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GHM Messtechnik
  • Offer Profile
  • As a specialist and full-range supplier of measurement technology we develop customized and market-driven solutions for you, matching the high demands of the industry.
    We offer so a complete product portfolio for the requirements of the following segmen
    • Laboratory Measurement
    • Industrial Electronics
    • Process Engineering
    • Industrial Measurement
    • Test Bench Measurement
Product Portfolio
  • GHM Group

      • Our Ambition - Your Advantage

      • As a specialist and full-range supplier of measurement technology we develop customized and market-driven solutions for you, matching the high demands of the industry.
      • Quality "Made in Germany"

      • The GHM Messtechnik companies develop and manufacture all devices and systems exclusively in Germany. With the merger, the product portfolio increased significantly. Well-known corporations appreciate our quality "Made in Germany".
      • Flexibility and Innovation

      • These two terms belong together and are the driving force behind the success of GHM Messtechnik. We find solutions for the requirements of our customers in addition to the substantial standard program.
    • Industrial Sensors and Instrumentation

        • Temperature

        • The measuring and monitoring of temperature with resistance thermometers or thermocouples is the most common method to watch and control processes. Here the temperature gets a electrical unit by using the thermoelectric effect (thermocouple) or a resistance change. This measuring value can be converted to standard signals by our transmitter for further usage.

          • Industrial measurement and control technology
          • Process measurement
          • Pipeline and tank construction
          • Furnace construction
          • Plastics industry
          • Food industry
          • Surface measurements
          • Plant and machine construction
          • Room temperature measurement
          • EX - applications
          • SIL 2 - applications
        • Flow

          • Piston, Valve Design
          • Piston, Inline Design
          • Variable Area
          • Dynamic Diaphragm
          • Paddle
          • Calorimetry
          • Rotor, Inline
          • Rotor, Inline Model
          • Rotor, Probe Form
          • Turbine
          • Gearwheel
          • Magnetic Inductive, Inline Model
          • Magnetic Inductive - Probe Form
          • Spindle (Screw)
          • Vortex
          • Sight glass, flap, ball
          • Diaphragm / Limiter
          • Filtration
          • Manifold Block
        • Fill Level / Limit Value / Level

        • Inspection glasses for vertical mounting in various lengths to monitor fluid levels and visual appearance.

          Float gauges for vertical mounting in various lengths and designs monitoring fill levels with one or more switch-points.

          Float gauges for horizontal mounting monitoring fill levels with one contact or with capacitive measures. Ultrasonic method for granules and ductile materials avoiding direct contact.

        • Analysis

        • pH / ORP:
          The measuring devices and the transducers operate with the standard pH and ORP measurement chains. The measuring devices are fitted with comprehensive monitoring functions of the measurement chains. For measuring tasks that are to be carried out over a great-er distance of 5 m to 100 m, the impedance converter pH40 is implemented.

          The conductive measurement of the conductivity of liquids for monitoring and controlling in the ongoing process is a varied measurement process in industry. In the pharmaceutical industry a high degree of hygiene and cleaning of the plants is necessary. This process is fulfilled by ultra-pure water.

          O2, CO, CO2:
          Oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements are mainly used for ambient air monitoring. CO2 and O2 are important indicators for ambient air quality and therefore important for modern climate control. The recommended CO2 limit for indoor air is 1000 ppm. Concentrations considerable above this limit causes fatigue and poor concentration. At values considerably lower than that limit there is a high energy saving potential at the climate control with optimized air change rates.

