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  • Offer Profile
  • The Gates Power Transmission Division offers a complete industrial belt programme, including V-belts, multi-ribbed belts, synchronous belts, flexible couplings, tension testing tools, tensioners, pulleys and complete drive systems. The industrial application range extends from minimum drives on computer printers or other high-precision tools to industrial compressors and agricultural harvesters.
Product Portfolio
  • Industrial Power Transmission

  • Ask for Gates V Belts and synchronous belts, and you'll also get the most experienced engineering, customer service and field sales experts in the industry.
  • Synchronous Belts

  • Gates has the total synchronous belt drive solution for your demanding applications: Poly Chain® GT for high performance and life cycle value in high-torque drive applications and PowerGrip® for high-speed, high-horsepower drives and applications requiring accurate synchronization.
    • Poly Chain® GT Carbon™

    • Nothing tougher!
      Continuous investment in engineering, field-tested development and proximity to our customers have made us world market leader in drive system solutions. Wherever optimum performance is a priority, our high-tech drive solutions are in operation. Strength, flexibility, durability and reliability are all vital qualities in the field of power transmission. With Gates’ new Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ synchronous belts these qualities are guaranteed.

      Polyurethane synchronous belt with patented carbon tensile cords
    • Poly Chain® GT2

    • Poly Chain® GT2 has been designed for optimum performance on high torque, low speed drives in any industrial application. This lightweight belt transmits up to 30% more power than previous constructions in the same space. Or it transmits the same power in a much more compact space. Poly Chain® GT2 belts operate on Poly Chain® GT pulleys and do not require any adaptation of the system. The Poly Chain® GT2 belt construction is based on innovative state-of-the-art design. The body and teeth of the belt are made of a unique polyurethane compound, making the belt tough and virtually immune to abrasion and chemical attack. Poly Chain® GT2 belts make an excellent alternative to roller chains, requiring neither retensioning nor lubrication. Space saving, weight-saving and money-saving, Poly Chain® GT2 drives offer a long and reliable service life.
    • PowerGrip® GT3

    • PowerGrip® GT3 outperforms all other synchronous rubber belts
      Contemporary machine designs require advanced power transmission solutions. With the next generation synchronous rubber belt PowerGrip® GT3, Gates is one step ahead, providing drive designs not yet imagined. This technical tour de force transmits up to 30% more power than previous generation belts. PowerGrip® GT3 is available in 2, 3, 5, 8 and 14 MGT pitches and runs on existing drives, requiring no adaptation of the system. When you think the impossible, think Gates, the perpetual technology leader.
    • Synchro-Power®

    • Open-end and endless polyurethane synchronous belts
      Gates Synchro-Power® polyurethane belts provide maximum power transmission combined with perfect tooth meshing and tight and accurate tolerances. Polyurethane is extremely wear and fatigue resistant and at the same time highly flexible. Gates Synchro-Power® belts are both available as endless and as open-end belt and can be used in a wide variety of applications in the printing industry, textile industry, food industry etc.
    • PowerGrip® HTD® 8M, 14M & 20M

    • The curvilinear PowerGrip® HTD® tooth geometry eliminates stress concentration at tooth roots and allows higher power capacity and longer life. PowerGrip® HTD® 8M, 14M and 20M belts are used in high performance drives in the machine tool, paper and textile industries where durability and low maintenance are required.
    • PowerPainT™

    • Gates’ PowerPainT™ synchronous belt is specifically developed for use in painting areas, as found in the automotive and white goods industries where contamination of the painted product, from whatever source, is unacceptable. PowerPainT™ ensures excellent performance on skid and roller conveyor systems where there may be a serious risk of product contamination. It passes the most stringent tests established by the automotive industry, which requires all components specified for use in a paint and varnish environment to be free of any source of contamination. Gates’ PowerPainT™ belt ensures freedom of lubrication and maintenance, and paint and varnish compatibility. Contamination risks are excluded.
    • PowerGrip® HTD® 3M & 5M

    • Because of an optimized load distribution, the HTD® curvilinear tooth form guarantees high power transmission in low speed and high torque applications. PowerGrip® HTD® 3M and 5M belts are suitable for domestic appliances, office machines, electric hand tools and for applications in the processing and chemical industry.
    • PowerGrip® XL, L, H, XH & XXH

