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  • Because we love potatoes

    What is your objective as a professional farmer? To get as many marketable potatoes, or other bulbous and tuberous crops, into storage in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. Your loyal right-hand partner AVR can assist you with that. You can rely on our expert advice, and on our complete range of machinery – at every stage of the potato production:

    • soil cultivation
    • planting and ridging
    • haulm topping
    • harvesting
    • crop handling and storage

    That will save you lots of time and effort. You can then invest that time in selling your products.

Product Portfolio
  • Soil cultivators

      • Multivator

      • Perfect seed bed, maximum yield

        When cultivating potatoes, the preparation of the seed bed is crucial. A good soil structure ensures a good water management and temperature in the ridge, which in turn have a positive influence on the tuber setting and prevent tuber deformation. Also important: an optimal crumbling while planting is the first step towards a successful harvesting season; in comes the AVR Multivator!

          TIP: By creating small ridges in front of the tractor and installing subsoiler wheels on the tractor, it is possible to plant in non cultivated soil at the rear.

          Perfect seed bed

          The Multivator was designed as a replacement for the power harrow for potato planting. The advantages of the front cultivator are quite clear:

          • Uniform crumbling (100 hook tines): no dust, no clods.
          • No chance of smearing underneath the ridges, making it possible to plant earlier in the season.
          • A higher capacity with a lower fuel consumption.

          By creating small ridges in front of the tractor and installing subsoiler wheels on the tractor, it is possible to plant in noncultivated soil at the rear.


        • GE-Force

        • The perfect preparation for a profitable harvest

          A good start is the perfect base for an excellent end result. A good soil preparation leads to optimal growth conditions and a good, high-quality product. In short: the AVR GE-Force is an investment that reimburses itself by maximizing your profits.

          Robust drive line

          The GE-Force is equipped with a simple one speed gearbox that directly transmits the incoming torque to the side drive. The standard gearbox can handle up to 250 hp of power. A 380 hp gearbox is also available as an optional extra; in addition a 3 speed gearbox is also available which offers greater flexibility with the rotor speeds for use in varied soil types. Since the rpm is only reduced in side drive, the forces that act on the intermediate shafts and bearings are limited, leading to far less component wear and tear.


        • Combi machine

        • The AVR Combi machine combines three functions in one frame. By simply switching some components, you can choose what machine to use:

          • Ecoridger: scraping weeds from the ridges.
          • Speedridger: building the ridges.
          • Weeder: cutting weed.

          Thanks to this machine, shaping beds and preventing weed growth has never been easier. The secret of the Combi machine is its inventive weight transfer system that uses the tractor’s weight to exert pressure on the ridging hood.

          Ecoridger: Eco-friendly weeding the ridge sides

          The Ecoridger executes two steps: 

        • First, the scrapers remove a thin layer of soil and any weeds that are present from the ridge sides. The  loosened soil covers and sufficates the weeds.
        • Next, the High-Speed ridging elements recompress the soil so as to make sure the ridge sides are solid again.

        • Compact

        • Preparing the fields for optimum yields

          The AVR Compact cultivator is a full field cultivator for use in combination with a planter or seeder. Cultivating, crumbling, planting and ridging can be executed behind the tractor in one working passage, which means wide tires can be used. This compact cultivator is equipped with a three-point linkage system, to which a Ceres planter can easily be coupled. 

          Compact machine, lower fuel consumption

          By mounting the hydraulic tines in the frame (instead of in front of it) and the soil openers on the cultivator (instead of on the planter), we were able to significantly restrict the machine’s length. The hydraulically depth-adjustable cultivating tines (optional) break up the tractor’s tracks. By cultivating in cracked soil, less fuel is consumed.

      • Potato planters

      • Text
          • Ceres mounted planters

          • Perfect bed preparation & ridging

            AVR Ceres, are well known to be extremely reliable, precise and robust! The planting machine range consists 4-row trailed planters. The cup planters are available with mechanic or hydraulic drive. A fertilizer tank can be fitted as an option. No matter your planting needs, AVR is sure to offer you the optimal solution.

            Ceres 400, accurate planting in less than no time

            From start to finish, the Ceres series of planters was designed and produced in-house by the AVR team. Typical features include reliability, precision, user-friendliness and a perfect ridge formation.

