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  • Wachendorff Automation offers you rugged industrial components and intelligent system solutions for highly accurate measurement of distance and direction. The rugged industrial quality of Wachendorff-manufactured encoders is backed up by a 5(!) year warranty.

    Wachendorff Elektronik is inextricably linked with the world's first agricultural-based electronic operating concept developed by us back in 1998. Since then we have been optimising our successful core product, the OPUS series, and are meanwhile renowned for our innovative technologies well beyond Germany's borders.
Product Portfolio
  • Wachendorff Automation

  • Shaft encoders incremental quadrature

    • Encoder housing dimension:
      24 mm up to 53 mm

    • Encoder housing dimension:
      63 mm and 67 mm

    • Encoder housing dimension:
      90 mm and 115 mm

  • Hollow shaft encoders incremental quadrature

    • Encoder housing dimension:
      40 mm and 58 mm

    • Encoder housing dimension:
      80 mm up to 145 mm

  • Wachtendorff Elektronik

    • OPUS A1rvc

    • The A1rvc with Intel® Atom™ CPU combines strong performance with the robustness of a Wachendorff console. Four CANbus ports, RS-232, WLAN, GSM, GPS, Ethernet, Bluetooth®, USB, SD and up to eight cameras – Almost anything is possible.
    • OPUS A1+

    • The sky‘s the limit with the A1+: 32-bit processor for super-fast computing power, huge 10.4″ touchscreen display and SD card for data transfer. The trump card for complex tasks.
    • OPUS A2

    • The multi purpose A2: 5.7″ color display, SD slot, 2 CANbus ports, video input. Plus visual LED and acoustic beeper alarm system. A panel for many applications!
    • OPUS A3e

    • 32-Bit, two CANbus ports, USB, IP67, available as built-in equipment or attachment for portrait or landscape format and optional touch screen, and that all for just a little money.
    • OPUS A3s

    • When the device should be as good and inexpensive as the A3 Eco, but certain extra features should not be missing, then the OPUS A3s is the right choice: With encoder, three hard and eight soft function keys.
    • OPUS A4

    • Nothing will slip your attention, even in sunlight, thanks to a high contrast display with video overlays: Simultaneously display video camera images, machine control and alarm elements in 256 colors – all in the modern 16:9 format.
    • OPUS A5

    • The new OPUS A5 offers perfect functions. 400 MHz for fast operating, 15 keys, 1 GB mass storage, 2 CANbus, SD slot, USB, 65,536 colors and scaleable videodisplay. Simply a matchwinner!
    • OPUS A6e

    • 32-Bit, 533 MHz, two CANbus ports, USB, true outdoor display, available as built-in equipment or attachment for portrait or landscape format, optional touch screen and many other interface options. What more does one want?
    • OPUS A6s

    • When that certain extra features should not be missing then the OPUS A6s is your man: With encoder, three hard and twelve soft function keys, as well as options like Ethernet, Bluetooth®, two camera inputs, WLAN, Quad-band GSM and much more.
    • OPUS 46

    • Six visual alarm LEDs and acoustic alarm provide the optimum platform for monitoring your work vehicle. CANbus functions in a space-saving 5.7″ portrait format color display.
    • OPUS 21c

    • Unlimited programmability: With 20 user programmable function keys (14 soft keys with icons), 3 encoders for setting values, alarm, CANbus. A complete dashboard in one surfacemounted or built-in panel!
    • OPUS Thor

    • OPUS THOR combines practical functions with exceptional strength: Extremely rugged, all-in-one waterproof aluminum casing, handle and mounting tube, cushioned display, 2 CANbus ports, video input.
    • OPUS Camera

    • Black and white or color video camera with rear-view-mirror function. Can be used with all OPUS units that have video input.
    • OPUS Development Kit

    • The keys to your operator panel. Program quickly and successfully.