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  • Offer Profile
  • We are one of the world's leading independent providers in the field of micro photonics. We design and produce solutions in the fields of Life Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Defense with locations across Europe and in the US. We are able to provide our customers a broad service, from first concepts and design studies to working prototypes and serial products.
Product Portfolio
  • Precision Optical Components & Systems

    • From simple lenses to complex assemblies, FISBA offers optical solutions which are customized to meet your specific needs.
        • FISBA READYBeam™

        • The FISBA READYBeam™ is the answer to customers increasing demand for compact, powerful and reliable multi-wavelength lasers sources which expands the features and functions of business and research significantly. It is the instrument designers first choice to dramatically reduce the footprint, development time and integration risk. The unit is available in two primary configurations: READYBeam™bio and READYBeam™ind.

          Technical Data

          • Dimensions: 77 mm x 40 mm x 37 mm
          • Wavelengths bio: 405 nm / 488 nm / 638 nm
          • Wavelengths ind: 450 nm / 520 nm / 660 nm
          • Output power range: > 30 mW per wavelength
          • Fiber connector: FC/APC
          • Fiber type: SM or SM/PM

          Your Benefits

          • Compact footprint
          • Embedded cooling
          • Closed Loop Power Control
          • Reduced risk and timeline for integration
        • Micro Vision Systems

        • Micro Vision Systems - Applications for Life Sciences require imaging systems with high resolution and extremely compact design.

          From the idea to first design studies through prototypes to serial production. FISBA has the processes and project engineering capabilities to implement customer specific Microcamera systems.

          Example Specification of a FISBA Microcamera

          • Diameter without illumination: 1.6 mm
          • Diameter with illumination: 1.95 mm
          • Length without illumination: ≤ 4 mm
          • Length with illumination: ≤ 6 mm
          • Field of view (diagonal): 120°
          • Working distance: 5 – 50 mm
          • Resolution: 400 x 400 px
          • F-number: 6
          • Wavelength: 400 – 700 nm
          • Optionally with or without LED lighting

          Your Benefits

          • All processes from one source
          • Decades of experience in endoscopy and micro-optics
          • Leading in optical quality for medical applications
          • Development and Manufacturing according to customer requirements
          • Support and implementation of optimal solutions by our optical experts
        • FISBA RGBeam™

        • The FISBA RGBeam™ is a easily customizable laser module that provides multiple wavelengths while leaving a small footprint. It offers precise alignment, adaptable wavelength and power, and fiber coupling with single-mode and multi-mode fibers. Free beam propagation with customizable beam characteristics enables us to meet exact customer specifications.

          Technical Data

          • Dimensions (SM): 30 mm x 15.5 mm x 9 mm
          • Dimensions (FS): 20.5 mm x 13 mm x 5.9 mm
          • Wavelengths: UV – NIR (FS) / VIS (SM)
          • Output power ranges: mW
          • Multi-mode fibers:
          • NA 0.12, 0.22, 0.39 and 0.5

          Your Benefits

          • Compact and modular design
          • Fast design and prototyping
          • Customer selected Laser diodes /wavelengths
          • Enhanced color-space utilization
        • Precision Molded Optics

        • Advanced components such as double sided aspheres, off axis aspheres and acircular cylindric lens arrays manufactured by our precision glass molding technology. Supported by advanced tactile metrology, FISBA offers customized design for a wide range of Precision Molded Optics. We partner with customers from the design concept through to prototype and serial production.

          Technical Data

          • Irregularities down to 160 nm PV
          • Moldable glass types with refractive indexes from 1.5 – 1.9
          • Moldable glass types with abbe numbers from 21 to > 80
          • Achievable precision suitable for imaging optics and laser beam shaping

          Your Benefits

          • Design support, prototype production and serial production
          • Services include centering, truncating, coating, cementing and blackening
          • Assembling complete lines upon request
        • Precision Molded Glass Optics for Infrared

        • FISBA provides high precision components in the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR including optics and diffractives molded form chalcogenide glass and customized design of a variety of precision molded IR glass optics and manufacturing capabilities from prototype to high quantity serial production. Our molded chalcogenide glass aspheres are a cost effective alternative to germanium that does not suffer the effects of thermal darkening.

          Technical Data

          • Wavelength: 1.2 – 14 µm
          • Standard spec of 2 fringes irregularity at C.A. 25 mm
          • Diameter: 2.5 – 50 mm
          • Broadband AR and hard coatings

          Your Benefits

          • Your choice of glass types from different suppliers
          • Full service from design to manufacturing
          • AS9100 / ISO 9001 certified and ITAR compliant US production facility
        • Microlenses

        • FISBA is a leading and independent supplier of Microlenses and rod lenses. FISBA’s Microlenses are manufactured with diameters starting as small as 0.3 mm, making them suitable for applications in endoscopy. FISBA offers built-to-print, built-to-spec and in-house coating services, as well as fully automated assembly lines for scalable production. Microlenses are available in various glass types and shapes, such as plano-convex, plano-concave and biconvex. Every step in the production process is executed efficiently under one roof in Switzerland.

