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  • Offer Profile
  • The EMAG Group products cover the entire spectrum of machining processes in the metal working industry. Whether chucked, shaft-type or cubic components − the companies under the EMAG umbrella offer the best manufacturing solution for every customer. With its variety of technology centers EMAG has become an important partner in the realization of complete process streams for the manufacture of transmission, engine and chassis components.
Product Portfolio

      • Modular VL

      • Vertical Modular Turning Machines - Low Unit Costs Guaranteed

        A design that results in higher production performance: The lathes in the VL series are space-saving vertical turning machines with integrated automation.

          • VL 2

          • VL 2 – Vertical pick-up turning machines for the machining of workpieces with a maximum diameter of 100 mm
          • VL 3

          • Vertical lathe for chucked components: vertical turning + automation, integrated in a single machine, implemented on the smallest possible footprint
          • VL 4

          • VL 4 - Vertical Turning Machines for Chucked Components up to 200 mm in Diameter
          • VL 5

          • Vertical Turning Machine: Automation + turning implemented on the smallest possible footprint
          • VL 5i

          • Lathe with pick-up automation including measuring
          • VL 6

          • VL 6 - CNC Turning Machines for Machining Heavy Workpieces up to 300 mm in Diameter
          • VL 8

          • CNC Turning of Chucked Parts with a diameter up to 400 mm


        • Big Parts Modular VM

        • VM 9 Vertical Turning Center for the Manufacture of Large Components

          With the new VM 9 vertical turning center, EMAG has introduced a platform that covers a broad spectrum of applications thanks to the combined turning, milling and drilling technologies and intelligent machine design. The highly accessible machining area and workpiece spindle fitted at the bottom ensure short tooling times and maximum flexibility in the production of large components.

              • VM 9

              • The VM 9 Vertical Turning Center Machines Large Chucked Components up to 450 mm in Diameter
          • Big Parts Customized VMC

          • VMC 450 Vertical Turning Center – Manufacturing of Large Parts

            With the flexibility of the VMC 450 vertical turning center, EMAG offers a single machine system for chucked parts suited to the production of a wide variety of workpieces in many different manufacturing scenarios.

            Be it components for trucks, construction and agricultural machines or the aviation industry, the VMC 450 vertical turning center is ideal for practically every sector.

                • VMC 450 Vertical Turning Center – Manufacturing of Large Parts

                • With the flexibility of the VMC 450 vertical turning center, EMAG offers a single machine system for chucked parts suited to the production of a wide variety of workpieces in many different manufacturing scenarios.

            • Customized VLC

            • VLC Series Turning Machines – Universal Machining Thanks to Integrated Technology

              As workpieces become more complex and precise, batch sizes are becoming smaller and throughput times shorter. EMAG’s answer to these demands is to use the high-performance, multifunctional machines of the VLC series to produce components in a single set-up through technology integration.

                • VLC 100

                • VLC 100 – Vertical Pick-up Machines
                • VLC 100 GT

                • VLC 100 GT Machine – Fine Finishing of Chucked Parts up to 100 mm in Diameter
                • VLC 100-P

                • Vertical Turning Machine for Chucked Components: Two-Spindle Vertical Turning + Automation
                • VLC 200

                • The VLC 200 – Flexible CNC Turning Machine with the use of a Range of Technologies
                • VLC 250

                • Vertical turning center VLC 250 – universal application and flexibility
                • VLC 300

                • Pick-up turning center VLC 300 for advanced machining of chucked parts
                • VLC 400

                • VLC 400 Vertical Turning Machine for the Productive Machining of Large Chucked Parts

                • VLC 500

                • Combined turning and machining center: VLC production machine
                • VLC 800

                • Combined turning and machining center: VLC production machine
                • VLC 1200

                • VLC 1200 production machine – for parts up to 1200 mm in diameter and 2000 kg in weight


              • Production VSC

              • VSC – Multifunctional Production Centers

                In 1992 EMAG was the first manufacturer to build a vertical turning machine with an inverted work spindle that traveled the main axes. EMAG continues to turn traditional manufacturing processes on their head! Every machine in the VSC series is a production cell where the pick-up spindle loads the machine itself. 

