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  • Since more than 25 years, FlexLink is a worldwide supplier of production logistics solutions to manufacturing industries. FlexLink provides a wide range of conveyor systems and handling functions enhancing efficiency in filling, packaging, machining and assembly lines.

    Typical FlexLink hallmarks are; compactness, efficiency, flexibility and durability. Common effects are reduced manufacturing costs, less WIP, shorter line resetting, and a reduction of non value adding operations. At the same time, FlexLink solutions increase the delivery service, quality assurance and the factory profitability.

    FlexLink has conveyor systems to handle, divert, rotate, push, or accumulate your products in the manufacturing processes. With FlexLink, you gain enhanced production efficiency from our conveyor systems, process expertise, and advanced software.
Product Portfolio
  • Aluminum conveyor systems

  • The standard conveyors from FlexLink are based on analuminum conveyor beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain.

    Each system has a wide range of modular components which can be fitted using simple hand tools. The entire conveyor system can easily be adapted if the production requirements are changed. Designed for easy integration with stainless steel conveyor systems.


    The aluminum conveyor is easy to assemble and no welding is needed. Aluminum is an excellent material for conveyor beams thanks to its tensile strength, density, formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. 

    The low weight of the aluminum conveyor reduces the environmental impact when transported, it also contributes to a lower shipping cost. When recycled aluminum consumes only 5% of the energy that would be required to create a similar quantity from raw materials, a significant green saving.
      • Plastic chain conveyors

      • The multi-flexing plastic chain conveyor systems with aluminum beam permits horizontal as well as vertical distribution of products.

        The conveying systems tight vertical bends save floor space by enabling multilevel transportation and make access easy for operators.

        Conveyor range

        Standard conveyor chain widths range from 43 mm up to 295 mm, for product widths up to 400 mm. The conveyed products varies from a few grams up to 30 kg, in many shapes.

        Conveyor product lines: X45, X45H, XS, X65, X85, XH, XK, X180, X300.

        Standard conveyor components

        The collection of standard components guarantee the design of a customized conveyor solution with fast delivery time.


        The base link parts of the chain links have the same basic shape, and the same technical properties. Five different materials are used. The standard material is acetal resin (POM). Different materials are used.

        The conveyor can be configured with the suitable standard chain according to the production requirements, e.g. temperature, strength, etc.
      • Modular wide belt conveyors

      • The modular wide belt conveyor is designed for applications that handle products which call for the stable support of a wide chain such as:
        • Secondary packaging of food and hygiene products
        • Pouches
        • Soft plastic bags
        • Shrink wrapped products
        • Card board boxes
        • Plastic containers
        Highly suitable when the production requires horizontal transport between case packers, cartoners, in-case fillers, shrink/stretch wrappers or bulk packers.

        Conveyor range

        Modular plastic belt conveyor widths range from 304 to 608 mm. fitted in an aluminum beam.

        Conveyor product lines: WK, WL322, WL424, WL626


        The belt conveyor system has many of the benefits of the original FlexLink conveyor system. Thanks to the modular design, the conveyors are easy to design and assemble to match your specific needs. The added advantage of a side-flexing wide belt (up to 600 mm) permits effective transport and accumulation in several different configurations.


        The plastic belt surface ensures safe and gentle transport of the conveyed goods. A high-friction belt for vertical ascents is available as an option. The fine mesh pattern of the chain minimizes the risk of jamming or tearing goods that are being transported, and also improves operator safety.
      • Elevating conveyors

      • When elevating the production flow, you reclaim valuable floor space, which enables you to add more production capacity or increase accessibility for your operators. Choose the right elevation solution based on factors such as throughput, the processes involved and the features of the products as they appear in the line. Refined design and standardized interfaces to the up- and downstream equipment make the solutions not only efficient but also accommodating to various products.

        Incline conveyor

        The incline elevator conveyor is designed for single or multiple lane elevation. It provides gentle handling of sensitive product and is easy to adjust for different products sizes.

        Spiral elevator

        The spiral elevator is a compact and high throughput solution for up or down elevation. It ensures a continuous product flow while the elevation is as simple and reliable as a normal straight conveyor. The spiral-shaped conveyor is the key to its unique compact construction that saves valuable floor space.

        The application range is wide, from the handling of individual parcels or totes to handling of packed items such as shrink-wrapped bottle packs or cartons.

        Wedge conveyors

        wedge conveyor uses two conveyor tracks facing each other to provide fast and gentle transport, horizontally and vertically. Wedge conveyors can be connected in series, if proper timing of the product flow is taken into account.

