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  • Offer Profile
  • R+E Automation offers its customers a comprehensive range of services in its role as system supplier.
    From the mechanical and electrical construction of the systems to their assembly, control and start-up, R+E Automation covers the complete value-added chain.
Product Portfolio
  • Feeding Technics

      • Feeder


          • R+E LINEAR FEEDER – LF 1-180, LF 2-270, LF 2-400, LF 4-670





        • Elevators

            • R+E ELEVATORS

            • R+E feed elevators are used for the automatic
              recharging of bowl feeders and centrifugal feed systems.

              A variety of sizes are manufactured dependent
              on the charge volume and container size required.

            • The compact R+E step elevator is manufactured
              in bench design and provided with a feed section.

              The feed products are sorted on a vibration rail.

            • Designed with automatic recharging conveyor belt.

            • This R+E step elevator is an autonomous floor-standing
              feed system designed with multitrack step feed plates.
          • Control-Units

              • Frequency control
                unit MFS 168

              • Operating voltage
                115/240 VAC/± 10%
                Operating- frequency 50 / 60 Hz
                Vibration- frequency 30 – 140 Hz
                Level control YES
                Output voltage 0-100V / 0-205V
                Output current 6 A max.
                Protection class IP54
                Dimensions 205 x 93 x 191mm
              • R+E Control unit
                RS6 RS6/539-559

              • Operating voltage
                110/240 VAC/± 10%
                Operating- frequency 50 / 60 Hz
                Vibration- frequency 25 / 50 Hz
                30 / 60 Hz
                Level control YES
                Output voltage
                20-100V / 40-210V
                Output current 0,1 – 6 A max.
                Protection class IP54
                Dimensions 205 x 93 x 80mm
              • R+E Control Unit Smart

              • Operating voltage
                110/240 VAC/± 10%
                Operating- frequency 50 / 60 Hz
                Vibration- frequency 25 / 50 Hz
                30 / 60 Hz
                Level control NO
                Output voltage
                20-100V / 40-210V
                Output current 0,1 – 6 A max.
                Protection class IP54
                Dimensions 175 x 80 x 80mm
              • R+E Control unit
                board version

              • Operating voltage
                110/240 VAC/± 10%
                Operating- frequency 50 / 60 Hz
                Vibration- frequency 25 / 50 Hz
                30 / 60 Hz
                Level control YES
                Output voltage
                20-100V / 40-210V
                Output current 0,1 – 6 A max.
                Protection class IP 00
                125 x 112 x 110mm
            • Purpose Feed System


                  • The feed products are raised by an R+E feed elevator and conveyed over a feed rail to the R+E roller conveyor.

                    Automatic sort and orientation rollers ensure the correct orientation of the parts in the roller conveyor.

                    At the end of the feed system, the parts are conveyed over a linking rail to the downstream assembly and manufacturing process.
              • Centrifugal Feeder


                    • Centrifugal feed systems are used to achieve very high feed capacities.

                      Dependent on the sorting system used and the feed product, capacities of up to 1,000 pcs/min are attainable..
                • Engineering

                      • R+E COMPACT FEED SYSTEMS

                      • R+E bowl feeders automatically sort, feed and transfer single parts over a vibrating rail. At the end of the rail is a separator station that separates a single part.

                        The separated part is picked and placed by a handling unit or a robot. Bowl feeders are fitted with a fill level sensor and are automatically replenished by an R+E hopper.

                        The complete feed, separator and charging station is mounted on a common base plate and forms a compact unit.

                        The machine is available to customer  specifications without controller or, as an  alternative, with a complete station control system.
                  • Specialmachines

                      • Rotary Indexing Assembly Machines

                      • The R+E Unimat, i.e. a modular assembly machine, is manufactured in a compact design and is universally applicable for many products. The assembly machine is producible with 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 stations.
                        Vertical and horizontal movements are cam-controlled with fully mechanical operations. Through the use of frequency-controlled drive motors, the speeds of the rotary indexing table and the cam-controlled handling units are symmetrical and their control is infinitely variable.
                          • MACHINE FRAME

                          • The R+E machine frame is made in a sturdy welded steel construction that provides a stable base for mounting the assembly machine later.
                          • BASE MACHINE WITH LIFTING PLATE

                          • The rotary indexing table is mounted under the assembly platen. It is driven by an AC motor which is also driven by a cam mechanism comprising 3 cams and levers.
                            Above the machine platen is a cam-controlled lifting plate, a fixed assembly plate and an installation plate.
                          • BASE MACHINE WITH HANDLING UNITS

                          • The handling units mounted on the fixed assembly plate are driven in the horizontal and vertical planes by the cam-controlled drive motor. A second higher level lifting plate regulates the necessary control movements.
                          • R+E UNIMAT

                          • Fully mounted R+E Unimat assembly machine, equipped with cam-controlled handling units, main controller, operating panel and safety devices. This is the base machine used for further expansions to obtain complex assembly machines.
                          • Canula-Bounding Machines

                          • The qualification requirements to cannulas have reached a maximum level due to the great number of different requirements, e.g. administration of vaccinations and medication or taking blood samples.

                            R+E cannula bonding machines of series MA-KK are the latest generation of high-performancesystems. All quality requirements and tests of our customers have been considered and can be selected as modules.
                            R+E assembly machines are used around the world.

