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  • Offer Profile
  • As one of the leading European companies in intralogistics, we design and implement total integrated systems. We organize your internal material flow and warehousing processes. From goods-receiving to dispatch.

    At our headquarters in Pirmasens, we design and manufacture all the mechanical components, control systems and software, according to the principle of »short reaction paths«. Our own added value is better expressed as: »designed and built by a single supplier«. This allows for smooth processes and improved interfacing.
Product Portfolio
  • Systems

  • As a supplier of complete intralogistics systems, psb has an impressive broad system range that allows us to respond optimally to all customer requirements. At the same time, all components come from a single source: Mechanical, control, software.

    Whether it’s overhead or floor-bound system modules: Our range of services extends from conventional conveyor technology to storage systems for cartons, totes and pallets, picking systems and sorters, to a driverless transport system or overhead conveyor technology. Ideally supplemented by the psb selektron software package.

      • Automated warehousing systems

      • psb supplies an extensive system range of automated storage solutions. This enables the right storage technology to be realised for every project. All storage technologies boast a modular design, storage up to four deep and innovative energy restitution systems.

        Several versions and a series of different load-handling equipment is available for reliably transporting and storing many different types of load-carrying devices. Depending on what is required (storage height, storage capacity, performance etc.), the suitable automated storage system is designed from the »kit« of tried-and-tested components.

          • Stacker crane – sprinter

          • sprinter stacker cranes are available in single-mast and double-mast versions and are suitable for storing light cartons, totes and trays. They are particularly suitable for storage and retrieval tasks in automated high-bay warehouses. Like the entire system range, sprinter stacker cranes are also available with an additional mast drive.
          • Stacker crane – runloader

          • For heavy totes or cassettes with loads of up to 300 kg, in a special design also for hanging storage of clothing, bicycles etc. The single-mast and double-mast units in an aluminium design have very compact approach dimensions.
          • Stacker crane – maxloader

          • For crates and pallets with loads of up to 1,250 kg. These stacker crances have a dynamic performance that sets standards in their class and that allows the load-carrying devices to be stored two-deep.
          • Shuttle system – vario.sprinter

          • The psb shuttle system impresses with its high performance, great flexibility and optimum scalability. All tried-and-tested drawing systems such as tray, tote and carton grippers or cassette pushers can be used as load-handling devices.

            Storage capacity can be increased even during ongoing operation by the simple addition of other shuttles. The psb vario.sprinter is the optimum alternative for warehouses with very high throughput rates or for projects in which the initial investment should be limited.

          • Pallet shuttle

          • The psb pallet shuttle is particularly suitable for being operated in multi-deep channel storage systems with a very high degree of storage density. An AS/RS pallet stacker crane transports the shuttle to the assigned channel. The shuttle then moves to the designated location and puts down the pallet.

            The energy supply of the new pallet shuttle is provided by supercapacitors. This allows for a more efficient system layout and a high degree of flexibility. So, for instance, it is possible to use several shuttles with one AS/RS stacker crane. This system solution is also available for cold storages with temperatures of up to -28°C.

          • Carousel storage – rotastore

          • Its special characteristic: High storage and retrieval capacities up to 10 times greater than conventional systems.
        • Order picking systems

        • psb order picking systems are distinguished by their economic efficiency and positive ergonomic properties. Various systems are available for the particular tasks: From manual picking trolleys to fully-automated high-performance workstations.

          We can individually adapt the respective picking systems to suit the needs of any client project.

            • High-performance picking system – rotapick

            • Multi-source-picking – Multi-order picking – Multi-target picking

              Depending on the configuration level, the modular psb high-performance system is able to buffer over 50 source and order totes at the picking station and, if necessary, make them available for picking within a matter of seconds.

              This eliminates the need for uneconomical multiple transport from the warehouse to the picking station. The result is significantly reduced order throughput times. Another advantage is the sequencing of the items in line with the order.

              Picking capacities of over 1,000 picks/h are possible at each workstation.

            • Static or dynamic flow racks

            • At picking stations on the continuous rack, the item totes are permanently ready for picking in flow channels. Pick-by-light indicators show the operator what quantity of items is to be taken from which item tote and sent to the order tote.

              The same item is always made available in static flow channels, whereas the item totes are swapped by a storage and retrieval unit in dynamic channels. Picking with flow channels can be used for all load- carrying devices: from boxes to pallets.

            • Picking workstation »Goods to person with multi-order picking station«

            • The use of multi-order picking stations is appropriate if most of the orders contain the same parts, or in order to relieve the pressure on exact-sequence retrieval.

              Several order totes are available to the worker at the same time. A put-to-light display indicates to the worker the order tote into which the picked volume of goods is to be placed.

            • Picking workstation »Goods to person with 1:1 picking«

            • Exactly one order tote is available to the worker at the “goods to person with 1:1 picking” picking station.

              The article totes are made available from the warehouse according to their sequence by way of conveyor technology. When the order has been completed, the order tote is sent for dispatch and the next order is started.

            • Manually operated picking trolleys

            • Picking via manually operated picking trolleys in warehouse aisles is recommended when, for example, there is a large number of A-items or for bulky goods.