        • Humidity

          • Humidity-Transmitter
          • Humidity-Temperature-Transmitter
        • Pressure

          • Field Housing
          • Pressure Switch
          • Screw-in sensors
        • Weighing Instruments

        • Precision measurement for sales and table scales
          Industry applications like weighing bridges, big containers, tanks and silos
          Wide range of applications like plate form, table scales, belt-, small container-, tank- and package weigher

          • Connection of all standard measuring cells
          • Large range of applications
          • Transmitter for DIN rail mounting
          • Panelmeter
          • Measuring ranges from 5 kg up to 100 t
          • Ex devices
      • Process Instrumentation Hygienic Designed

      • Food safety is an important issue. Therefore all measuring devices used for food production have to be not only precise and reliable but must also fulfi ll the highest hygienic standards.
        The GMH Messtechnik is a full-range supplier in this area. The know-how of the four companies allows us now to off er allinon solutions.
        • Laboratory Instrumentation

            • GHMsilverline

              • Robust and water-proof housing
              • Water-proof connections and water-proof probes, sensors or electrodes (depending on meas. set)
              • Data logger function
              • Serial interface and analog output
              • Silicone protection cover
              • Large double display
              • Background illumination
              • Wide spectrum of measurands
            • GHMsilverline - Handheld measuring devices in a set

            • Each GHMsilverline set includes a complete measuring set containing the following components:
              Water-proof handheld instrument
              High-quality case
              Flash drive wiht operating software and manual
              USB adapter and cable with connection for analog output
              Manufacturer´s calibration at delivery
              Gratis manufacturer´s calibration after 1 year with automatic reminding from our calibration laboratory
              Accessories like e.g. water-proof pH electrode and buffer solutions or water-proof temperature probe (depending on set type)
          • Industrial Electronics

              • Displays

              • Industry metrology
                Indicating of process data
                Indicating state for drum-, machine- and tank engineering
                Temperature measurement

                • 7-Segment display 7.6, 10, 14, 20, 60, 100 and 150 mm display height
                • Bargraph display 13, 23, 30 and 33 segments
                • Dot-Matrix 30..100 mm character height
                • Color red, green, yellow, blue
                • Panelmeter
                • DIN 48x24mm, DIN 48x48 mm, DIN 72x24 mm, DIN 96x48 mm, DIN 96x96 mm, DIN 144x144 mm
                • Field case
                • Inputs for:
                  Current, voltage, standard-signals 0/2..10V; 0/4..20 mA
                  Impulse, frequency, quantity, level, DMS, power
                  Relay-, transistor- and analog outputs
              • Transmitter / Signal conditioning

              • Industry Instrumentation
                Process Instrumentation
                Mechanical Engineering and Construction
                Interface Profibus DP
              • Isolating Converters

              • Industry Instrumentation
                Process Instrumentation
                Oil and Gas Industry
              • Safety and Monitoring Devices

                • Monitoring of AC Power systems
                • Temperature Limiter acc. to SIL2
                • Battery guard for solar systems and power stations
                • Insulation guard for health care facility´s and railway vehicles
                • Pressure monitoring, filling height
                • Live saving in machine controls for cutters, mixing machines etc.
              • Power Electronic

                • Power supplies for sensors and control cabinets
                • Controlling and monitoring of injection molding machines
                • Signal coupling
                • Electronic power switches
              • Calibration and Testing

                • Industrial Measurement and Control Technology
                • Test Bench Measurement
                • Mobile Measurement
            • Measurement Data Aquisition

                • Data logger / Measurement Data Aquisition (EASYBus)

                • Computer-controlled Measurement Systems with Ethernet and CAN Interface

                • DASIM and SIQUAD are modular digital systems for manifold sensors measuring physical quantities. They are built up with amplifier, extension, and interface cards in 19" chassis and desktop housings. The output for data acquisition is via analog, Ethernet, and CAN interfaces.

                  Compact stand-alone modules with 1 or 2 amplifier cards for manifold sensors measuring physical quantities are derived from the SIQUAD series. They offer a CAN or Ethernet output for data acquisition.

                  Several software packages are available for data acquisition with a PC.

                  • DASIM System
                  • SIQUAD System
                  • CAN Modules
                  • Ethernet Modules
                • Measurement instrumentation for solar- and wind energy equipment

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