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  • Offer Profile
  • For more than 30 years, the goal of ghv has been to provide you as a customer with the perfect system solution on a component basis. We accompany you from the first step of planning right through to commissioning and support - all from a single source. Our drive. Your solution.

    Our product portfolio extends from drive components to low-voltage motors, frequency converters, small-geared motors, brushless systems, servo systems and linear systems, as well as warning and signaling lamps as well as LED machine and industrial lighting.

Product Portfolio
  • Electrical Drive Technology

  • From the small-sized motor in a variety of designs ranging from 6 - 90 watts or the three-phase motor with 1,000 kW to compact specialists such as our brushless systems, integrated steppers and servo systems with the highest precision and high dynamics for your high-end applications.

    Also HDP motors, asynchronous motors with low inertia momentum and high dynamics, as well as synchronous reluctance drives which can be used instead of normal IE4 motors, are available in our product portfolio.
      • Low-voltage asynchronous motors

      • Our spectrum of low-voltage motors covers a power range from 0.09 to 1000 kW. Whether highly efficient for a positive energy balance, explosion-proof for the highest safety standards, industry or customer-specific or according to the IEC or NEMA standard: Each AC motor is equipped with a wide range of features for maximum economic efficiency.
      • Brushless systems

      • Our Brushless systems are available in the speed range from 30 to 4000U / min (nominal speed: 3000U / min). The position detection is carried with the help of Hall sensors, which guarantee a balanced control behavior.

        The constant torque characteristics of the MINAS-BL series, as opposed to asynchronous motors, ensure a constant torque during start-up or even at low speeds. The speed deviation is a maximum of 0.5% during the nominal torque. This high control accuracy ensures high productivity and quality.

        Furthermore, trapezoidal as well as S-shaped acceleration and deceleration ramps can be parameterized, which can be programmed with PANATERM, which is a free software for configuration and motion simulation via USB interface.
      • Frequency converter

      • ABB frequency converters improve process efficiency, reduce energy consumption and increase productivity.

        The portfolio covers the entire spectrum of customer needs ranging from microdrives used in mechanical engineering to industrial drives, which control production lines. The frequency converters are available directly from stock or can be manufactured according to the order in order to meet more complex customer requirements.

        Integrated functions such as direct torque control provide accurate motor control without feedback. The frequency converters support the connection to automation networks and processes via various communication and IO options. Many ABB drives offer integrated safety features, such as Safe Torque-Off. The safety functionality can be expanded with optional safety modules.
      • Small geared motors

      • Panasonic, one of the world 's largest motor manufacturer offers with the 3 series a globally - certified geared motor series, which is available in the power range from 6 to 90 watts.

        The motors are distinguished by their high efficiency and long life. Because of the simple modular principle the motors are allowed to be combined with the appropriate gearboxes as desired due to which countless different torque and speed ranges can be achieved.
      • Servosystems

      • With our servomotors of the Panasonic brand, we are offering highly dynamic servo drives in an extremely compact design in the power range from 50 watts to 15 kW.

        Thanks to the high-resolution sensors, an extremely precise positioning as well as optimal motor control are ensured.
        The servo controllers can be controlled analog, via pulse direction or via the bus systems such as EtherCat, RTEX and Modbus.
      • Stepper motors

      • With our step motors of the brand MOONS', we offer you in addition to the standard stepping motors also integrated complete solutions from motor, drive and control.

        This technology offers great possibilities in terms of space saving, the reduction of the wiring effort and, of course, the cost savings.

        The integrated stepper servo motors, offer possibilities of torque or position control.
        • Sizes: NEMA 8, 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, 24, 34 and 42
        • Torques between 0.05 and 20 Nm
        • Control via RS232, RS485 Modbus / RTU, Ethernet / IP and CANopen
        • Rated voltages between 2 V DC and 230 V AC
    • Mechanical Drive Technology

    • Up / down, left / right, forward / backward, grasp, rotate, swivel, the combination of linear axes and the necessary additional components gives you freedom of movement in all directions.

      Whether you want to replace energy-inducing pneumatics with E-Cylinders or high-speed pick-and-place applications are your goal. From 6mm to 6m - from the inexpensive open belt axle to the linear motor - with the large selection of different manufacturers for all necessary components, we enable you to find your tailor-made solution.

      Precise drives require precise mechanics. That is why we offer you low-backlash planetary gearboxes of different brands - from low-cost to high-quality.

      Of course, we also offer the right accessories for your applications. Drive elements of all types, e.g. Shaft couplings, clamping sets and toothed discs round off our product portfolio.
        • Drive element

        • Together we are strong - Well known suppliers and comprehensive storage of disks, belts, couplings, etc. enable high quality and short delivery times.

          We work with partners whose expertise in the field of industrial drive technology is recognized worldwide.
        • Linear system

        • In the area of linear technology, there are many different ways to solve your problem.

          Our linear units with toothed belt drive are suitable in the requirements range for very high speeds of up to 10 m/s. For very high positioning and repeat accuracies of up to +/- 0.01 mm, we offer linear units with precision ball screw drive. With limited space, our compact slide systems with integrated drive offer the perfect solution for applications in a small space.
        • Low-friction transmission

        • Our partner, the company Apex is a manufacturer and developer of precision planetary gear units made of stainless steel.