              Different tools such as pick-by-voice or put-to-light are used depending on the solution requirements.

          • Overhead conveyor systems

          • psb overhead conveyor systems deliver the optimum solution for every requirement. Whether it is a long, short or micro-trolley, whether driven or with ravity tracks, whether trolleyless or with trolleys: psb offers a broad system range with the most suitable solution for any task.

            This extensive system kit is complemented by the manual or automated psb warehouse for hanging items.

              • Pouch sorter with fully automatic bag unloading

              • The major advantages of overhead conveyors in sorting goods can also be transferred to flat items such as shirts, shoes or other flat-packed goods.

                The goods are put into a hanging pouch and are transported, buffered, sorted or sequenced in this bag. In the dispatch area the goods are removed from the pouch either manually or automatically and are then directed to the shipping process.

              • Trolleyless transport systems

              • Our trolleyless system range with individually adaptable modules enables hanging goods to be transported, stored and sorted without any load- carrying devices at all. The advantages of this concept are continuous transport and low-pressure accumulation of the goods.
              • Trolley transport systems

              • psb Power & Free systems are based on a common platform strategy. Which trolley transport system is the one most suitable – a micro, short or long trolley – depends for example on the system capacity or the weight and dimensions of the goods being transported.

                In addition to solutions for individual parts, psb also supplies trolley systems that handle several parts. The psb micro-trolley is recommended when the emphasis is on sequencing and sequence generation. Different system tasks can be integrated seamlessly into the overall sequences without the need to change the goods carrier.

              • Manual overhead conveyor system

              • Dealing with storage and material flow systems with limited automation, our GTT modular system offers the ideal solution for manual overhead conveyor systems. The system elements of the Gartner transport technique are integrated in this modular system.

                Manually pulled trolleys are a simple and smooth alternative for transportation of hanging items within a warehouse. Up to 20 trolleys can be coupled and thus be moved by one person. Various switch configurations for branching and consolidating the material flow are available in the modular system.

                Height differences from one level to the other are covered by means of driven incline and decline conveyors or, a rather space-saving design, by means of a driven spiral conveyor.

                The GTT modular system offers an ideal operational instrument from receiving of goods to goods dispatch: at moderate investment costs.

              • Electrical transport system – ets

              • The psb mono rail for the medium weight range. The transport speed of the individual, electrically driven transport vehicles can be individually set. The system is therefore suitable both as a pure transport system and in flow production as an assembly system.
            • Floor conveyor technology

            • The psb product range for unit load conveyors is an essential part of intralogistics material flow solutions. Roller, belt or chain conveyors, including efficient transfer elements, can be combined with each other to suit individual requirements. Three-dimensional configuration is also possible, with vertical and diagonal conveyors.

              The appropriate components are selected according to the weight and size of the goods to be transported and the desired system capacity. The conveyors of this product lineare suitable for transporting individual parts, containers, boxes and pallets. Even complex sorting tasks can be handled easily.

                • Conveyor technology for light boxes, totes and trays

                • We transport, lift, accumulate or rotate light load- carrying devices such as boxes, totes or trays in different performance classes. Our system modules impress with the gentle way in which they transport the goods. Between a few hundred and a few thousand load-carrying devices are moved per hour, depending on the project requirements.
                • Conveyor technology for heavy trays and cassettes

                • In the medium weight class, multi-track conveyors are used for transporting trays and cassettes. Frequency-controlled drives provide both gentle transport and workplace safety.
                • Heavy-load conveyor technology

                • Heavy-load conveyor technology allows both horizontal and vertical transport of, for example, pallets and crates. Additional elements such as scales, contour controls or monitoring devices for pallet skids are used depending on what is required.
              • Automated Guided Vehicles – AGVs

                    • carobot

                    • Automated Guided Vehicles or AGVs are flexible links between production and storage – self-driving, battery-powered vehicles for many different transport tasks.

                      The maximum configuration of the modular system is the integration into an overall concept with selektron host computers for flexible production interlinking and dynamic solutions for distribution tasks. The vehicles are controlled by laser navigation, so that no works have to be carried out on the floor.

                      psb has developed various carobot vehicle types for different load classes. Depending on the task, these can be combined with a wide range of load-handling equipment.


                • Sorters

                • Different psb sorting systems and sorters are used, depending on the individual client’s task.
                    • Sorting system – hls

                    • This sorter has been specially designed for sorting hanging garments. In the basic configuration, the garments on coat hangers are distributed to single outlets. The solution can also be extended for multi-stage sorting with a high sorting degree.
                    • Micro-trolley sorting system – mtr

                    • This automatic buffering and sorting system is suitable for small items and for garments on coat hangers.

                      With the psb micro-trolley sophisticated sorting tasks can be seamlessly integrated into integrated processes without the need to change the goods carrier. This also applies to more detailed sequence sorting. The micro-trolley is also used as a carrier in automated buffer Areas.

                    • Pouch sorter with fully automatic bag unloading

                    • The major advantages of overhead conveyors in sorting goods can also be transferred to flat items such as shirts, shoes or other flat-packed goods.

