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  • We deliver value-added automated material handling solutions

    Dematic designs, implements and maintains automated material handling solutions to improve the intralogistics in warehouses, production and distribution centers. Our solutions increase the efficiency of internal transport, storage and distribution processes.

    We deliver leading-edge automated guided vehicle systems (AGV), automated warehouse and distribution solutions, in-floor chain conveyor systems and all-inclusive life cycle services to maximize system availability and life of material handling installations.

Product Portfolio
  • Material Handling Automation

  • Our solutions are based on dependable systems for internal transport, storage and order picking. We work out reliable controls to automate them and develop higher level software systems to manage the material flows and handling processes.
      • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

      • Automatic guided vehicle systems are fully automatic transport systems using unmanned vehicles. AGVs safely transport all kinds of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments: the clear way to reduce costs and to increase efficiency and profitability.
        Egemin’s AGV systems consist of reliable off-the-shelf components. However, we always tailor our AGVs to meet your requirements. Automatic guided vehicles lift, rotate and shift your goods, fetch loads from racks, store products in deep lanes, transport product across long distances, deliver them onto conveyors, etc.
        Discover whether an AGV system is a good solution for your environment.
          • AGV Series

          • Dematic Egemin offers high-end AGV solutions from three series of automated guided vehicles: E’gv® STANDARD, E’gv® HYBRID, E’gv® CUSTOM. Each AGV series consists of several types and models of automated guided vehicles based on standard components and designs. We always tune your AGV solution to your individual application and business needs.
              • E'gv® STANDARD, standard automated guided vehicle models

              • E’gv® STANDARD is Egemin’s AGV series of standard automated guided vehicle models for automatic transport of products in a wide range of applications. Within the extensive line up of Egemin AGVs, the E’gv® STANDARD series cover a wide range of material handling and intralogistics needs in production logistics, distribution centers and warehouses. E’gv® STANDARD AGV types E’gv® STANDARD automated guided vehicles are available in several attachment types and models and can be further customized to meet your individual needs.
                • FLV/N: Forklift vehicle narrow
                • FLV/S: Forklift vehicle straddle
                • FLV/C: Forklift vehicle counterbalance
                • LTV/R: Load transfer vehicle roller conveyor
                • LTV/C: Load transfer vehicle chain conveyor
                • TUV: Tugger vehicle
                Internal transport applications Our E’gv® STANDARD AGVs support many product movements in production, distribution and warehouse facilities:
                • Goods receiving to warehouse
                • Warehouse to production
                • Production cell to production cell
                • Production to intermediate storage buffer
                • End-of-line to warehouse
                • Warehouse to picking or shipping
              • FLV - Fork Lift Vehicle AGV

              • The FLV series include forklift AGVs that are able to automatically pick up and deliver pallets, containers, rolls, carts and many other conveyable loads. Automated guided vehicles with forks are the most common type of AGVs because they are so versatile. They can pick and drop load from floor level, racks, stands and driven conveyors.

                Forklift automatic guided vehicles can also handle nearly any load: pallets, skeleton containers, IBC’s, racks, tubs, boxes, rolls.

                A variety of forklift applications

                Forklift AGV systems are the ideal solution for warehouse and distribution areas. Thanks to their versatility forked automated guided vehicles can be used for a wide range of applications:

                • moving loads from receiving to production / warehouse
                • warehousing (narrow aisle, deep-lane stacking, block storage, racking)
                • buffer storage
                • end-of-line handling: picking from conveyors, palletisers, stretch wrappers
                • trailer loading / unloading
                • transport between production and warehouse
              • LTV - Load Transfer Vehicle AGV

              • The LTV series (Load Transfer Vehicle) include AGVs that are designed to move loads at high throughput between workstations in a production environment or between the warehouse and production. These automated guided vehicles carry one, two or four loads at a time and interface with conveyors, stands, end-of-line equipment (palletisers, wrappers, robots) and automatic warehouse equipment (stacker cranes).

                Roller conveyor LTV automatic guided vehicle

                One of the most common types of transfer devices on unitload AGVs is the roller conveyor. In this case handshake sensors are used both onboard and offboard the AGV to communicate with the offboard conveyor system to ensure a smooth transfer of the load.