        Wedge conveyors are suitable for high production rates and can be designed to save floor space. Owing to their principle of operation, the wedge conveyors are not very suitable for transport of very heavy or irregularly shaped objects.
      • Balancing solutions

      • A perfectly balanced flow optimizes your production output. FlexLink solutions lets the line breathe and avoid queuing. It is also easy to distribute the flow and ensure that the right amount of product arrives on time at the downstream machines. FlexLink has several standardized functions for balancing production lines, with both FIFO and LIFO configurations. To discuss your needs please contact us!

        Dynamic Motion Transfer

        The Dynamic Motion Transfer (DMT™) allows for perfectly balanced flows at up to 1000 products/min. The intelligent features of the diverter enable a demand driven production with optimized conveyor and machine speeds. It is suitable for a wide range of products – even sensitive, flexible packaging.

        Accumulation conveyor

        The spiral shaped accumulating conveyor (alpine conveyor) functions as an accumulation/buffer zone between machines. It can also be used as an in-process step, e.g. for cooling or drying, or simply to elevate and lower products. This type of accumulating conveyors are used inline or as a bypass.

        Accumulating buffer for storage

        The accumulation buffer track is typically used in testing and sorting applications. The automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), provide an effective and ergonomic system. The accumulation system can be used for intelligent buffering, balancing of process flow, kitting, test and burn-in solutions or as storage for different items.
    • Stainless steel conveyor systems

    • The conveyors are based on a stainless steel conveyorbeam with low friction slide rails, guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain.

      Each system has a wide range of modular components which simplifies assembly and installation, cuts start-up time and allows quick and easy line modifications. The entire conveyor system can easily be adapted if the production requirements are changed. Designed for easy integration with aluminum conveyor systems.


      The stainless steel designs are adapted to the requirements of the food processing, pharmaceutical and hygiene industries. The stainless steel conveyors can run completely without lubrication systems, even at high speeds.
      • Split beams in stainless steel for easy cleaning.
      • High resistance to aggressive chemicals.
      • Standard FlexLink plastic chain.
        • Chain conveyors

        • The chain conveyor systems with stainless steel beams are clean, robust and modular, and include a complete range of guide rails and supports.

          Strong and fully flexible

          The design follows a proactive approach to increase cleanliness, minimizing dirt pockets and maximizing rounded surfaces for better drainage. Extensive research and development results in a very robust and stable conveyor system that includes a complete range of guide rails and supports. Every component in the new platforms has been carefully designed to give maximum sturdiness. In addition, the components are highly modular to make the new stainless steel conveyors flexible and support easy engineering. Standardization also simplifies assembly and installation, cutting start-up time and allowing quick and easy line modifications.

          The conveyors are adapted to the requirements of cleanliness within the food processing, pharmaceutical and hygiene industries. They run completely without lubrication systems, even at high speeds.

          Chain conveyor range

          Standard conveyor chain widths range from 63 mm up to 295 mm, for product widths up to 400 mm. Suited for items with a weight up to 15 kg.

          Conveyor product lines: XLX, X85X, X180X, X300X
        • Modular wide belt conveyors

        • It addresses important aspects of today's packing processes: easy to clean, smooth handling of products, safe for operators, robust design, long life, and easy to maintain with a low cost of ownership.

          The modular and standardized design ensures fast set up, and facilitates rapid future extensions and changes.

          Belt conveyor range

          The conveyor belt consists of plastic hinged links connected by plastic rods. The belt is woven together by links that are 102 mm, 124 mm, and 180 mm wide. Plain bends offered up to 90°. The assembled belt forms a wide, flat, and tight conveyor surface. The belt has a minimal number of seams and open hinges that are easy to clean.

          Conveyor product lines: WL374X, WL526X, WL678X


          Belts with polyamide pins are available for dry or semi-wet applications. In constant wet applications, belts with acetal pins must be used. This is due to the fact that polyamide pins will absorb water and swell in wet applications, and acetal pins will squeak in dry environments.

          Easy cleaning

          The top belt can be lifted up and the outer slide rails can be folded back for easy cleaning. For hygiene reasons, the conveyor system is based on an easy-to-clean, free hanging return belt.
        • Elevating solutions

        • When elevating your production flow, valuable floor space is reclaimed. This allows you to add more production capacity or increase the accessibility for your operators. For the food and dairy industries wedge elevators and incline conveyors are available in stainless steel. Our experts supports your choice of the optimal elevation solution, based on the throughput, processes involved and features of the products as they appear in the line.

