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  • Offer Profile
  • RMT Robotics Means Focused Innovation

    How do you maximize your efficiency, throughput and capacity while maintaining versatility? You look for focused innovation. You seek out flexible solutions. You insist on reliability.

    Recognized around the globe as a proven innovator of robotic gantry systems, RMT Robotics engineers, manufactures and installs integrated solutions for materials handling.

Product Portfolio
  • ADAM. The intelligent AGV

  • Although a number of conventional product transportation systems exist in the marketplace today, expense, disruption and an underlying lack of flexibility limit their practicality.

    Introducing ADAM: RMT Robotics’ category-defining intelligent-Automated Guided Vehicle (i-AGV) that provides fully autonomous robotic transport of goods in warehouse and manufacturing applications. RMT’s unique, cost-effective and expedient solution for product transportation propels automation to new levels of possibility.
    • ADAM

    • AGVs just got a whole lot smarter.
      So much more than an AGV, ADAM needs no external guide path network or sensors. And with open path navigation, Ethernet communication, and mission-based dispatch, ADAM dynamically chooses its route adapting to any environment. What’s more, ADAM steers clear of obstacles, whether they’re expected or not, independently plotting the best path to its destination. And that’s just the beginning.
    • ADAM’s™ Vitals

    • Design
      • Compact, durable chassis with customizable top plate
      • Laser range finding system for vehicle location and obstacle avoidance
      • Onboard PC for mapping, navigation and drive control
      • Two independent servo-motors (each with integrated gear reducers) for vehicle drive
      • Smart battery technology with opportunity charging capability
      • User-friendly, PC-based interface allowing easy operation by plant personnel
    • ADAM’s™ Vitals

    • Specifications

      Velocity: Up to 1.5 m/s (4.9 ft/s)
      Payload: Up to 150 kg (330 lb)
      Height floor to top of deck: 510 mm (20 in)
      Diameter: 1020 mm (40 in)
      Minimum turning radius: 0 mm (0 in)
      Weight with batteries: 165 kg (364 lb)
      Battery: 24 VDC Battery Pack (NiMh)

  • Our Technology - The Gantry Advantage

  • Our focus is large automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) using the latest in robotic gantry technology. Automating processes such as case picking, layer picking, order picking, work-in-process (WIP) storage and retrieval help our customers streamline and gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

    Benefit from RMT's Unique Technology
    With our robotic gantry solutions, there's no need for extensive, costly renovations. By incorporating our system into your existing facilities, you minimize the headaches and hassles of overhauling your space. Not only that, our modular design allows you to add functionality and easily expand in the future.

    RMT's area gantry is uniquely positioned to provide greater volume coverage, limitless layout options and flexible work envelopes. These features are un-matched in other warehouse logistics and materials handling solutions.

    What's more, the footprint and functionality of RMT's robotic area gantries can be expansive, or compact - depending on your needs.

    The Features
    • Greater volume coverage (3-dimensional)
    • Limitless layout options
    • Flexible work envelope
    • Diverse pick-up and delivery points
    • Accommodates heavy payloads
    • Variety of end effectors available
    The Specs
    • Servo-based, multi-axis systems
    • High speed. 12 ft (3.65 m) per second
    • 500-1,000 lbs (227-454 kg) gross payload
    • Up to 250 ft (76 m) long
    • Up to 60 ft (18 m) wide
  • Warehouse Solutions

  • Customized Warehouse and Distribution Solutions that Reduce Costs
    RMT Warehouse and Distribution Solutions are based on innovative, flexible robotic gantry technology tailored to each application.

    By streamlining the process of moving your materials out the door, our solutions are specifically designed to provide an effective, efficient alternative to traditional space, labour and cost-intensive warehousing logistics systems for industries as diverse as food and beverage, plastics and tire manufacturing.

    We configure solutions to specific materials handling challenges in various distribution environments including:
    • Case picking
    • Layer picking
    • Storage & retrieval
    • WIP staging
    • Dock buffering
    • Robotic Palletizing Matrix (RPM)
      Ideal for High-SKU, Low-Rate Palletizing

    • RPM allows the gantry's work envelope to become a temporary storage and retrieval system for products to be eventually palletized for warehousing. A single load build position is all that is necessary for a multi-SKU array.