            The planting element is a model of precision and reliability. Two times 20 cups mounted on the cup belt ensure a continuous precision at high planting speeds. Also at higher driving speeds, the planter operates relatively calmly. The large upper drum ensures stillness at the top side, the small top roller at the bottom side, and the slightly tilted position of the planting element guarantees an accurate placement (also on inclines).


          • Ceres trailed planters

          • When planting potatoes, the main advantage of a trailed machine besides the weight distribution is the fact that the user can also combine the machine with tilling equipment, such as the specially designed AVR GE-Force C ridge cultivator, the basic AVR GE-Force and with other brands.

            Your tractor also needs less lifting power!

            AVR Ceres 450

            The Ceres 450 is a 4-row trailed potato planter with a hopper capacity of up to 3,500 kg (4x75 cm) or 4,000 kg (4x90 cm).

            Each individual potato row assembly can be disconnected manually (electrical also available as an option).

            The total wheel movement from left to right is 30° (+15°, -15°). The clever mechanical design ensures that the rotation axis always remains vertical, and that the wheels constantly remain in contact with the ground.

            Culti Control Option

            The Culti Control is a useful option. It ensures that the GE-Force C always maintains a constant cultivation depth, enabling the user to avoid double passes. The potato planting depth is always set independently.

            Straight or round-sided ridges

            To obtain a good ridge, it is vital to not only select the correct ridging hood, but also to set it correctly. The 4x75 version is therefore equipped with a narrow top ridging hood with round sides or a wide top hood (wear plates with special coating made from Boron 27) with straight sides. The 4x90 version is equipped with a wide top ridging hood (also made from Boron 27 wear plates) and straight sides.

            The ridging hood is operated as standard by means of an automatic pressure control. The accumulator in the hydraulic circuit ensures that the hood is always kept under constant pressure. The user can also opt for the well-known PDC system (Proportionally Distance Controlled). This system uses two ultrasound sensors to measure the amount of soil in the hood. Based upon this input, the pressure on the hood is adjusted in order to maintain even ridging.


        • Haulm toppers

              • Rafale

              • With an AVR haulm topper, you can be assured of efficient haulm removal! The most important goal when it comes to topping haulm is the destruction of the haulm by shredding it and subsequently disposing of it. The AVR Rafale has been developed to achieve this goal with the utmost precision, while simultaneously limiting fuel consumption. The improved design of the topper has increased its suction power which, in turn, improves the machine’s topping capacity significantly.

                The Rafale haulm topper is available as a 2-row up to 8-row version. 2- and 3-row machine with lateral discharge available.

          • Harvesters

              • Puma 3

              • Spectacular performance, gentle potato treatment

                The AVR Puma 3 demonstrates the series superiority on the market of self-propelled four-row harvesters. This hypermodern harvester is efficiency at its best and lifts harvesting to the next level with its large and flexible cleaning capacity, high maneuverability and maximum potato friendliness.

                Impressive flexibility

                The Puma 3 can optionally be fitted with the patented Varioweb module. This cleaning module is a combination of a pintlebelt and an axial roller set. The cleaning intensity can be adjusted continuously, and what’s more, the axial roller set can even be removed from the potato flow if little cleaning is required. With the Varioweb, the user can adapt the cleaning level to suit the harvesting conditions.


              • Spirit 6100

              • The Spirit 6100 is a 1-row offset potato harvester equipped with a six ton bunker. This smallest member of the Spirit family has everything you need for a quality harvest.

                Over the years, the Spirit series has built a strong reputation for potato-friendliness and capacity. The Spirit 6100’s unique harvesting and separation system provides a very potato-friendly harvesting process - it’s all about your precious potato. AVR has therefore developed a smooth product flow with minimal drop heights, as few directional changes as possible and a flat picking-off table. These features make it the ideal machine for harvesting early potatoes for the retail market. The 6-ton bunker and wide channel also ensure ample capacity.

                Single row, large capacity

                The Spirit 6100 is a single row bunker potato harvester with a large capacity.  It can transport 6,000 kg in combination with the bunker optimizer. This substantially increases the capacity of the machine, since less time is spent discharging. 

                Easy operation with CAN-bus

                The machine is driven by a CAN-bus system, like our trailed 2-row harvesters and our self-propelled harvesters. With this CAN-bus system the machine can be operated with a joystick and via an operating screen, to make adjustments. Some control functions can be added, as well as a self-diagnostic. As such, maintenance gets easier.