          Incline conveyor

          The incline conveyor in stainless steel is designed for single or multiple lane elevation. Our stainless steel conveyors are robust, easy to clean and designed for easy operations. The incline solution provides gentle handling of sensitive product and is easy to adjust for different products sizes.

          Wedge conveyors

          stainless steel wedge conveyor uses two conveyor tracks facing each other to provide fast and gentle transport, horizontally and vertically. Wedge conveyors are suitable for high production rates and are designed to free up floor space. The stainless wedge conveyors can be connected in series, to create a bridge where operators or fork lifts can pass under.
        • Balancing solutions

        • A perfectly balanced flow optimizes your production output. Balance the flow, let the line breathe and avoid queuing on the line. You can also easily distribute the flow to ensure that the right amount of product arrives on time at the downstream machines.

          Accumulation conveyor

          The spiral shaped accumulating conveyor in stainless steel functions as an accumulation/buffer zone between machines. It can be used as an in-process step too, e.g. for cooling, curing or drying, or simply to elevate and lower products. Another name for this conveyor is alpine conveyor.

          Buffer tables

          Buffer tables in stainless steel are suitable e.g. at the line loading following depalletizing. A flexible design lets you decide the number of in-feeds and out-feeds in accordance to your needs.
      • Pallet and puck handling conveyors

      • Pallet and puck handling systems permit efficent single piece flow solutions. Each can be adapted to varying environments, from medical device assembly to engine component production. A controlled flow of individual products are assured throughout the manufacturing process.
          • Pallet conveyor

          • The pallet conveyor systems are based on FlexLink´s conveyors, with product carrier sizes from 100×128 mm up to 640×640 mm, carrying products up to 60 kg per pallet. Available as single track or twin track depending on the production requirements.

            A pallet conveyor can handle a variety of products, from hard disk drives to railway engine bearing units. Thanks to the variety of pallet sizes it’s easy to find the suitable pallet system.

            Single track pallet conveyor

            Efficient line layouts are easily designed and built thanks to the modular concept and standardized functions. Proven solutions for routing, balancing and positioning enable controlled production flows. Satellites for parallel operations use innovative tunnel stations and functions for diverting, locating and merging flows.

            Product range, single track: X65P, X85P, XKP

            Twin track pallet conveyor

            Twin track pallet systems are ideal for assembly and test processes in particular, but also for other situations where access from below is required or because of the size or weight of the product.

            The refined yet robust design allows for trouble free operation and a low cost of ownership. The ease of configuring and reconfiguring production lines makes the production system truly agile enabling quick and easy introduction of new products.

            Product range, twin track: XT, XTH

            Pallet elevator

            The pallet elevator allows lifting all standard pallets up- or downwards between two different levels. The lifting unit consists of a short XT Compact conveyor, transporting the pallet into or out of the elevator.

            Two elevator heights can be ordered:

            • Low elevator
            • High elevator
            A number of pallets can be elevated at the same time. ESD version elevators are available.

            Product range, pallet elevator: X85, XK, XT pallet elevators
          • Montrac monorail

          • Montrac monorail can be used wherever material has to be moved, distributed, processed stepwise (e.g. assembled) or collected together at one point from various senders.

            Product range

            Montrac monorail system and Montrac monorail for cleanrooms.
            Pallet sizes up to 300×550 mm. Maximum load on pallet up to 24 kg.

            Modular monorail system

            Montrac is a monorail conveying system with self-propelling shuttles (workpiece holder), constructed to carry loads of up to 12 kg or 24 kg (2-axle shuttle) and pallet sizes up to 300×550 mm.

            Standardized components

            Montrac is a modular system. Standardized basic components enable customer-specific system configurations to be set up for connection to machining stations, machines, order-picking stations, etc.

            Note! This offer is available in the United States only

            Montrac Cleanroom Monorail

            The Montrac conveyor system, which contains only components with electric drives, is by default designed for clean room class ISO 5 and ISO 4.

            Uses of Montrac in a clean room range from the production of sensitive products, such as hard drives and wafers, to the transport of pharmaceuticals and plastic containers for medical applications.

            Montrac is suitable even in highly complex production, where various products are manufactured in chaotic sequence. A Montrac system is also appropriate for applications with different clean rooms.


        • Aaluminum profile systems

        • lexLink offers a wide assortment of aluminum profiles and accessories such as connectors, fasteners, feet, etc. to build machine supports and safety enclosures.

          Major application areas

          The product range is divided into four main areas, with a wide range of principles within each group:
          • Structural profiles
          • Connectors
          • Feet
          • Enclosures and guards
            • Enclosures and guards

            • The MS+ profile range is a proven and cost-efficient product forenclosures, machine frames and protections. The MS+ profile systems consist of open and closed profiles, which meets the increasing requirements for safety legislation. The modular construction make design, assembly and modifications easy.

