows, all users from the production level to the CEO can receive their detailed overview of energy consumption and costs at all times.

                eco.On – Fast Facts

                • Data acquisition from the entire infrastructure up to manual input
                • Clear presentation of energy consumption data
                • Data acquisition from energy consumption to the entire production process
                • Energy management reports and key figures in real time & historically
                • Finished report templates & own reports with modern graphical design
                • From the machine operator to the CEO:flexible access to the analysis
                • Multilingual operating system
                • Easy integration of existing systems
              • Part Trace System


                When it comes to driving innovative Technologie, KÖHL's Part Trace System sets new standards. This system is used to identify parts uniquely in the foundry industry. Being able to trace castings back systematically thanks to unique, reliable ID data ensures perfect production analysis and maximises production transparency.

                Marking castings permanently and uniquely makes processes highly reliable, so the production parameters involved in making castings can be traced with absolute certainty. Linking data recorded locally with a database and reflecting the material flow via the KÖHL data management system complete the requirements of a modern foundry.

                • Laser-applied ID numbers make components uniquely identifiable
                • Castings can be recognised by scanning
                • Individual customised parameter software
                • KÖHL data management system means process parameters can be analysed easily
                • Used in the automotive, steel, aluminium and ordinary ceramics industries
              • Image Processing

              • KÖHL integrates image processing systems in your automation projects, with tasks ranging from simple testing through to complex optical measurements.


                • Inspection
                • Position recognition
                • Robot management
                • OCD
                • Quality control
            • Manufacturing-IT

            • Ensuring product quality, optimising production processes and designing them transparently: these are the main benefits of today's information and communication systems. What people need are strategic, customisable solutions for intra-logistics and production logistics, using state of the art software technology.

              KÖHL's team of experienced high level language programmers designs and creates logistics information systems which combine product management level with control systems in production and distribution intelligently.

                • MOM


                  Business and manufacturing understand each other with MOM 95!

                  They speak a different language: humans and IT-systems at the business level on the one hand, and at the production level on the other hand. KÖHL Manufacturing Operations Management MOM 95 eliminates these “language barriers” with a standard terminology! Communication between the systems becomes consistent and efficient. MOM 95 optimizes the processes with accurate and timely information exchange regardless of size, industry or degree of the company’s automation.

                  KÖHL Manufacturing Operations Management MOM 95 is ISA-95 compliant. It defines the interface between business and manufacturing with regard to models, activities, and dataflow. The ISA-95 standard consists of 5 parts. The goal of the IT-integration of corporate management (Level 4) with the control systems (Level 2) is the clear definition of system limits and responsibilities that can be applied in all branches of industry.

                • IIOT


                  The smart Machine-To-Cloud Solution

                  The KÖHL IIoT-Server is a smart Machine-To-Cloud solu-tion that collects and handles data at the shopfloor leveland forwards it to a Cloud or Fog environment.
                  This is where the data is stored, analysed and archived.This is how we raise your production to a future-prooflevel. An intelligent production optimizes process work-flows, maintenance, energy consumption and servicemanagement.


                  • Data centered design
                  • Platform independent
                  • Scalable
                  • Lightweight software architecture
                  • High performance
                  • Interoperable: supports all commonprotocols and machinery
                  • Configurable
                  • Flexibly expandable
                  • Maintenance friendly
                • Reporting System


                  The KÖhl reporting system makes it possible to evaluate the production quickly and in a goal-oriented manner.

                  Using an interface to the SCADA systems, process parameters, sensor values and alarm messages are registered, processed and archived by the Reporting System. The archive server enables fast data access, independent from the production.

                  Users can analyse individual batches, compare batches, carry out long-term analyses and export reports. The Trending function makes it possible to visually display value ranges as curve charts.
                  The system's web-based surface can be accessed via intranet and does not need to be installed at the users' location.

                  • Flexibility thanks to user-specific configurations and the creation of templates
                  • Efficient working using filter-, search- and grouping functions
                  • Visual display thanks to zoomable and configurable diagrams
                  • Invalid batches and parameters are highlighted by defining nominal and limiting values
                  • Definition of own analysis variables (e.g. CpK) with integrated formula editor
                  • Export functions for all data in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and CSV
                • Track & Trace


                  Batch tracing makes possible complete transparency and tracing of all the particles. products, batches and raw materials in the entire production process. This ranges from the finished goods back to the raw materials that were used as well as verification of which raw material batches were used in which end products (upstream and downstream).

                  Using intuitive filters, you can represent the desired information quickly and clearly. This information can be exported at any time for further use in a wide variety of different formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)

              • TOBACCO TECHNOLOGY

              • HEINEN KÖHL provides the innovative solutions for the robotized case unpacking process. It’s safe, fast and operator friendly.

                HEINEN KÖHL combines the experience of HEINEN in tobacco processing with the know-how of KÖHL in Secondary, Logistics and Automation. We are in a close dialogue with our customers and offer full, customized solutions incl. layout, machine design, production and assembly.

                HEINEN KÖHL offers:

                • Wide range of Primary Equipment
                • Wide range of Secondary Equipment
                • Tobacco Logistic Systems including Bin Handling & Filling
                • Innovative Tobacco Processing & Flavouring Solutions
                • Printing, Labelling and Identifying for Track & Trace

                Primary feature facts:

                • Unpacking / Rejecting
                • Slicing / Dividing
                • DCC / C
                • Casing / Flavouring
                • String Remover
                • Separating
                • Twister (DCP)
                • Stem Line
                • Steaming Tunnel
                • Drying
                • Cooling (TCC)
                • Mini Silo, Feeding
                • Bin / Carton Filling
                • Bin Handling
                • Pilot Plant Equipment

                Secondary feature facts:

                • Online Flavouring (FAS)
                • Bundle Perforation Unit (BPU)
                • Bundle Handling
                • Track & Trace (LCE)
                • ReclaimAIR
                • End-of-Line
                • Filter station