              • Spirit 6200

              • AVR makes 2-row harvesting affordable

                The AVR Spirit 6200 2-row offset bunker harvester offers you exactly what you need: a compact machine that demands little power, is extremely potato friendly and has a high harvesting capacity.

                Reliable capacity

                This compact 2-row Spirit 6200 offset bunker harvester is highly reliable because of its simple design, and performs spectacularly at the same time. The sophisticated soil separation immediately commences on the digging and sieving web. Subsequently, the efficient haulm web separates the haulm from the tubers, and an in-line pintlebelt removes any remaining loose soil and haulm from the product flow.

                A 3-row rotary comb removes stones and clumps from the flow. The flat picking-off table serves as an ergonomic work surface for conducting a final visual inspection. The product flow is then led to the spacious bunker. Once the bunker is full, it can be emptied in under a minute using the quick unloading floor.


              • Spirit 9200

              • Respect your potatoes

                The Spirit 9200 takes 2-row offset bunker harvesters to a whole new level. Great flexibility, high capacity, comfortable harvesting. This is made possible by the hydraulic drive and the optionally mountable cross roller set. Naturally these innovations have all been developed in accordance with AVR’s philosophy of potato friendly harvesting.

                High cleaning capacity

                A cross roller set can be mounted before the pintlebelts. This leads to a significant increase in the machine’s cleaning capacity, without the need for additional direction changes to the potato flow. This is a unique concept! The cross rollers efficiently remove loose soil, small clods of earth and smaller stones from the product flow. Because of this, the pintlebelts can easily remove the remaining loose soil and haulm.


              • Spirit 9200 VW

              • AVR has applied its patented Varioweb cleaning module to the Spirit 9200 VW. This allows for flexible and customized cleaning!

                The Varioweb can be adjusted to the harvesting conditions, such as wet or dry and light or heavy soil.

                Varioweb cleaning module, ready for all harvesting conditions

                The Varioweb consists of a pintle belt and axial roller combination. A unique feature is the ability to continuously set the product flow volume that travels across the axial rollers from the cabin: from 100% when intensive cleaning is required to fully removing the axial rollers from the product flow when hardly any cleaning is required. This is achieved by moving the pintlebelt forward or backward. A long transversal pintle belt transports the product flow to the picking-off table, where two persons can be positioned to execute a final inspection.

                Save time, unload while driving

                Using a WB bunker (option), unloading is possible while driving, enabling continuous harvesting. This means a huge increase in capacity. The three point articulation structure allows the elevator to lower deeply into the dumpers. The elevator web provides an additional after-cleaning.



              • Spirit 5200

              • Ideal machine for easy, but efficient potato harvesting

                The Spirit 5200 is an ideal machine for the easy yet efficient harvesting of potatoes. The power train has consciously been kept as simple as possible. The sieving webs and pintle belts are operated by a mechanical drive system.

                Potato-friendly harvesting process

                The Spirit 5200 stays true to AVR’s basic principles for efficient potato harvesting: a machine of solid construction that ensures potato-friendly harvesting. The machine is user-friendly and extremely solidly built to keep servicing costs down to an absolute minimum, and to enable the user to continue harvesting at all times.

                The command is user-friendly and intuitive while using the can-bus joystick and the organised screen.

                Low pressure on the soil, ideal for difficult harvesting conditions

                The driver can easily keep an eye on the harvesting process as it is an offset harvester. Offset harvesting means that the tractor does not need to be equipped with row crop tyres. The tractor can continue to run on wide tread tyres. This is a great advantage when harvesting in difficult conditions, and it also helps to protect the soil! The tractor wheels do not form any clods or compact the soil during the harvesting process.



              • Lynx

              • The AVR Lynx harvester is uniquely positioned on the market. This two-row harvester can both be used for in-line and off set harvesting. Three types of cleaning modules are available: pintlebelt, Varioweb and cross rollers.

                The machine is fully hydraulically driven. A number of well-considered adaptations allow for even smoother harvesting. The Lynx is equipped with wide tires, which guarantees a low soil pressure and easy towing of the machine.

                Control joystick

                The joystick, which is installed by default on every Lynx, unites all regular actions. The harvesting settings can easily be adjusted using the touchscreen (incl. mounting bracket). Most components can be controlled hydraulically from the tractor: steering wheels, machine level, digging unit up/down, hydraulic digging unit depth (option), (automatic) drawbar steering, Varioweb in/out, pintlebelt inclination, elevator cylinders, emptying the supply belt and elevator, inclination of the axial rollers (option).