    • Gates classical synchronous PowerGrip® belt offers a maintenance-free and economical alternative to conventional drives like chains and gears.
      Its application range extends from minimum drives (computer printers) to heavy-duty machinery (oil pumps, etc).
    • PowerGrip® MXL

    • The PowerGrip® MXL belt is a classical synchronous belt with a pitch of 0.08" (2.032Ê mm). It is recommended for applications where maximum synchronization, small package and high speed are required. Space-saving and highly stable, this belt is the ideal solution to precision drives such as office machines and computers.
    • Twin Power®

    • Due to its double and directly opposite teeth, Twin Power® synchronous belts ensure high loading capacity on contra-rotating drives and ensure smooth running and high flexibility. Twin Power® synchronous belts are available with the classical trapezoidal but also with the unique GT2 tooth profile. The Twin Power® GT2 belt has twice the power rating of Twin Power® HTD® belts. It is characterized by extraordinary load-carrying power and high tooth jump resistance, thus ensuring a positive non-slip drive. In addition, it runs at very low noise. Twin Power® is available in PowerGrip® GT2 8MGT and14MGT, HTD® 5M and PowerGrip® XL, L and H pitches.
    • Long Length & LiftPower™

    • Next to endless belts, Gates offers a comprehensive range of open-end belts which can be easily cut off to the required length. Long Length open-end synchronous belts are especially suited for linear movements (automated doors, warehouse conveyors and elevators), accurate positioning (machine tools, x-y co-ordinate machines) and reversal drives (computers, printers and office equipment). LiftPower™ open end flat belts have been designed for optimum performance on lifting
      and handling applications to move platforms and/or weights. They are an ideal alternative to hydraulic cylinders in scissors-type lifting tables and to chains and steel cables in vertical transport of motor vehicles in high rise stores. LiftPower™ belts run on flat pulleys.
    • TransMotion™

    • Gates’ TransMotion™ is the most powerful rubber belt in the market for conveyor applications. TransMotion™ guarantees a 100% reliability when it is used for assembly lines in the most diverse industries. It outlasts and outperforms roller chain and other high-performance rubber synchronous products.

  • Gates is the world's largest manufacturer of power transmission belts for problem solving applications. Gates product line covers heavy-duty and light-duty belts, and products for specialty drives.
    • Predator® V Belts

    • The highest rated and most robust V-belt ever designed
      Gates Predator® V-belts, Gates’ most recent addition to the range, are the markets’ leading V-belts.

      Unique in their extreme robustness and high load carrying capability they are unrivalled. They are excellent problem solvers that perform well in harsh environments and in extremely demanding applications where standard V-belts have performance issues. Where standard V-belts don’t meet the challenge, Gates Predator® V-belts are the solution!

      The Predator® belt difference is in the construction: they have the highest power density of any V-belt and virtually zero stretch because of the use of high strength, high modulus aramid tensile cords.
    • HI-POWER®  V Belts

    • Wrapped V-belt of conventional cross-section
      The wrapped classic section Hi-Power® V-belt has a long reputation for reliability on agricultural and industrial applications. The arched top of the Hi-Power® belt provides superior strength to prevent “dishing” and distortion of the tensile section. The cords are properly aligned, each of them carrying its full share of the load. The Flex Weave® oil and heat resistant cover increases the angle facing the direction of pull. As a result, the Flex Weave® fabric develops even less stress for a given amount of bending.
    • Quad-Power II  V Belts

    • Raw edge, moulded notch, narrow section V-belt
      Quad-Power® II is Gates’ top of-the-range narrow section V-belt for heavy-duty industrial drives. It has been developed to replace traditional V-belts on applications where space and weight savings are critical: Quad-Power® II is the V belt with the highest power capacity, even on small pulley diameters. Improved resistance to outside bends allows the use of back idlers. The new optimized notch profile makes the belts run smoothly in the pulley grooves.
    • SUPER HC® MN V Belts

    • Raw edge, moulded notch, narrow section V-belt
      In addition to the Super HC® wrapped, narrow section V-belt, Gates markets the Super HC® Moulded Notch V-belt construction. Super HC® MN V-belts put more power where high speeds, high speed ratios or small pulley diameters are required, thus offering significant advantages over classical section V-belts. Developed through specialized research, Super HC® MN is highly recommended for use on all industrial heavy-duty, narrow section V-belt drives. The Super HC® MN increased transmission efficiency allows more compact and highly economical drive design. Super HC‚ MN belts are available up to 4750 mm ISO datum lengths.
    • Powerband® V Belts