                Other transfer devices

                LTV AGVs can be equipped with a number of transfer devices to transfer and transport the load:

                • roller conveyors (single, dual, four positions)
                • chain conveyors
                • lift platforms
                • belt conveyors
                • shuttle system
                • push-pull systems with non driven rolls

                These transfer mechanisms are configured to carry and transfer pallets (wooden, slave, packed, unpacked), racks, bins, rolls, containers, unitized loads, etc. LTV automated guided vehicles can also be equipped with a top-press to handle unstable loads.

              • Clamp AGVs for handling of rolls and unpalletized loads

              • Dematic Egemin designs produces automatic guided vehicles equipped with a clamp handling device instead of forks to handle unpalletized loads, boxes, rolls. These loads can be handled, lifted, transported with the same delicacy and flexibility as with forks.

                Flat clamp AGVs

                Flat clamp automated guided vehicles are used for transport and lifting of loads that are not stored on pallets. The clamps and accurate positioning mechanism make sure the loads get not damaged during transport and lifting. Flat clamp AGVs are the ideal solution for block storage and deep-lane stacking of boxes in floor storage warehouses.

                Roll clamp AGVs

                Roll clamp automated guided vehicles are equipped with hydraulic roll clamps to lift, rotate and stack rolls for the paper & printing industries, plastics and steel processing. The possibility to rotate rolls during transport considerable saves costs, space and time compared to roll clamp vehicles from other suppliers.

                AGVs with stabilizing clamps

                Forklift AGVs can also be equipped with stabilizing clamps not to lift the load but to hold the load during transport and to provide stability. Stabilizing clamps can be particularly useful for single-fork automatic guided vehicles that handle various-sized loads and for tall loads.

              • Productive tugger automated guided vehicles

              • Tugger AGVs pull non-driven carts that are charged with loads, either manually or automatically with an actuated hitch. These type of automated guided vehicles are the most productive AGVs as they are capable of carrying more goods than any other type. This allows for a considerable increase in capacity and efficiency, especially compared to traditional forklift trucks.

                Man-aboard or unmanned tuggers

                The standard vehicle design for tuggers is the unmanned version. However, when frequent manual interaction is required the man-aboard tugger version may be required. When an operator takes over, the vehicle switches immediately to manual mode preventing automatic use.

                Connecting warehouses

                Tuggers are also used to tow goods between different warehouses within an industrial site. This is possible through the unique multi-mode navigation feature which allows for combining different navigation methods on the same tugger AGV. Automatic transport with tugger vehicles lead to more efficient operations and avoid the heavy traffic of diesel engine trucks.

                A typical tugger application

                A typical tugger vehicle application consists of a regular loop with predetermined stop locations. Every AGV is assigned a set of consecutive stops where operators can add or remove goods and trailers before releasing the vehicle to its next stop. The list of stops is freely and easily configurable at any time.

              • E'gv® HYBRID, automated KION warehouse trucks

              • E’gv® HYBRID is Egemin’s high-end AGV series for standard KION warehouse trucks. E’gv® HYBRID vehicles are built on standard STILL, Linde or Baoli truck bases with all automation technology and software added to them to operate them automatically. Run them as fully automated warehouse trucks in a high performing AGV system or drive them manually as your needs demand.

                E’gv® HYBRID is available for the following truck types:
                • VNA very narrow aisle trucks
                • Reach trucks
                • High-lift pallet trucks
                • Towing trucks
                Very narrow aisle automated guided vehicles (VNA)

                Very narrow aisle AGVs (VNA) are used in high-bay racking aisles. Very narrow aisle trucks are commonly installed in distribution and warehousing applications. Because they are able to drive in narrow aisles they can easily replace traditional VNA trucks operated by man.

                VNA automated guide vehicles are equipped with turret forks or telescopic forks in order to store loads in the warehouse racks. VNA vehicles can also drop and pick loads from floor level. They work perfectly together with forklift AGVs supplying pallets to the warehouse.

                VNA types

                Depending on your warehouse application and the storage capacities you need to achieve we develop dedicated VNA AGVs or automate standard VNA trucks. This can be achieved by installing our AGV automation pack on the forklift trucks. This allows the VNA trucks to move and store pallets fully independently. Manual driving and product handling with the truck remain possible however.

                Dual-mode navigation

                The use of our unique navigation software E’nsor® allows for using two kinds of navigation methods on one AGV vehicle. This way, VNA trucks can navigate on laser outside the aisles and on wire or magnet when they are driving through the aisles and storing loads.