          Technical Data

          • Diameter starting at 0.3 mm
          • Surface finish according to DIN-ISO 10110 5 / 2 x 0.016
          • Irregularity down to λ/6

          Your Benefits

          • Design support to manufacturability
          • Customized ready to use packaging
          • Advanced supply chain management according to customer needs

        • Customized Optical Systems

        • With 60 years of experience, FISBA is your partner for customized optical systems from project ideas to serial manufacturing.
          FISBA’s team is skilled in optical, mechanical and electronic design. We support customers in defining optical specifications for their unique systems.
          Our experience encompasses vision systems, assemblies for low light cameras, optical systems for microscopes, illumination systems, optical systems for lasers, athermalized and apochromatic imaging systems, and much more.

          Technical Data

          • Wavelength range from UV to SWIR
          • Diameter range from 0.7 mm to 250 mm
          • Extensive production capabilities, including grinding and polishing of lens elements, molding of aspheres, coatings and precision centering, and active alignment for semi-automated or automated assembling processes
          • Metrology capabilities including MTF measurement in wide temperature range of -20°C to +60°C

          Your Benefits

          • Short time to market
          • Strict OEM approach
          • Focus on your particular field of application

          Our customers reap the benefits of our proprietary in house production processes and partnership based approach.

        • Fast Axis Collimator Lenses (FACs)

        • FISBA is a leading and independent supplier of FACs in large quantities. Contact us for all questions regarding custom design, prototype development and large scale production.
          Every step in the production process is executed efficiently under one roof in Switzerland. The fastest way to get one of our high performance FACs is to pick one out of our standard product list using our FAC Selector.

          Technical Data

          • Focal length: 150 – 1700 µm
          • Material: high index glass with n > 1.8
          • Wavelength: 430 – 1550 nm
          • Length: 2 – 20 mm

          Your Benefits

          • Independent supplier
          • Customized coating design by FISBA
          • Large portfolio of standard FAC lenses
          • Fast ramp-up from prototype to serial production
          • Packaging according to customer request
          • We ensure FACs are never the limiting factor of your production scale-up

          > Get started with the FAC Selector

        • Fast Axis Collimator Lenses (FACs) on bottom tabs

        • Based on a large portfolio, FISBA FACs can be customized to tab dimensions and precisely be positioned on the tabs. In addition, the handling is easier and the controlled FAC smile is simple to reproduce.

          FISBA is a leading and independent supplier of FACs in large quantities. Contact us for all questions regarding custom design, prototype development and large scale production.

          Technical Data FAC

          • Focal length: 200 – 1700 µm
          • Material: high index glass with n > 1.8
          • Wavelength: 430 – 1550 nm
          • Length: customized to your request, starting at 2 mm
          • For all technical details of FACs see separate datasheet

          Technical Data tab

          • Bottom tab optionally with glue stop
          • Length: customized to your request, starting at 2 mm

           Your Benefits with FACs on bottom tabs

          • Easy handling on tabs
          • Controlled FAC smile / FAC smile on low, stable level
          • Precise positioning on tabs (± 2 μm)
          • Recess of FAC on tabs can be tailored to individually measured BFL of FAC (± 5 μm)
          • Constant glue gap in your application
          • Optional glue stop
        • Laser Focusing Systems

        • FISBA’s Laser Focusing Systems utilize optical and mechanical design and manufacturing of F-Theta lenses and inline scanning systems, zoom systems for high power lasers and laser beam shaping for diode lasers. With state of the art polishing and coating methods, as well as integrated zoom curves, our Laser Focusing Systems are customized to meet your needs.

          Technical Data

          • Integrated optomechanical system design with refractive and/or catadioptric design approaches
          • Designed according to your specific wavelength requirements ranging from VIS to SWIR
          • Manufacturing technologies optimized for high damage threshold
          • Focusing systems in combination with in-line thermal pyrometer function

          Your Benefits

          • Recognized expertise in developing systems considering and integrating customers’ mechanical interfaces
          • Our understanding of your application challenges drives our optical design solutions
          • Successful OEM supplier approach
        • Low Light Lens Systems

        • Years of experience in optical and mechanical design as well as manufacturing from prototype to serial production make FISBA a trustworthy partner for your lens systems. Our in house precision glass molding and coating capacities allow for advanced lens elements, such as beam splitters and AR-coating for low light loss. The customized lens systems developed and manufactured by us are the perfect solution for your low light camera.

          Technical Data

          • Broadband assemblies: VIS – SWIR
          • F-number as low as 1.2
          • Athermal designs for outdoor applications
          • Compact and light weight designs
          • MTF measurements temperatures: -20°C to +60°C

          Your Benefits

          • Close cooperation between FISBA project managers and your system designers
          • Entire production process from design to manufacturing under one roof in Switzerland
          • Complete traceability of component upon request
        • Slow Axis Collimator Lenses (SAC)

        • Thanks to their acylindrical design of FISBA Slow Axis Collimator Lenses (SACs) for single-emitter laser diodes yield excellent collimation quality. FISBA’s portfolio includes Slow Axis Collimator Lenses for both single-emitter diode lasers as well as SAC arrays for diode laser bars. Design, prototype manufacturing and large scale production all take place in Switzerland.