                  • VSC 250

                  • CNC lathe VSC 250: vertical turning + automation + measuring
                  • VSC 400

                  • Lathe VSC 400 with vertical turning technology
                  • VSC 500

                  • Automated heavy-duty machining of large workpieces on the lathe VSC 500
                • Multi-Spindle Automatics

                • Vertical Multi-Spindle Machines: The Benchmark of Productivity

                  The powerful and compact multi-spindle vertical pick-up turning machines from EMAG are predominantly used in medium and large batch production of precise components and are known for their high output rates.

                    • VSC DUO

                    • VSC DUO multi-spindle machines for medium and large batch production
                    • VSC TWIN

                    • VSC TWIN automatic lathes – twice the number of components produced on the same footprint
                    • VSC TRIO

                    • VSC TRIO automatic lathe – high-productivity machining on multi-spindle machines
                  • Modular Shaft Machining VT

                  • VT Series: Maximum Performance for Shaft Production

                    Fast processes are required for machining large quantities of shafts. Both the machining process and the loading and unloading processes must be completed extremely quickly. The VT 2-4 and VT 4-4 machines guarantee the maximum performance you require.

                      • VT 2-4

                      • VT 2-4 – The turning machine for vertical 4-axis shaft machining
                      • VT 4-4

                      • VT 4-4 turning machines for the demanding shaft production
                    • Customized Shaft Machining VTC

                    • Shaft Production on Turning Machines from the VTC Series

                      Shaft machining in mid-sized to large-scale production creates special challenges for the machine 
                      design. Short idle times, flexible automation systems for workpiece families and implementing the 
                      ideal manufacturing technology are the main criteria for ensuring efficient production processes. 
                      With the VTC series, EMAG supplies machines specifically designed to meet these requirements.

                        • VTC 100-4

                        • VTC 100-4 Customized Vertical Shaft Machining
                        • VTC 250 / 250 DUO

                        • VTC Customized Vertical Shaft Machining
                        • VTC 200-4

                        • Vertical Turning Center with Complete Freedom in Equipping for Shaft Production
                        • VTC 100 GT

                        • All-round solutions for shafts
                        • VTC 315 DS

                        • The production tool for the machining of challenging shaft-type components, the VTC 315 DS turns and grinds vertically.
                      • GRINDING MACHINES

                          • Vertical Turning and Grinding Centers

                          • Vertical Turning and Grinding Centers for Chucked Components

                            Vertical turning and grinding centers combine the advantages of hard turning with those of grinding on a single machine, in a single set-up.

                              • VLC 100 GT

                              • VLC 100 GT Machine – Fine Finishing of chucked parts up to 100 mm in diameter
                              • VSC DS / DDS

                              • Complete production processes with the turning and grinding center VSC DS
                              • VLC 250 DS

                              • VLC 250 DS – Grinding Centers combination of turning & grinding
                            • Vertical Turning and Grinding Centers, Shafts

                            • Vertical Turning and Grinding Machines for Shaft Production

                              All-around solution for shafts: The VTC 100 GT turning and grinding machine ensures fast combined hard turning and grinding processes. All turning operations are performed with the tool turret, and grinding follows at the second station. The VTC 315 DS is the model for machining demanding shaft-type workpieces.

                                • VTC 100 GT

                                • All-round solutions for shafts
                                • VTC 315 DS

                                • The production tool for the machining of challenging shaft-type components, the VTC 315 DS turns and grinds vertically.
                              • Grinding Machine for Impression Cylinders

                              • Impression Cylinder Grinders from Naxos-Union

                                Naxos-Union of the EMAG Group offers double-head grinding machines with state-of-the-art technology for the grinding of large printing cylinders. This machine concept enables maximum productivity, the integration of different processes into a single clamping operation and compliance with tight tolerances.

                                    • RD 430

                                    • Grinding Machine for Impression Cylinders


                                • Camshaft grinding machines

                                • Cam and Camshaft Grinders

                                  Kopp of the EMAG Group offers machines tailored to the grinding of cams and camshafts. Multiple operations, including internal and external machining as well as grinding for single-part and batch production.

                                    • CNC Grinder SK 204

                                    • The CNC Grinder SK 204 modular machine system allows for the configuration of a large number of variants in order to accommodate individual production requirements.
                                    • SN 310 / SN 320

                                    • EMAG Camshaft Grinder SN 204 / SN 208

                                      EMAG SN 310 / SN 320 for one-offs and volume production of camshafts

                                  • Internal and Face Grinder

                                  • I

                                    Internal and Face Grinding Machines for Small Chucked Components

                                    The production of small chucked components often involves very large quantities. In particular, gearbox wheels, planetary gears, sprocket wheels and flange parts are required in millions of units for passenger cars. EMAG vertical grinders have been specially developed for the productive and high precision manufacturing of these components.