          The gearbox can be mounted on most of our servomotors and can be interchanged geometrically with all other gearboxes.

          The transmissions of the Apex company are characterized by very good quality, fast availability and consumer-friendly final prices.

          Among other things, we also offer planetary gearboxes from the manufacturers Bonfiglioli and Neugart.
      • Automation Technology

      • Operating and monitoring - whether small and monochrome or large and with 65,536 colors - Panasonic touch panels meet the highest demands on function and design.
        In connection with a software that makes it easy for beginners to design your first user interface.

        The extremely compact PLC from Panasonic. A CPU with 32 I/O in the size of a cigarette box cannot only control what you expect from a normal PLC, but also allows you to control up to 4 servo axes with comfortable motion control blocks.

        Your real-time requirements meet EtherCat and RTEX systems from Trio and Panasonic.
          • Control systems

          • The Panasonic product portfolio includes cost-effective compact controllers with minimum space requirements, which are suitable for various basic tasks, right up to the "high-end" control, the flagship FP7. The small design has succeeded in integrating numerous functions - so they already offer many advantages of a modular PLC CPU of the "high-end" class such as analogue control, network communication and positioning. All controllers are distinguished by an excellent price / performance ratio.
          • Control units

          • After the dimensioning and selection of the individual components, such as frequency converters, servo controllers and all other components, we have developed with you an individual control cabinet which is adapted exactly to your personal requirements.

            This can only serve the drive control, but can also take over other tasks for machine control. With our experienced control panel builders, you can be sure that your performance requirements are met to 100 percent.
          • Operator Unit

          • Operating and monitoring - whether small and monochrome or large and with 65,536 colors - Panasonic touch panels meet the highest demands on function and design.

            In connection with a software that makes it easy for beginners to design your first user interface.

            You can import variables from Control FPWIN Pro which is the programming software for the Panasonic controllers and optimally benefit from the synergies between the PLCs and touch terminals.
        • LED Industrial lights

        • Whether you are looking for the perfect lighting for your workstations, assembly, machinery, or quality control - our LED industrial lights are the solution.

          With the LED industrial lights from our partner LED2WORK, we supply you with the most innovative lighting systems in the areas of work lights, magnifying lamps, system lights and machine lights.
            • Work lights

            • Wherever there is an optimal illumination of the workplace, these fixtures are used.

              With their ergonomic handling and the highly efficient SMD LEDs, our work lights provide workplace lighting in industry, in laboratories and in the jewelery and watch industry for outstanding LED lighting conditions.

              Whether you are looking for the perfect lighting for your workstations, assembly or quality control - our LED work lights are the solution.

              With a lifetime of 60,000 hours and extremely high reliability LEDs of LED2WORK provide high savings potential during maintenance. The industry thus benefits twice: in addition to the cost factor electricity, the cost factor maintenance is also considerably reduced.
            • Magnifying lamps

            • Our magnifying lamps provide at every assembly workplace or control workstations for excellent light conditions and simultaneous magnification.

              They are therefore ideally suited for work in laboratories, in the watch and jewelery industry or in electronics and metal processing.

              Optionally the lights are also available with flicker-free dimming with aluminum spring arm or flex arm.
            • Machine lights

            • Regardless of the harsh application environment or the requirements for what you require a machine light, you will surely find the right LED lights for your application.

              From the two-dimensional illumination of CNC milling machines to the point lighting of workpieces - with the products of our partner LED2WORK we deliver the best quality at a fair price.
            • System lights

            • Good lighting is important for the health, well-being and the motivation of the employees - also at system workstations.

              With our system lights you ensure homogeneous, low-shadow and glare-free illumination.

              LED lamps are characterized by a very narrow binning (almost no deviations in the color temperatures and brightness values), a high Ra value (min.> 80) and an excellent efficiency (at least> 90Lumen / Watt).
          • Warning and signaling systems

          • By combining innovative LED technology with state-of-the-art design, PATLITE warning and signaling systems offer the highest degree of light output and reliability with an IP rating of up to IP69K.

            With a wide range of models, sizes, design and accessories, you can easily create the best solution for your needs.
              • LED signal columns

              • With a wide range of models, sizes, design and accessories, you can easily create the best solution for LED signal columns.

                By combining innovative LED technology with the latest design, our signal columns offer the highest degree of light output and reliability combined with outstanding optics.

                In addition, all Patlite products can be tailored to your requirements.
              • LED wall lights

              • Signal towers of the series WME, WE and WEP Series for wall mounting. This solves your space problems. The LED-based model is designed for easy installation to save time and money.

                Because of different versions you can find the right wall light for every conceivable application environment. Whether mounted on machines or on walls, everything is lightning fast and beautiful in design.

                These Patlite products can also be made to your specifications.
              • LED signal lights

              • Our compact signal lamps are equipped with durable LEDs and are compatible with every system.

                With the high protection classes IP65, IP66 and IP67, they are suitable for working environments with high humidity, high dust load or high hygiene requirements.

                Whether as a direct mounting version, as a pipe mounting or with a wall bracket. Our signal lamps are available in a wide range of designs, including a multicolor version.