          Technical Data

          • Feasible focal length: 4 – 15 mm
          • Feasible wavelength: 405 – 1550 nm
          • Length for single-emitter diode: 2 – 5 mm
          • Arrays for multi-emitter (laser bars): pitch 500 or 1000 µm

          Your Benefits

          • Customized coating design by FISBA
          • Fast ramp-up from prototype to serial production
          • Ensuring SACs are never the limiting factor of your production scale-up
          • Packaging according to customer request
        • Diode Laser Modules

        • Entirely customized assembly of diode lasers with micro and macro optics.
          We are pleased to offer optical and mechanical design, as well as assembling in house, using FISBA’s own cutting edge optical components.
          FISBA is able to fully qualify laser diode systems using environmental test standards.

          Technical Data

          • Integration of diode laser bars and single-emitters
          • Wavelength: 405 – 2200 nm
          • Integrated fiber coupling
          • Hermetic sealing available

          Your Benefits

          • Strict OEM approach
          • Selection of diode vendors
          • Automated scalability for larger quantities
          • Comprehensive project management with technical expertise
        • High Precision FISBA C-Lenses

        • Extremely tight centricity and diameter tolerances enables their application in the field of expanded beam multi connectors.
          Our high precision FISBA C-Lenses are very flexible when it comes to design. We offer a variety of high performance AR coatings from VIS to NIR, as well as customized monolithic and cemented parts.
          Once produced, FISBA C-Lenses are quickly replicable, making future ordering a breeze.

          Technical Data

          • Standard lateral decenter: < 0.3 µm for lengths up to 20 mm
          • Diameter tolerance: < 3 µm for lengths up to 20 mm
          • Highest precision with < 0.1 µm lateral decenter on demand
          • Transmission loss: < 0.2 dB

          Your Benefits

          • High-level design advising including rapid prototyping
          • Fast ramp up into high-volume serial production
          • Optional traceability of individual components
          • Packaging tailored to the needs of your automated assembly process

      • Industries & Applications

        • FISBA offers you intelligent solution systems from a single source, because we unite all required disciplines under one roof.
            • Diode Laser Integration

            • Customers can choose to source our in house made, cutting edge components or have FISBA deliver assemblies and subassemblies for the most accurate collimation to meet their needs.  

              Our solutions have been proven reliable in pumping modules for material processing, projection and illumination.

              FISBA follows an OEM approach and is independent of laser diode manufacturers.

              Design, engineering, prototype manufacturing, and ramp up to large volume production under one roof reduces time to market for your product.

            • Aerospace & Defense

            • FISBA serves the fast growing, complex need for customized optical solutions in the Aerospace & Defense sector.
              FISBA has been a global leader in the field of complex, compact and lightweight optics and systems for over 60 years.  We deliver solutions for high precision and environmentally challenging applications, enabling todays most advanced Aerospace & Defense solution deployments.

              Global participation in leading edge aerospace & defense applications areas such as:

              • Hyperspectral Imagers
              • Vision systems for low light/haze/fog conditions
              • Missile defense
              • Visible and infrared target acquisition
              • Optical trackers
              • Laser range finders/designators
              • Imaging systems for helmet mounted displays

              Utilizing state of the art and proven technologies in:

              • Optical and systems design
              • High precision optical manufacturing
              • Precision molded IR glass aspheres, free forms and diffractives
              • Precision molded VIS glass aspheres and free forms
              • Optical assemblies

              Production facilities and engineering expertise in the US and Europe to best serve compliance requirements for each customer

              • US facilities in Arizona
              • European facilities in Switzerland
            • Machine Vision

            • Our ability to realize customized optical systems to the needs of machine vision systems makes us a strong partner for all stages of development, as well as serial manufacturing.

              We have extensive experience with high resolution telecentric optical assemblies, including integrated high brightness illumination.

              Thanks to our in house capabilities in Precision Molded Optics, FISBA is able to design and manufacture low weight and compact assemblies using aspheres.

              Our capabilities range from large, high aperture optical systems to mirco cameras.

              We have many years of experience in supply chain management for demanding and cyclic industries like the semiconductor segment.

              If you are in a rapidly developing industry with short product life cycles, FISBA is the perfect partner to develop and ramp up next generation products into serial manufacturing.

            • Astro & Space

            • Benefit from our history of success in astro and space system design and production.

              We have a comprehensive understanding of fiber optical systems for spectographic planet detection systems and high quality interferometric lens imaging systems.

              The design-to-manufacturing process with FISBA is ideal for customers because of our full optical design and system engineering capabilities in-house. These include state of the art metrology equipment and simulation and metrology process development.

            • Optical Communications

            • Enabling smart datacom and telecom networks with an innovative portfolio of photonic components.
              We are ready to join customers in the field of optical communications and push developments for connectors, transceivers and amplifiers.

              FISBA’s capability to develop innovative photonic components and ramp up quickly into large volume production is a major contribution to our customer’s success.

              FISBA is the best partner for you if you are part of a data center, enterprise network, storage & transport sector, defense, aerospace and government market, industrial environment, or oil and gas industry.