                                      • VG 110

                                      • Face grinding and internal grinding or combination of turning and grinding in a single machine
                                      • VLC 100 G

                                      • Vertical grinding machine VLC 100 G for single-spindle vertical grinding
                                    • External Cylindrical Grinding

                                    • External Cylindrical Grinding for Shafts

                                      The HG series is a machine platform for the external cylindrical grinding of precision shaft components.
                                      The VTC DS series handles challenging machining of shaft components.

                                        • HG 2

                                        • HG 2 – the efficient solution for the cylindrical grinding of shafts
                                        • HG 204

                                        • The cylindrical grinder HG 204 – a grinding system that meets high-quality requirements
                                        • HG 208

                                        • The cylindrical grinder HG 208 – perfectly ground – perfectly round
                                        • HG 208 CD

                                        • The EMAG Grinder HG 208 CD – External and internal machining in a single set-up
                                        • 208 DW

                                        • Grinders for Simultaneous machining: EMAG HG 208 DW
                                        • VTC 315 DS

                                        • The production tool for the machining of shaft-type components, the VTC 315 DS turns and grinds vertically.
                                      • Crankshaft Grinders

                                      • Crankshaft Grinders for Machining Car, Truck and Large Crankshafts

                                        Naxos-Union of the EMAG Group offers many versions for machining car, truck and larger crankshafts: grinders with CBN technology in a single-wheel configuration, dual-slide machines with up to four grinding spindles or angle plunge grinders, for example.

                                          • PM 2

                                          • Crankshaft grinder PM 2 – Inexpensive component manufacture
                                          • PM 310 / 320

                                          • Crankshaft grinders – high-tech grinding technology, precision and reliability
                                          • PM 430 / 460

                                          • The PM 4 series is for the crankshaft grinding of crankshafts with a length of up to 3000 / 6800 mm (118,1 / 267,7 inch).
                                          • RF 310/320

                                          • RF 310/320 – Angular plunge grinder for the machining of high and/or low ends of crankshafts with a length of 1000-1500 mm and a weight of 80-180 kg.
                                          • PMD 2

                                          • PMD 2 Grinding Machine – for Crankshaft Grinding
                                        • MACHINING CENTERS

                                            • VLC 500 MT

                                            • The Machining Centers VLC 500 MT: multi-functional, flexible, sturdy
                                            • VLC 800 MT

                                            • Maximum Productivity with the VLC 800 MT Machining Center
                                            • VMC 300 MT

                                            • VMC 300 MT - Turn/Mill Center for complex chucked parts
                                            • VMC 450 MT

                                            • VMC 450 MT - Turn/Mill Machine
                                            • VMC 600 MT

                                            • VMC 600 MT - Turning / Milling Center
                                          • GEAR HOBBING MACHINES

                                              • Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machines

                                              • Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machines from Koepfer

                                                Horizontal gear hobbing machines from Koepfer combine cutting-edge technology with maximum universality and flexibility. Every imaginable gear cutting scenario can be realized with these gear hobbing machines. They are capable of machining both disc- and shaft-type workpieces, and a variety of automation systems is available to enable large-scale production.

                                                  • K 160

                                                  • Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machine KOEPFER K 160
                                                  • K 200

                                                  • Gear Hobbing Machines KOEPFER K 200
                                                  • K 300

                                                  • Horizontal K 300 CNC-Machine for precise gear hobbing
                                                • Vertical Gear Hobbing Machines

                                                • Vertical Gear Hobbing Machines From EMAG KOEPFER

                                                  Vertical gear hobbing machines combine the expertise of gear hobbing specialist EMAG KOEPFER with the vertical pick-up machine concept typical of EMAG. The result: gear hobbing machines that guarantee top quality and maximum productivity.

