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  • Offer Profile
  • Quality Through Experience. SOLON offers More: More Value, More Service, More Yields.

    A consistent focus on solar modules and solar technology from rooftop installations to utility-scale power plants has made SOLON one of the most innovative companies in the entire industry. With our subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and the USA, we offer solar services around the entire world. We combine our environmental passion with the highest technological expertise.

    The result: highest quality – Made in Germany.
Product Portfolio
  • Residential Buildings

  • A solar power system is a long-term investment that should generate returns for at least 30 years. SOLON solar power systems are known for setting new standards of longevity. When developing our products, we do not just rely on the use of high-quality materials and innovative technology, but also on years of experience and the expertise of leading solar experts throughout Europe and the US. Strict controls throughout the entire production process ensure the outstanding quality of our modules. This is why SOLON is continually setting new standards when it comes to reliability, performance and quality.
      • SOLON SOLiberty.

      • The energy storage solution – more independence through self consumption.
        • High-performance energy storage system
        • Simple upgrading for current PV plants
        • Low acquisition costs and maintenance costs
        • Fully recyclable accumulator system and affordable replacement terms
        • Higher self consumption, more independence, lower costs.
        SOLON SOLiberty is the innovative energy storage solution for safely meeting self-consumption requirements. SOLON SOLiberty allows PV plant owners to use up to 70% of generated solar power themselves, any time of the day. The advantages: more independence and lower electricity costs.

      • SOLON SOLitaire.

      • Fully integrated rooftop system
        • Integrated mounting system for simple and quick installation
        • Synthetic framing system for secure waterproofing of the roof
        • Suitable for roofs with an inclination between 10° and 60°
        • Compatible with most common roof coverings
        • Power classes up to 260 Wp
        Fast. Simple. High output
        The innovative SOLON SOLitaire offers many advantages: the system consists of high-performance modules with up to 260 Wp, requiring only a minimum amount of roof space for a standard single-family house or residence. Installation is exceptionally quick and simple. And because no additional substructure is needed, the modules align flush with the roof area for a truly unified look. A particular highlight: the fully integrated system can be used with all types of roofing.
      • SOLON SOLraise.

      • The Power-Optimized Photovoltaic Solution for Partially Shaded Roofs
        • Increased yields of up to 25 %
        • Module level MPP tracking
        • Even available for use on roof spaces that have partial shaded areas
        • Integrated monitoring on module, string and system level
        • Ensured system safety through system shut down capabilities
        Every module has the capability to perform at its best
        How can you increase the total output of a photovoltaic system by up to 25 %? With smart innovations: SOLON SOLraise – optimized by SolarEdge – is the newly developed photovoltaic system specifically designed to overcome challenging roof spaces that are subject to partial-shading resulting.
      • SOLON 230/07.

      • Years of experience for unbeatable quality
        Our premium mono and polycrystalline modules are compatible with all common assembly systems. And like all SOLON modules, they are characterized by longevity and high levels of operating efficiency–even when the sun is not shining.

        SOLON Blue 230/07
        Product Features
        • Efficiency of up to 15.9%
        • 60 solar cells, polycrystalline
        • 42 mm hollow profile with drainage holes
        • Transparent toughened safety glass, 4 mm>
        • 1,640 x 1,000 mm
        • Approx. 23.5 kg
        • MC4-combinable plug

        SOLON Black 230/07
        Product Features
        • Efficiency up to 15.6 %
        • 60 solar cells, monocrystalline
        • 42 mm hollow profile with drainage holes
        • Transparent toughened safety glass, 4 mm
        • 1,640 x 1,000 mm
        • Approx. 23.5 kg
        • MC4-combinable plug
      • SOLON Black 230/02.

      • Elegant aesthetics and first-class functionality
        The SOLON Black 230/02 is the perfect choice for customers who value aesthetically pleasing appearance, reliability and high yields from their solar power plants.

        The monocrystalline design module is made entirely of black components. They unite proven SOLON technology with an exceptionally unified look on the roof.

        SOLON Black 230/02
        Product Features
        • Efficiency up to 15.6 %
        • 60 solar cells, monocrystalline
        • 42 mm hollow profile with drainage holes
        • Transparent toughened safety glass, 4 mm
        • 1,640 x 1,000 mm
        • Approx. 23.5 kg
        • MC4-combinable plug
    • Commercial Rooftops

    • A solar power system from SOLON is a profitable choice and a simple and safe investment. Our "all around carefree package" means that you do not have to worry about planning, construction or initial operation. SOLON and its partners will take care of all that.