      The Robotic Palletizing Matrix is ideal for high-SKU, low rate palletizing. For throughput of 10+ SKUs at rates of less than 10 CPM, RPM provides an efficient staging, load handling and palletizing solution.

      RPM offers an economical alternative to conventional palletizers by eliminating the need for extensive unit load handling equipment and personnel - a breakthrough in automation functionality. Its compact design is also a big space-saver, offering the smallest footprint of any palletizer on the market today.

      How it works
      • Random cases are centrally collected and conveyed into the gantry envelope
      • Cases are singulated, scanned for product SKU and presented to the pickup point of the robotic head
      • The gantry’s end effector picks up product and moves it into the storage array
      • The storage array stages like-product stacks in a work-in-process manner
      • Product in the grid is accumulated until the number of cases to build a unit load is reached
      • The gantry retrieves the stored cases
      • Places them onto a pallet in the build position
      • This process continues until the load is complete
      • Complete unit loads are centrally discharged for integrated stretch wrapping or pickup
    • Robotic Distribution Systems (RDS)
      Ideal for High Inventory Turnover and High SKUs

    • The RDS automatically receives cases in from manufacturing and picks orders on demand to the dock, eliminating all material handling labour and equipment from the time a box is filled until it is loaded into the truck.

      If your inventory typically turns in less than 2 weeks, the Robotic Distribution System is an excellent receiving, picking and palletizing solution. RDS is best suited for situations with over 100 SKUs and a medium rate of throughput (70 CPM and less).

      How it works
      • Cases are randomly received, singulated and scanned for product SKU by the RDS
      • Product is retrieved by the end effector and placed into a temporary storage grid position in the array
      • Like-product is stacked in the grid position, until that grid position is filled
      • Inventory is tracked and maintained by the RDS’ built-in inventory management system
      • Electronic picking instructions from the customer’s business system are received by the gantries
      • Single or multiple cases are picked by each gantry to fulfill order requirements
      • Picked product is conveyed to the dock for sequential trailer loading
    • Robotic Picking System (RPS)
      Ideal for High Inventory Turnover and High SKUs

    • The Robotic Picking System automatically picks layers from an inventory of pre-palletized product to build custom rainbow pallets. The system is ideally suited for high rate, high SKU layer-picking applications. If you're looking for efficiency and reduction in labour costs, the Robotic Picking System provides an ideal solution.

      How it works
      • Palletized or unitized loads are delivered to the RPS in-feed via transfer car
      • Pallets are transported, then placed in position within the gantry’s work envelope
      • Orders are electronically released to the gantry array
      • Empty pallets are released
      • Pallets are sequentially routed into each gantry work envelope for product loading
      • Electronic orders are received by the gantry
      • Layers of cases are picked by the gantry and placed onto the shipping pallet
      • The process is repeated layer-by-layer, gantry-by-gantry until the entire order is filled and discharged to the dock
      • Less-than-pallet quantities and rainbow pallets permitted
    • Robotic Case Picking (RCP) System
      Ideal for High SKU Case Picking Applications

    • The Robotic Case Picking System provides just-in-time delivery by picking from live-SKUs stored under the gantry. With the flexibility to handle discretionary or batch picking operations, it will deliver orders to the dock face for either palletizing or direct trailer loading. RCP is a versatile system ideally suited for high SKU case picking applications.

      How it works
      • Palletized or unitized loads are delivered to the RCP by conveyor, ASRS or tow motor
      • Pallets are depalletized for more efficient storage by the gantry
      • Inventory is tracked and maintained by the built-in inventory management system
      • Electronic picking instructions from the customer’s business system are received by the gantries
      • Single or multiple cases are picked by each gantry to fulfill order requirements
      • Picked product is conveyed to the dock for sequential trailer loading or palletizing


      • Eliminates 100% of picking labour
      • Flexible tooling can handle most package types
      • Flexible and compact layout options
      • Systems can fit into existing footprints
  • Tire Solution -