              • E'gv® CUSTOM, fully customized AGVs

              • E’gv® CUSTOM is Egemin’s extensive range of fully customized automated guided vehicles. No two companies have identical needs. There will always be some amount of customizing needed in order to create an automated guided vehicle system that truly fits your specifications and application.

                Egemin recognizes this and teams up with you and other partners to determine the exact vehicle type that will meet production needs. This sets Egemin far apart from the other AGV suppliers as the leading automated guided vehicle supplier in the world. Customized AGVs based on standard components Dematic Egemin cost-effectively offers custom vehicles because standardized control cabinets and off-the-shelf components are used on all vehicles. By standardizing, Egemin is able to considerably reduce engineering costs and you can be assured that your custom AGV will perform as you expect. E’gv® CUSTOM examples
                • Transport of large airplane wings
                • Handling of nuclear fuel in radioactive environments
                • Transport of massive slabs of materials on custom conveyor belts
                • 180° rotation of cheese racks during ripening
                • Rotation and stacking of large paper reels
                • Transport of heavy transmission components on non-standard pallets
                • Transport of paper reels through core by AGVs equipped with prong device
                • Rotation of tobacco bins into feeders
            • AGV concept solutions

            • Dematic Egemin is a leading-edge supplier of standard and custom-made automated guided vehicle systems (AGV systems) for specific applications, material handling flows and dedicated operations. Our automated guided vehicles offer an efficient solution for the following applications:
                • Automated guided vehicles for receiving & distribution

                • Egemin automated guided vehicles reliably transport raw materials in receiving areas to production lines and finished goods from order picking workstations to consolidation and shipping. Automatic transport in receiving areas Egemin's automated guided vehicles control the full receiving process of raw materials from trailer to processing lines. They make sure your goods are delivered in time without stalling your production process. Thanks to the use of flow controller software, repetitive transports in between receiving and production can be automated.

                  Specific applications in receiving areas include:
                  • automatic trailer unloading
                  • raw material transport to intermediate storage
                  • direct supply of raw materials to production lines
                  Automatic transport in distribution areas Our automated guided vehicles are the ideal transport solution from end-of-line equipment to shipping in distribution centers. Dematic Egemin's automatic trailer loading solution allows to extend automation beyond the four walls of your plant or distribution centre and completing the automation puzzle.
                • Automated guided vehicles for production applications

                • Egemin’s automated guided vehicles and AGV systems for production and work-in-process movement are one of the most commonly installed AGV applications by Egemin. AGV systems for production feature predictable and repetitive transport of materials in between production and processing lines and supply of materials from storage to production areas.

                  As every production process is unique, it needs a custom logistic solution as well. We always customise our automated guided vehicles to match these demands.

                  Benefits of using AGVs for production applications
                  • Just-in-time deliveries
                  • Reduced labour and operational costs
                  • Reduced product damage
                  • Higher operational efficiency and reliability (efficient transport management, no errors)
                  • Increased safety
                  • Flexibility towards future modifications
                  • Versatililty of applications and vehicle models
                • Automated guided vehicles for warehouse storage applications

                • Egemin’s automated guided vehicles handle all kinds of storage applications in warehouses and distribution centers. The use of AGVs in warehouses directly reduce labour costs and increase the efficiency and reliability of your storage process.

                  We can use standard design or fully custom-made automatic guided vehicles depending on your specific application. Our compact and flexible AGV vehicles drive through the most narrow aisles. Other models allow for storing loads up to 6 levels or 12 meter high.

                  Warehouses storage applications with AGVs

                  Examples of automatic storage applications with AGVs include:

                  • Block storage of pallets, containers, racks, boxes and tubs
                  • Pallet storage in warehouse racks
                  • Floor-based deepstack storage of pallets
                  • Vertical storage of reels
                  • Horizontal storage of reels in cradles
                  Storage & retrieval in warehouses with automated standard trucks

                  Dematic Egemin's AGV automation pack is Egemin's automated kit for standard forklift and VNA trucks. This allows for automating the supply and storage processes in warehouses with standard forklift trucks leading to significant cost reductions compared to manual forklift systems and classic AGV systems and higher efficiency. Although products are moved and stored fully automatically, manual driving and product handling remain possible.