                                                    • VL 4 H

                                                    • VL 4 H Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine for Efficient Gear Cutting up to Module 4
                                                    • VLC 200 H

                                                    • Pick-up Gear Hobbing Machine – VLC 200 H
                                                  • CHAMFERING AND DEBURRING MACHINES

                                                      • VLC 100 CC

                                                      • The VLC 100 C is an automated deburring machine which loads and unloads itself via the pick-up spindle.
                                                      • KCS 200

                                                      • Chamfering with Incredible Contour Accuracy


                                                    • LASER-WELDING MACHINES

                                                        • ELC 160

                                                        • Laser welding machine for high-productivity manufacturing
                                                        • ELC 200

                                                        • The laser welding machine ELC 200 H is suitable for workpieces such as drive shafts, universal joint shafts, steering shafts and similar components.
                                                        • ELC 250 DUO

                                                        • The ELC 250 DUO is a highly efficient laser welding system for transmission components and other rotation-symmetric workpieces
                                                      • ECM / PECM MACHINES

                                                          • CS

                                                          • On the ECM Standard Machining System “BI smart” the operator loads and removes the workpieces from the ECM unit by hand. A two-handed control button activates the ECM (electro-chemical machining) process that carries out the deburring operation.
                                                          • PO 100 SF

                                                          • The Comfort Standard / Comfort Integrated is the best introduction to the automation of ECM (electro-chemical machining) processes.
                                                          • PO 900 BF

                                                          • PECM system with modularly upgradeable tool concept for sophisticated 2D and 3D structures.
                                                          • PT

                                                          • PECM system with modularly upgradeable tool concept for sophisticated 2D and 3D structures.
                                                          • PTS 2500

                                                          • PECM system for complex electro-chemical metalworking applications.
                                                        • JOINING MACHINES

                                                          • TUBE AND COUPLINGS MACHINING CENTERS

                                                              • USC 21

                                                              • Machining of premium threads on OCTG components, whether they are international (API, GOST) or a proprietary threads
                                                              • Beveling machine UBF 21

                                                              • Vertical joining machine
                                                              • USC 27

                                                              • Horizontal Center-Drive lathe Machine for the complete machining of couplings and tool joints
                                                              • VLC 800 CM

                                                              • The new generation for the machining of coupling sleeves up to 24"
                                                              • VSC 400 / VSC 400 DUO CM

                                                              • Customized solutions for the complete-machining of couplings and tool joints
                                                              • VSC 500 CM

                                                              • Machine every thread type with the VSC 500 CM
                                                            • TECHNOLOGIES

                                                            • The technologies applied and refined in the EMAG Group include all chip-removal processes, such as drilling, milling, turning and grinding, as well as some particularly important special technologies of the Group's subsidiary companies.
                                                                • Cylindrical grinding

                                                                • Cylindrical grinding for perfect roundness.
                                                                • ECM

                                                                • ECM - Electro-Chemical Machining
                                                                • ECM - Deburring

                                                                • Deburring and electro-chemical Deburring
                                                                • ECM - Drilling

                                                                • ECM - Drilling: Tooling Costs Reduced
                                                                • ECM - Inner forming

                                                                • ECM Inner Forming: Highly Precise and Reproducible
                                                                • Grinding

                                                                • Grinding - An Important Process
                                                                • Hard turning / grinding

                                                                • Hard turning and grinding: improved quality and greater flexibility
                                                                • Heat Shrink Assembly

                                                                • The thermal joining process from EMAG has its main application in the manufacture of high-precision powertrain components. It is also suitable for workpieces that are subject to high torque rates and great dynamic loads.
                                                                • Induction hardening

                                                                • During hardening, the workpiece is heated by using various methods in order to achieve a more stable bond. During induction hardening, the workpiece is heated by using inductive heating.
                                                                • Laser welding

                                                                • Laser welding is a precondition for compact, weight-optimised components and thus for energy- efficient vehicles.
                                                                • Oilfield Technology

                                                                • EMAG offers machines and complete manufacturing systems for the oil field industry.
                                                                • PECM

                                                                • Precision Electro-Chemical Machining
                                                                • Scroll-free Turning

                                                                • Scroll-free Turning process is a very fast one
                                                                • Synchronous Support Grinding

                                                                • The synchronous support grinding process on the VTC 315 DS uses two CBN grinding wheels to simultaneously grind – from opposite sides – vertically clamped shaft-type components supported by a trailing steady.
                                                                • Gear cutting / turning

                                                                • Combination technology turning and gear cutting: shortening the process chain in gear production
                                                                • The Vertical Turning Technology

                                                                • Vertical turning is a highly productive process for the machining of round workpieces