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Business Profile

For almost two decades Scheugenpflug's engineering design team has been focusing on automated system solutions for Resin Metering Technology. Our major customers are in the semiconductor, automotive electronics and consumer good industries. Resin metering and application is one of the most important production processes, especially in the area of electrical and electronic devices, where the requirements for ruggedness have risen extremely over the years.

Even though metering technology is the core business of Scheugenpflug, many companies in the electronic industry do not know that Scheugenpflug attains most of its revenues with automation solutions. The applied resin and adhesives have to fulfill very important functions and must be rated at the same level as other production processes, for example: soldering, screwdriving cell or fitting the part that is being manufactured. Scheugenpflug has the know-how to protect our customers electronic components effectively. Also we offer on-site training for our customers operators and process engineers.