                            The R+E cannula bonding machines of series MA-KK are available in the following versions:
                            • 1-track – up to 3000 production rate/h
                            • 2-track – up to 6000 production rate/h
                            • 4-track – up to 12000 production rate/h
                            • 6-track – up to 18000 production rate/h
                          • R+E ASSEMBLY MACHINE FOR GLASS SYRINGES

                          • This adhesive and assembly machine automatically feeds and positions glass barrels, inserts and then glues the canulas. This is followed by the UV curing of the adhesive. Optional stations, such as a pull test, camera inspection of the needle tips, siliconisation of the canulas, flow tests, etc., ensure that the product is assembled correctly and tested. The assembled and tested parts are automatically placed in trays.

                          • This assembly machine also inserts canulas in barrels, glues them and subjects them to a UV curing process. After siliconising the needles and passing through integrated test stations, a protector is fed automatically and placed on the final product.

                          • Can bottoms are fed automatically on this assembly machine and inserted in the machine. Later stations include the automatic feed and insertion of a catch, placement of a cover and the automatic labelling of the appliances.The assembly machine is equipped for changes to 3 different product sizes.
                          • R+E ASSEMBLY MACHINE FOR FUSES

                          • The fuse body is automatically fed and presented. This is followed by the automatic feed and placement of the two end caps. Finally there is an electrical test and selection in OK and NOK parts.
                        • Track Assembly Machines

                              • R+E 2-Track Assembly Machine for Terminal Strips

                              • Fully automatic assembly of terminal strips.
                                The block, the screws clamps and the screws are fed automatically by bowl feeders and assembled in a fully automated process. The screw depth is tested by a separate check station. The assembly is then ejected selectively depending on the check result.
                              • R+E 4-Track High-Performance Assembly Machine for Terminal Strips

                              • In this high-performance assembly machine, the terminal blocks are fed by bowl feeders. The screws clamps are fed 4 at a time. The screws are fed simultaneously 8 at a time and torqued in. Check stations ensure a functional work process.
                          • High Performance Assembly Machines

                                • R+E High-Performance Assembly Machine For Screw Caps

                                • The assembly machine functions with continuously operating assembly stations.
                                  The caps and inserts are fed automatically from bowl feeders and then assembled and tested in a continuous process. Output dependent on part size approx. 300-700 pcs/min.
                                • R+E High-Performance Assembly Machine for Special Syrings with Canulas

                                • The syringe barrels are fed by a special high-performance feed system comprising elevator and
                                  roller conveyor, and are routed to the Kontinumat® machine.
                                  The canulas are fed by a high-performance bowl feeder and also routed to the assembly machine.
                                  The parts are assembled, tested and discharged in the continuous assembly process.
                            • Assembly Transfer Lines

                                  • R+E ASSEMBLY TRANSFER LINE FOR SOLENOIDS

                                  • R+E assembly lines are designed as modular with flexible cells so that, as required, a change can be made to stations or the entire machine can be extended. One side of the machine is the operating side. The automatic feed and assembly stations are mounted on the rear of the machine.

                                    The workpieces are transferred by a double-belt system and automatically fixed in the workstations. Integrated checks ensure an optimum work process. At the end of the assembly line, the assembled solenoids are subjected to intensive inspections in mechanical and electrical tests.
                              • Engineering

                                    • R+E ENGINEERING – YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR CHALLENGE

                                    • A final design starts with the first sketches and gradually matures from using the latest CAD programs. Our standard software tools include ProEngineer, Inventor and AutoCad.

                                      Not only that, we use risk analysis methods such as FMEA as well as project management tools. Through constant training, we prepare our staff for the increased requirements in the special-purpose mechanical engineering and control technology.

                                      For electrical engineering design, we employ E-Plan and EL-Time taking into account the latest changes in standards. One of the main decisive advantages of R+E is our profound expertise in the field of feed technology.
                                • Aluminium Profil System

                                • R+E is the profile partner and dispatch warehouse for MayTec Systemtechnik in North Wuerttemberg.
                                  To meet the high expectations of our customers and guarantee fast delivery,we manage a large warehouse of aluminium profiles and accessories.
                                    • Profile System

                                          • Handling

                                          • The MayTec profile system is easy to process and quick to assemble.
                                            Its flexible, modular construction means it can be easily modified and is reusable at any time.An experienced team will support you in implementing the MayTec system, tailored to your individual requirements.The design depends on the required dimensions, loading capacity and stability.
                                      • Applications

                                          • The Profile System

                                          • The Tube-Clambing System

                                          • The Clean-Room System

                                          • The Linear System

                                          • The Conveyor System

                                          • Protective Barriers

                                          • The Telescopic System

                                        • Engineering

                                        • The MayTec service is as versatile as the MayTec profile system:
                                                • Customer consultation and support
                                                • Project engineering for innovation solutions to meet your requirements.
                                                • Design and parts list generation using 2D and 3D design software (AutoCAD bzw. Pro/Engineer) with additional software B&W Profiles.
                                                • Delivery of standard elements ex works
                                                • Delivery of profiles and accessories cut to size according to parts list for customer assembly
                                                • Delivery of pre-assembled modules
                                                • Delivery of completely assembled units
                                                • Assembly at your premises
                                                • The complete range from simple frames to complete machine enclosures.