  • Solutions Engineered to Meet your Needs
    RMT Robotics designs, manufactures and integrates gantry robotic tire handling systems for work-in-process and warehouse logistics. From green tire handling to cured tire distribution, for passenger and truck tires, including integrated tire buffer and press delivery solutions, final finish sequencing buffers, palletizing and shipping systems – every solution is engineered to meet your distinct system needs.
    • Production Sequencing System (PSS)
      Streamline Production Storage and Retrieval

    • RMT Production Sequencing Systems (PSS) provide temporary storage and sequential retrieval and release of work-in-process tires. The PSS gantry robot sorts incoming tires and temporarily stacks them beneath the structure for later selection and release.
      • Fully automatic
      • 100% robotic inventory management, sortation and product grouping
      • Simple storage grid
      • Random inventory access
      • Sequential product release
    • Cured Tire Distribution System
      Improve Efficiency and Reduce Infrastructure

    • Automated distribution of cured tires improves the efficiency and reduces warehouse infrastructure. The RMT Cured Tire Distribution System streams tires towards a bank of large, fast gantry robots. The gantries are capable of sorting hundreds of concurrent codes and storing thousands of tires. Inventory is stored” on the floor” under the gantry, in product groups, for later sequential release via conveyor (in stacks or singles) to the loading dock. For longer-term storage, the stacker gantries are also able to palletize on demand; completed pallets are removed by fork trucks for put-away in the warehouse.
      • Electronic inventory management
      • Fully automated from final finish to dock
      • Scalable picking – in single or multiple tire quantities
      • Configurable to direct ship or palletize
      • Simple, durable pallet station
    • Passenger Tire Stacker and Palletizer
      Streamline Production Storage and Retrieval

    • The RMT Palletizing System automatically sorts, stacks and palletizes finished tires. Tires stream into the gantry robots from final finish. In-feed volume is distributed between robots based on individual gantry workload and storage capacity. When a particular tire SKU volume is equal to a pallet quantity, the gantry releases the tire stacks to the outbound conveyer belt for labelling (automatic or manual). Once labelled the tires are conveyed into the palletizer gantry for stacking on the logistics pallet.
      • Automated sortation and product grouping
      • Efficient temporary storage of tires in stacker
      • Modular and redundant – any tire to any robot
      • Convenient labelling prior to pallet loading
      • Chimney stack on pallets with or without stacking bars
    • Modular Stacker and Palletizer
      Complete Automation of Sorting and Palletizing

    • RMT’s Modular Stacker is designed to parachute into existing final finish operations and complete the automation of sorting and final palletizing. The gantry is tailored to fit between the down-lines of an existing sorter. Tires from the sorter are inducted onto the RMT in-feed, optionally labelled, released to the gantry robot, picked and sorted into product stacks. When the SKU of a particular tire equals a pallet volume, the tires are retrieved in stacks and loaded onto the pallet. The pallet position is semi-automatic; empty pallets are floor loaded by fork truck and removed once the gantry robot has completed loading.
      • Expandable as modules are needed
      • Simple, durable pallet station
      • Retrofit into existing layout without extensive modifications
    • Green Tire Curing Buffer
      Identification, Sortation and Storage

    • RMT’s Green Tire Curing Buffer identifies, sorts, stacks and temporarily stores beneath the gantry robot, a dynamic inventory (or “buffer”) of green tires in specially designed green tire totes. Tire totes are vertically stacked, coded and time stamped to ensure a FIFO product flow. When signalled by the press, the automation selects the tire to the out-feed and removes it from the tote for delivery to the waiting press delivery system (Manual, EMS or AGV).
      • Fully automatic
      • 100% robotic inventory management and FIFO release
      • Simple storage grid
      • No specialized buildings required
      • Random inventory access
    • Press Delivery System
      Fully Automates Press Delivery

    • To fully automate the press delivery process in your facility, RMT Robotics uses an autonomous AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) to transfer tires from the RMT Green Tire Curing Buffer to the press loading arms. Our proprietary intelligent AGV called ADAM™, can be randomly dispatched from any GT storage location and deliver tires to any press cavity destination within the pressroom.

      • Universal for passenger and truck tires
      • Few modifications required to operations or infrastructure
      • Modular system
      • Scaleable and adaptable