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Business Profile

The company provides the biological and technical service, and also offers full plant and operating management.

A partner with global experience
The number of our locations is growing continuously. The reason for this is that the advantages of biogas spread among governments, farmers and investors. But it is also because potential plant operators prefer searching for experienced partners.

From a German market leader to a global market leader
EnviTec Biogas GmbH was founded in 2002 after decades of experience in plant construction, project business, and management of agricultural holdings. Since 2007 the company has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange as a stock corporation. EnviTec is represented worldwide with its own subsidiaries, joint ventures, and sales offices.

Plant construction and EnviTec operation
We align our growth to the German market as well as international markets – not only in the area of plant construction but also by operating our own biogas plants. In this way we combine the competent operational management of our cooperation partners locally with our own special expertise and thus achieve a high level of plant
efficiency with attractive profit margins.

A leader in future technologies
In addition to its competence and experience, EnviTec attributes its outstanding success to its commitment to innovation and progress. From the very beginning we concentrated on a modular construction concept, and thus early on we were able to handle plant sizes from 370 kWel upwards. We have also been known for our pioneering work in the development of new technologies for some time. For example, this applies to effluent treatment but also to biogas treatment. These processes and other innovative processes are further developed in our research and development department.