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  • Offer Profile
  • Always a step ahead.

    STEIN Automation provides its customers with products and services that enable economic and humane automated manufacturing, including conveyor systems with logistics and controls that are on par with highest quality and user-friendly standards.

    • Advice and consultation
    • Planning
    • Service
    • Control software
    • Reconstruction and modification

    Our objectives determine the path we follow.
Product Portfolio
  • STEIN Transfer systems

  • Versatile, modular, service friendly, the Workpiece Transport System, is a modular solution that makes assembly systems flexible. It is capable of moving different kinds of products with different processing requirements to the various workstations without annoying downtime and other similar problems - from small to very large. Your advantages are:

    1. High flexibility
    Components that are designed from the modular system are guarantied to be highly flexible. The system can be easily expanded as required. The elements assemble and convert with little effort. For example, if the manufacturing process changes or an additional workstation is required, WTS accommodates these needs without problem. Systems that are already installed can be expanded in any direction. These features ensure smooth adaptable production under changing requirements.

    2. Modular assembly
    Trained mechanics can assemble and commission the system, which translates into individual, efficient and economic manufacturing. Unique to the WTS are the combination possibilities of its primary control elements, the energy unit and slave. Prefabricated wires with plugs provide internal and external connection for timesaving ease.

    3. Service friendliness
    Qualified, prompt service is a certainty. Should you ever experience a problem, our customer service is available to you – on site!

    4. Programming under Windows
    The WTS is easy and quick to program with the STEIN software under Windows, enabling you to easily compile, configure, expand or convert your system.

    STEIN Competence
    You can select from the components through to a logistics controlled transport system.
    • Windows interface
    • Easy programming
    • Statistical evaluation
    • Networking to CIM and QS
    • STEIN 300 Components

    • Professionals, who require WTS basic components for systems they have designed on location, can easily order the basic components out of the catalogue to complete their conveyor system without loosing time. Take advantage of our experience!
      • For the custom design of your machines
      • You determine specifically what items you receive
      • Ideal for designers of self-made systems
      • Benefit form our many years of experience
    • STEIN 300

    • Manufactured for the first time over ten years ago, the STEIN 300 has developed into a real bestseller. Over 3000 systems that are installed and operating today are proof of the quality and usefulness of this innovative system, which is the basis of STEIN’s market standing in automation today.
    • STEIN 500

    • A Powerful Solution for the Gentle Transport of Heavy Products
      The STEIN 500 is deployed when heavy workpieces have to be transported. In all other respects, it is just as intelligent, flexible and service-friendly as its "kid brother", the STEIN 300. The smart, modular principle for assembly-automation, designed just the way you want it. Your advantages:
      • Gentle transport despite heavy products
      • Energy-saving through intelligent motor control (SoftMove)
      • Cost-saving through the soft braking of the workpiece carriers
      • Flexibility through the option of transporting overhanging products
      • Proven technology system configuration instead of special customising
      • Extremely low noise levels have been achieved through the use of modern materials and technology
      • No pneumatics or stoppers are required for the transfer and positioning of the pallets
      • Higher pallet throughputs are achieved through accelerated entry speed into workstations
      • Pallet weight is supported by a series of rollers
      • Movement is achieved through friction from a tape drive
      • Automatic flow optimisation function of the software saves time.
      • Pallets can be controlled individually ensuring that you have everything under control all the time
      Simple expandability and the modular system design give you flexible investment options and reusability.