      Even after installation, everything has been arranged: a 10-year product warranty, a 25-year performance guarantee and integrated solar insurance are proof of that.
        • SOLON SOLbond. PV system specifically designed for metal roofs

        • The efficient solar power system for metal roofs. No traditional substructure or aluminum frame is needed for assembly. However, metal roofs have a high diversity of form, color, coating, roof pitch, load, etc. on reserve. A "one-fits-all" solution can therefore only ever be a compromise solution.
            • SOLON SOLbond Integra.

            • The Intelligent Combination for High Output.
              The SOLON SOLbond Integra PV steel rooftop solution combines the strength and durability of trapezoidal profiled Colorcoat Prisma® by Tata Steel with the powerful, frameless SOLON modules. The components are combined to form a powerful system using silicone adhesive – with up to 25 years warranty for maximum investment security.

               System Advantages.
              • SOLON offers extensive warranties including up to 25 years warranty on adhesive bonding
              • Up to 25 years guarantee on the function and durability of the weatherside of the pre-finished steel roof in Northern Europe and up to 20 years in Southern Europe1)
              • Optimum combination of corrosion resistance, UV resistance and temperature stability
              • SOLbond and Colorcoat Prisma® are perfectly suited to the Sika bonding system
              • Colorcoat Prisma® colours surpass requirements of Ruv4 and RC5 certification as per EN 10169:2009
              1) Restrictions in extreme locations and only applicable in Europe; guarantee details are available from the roof cladding manufacturer concerned.
            • SOLON SOLbond Rail.

            • The light PV solution for existing trapezoidal and sandwich roofs.
              Our lightweight PV system SOLON SOLbond Rail is the ideal solution for all common trapezoidal and composite roofs. For assembly, a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) rail will be attached directly to the roof and a frameless SOLON module subsequently glued to this material. A small system weight of only 11 kg/m² SOLON SOLbond Rail is possible, which is ideally suited for roofs with low load-bearing reserve.

              More Watts per Square Meter.
              • High power density: up to 155 Wp/m²
              • No shading caused by mounting systemss
              • Ideal self cleaning frameless modules, even with low roof pitches
            • SOLON SOLbond Seam.

            • High Output for Standing Seam Roofs.
              High performance, frameless SOLON modules, an innovative adhesive bonding technology and a rail system with no roof penetration make our SOLON SOLbond Seam the optimum PV solution for standing seam roofs. With its fast, easy assembly and weight of just 11 kg/m2, the system is ideal for roofs with low load-bearing reserves. The guarantee over 20 years ensures the highest investment security.

               More Output per Square Meter.
            • Highest power density: up to 155 Wp/m²
            • No shading caused by mounting systems
            • Ideal self cleaning frameless modules, even with low roof pitches
            • Barrier-free rear ventilation of up to 70 mm – for higher system performance
          • SOLON SOLfixx and SOLON 220/16

              • SOLON SOLfixx.
                Photovoltaic System for Flat Rooftops

              • Innovative. Convenient. Powerful.
                SOLON SOLfixx is the first PV system for flat roofs that has its module and substructure integrated into one unit. The modules are installed on the substructure at an inclination of 10°. This ensures maximum yield per square meter of roof area. An additional benefit: simple and fast plug-and-play installation.
                • More yield per square meter of area-optimized system
                • Suitable for light roofs from 12.9 kg/m² load-carrying capacity
                • Meets the static requirements of DIN EN 1991-1-6
                • Time-saving plug-and-play concept: No tools required.
                • Ideal for roof renovations: special fixing solutions for bitumen and plastic roofing strips
                • up to 25-year warranty for sub-structure

              • SOLON 220/16
                Premium Modules for your Projects

              • Planning a project? SOLON offers you the optimum premium high output modules: the new SOLON Black 220/16 and SOLON Blue 220/16. Customized to meet the highest standards and specific conditions in the industry segment.
                With the SOLON 220/16, you get more than just a high performance solar module: you get a comprehensive package of technological quality and excellent service for guaranteed project success.

                SOLON Blue220/16
                Product Features
                • Efficiency of up to 15.2%
                • 60 solar cells, polycrystalline
                • 34 mm hollow profile with drainage holes
                • Transparent toughened safety glass, 4 mm>
                • 1,640 x 1,000 mm
                • Approx. 22 kg
                • MC4-combinable plug

                SOLON Black 220/16

                Product Features
                • Efficiency up to 15.2 %
                • 60 solar cells, monocrystalline
                • 34 mm hollow profile with drainage holes
                • Transparent toughened safety glass, 4 mm
                • 1,640 x 1,000 mm
                • Approx. 22 kg
                • MC4-combinable plug
            • Power Plants Greenfield

            • SOLON builds standardized photovoltaic power plants with fixed-tilt or single-axis mounting systems. Always complying with the highest technology and safety standards and in accordance with your individual requirements, regardless of whether the installation is to take place at difficult sites or in the form of a complex on-roof construction.
                • SOLON Solar Power Plants.