                      The goods are put into a hanging pouch and are transported, buffered, sorted or sequenced in this bag. In the dispatch area the goods are removed from the pouch either manually or automatically and are then directed to the shipping process.

                  • psb selektron IT solutions

                  • A precisely defined control system and a seamlessly incorporated material flow organisation for production and distribution – including warehouse management and an ERP connection – are integral parts of modern intralogistics systems.

                    psb offers two different warehouse management concepts. With the tested and permanently enhanced psb selektron software and SAP® EWM, the best possible WMS solution is available for each individual project. We advice and support our customers comprehensively in finding and implementing the right software.

                      • psb selektron software package

                      • selektron is the efficient software package from psb that covers all system modules for operating a complex intralogistics system. It also includes the hardware individually tailored to every project.

                        psb selektron offers comprehensive solutions for production control and warehouse management. They are seamlessly based on the selektron material flow control system and the selektron system controller.

                        The software package is completed by the interfaces to client-specific business processes and ERP systems, the inventory solution, the management information system and the selektron SCADA system visualisation.

                        All selektron system solutions include a module for remote access to the controllers and computers of the intralogistics system. It allows for remote system maintenance and also, if any support is requested, quick response and elimination of faults by psb service technicians: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

                      • Customizing

                      • The modular psb selektron is individually adapted to the process requirements and the existing IT structure of our clients.
                      • Future security

                      • As a matter of course, the psb selektron package meets the highest quality demands. It is certified by the renowned Fraunhofer IML (Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics).
                    • Intralogistics solutions for production

                    • Increase in productivity, with steady and efficient utilisation of ressources: These goals can only be achieved with material flow solutions that are tailored to meet individual requirements – even with batch size 1.
                        • Design

                        • We design an economically efficient production process and tranlsate it into reality. Besides increasing your company’s productivity, it also reduces throughput times and inventory levels at the same time.

                          Whether it’s standalone or line production – we have the right system that’s tailored to our clients’ individual tasks.

                        • JIT – JIS – LIVE production

                        • The terms JIT (just-in-time production), JIS (just-in-sequence production) and LIVE production originate from the automotive industry. These concepts have also long been established as a production philosophy in other sectors. We offer to our clients the most suitable concepts for such types of production also.
                        • Production systems with interface to distribution systems

                        • For us, system solutions for production and distribution go hand in hand – because after the goods have been produced, their distribution is the next step in the logistics chain. psb sees the solution in holistic terms – from the receipt of the raw materials to the distribution of the finished product.
                      • Intralogistics solutions for distribution

                      • Integrated concepts from a single supplier: Design and implementation of intralogistics for distribution – from the receipt of goods to picking to dispatch.

                        The smooth integration of all components is absolutely essential for realising complex overall systems. This is a major challenge to intralogistics, particularly when different delivery cycles and sales channels must be combined in a single overall concept.

                          • Utilising rationalisation potentials

                          • psb always takes a holistic approach to the the entire process chain. For example, the quick loading and unloading of trucks and containers, the full utilisation of load volumes or rapid data availability are also important factors for optimising the cost structures.

                            Intelligent returns management is of special importance to economic success. That is why in every client project, psb pays great attention to the development of a customised returns concept.

                          • Storage and picking in the system

                          • The selection of buffer and warehousing concepts is closely interlinked with the organisation of the matching picking and distribution systems. The extensive system competence and holistic approach of psb therefore offer our customers a clear competitive advantage.
                          • High-quality delivery right on time

                          • Distribution processes can be very multi-layered: Sales via the point of sale, e-commerce and m-commerce or multi-channel sales. What all channels have in common is the great importance of the quality delivered in terms of goods and time for customer satisfaction, and thus for business success directly. With a made-to-measure and future-proof intralogistics solution from psb, our customers create the optimum conditions for such a goal.
                        • Intralogistics solutions for cold stroage

                        • In addition to the assets of all psb intralogistics systems, like e.g. high-performance warehousing and order picking processes, our solutions for cold storages meet all specific requirements in this sector.

                          This applies to both, the technology which is operated under extreme ambient conditions of up to -30° C, and the software which manages the warehouse and provides a number of special functions for the cold storage operation.

                            • Customised warehousing and order picking concepts

                            • For a high degree of energy efficiency, and thus the economic efficiency of cold storages, a very high storage density is essential. In addition, particular attention has to be paid to the uninterrupted cooling chain: All upstream and downstream processes like production and shipment are seamlessly integrated into the overall concept.

                              The careful handling of the goods plus short lead times are guaranteed. In an integrated concept it is possible to combine several different ranges of temperature.

                            • Specialised warehouse management

                            • It is not only the technical equipment which has to be fit for the cold storage environment. The proven psb selektron WMS includes special functions which support the efficient operation of the cold storages as well.

                              Among such features are: the strict observance of the date of minimum durability (sell-by-date) of the stored goods and integrated batch tracking. Besides an increased degree of transparency in the warehouse management, the WMS permanently optimises the storage strategy for the up-to-date stored goods.