              The MS+ profile systems with coordinated aluminum profiles in spacing of 20, 40 and 50 mm provide the universal basis for the modular machine construction system.

              Key features

              • Robust
              • Open and closed beams
              • 1 mm edge radius
              • Easy to clean
              • Wide range of components and accessories
              • Short delivery time

              Machine claddings

              All profile systems and joint types can be used for constructing customized machine claddings. Depending on the application, different panel elements can be used. The machine enclosures prevent unobstructed access to the areas they cover.

              Protective fences

              The MS 40+ Profile system can be used for constructing modular protective fences. In addition to standard infills, posts, swing and sliding doors, customized components can be supplied to your specifications.
            • Structural systems

            • The structural system includes beams, feet, and several types of beam connecting devices. The aluminum profile systems assure a flexible and sturdy system.

              A selection of feet is available, ranging from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum feet to adjustable feet and foot plates.

              Product range structural systems: XC, XD and XF


              Most conveyor support designs are based on vertical support beams combined, if necessary, with horizontal support beams. The support beams come in dimensions suitable for all conveyor sizes.
              • A wide range of modular extruded aluminum beams with uniform T-slots.
              • Standard component assortment for every application area.
              • Easy to assemble, adjust, and dismantle using simple hand tools.
          • Efficiency and OEE tools

          • FlexLink is committed to optimized production flow solutions with a minimal ecological footprint. We do this by increasing system efficiency and re-usability of equipment, reducing power consumption, and improving the work environment. Combine our conveyor and handling solutions with the tool for monitoring production line performance and the condition of equipment. The solution is scalable even up to the production control level which includes track & trace functionality and paperless production.
                • Equipment and production monitoring

                • Youtilize® is our OEE software for improved factory utilization, visibility and control. Manage both your product and information flow by combining our conveyor and handling solutions with Youtilize®.

                  Youtilize® is offered at three product levels. And it is completely scalable to the level that is right for your needs if they change over time.

                  Service Monitoring

                  With the base level Service Monitoring you have access to the health status of your conveyor in real time. Plan your improvements and preventive maintenance to minimize unplanned stops and extend equipment utilization.

                  Production Monitoring

                  Gain access to important production efficiency data in real time with the Production Monitoring level. Locate bottlenecks and root causes through production and machine utilization reports or make trend analyses and comparisons. Youtilize® enables you to work proactively with line efficiency improvements.

                  Factory Control

                  With Factory Control, you have access to track & trace functionality that can be used to manage all resources in the assembly process, i.e. operators, machines and parts as well as all the data required for production and quality assurance.
            • Industry specific solutions

            • FlexLink designs automated production flow solutions that enhance efficiency at factories all over the world, primarily in these industries: food, beverages and personal care; healthcare; automotive, and electronics. For strategic segments we offer a unique set of skills in process knowledge and extended experience along with proven solutions developed especially for your specific product. Our teams of experts will make sure to maximize your lines’ operational performance!
                • Optical solutions

                • We provide a comprehensive “tool-box” with standardized tray handling solutions for the optical industry. Our cutting edge solutions have set many industry standards, with more than 300 installations worldwide, including many large labs operating at 10,000+ jobs per day.

                  Conveyor systems

                  Compact lab layouts can be created with FlexLink’s single track conveyor systems. The modular concept makes the systems easy to design and reuse. The proven and reliable conveyors require minimum maintenance and are safe for operators. The low noise level make them highly suitable for labs.

                  Tray handling system

                  Vision X® is a modular, compact and energy efficient twin-track tray handling system. Full layouts can easily be configured with just a few standard modules, requiring minimum set up and installation time. The system is all electric with 24v DC intelligent motors and no pneumatics are used.

                  Balancing the workload

                  You can automatically balance the lab workload using the Smart Routing™: an intelligent, automatic routing of trays to the correct machines – based on prescription parameters. The system automatically connects with Rx software databases and routes the job according to specific characteristics: lens shape, prescription type, material composition, digital or conventional processing requirements, coating type etc.

                  Paperless operations

                  Go paperless! The FlexLink Visualize™ application provides paperless operation instructions for manual workstations. This approach allows you to easily adapt to lean production and reduce considerable time spent manually handling prescription forms. The digital prescriptions are always dynamically up-to-date:the system produces and stores electronic reports of production data, allowing continuous improvements and complete traceability.
                • Tissue solutions

                • Our long time experience in the paper converting industry has resulted in innovative, proven conveyor and handling solutions. The solutions are developed in close cooperation with manufacturers and partners. Optimized design ensure minimized product damage and resistance to wear, with special components fully adapted for the tissue industry demands.