                • Intelligent Power Plant Design.
                  SOLON uses an innovative modular approach for power plant design. This means that the individual components no longer have to be laboriously designed for each individual project , but rather their interaction and compatibility has already been exhaustively matched and tested, combining them into turnkey units for maximum performance. These clusters can be scaled up to any power plant size, and can also still be adapted to individual site conditions. That saves time and money.

                  The benefits of standardized power plants at a glance:
                  • Low Investments
                  • Maximizing Profits During the Service Life
                  • Low Operating and Maintenance Costs
                  • Sound Investment
                • SOLON Vega. Power Plant Monitoring and Remote Control.

                • Fewer faults. More returns.
                  SOLON Vega is an innovative web-based control system for solar power plants. Key data about the power plant’s current output level is recorded and displayed in real time. In addition, SOLON Vega also offers detailed analyses that allow you to react to potential faults quickly and efficiently. State-of-the-art control features allow you to access individual power plant components directly from your computer. That means faults can be cleared – and yields optimized.
                  • Web-based user interface
                  • Access to all power plant locations worldwide via Internet
                  • Complete control and parameterization of the entire power plant down to individual components
                  • Clear display of yield, output, and environmental analyses
                  • Automatic state monitoring and real-time fault reports
                • SOLON Tauri.
                  Single-axis tracking system for large-scale installations.

                • The Principle.
                  The standard unit of the SOLON Tauri system consists of 16 x 2 modular units, suitable for modules consisting of 60 or 72 Cells. Utilizing proprietary backtracking algorithms, this model tracks the sun on a single axis throughout the day so the module is less likely to be in the shade in the morning and evening.

                  The Benefit.
                  Depending on the latitude, topography and vegetation, 25% additional performance can be achieved in comparison with a fixed, south-facing system.

                  Ecologically Well Conceived.
                  As installation involves only minimal intervention in the natural environment, the site can be used for agricultural purposes.

                  Easy to Install.
                  The system is delivered completely preconfigured. This renders on-site welding work unnecessary. SOLON developed helpful construction tools and work instructions reducing the installation time and thus the staff costs.

                  Innovative Protection.
                  The astronomically coordinated back-tracking algorithm prevents the modules from being shaded during the morning and evening, as this would lead to a reduction in the yield.

                  Reliability for Decades.
                  Robust drive units and bearings reduce maintenance efforts significantly. The control unit is build without rotating parts and is designed for harsh outdoor conditions.

                  Safe Planning.
                  All these measures result in a lower failure risk and thus in lower costs for both the investor and the operator.
                  Well-known SOLON quality
                  Robust and weatherproof design
                  High cost-efficiency due to easy installation and low maintenance costs
                  Up to 25% higher yield, depending on location
                • Engineering Services for Project Development
                  and for Operating Assets.

                • Project Development
                  SOLON provides support during the technical and economical assessment
                  of photovoltaic projects. We identify efficient layouts and conduct
                  primary yield studies. Additionally, based on site visits and available
                  surveys and reports, we assess suitable sites for your PV investment.

                  There are many ways to engineer a PV power plant according to your
                  requirements. In co-operation with you, we define an optimization target
                  and develop different scenarios. With the use of reality simulations
                  and keeping all technical and economical factors in mind, we are able
                  to choose the most suitable solution for your project.

                  There are many reasons for the underperformance of your investment –
                  many of which are not visible upon the first glance. Based on an initial
                  analysis of the power plants documentation and actual yield data, we
                  are able to locate potential causes, conduct on-site proofing and supervise
                  the implementation of economically worthwhile actions.

                  Improvement of Operating Assets
                  Repowering is not only an issue in the wind energy sector – a refurbishment
                  may also pay off for photovoltaic power plants. SOLON can assess
                  the best way to enhance the performance of your investment by replacing
                  components for you – of course keeping the specific feed-in
                  regulations of your investment in mind.
                  In recent years, SOLON has gained comprehensive knowledge of all
                  relevant technologies of PV power plants. Our experts possess knowhow
                  in all areas of the value chain. This knowledge is what we offer
                  you. If you choose SOLON engineering services you benefit from our
                  long-time experience.