    • Multiple V-belt
      Gates PowerBand® offers a solution for drives where single belts vibrate, turn over or jump off the pulleys. PowerBand® is especially developed for drives subjected to pulsating loads. It consists of several V-belts joined together by a permanent, high strength tie band, thus being tougher than all the belts taken separately. PowerBand® is available in SPB, SPC, 8V/25J, 9J, 15J, 3VX and 5VX sections. B, C and D sections are available on request.
    • Micro-V® V Belts

    • Multi-ribbed belt
      Through its truncated rib design, Gates Micro-V® multiribbed belt ensures an outstanding performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter pulleys. This smooth-running belt provides a power capacity increase up to 80% higher than RMA standards. The Micro-V® size range has recently been extended and comprises more than 125 standard effective lengths covering a multitude of applications.
    • Polyflex® JB™ V Belts

    • Polyurethane multiple V-belt
      Polyflex® JB™ is synonymous with high power density in small spaces. Developed by Gates and produced to patented manufacturing processes, Polyflex® JB™ belts provide more load-carrying capacity at higher speeds to small precision multiple V-belt drives. This results in significant cost savings and improved design freedom. Recommended for use on bench type milling machines, lathe drives, woodworking and metalworking machine spindle drives, computer peripheral equipment, small blowers, etc.
    • Polyflex® V Belts

    • Polyurethane V-belt
      This compact and strong belt with nominal top width from 3 mm to 11 mm transmits more power and allows high speed ratios. Polyflex® is suited for extremely small diameter pulleys and very compact drives with high rotational speeds. Ideal for use on machines and machine tools requiring high performance and smooth operation in limited space such as bench type milling machines, lathe drives, woodworking and metalworking machine spindle drives, computer peripheral equipment, small blowers, etc.
    • Multi-Speed V Belts

    • Gates Multi-Speed belt provides top performance on variable speed drives. It adjusts itself to the pulley groove without difficulty, providing a wide range of speeds and speed ratios. In addition to the standard Multi-Speed belt line, special sizes (top width, thickness and angle) are available on request.
    • Powerated® V Belts

    • V-Belt for back idler and clutching applications
      PoweRated® V-belt is recommended for heavy-duty drives and clutching applications. The PoweRated® V-belt meets the requirements of high power, clutching, heavy shock loaded and back idler driven lawn and garden equipment.
  • Special Belts for specific markets

    • Belts recreational

    • BOOST™ variable-speed replacement belts from Gates provide top performance for CVT drives of gasoline powered vehicles in the 50 cc to 600 cc range and stand up to any sporty riding style. Gates puts all its expertise into developing belts you can rely on. BOOST™ belts are very durable and therefore an intelligent investment in the performance and reliability of your recreational vehicle.
    • Belts agricultural

    • Premium quality agricultural belts assuring reliability... even under the toughest conditions
      Agricultural belts work in the heaviest conditions possible. Combines work outdoors, often in constant sunlight and therefore hot conditions. In addition, the belts are subjected to dust, dirt, stones and other objects that may enter between the belt and the pulley.

      For all these reasons, you should only use belts specifically designed for use on agricultural applications, as these are built to specifications capable of withstanding such harsh conditions. They are robust and reinforced, composed of materials that are both very flexible and resistant, like aramid or polyester tensile members, specific elastomeric compounds or highly resistant cover bands.
  • Flexible couplings

      • EuroGrip® Flexible Couplings

      • Electronic speed controls are increasingly being used in industry. In response to this requirement, Gates has developed a flexible coupling range covering standard motor sizes. Gates EuroGrip® flexible couplings consist of a rubber sleeve and two metal end pieces. The design of Gates EuroGrip® flexible couplings is unique, with its OGEE lines(1) allowing the coupling to act as a torque/life indicator for the drive.

        Gates EuroGrip® flexible couplings are available in sizes 19, 28, 42, 48 and 60 and are bored to suit a taper bush or a plain bore and keyway. Gates EuroGrip® flexible couplings have high vibration damping capacity, which makes them especially suitable for direct drive applications in pumps and compressors. Their high compliance is especially appreciated by designers of speed control systems, where resonance can be a problem. The zero backlash characteristics result in high positioning accuracy and repeatability, allowing a wide range of applications in the linear actuator market.