                  A wide range of conveyor systems

                  Conveyors are available in different sizes and models, e.g. flexible plastic chain, modular belt and flat belt. There is a suitable conveyor solution for each product type: rolls, cores, packs, bags, cartons and boxes. The new X65Y conveyor system is especially designed for the demanding dusty environment with an open beam for easy cleaning and reduction of wear.

                  Line balancing

                  Choose from a wide range of diverters, mergers, combiners and collators. Optimal line balancing is achieved through our patented Dynamic Flow Concept (DFC™) and Dynamic Motion Transfer Concept (DMT™) for high speed handling where theproduct flow is distributed dynamically to make the products available in the requested configuration, improving machine utilization and decreasing overall production costs.

                  Rotation units

                  FlexLink has several solutions for product reorientation: turning units, up-enders, twisted conveyors, T-wedge elevators and star wheels. Each device is designed for high throughput, with short change overtime. The units are easily adjustable to accommodate different product formats.

                  Adjustable guides rails systems

                  The robust guide rails systems are well suited for a wide range of products widths. They are available for straight sections, as well as vertical and plain bends. When choosing the automatic width adjustment changeover time is basically eliminated.
                • PCB handling equipment

                • The PCB handling product lines incorporate modular stand-alone units that are truly independent from other modules in the system.

                  Each unit has an on-board control system which allows it to function independently. The unit can be linked to others in the system by utilizing their upline and downline SMEMA communications. The modules can also link to a higher level monitoring or routing system by utilizing a host control system. All units have ESD safe designs and are CE marked.

                  Product range: GENIUS, PRO, SMART


                  GENIUS is extremely flexible and can be used in any PCB production line thanks to the standardized design.

                  The GENIUS range has a wide variety of functions. The complete board handling system features automatic width adjustment and SMEMA interface.


                  A full range board handling system, with adjustable rail lengths, high speed accuracy, SMEMA interface and full flexibility.

                  These high throughput units provide transport, product buffering/accumulation, and a full range of handling and routing alternatives. The patent pending “open transfer” belt drive system eliminates shafts and bellows by incorporating a dual motor.


                  The SMART line features cost efficient, plug and play board handling units with quick width adjustment and easy magazine loading/unloading.

                  SMART combines hi-tech design with energy efficiency. The modules are equipped with SMEMA interfaces and designed for easy installation and fast ramp up. High quality materials and standard components ensures a low level of maintenance.
              • Robotic solutions

              • Turn-key robot solutions for most material handling applications within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

                From beginning to end of line

                The robotics offer cover the production process from the beginning of line, inline, to the end of line. We have the competence and know-how for robot- and PLC programming, integration of vision systems and tracking systems; development of gripper technology; validation IQ/OQ as well as safety technologies, with international regulations and standards.

                Typical solutions

                • Bulk feeding
                • De-palletizing, de-nesting
                • Picking/packing
                • Palletizing

                Worldwide competence

                FlexLink has extensive expertise on robotic applications for material handling, with more than 300 installations worldwide. Installed robot types: 6-axis, collaborative, gantry, parallel and scara. It is straightforward to create a full line thanks to the wide range of production solutions offered by FlexLink.
                  • Pick-and-place solutions

                  • FlexLink has a wide range of pick-and-place solutions, to handle a variety of products, from small lightweight goods e.g. a plastic bottle, up to heavier applications. Loads up to 50 kg are possible.

                    Picking and placing is the process where a robot moves items from one place to another, for example from a conveyor in a production line to another conveyor in a packaging line. The robot is often guided by a vision system.

                    From analysis to installation

                    The pick-and-place units are made of standard elements and controls for each unique application. FlexLink offers a complete service, from analyzing the application to the final installation and commissioning.
                  • Palletizing

                  • FlexLink offers a complete product handling capability throughout the production process, including the requirement topalletize the products. Palletizing is placing and securing units or containers on pallets, usually at the end of line.

                    The flexibility of the systems and the ability to reprogram for changes of product, or re-installation in other applications within a factory, ensures a long-term yield on the investment.

                    Typical applications can be tissue paper rolls, all sorts of plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, etc.

                    FlexLink works with the major robotic suppliers to ensure we meet your specific production requirements. The robots can generally handle up to 50 kg individual product loads.

                    Individual grippers can be designed for specific applications if the standard range are not suitable.