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Business Profile

ZETLAB Company was founded in 1992 on the basis of the Special Design Bureau of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical, Technical and Radio Measurements (SKB FSUE “VNIIFTRI”) which is the most important unit of the national measurement uniformity management system.

Starting from providing equipment for metrological laboratories, we headed towards the delivery of high-accuracy measuring products for Russian manufacturing enterprises in the most important fields, including defense industry, oil processing, aviation, automotive, consumer and food industries, as well as in metallurgy and mechanical engineering.

Year after year, we prove that the domestic equipment complies with the international quality standards!

ZETLAB Company manufactures various units which serve as a basis for establishing information data acquisition and processing systems.

The modular principle of the system allows to create different software and hardware systems, to expand their capabilities by adding new units and to improve technical specifications simply by replacing some elements.

The flexibility of such modular systems provides the functionality which is necessary for addressing task-specific tasks.