                Advantageous offset harvesting

                When needed, the drawbar can easily be shifted hydraulically, creating a off set harvester. In that case, the tractor can be equipped with wide tires:
                ▪ Advantageous harvesting, also in diffi cult conditions.
                ▪ Gentle for the soil: more traction and less tracking depth thanks to the wide tires.
                ▪ The ridges no longer get damaged as the tractor does not drive across them anymore.
                ▪ The soil in front of the harvester remains light (no clods), keeping it easily sievable. Thanks to the automatic drawbar steering (default), the steering is completely taken over. This assures a perfectly ergonomic way of controlling and steering the machine.


              • Puma 4.0

              • Meet the world leader in the 4-row self-propelled harvester range: the Puma 4.0.

                You can confi dently rely on AVR's latest self-propelled harvester to help meet your current farming challenges. This heavy-duty, reliable and user-friendly machine will process up to 100 tonnes of potatoes per hour with all the correct settings. Even in wet weather conditions, this gentle giant will soldier on. Your Puma can now also be connected to the web. This will enable you to capture your machine data on the new AVR Connect platform to work even more effi ciently after an initial assessment.

                High-tech Harvesting

                Option AVR Connect

                The Puma 4.0 can be fully connected to the web. This web connectivity ensures that the sensors installed at specifi c locations on the harvester can capture the harvesting data from the fi eld and send it online to your personal user platform, i.e. AVR Connect.

                • (Automatic) field management
                • Overview & history of the settings/parameters of your Puma
                • Remote diagnostics
                • Integrated yield measurement
                • Real-time location & route (on & off  fi eld)
                • Remote (software) update
                • Data exchange with FMiS
                • Log waiting times
                • Geofencing
                • Remote monitoring of alarm signals
                • Monitoring of key parameters
                • Trip management
            • Crop handling

                • Receiving hoppers - Falcon

                • Fast storage, gentle handling

                  The AVR receiving hoppers ensure your crop to be handled in a fast and effective, as well as a potato-friendly manner. The machine is available in several versions and with different roller variations, so that you can virtually custom-tailor your machine. The different possibilities for configuration and the numerous options, make it the ideal machine for middle to big potato (processing) companies.

                • Store loaders - Cobra

                • Fast storage. Gentle handling.

                  AVR’s ingenious telescopic store loaders are characterized by their efficiency and product-friendliness, and are extremely well-suited for swiftly and efficiently unloading different products such as potatoes, onions and grain.

                • Twin conveyors

                • The flexible link in the crop handling line

                  AVR twin conveyors offer a high capacity without product damage. Easy to move and extremely user-friendly. The machine has been designed so both belts can be swiveled to all desired angles relative to each other.

                  Thanks to the tandem construction with four casters and the 360° rotatable main wheels, the machine can easily be moved by one person. The mounted control box can be rotated 180° for ergonomical operation.

                • Belt elevator

                • The AVR CTK can be used for numerous transporter operations. Its high capacity and length make it perfectly suitable for swiftly and efficiently loading trucks or discarting soil in combination with your receiving hopper.

                  All AVR transporters are equipped with V-shaped high-chevron belts (running side walls) that cover the frame parts, which offers two advantages. The capacity is significantly higher because more product remains on the belt, and thanks to the V-shape, the product never comes into contact with the frame parts. This makes sure the product is never damaged and ensures a high quality. At the conveyor belt’s outlet side, the machine is equipped with an adjustable swan neck. This ensures that the drop height can be limited to a minimum and prevents product damage.

                • Stone & clod separators

                • Using the AVR CSKS is a simple yet very efficient method for mechanically separating stones and clods.The large, adjustable separating roller has been specifically constructed to create a maximum rebound difference between potatoes and stones/clods, which results in an extremely effective separation.
                • Pick-up loader

                • The scooter pick-up loader is an essential machine for removing bulk stored products from storage, like potatoes and onions, without any damage.
                • Falcon 1800

                • The Falcon has a wide and easily accessible filling hopper, the entry width is 3.18 metres. The incised filling rubber and the double entry rubbers ensure a good connection between the tipper and the receiving hopper, which prevents product from spilling out.

                  The solid side walls are mounted to the left and right of the bunker floor, to ensure a large buffer volume. The content of the bunker is 10.9 m³.