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  • Welcome to the Catalogue of measuring and control instruments of ZETLAB Company!
    Our Company develops and manufactures a wide range of measuring instruments, digital and analog transducers, and controllers. Currently we are ready to provide you with measuring solutions that can be used for creation of complex distributed data acquisition and processing systems. Modular principle of these systems allows to establish a variety of software and hardware systems as well to extend their functional range by adding new system components. Comprehensive ZETLAB Software package supplied together with our Products allows the user to create a task-specific virtual laboratory.

    Depending on your requirements and needs, we can help you to select measuring instruments, digital sensors and turnkey solutions, which are most suitable for addressing your particular task.
Product Portfolio
  • Measuring products

  • ZETLAB Company manufactures measuring products and modules, which are used as a base for data acquisition and processing systems.

    The modular structure of the products allows to create various software and hardware systems as well as to expand system’s functions by using additional modules. Combination of various elements of the system also allows to improve technical specifications of the system.
      • FFT Spectrum Analyzers

      • FFT Spectrum Analyzers for vibrational, acoustic and hydroacoustic measurements
      • Shaker controllers

      • Shaker controllers (VCS) for electrodynamic shaker systems
      • Strain measurement data acquisition modules

      • Multi-channel strain gauge stations with integrated generators for power supply of the sensors
      • Products for seismic research performance

      • Mine, expedition and industrial seismic stations for seismic research activities
      • Charge amplifiers, coupling amplifiers

      • High-voltage coupling amplifiers, charge and voltage amplifiers
      • Electrical circuits parameters control devices

      • Electrical circuits and circuit insulation resistance measurements
      • Multi-channel ADC – DAC module

      • ADC – DAC modules + dozens of programs for analysis and measurements = portable laboratory
    • Digital sensors and measuring modules

    • A wide range of digital transducers of ZETSENSOR series enables measurements performance and controlled object parameters evaluation (deformation, strain, tilt angle, low-frequency oscillations, absolute and over-pressure, ambient environment and tested object temperature control).

      Digital devices of ZETSENSOR series have compact dimensions and wide application range. They are easy to install and dismount; besides, LED indication allows the user to control operation of ZETSENSOR instruments in real-time mode without the need to de-install them.

        • Digital strain-gauge sensors

        • Evaluation of stress-strain state of parts, systems, and structures.

          Static and dynamic strain gauge measurements
        • Digital temperature sensors with RS-485 and CAN 2.0 interface

        • Measuring modules with thermocouple or thermal resistance

          Temperature measurements, controlled objects heating data acquisition by contact method (using thermocouples and resistance thermometers)
        • Digital gauge pressure and pressure meters

        • Gases, liquids, viscous and granular media absolute and over-pressure measurements (measurements in aggressive media are also possible)
        • Digital cavitation sensors and hydrophones

        • Measuring modules and cavitation sensors

          Cavitation control, hydrodynamic noise and ultra-sonic sound level measurements in liquid and gaseous environments
        • Digital accelerometers and seismic sensors with RS-485 and CAN 2.0 interface

        • Low-frequency oscillations recording: natural oscillation frequency, logarithmic damping ratio, seismic impact level
        • Digital displacement sensors, inclinometers, encoders with RS-485 and CAN 2.0 interface

        • Tilt angle and relative displacement of structural elements within structural health monitoring systems (SHM)

          Distance and rotation angle control
        • Digital acoustic emission sensors

        • Detection, spotting and control of acoustic emission sources
        • Universal digital modules with RS-485 and CAN 2.0 interface

        • Measuring modules with current or voltage output sensors

          Establishing sensors measurement system with 4-20 mA or 0-10 V interfaces
      • Sensors

          • General purpose accelerometers with integrated electronics – ICP (IEPE) Standard. Velocimeters with current output.

          • Hydrophones

          • Operating principle of the hydrophones by ZETLAB Company is based on the piezo-electrical effect, which allows to use them as linear and reversible hydroacoustic transducers.

            The hydrophones by ZETLAB Company meet the requirements of sound environment non-distortion, wide frequency range, and non-directedness.
        • Turnkey systems

            • Structural health monitoring system (SHM)

            • Automated stationary structural health monitoring system (SHM) is a subsystem of buildings and structures control system which has been developed in accordance with the applicable requirements of the corresponding standards. It is used to detect a transition of the building state from operational into the state of failure, that may eventually lead to fatal accidents.

              Structural health monitoring system (SHM) allows to timely detect ground base bearing capacity change as well as to reveal changes of structural elements and to inform the monitoring service of critical changes in the bearing structures parameters.
            • Mobile measuring system: natural oscillation frequency and decrement measurements

            • Technical condition of building structures directly depends on a variety of factors such as operational environment, natural and climatic conditions, external and internal impacts. Maintaining operational condition of the building guarantees its structural integrity as well as timely detection and elimination of building structural defects.

              Structural health monitoring system is represented by a distributed stationary system consisting of information acquisition and processing nodes placed inside of electrical cabinets. Such systems are widely spread and reliable. However, sometimes it is unreasonable to use them for periodical bearing capacity control.

            • Seismic detection system based on ZETSENSOR series products has been developed for the prevention of risks relating to the use, maintenance, control and emergency operation of elevators that have been exposed to seismic impacts.

              For the purpose of increased reliability and unification, the seismic detection system is delivered as a standard kit placed inside of the compact leak-proof casing.
            • ZET 048 Seismic Impact Control System

            • Seismic impact control system is used to control ground surface displacement caused by earthquakes, explosions and other natural or technology-related factors. Seismic control system is used to obtain actual information of the seismic environment as well as for process facilities state monitoring (in particular, for petroleum industry pipelines systems control).

              Seismic control system can be integrated into third-party systems via OPC and ModBus protocols as well as via DB.