                  The automation package involves the following components:

                  • the navigation sensor (laser based in most cases),
                  • an IPC for running the AGV navigation sensor,
                  • safety scanners
                  • the pallet position sensor to find the exact position of the pallet, to find the racking height and to store the pallets in deepstack lines.
                • End-of-line transport with automated guided vehicles (AGV)

                • Egemin’s automatic guided vehicles constitute the perfect link in an end-of-line automation chain. Our AGVs exchange handshake signals with end-of-line equipment like robot palletisers and stretch wrappers to pick finished pallets from conveyors.

                  Our end-of-line automated guided vehicles are the ideal cost-saving solution to automate the repetitive product flow between production and shipping.

                  No product damage

                  Finished products in shipping get repeatedly damaged through manual handling. Thanks to the highly organised way of working and improved traffic safety, our AGVs make sure your goods are delivered undamaged in front of or inside the trailer.

                  Other benefits
                  • Fast ROI (less than 2 years)
                  • Optimal stock and transport planning leading to higher operational efficiency
                  • More timely deliveries
                  • Increased safety and quietness on shopfloor
                  • Flexible technology keeps working area free and makes future modifications simple
                  • Optional location and buffer management in AGV software
                • Automatic roll handling for paper, print, plastics and steel

                • Egemin’s roll handling automatic guided vehicles take care of the reliable transport and storage of rolls in paper mills, printing, paper conversion, packaging and steel and plastics production. Thanks to the use of intelligent transport scheduling software they make sure your rolls get in time where they need to be. The accurate positioning and navigation system of the automated guided vehicle systems rule out any damage to the rolls during transport. Infinite handling possibilities Roll handling AGVs pick rolls from the floor, store them in racks, stands or vertically one on top the other and deliver them directly to presses or sheet cutters. The automatic guided vehicles can be equipped with the following roll handling systems:
                  • V-shaped forks to transport rolls horizontally
                  • a prong to transport rolls by the core
                  • hydraulic clamps to lift and carry rolls vertically
                  • extendible arms to load and unload rolls.
                  Save time and costs with automatic rotation of rolls Roll handling AGVs can be equipped with large hydraulic clamps to rotate rolls automatically. These types of AGVs pick up large rolls from vertical reel storage, rotate the rolls and deliver them horizontally to the printing presses and sheet cutters without the need of having an individual downender installation. This leads to considerable time and cost savings in critical production processes as newspaper and commercial printing.
              • AGV industries

              • Egemin Automation manufactures custom AGV systems for a wide range of industries and markets. Our automated guided vehicles are used in the following industries amongst others:
                  • Automatic storage and transport with AGVs for distribution & logistics

                  • Storage space in warehouses and distribution centers is expensive. Optimizing storage and transport through narrow aisles, high racks and compact layouts is a necessity to remain competitive.

                    Our automated guided vehicles take into account these constraints and allow for driving through and storing loads in even the most narrow aisles up to 12 meter high. We bring more added value to your business with our warehouse management software for managing your orders, warehouse locations, stock and transport flows. Automatic transport in distribution Our automated guided vehicles are the ideal transport solution from end-of-line equipment to shipping in distribution centers. Dematic Egemin's automatic truck loading solution allows to extend automation beyond the four walls of your plant or distribution centre and completing the automation puzzle.
                  • Automated guided vehicles for food & beverage

                  • Egemin's automated guided vehicles are equipped to handle palletized and unit loads of beer, soft drinks, cereals, candy, snack foods, in-process ingredients, packaging materials, etc., in manufacturing, cross-docking, warehousing, and trailer loading environments.

                    Our AGV systems support various storage types for pallets, racks and bins including block stacking, deepstacking or warehouse racking. In-depth knowledge of and compliance with food requirements

                    Our AGV systems meet the requirements for intermediate storage of food products. Automated guided vehicles also take expiry dates of final products into account and organize your warehouse shelves accordingly. That means optimal food conservation at every point in your workflow.

                    In addition, we can modify the construction of our automatic guided vehicles to be compliant with stringent hygiene regulations, such as stainless steel frames, usage of fully sealed components and encapsulated steer drive units to allow complete desinfection of the AGVs

                    Food & Beverage applications Automated guided vehicles can be implemented with succes in any intermediate stage of food & beverage supply chains from trailer unloading, raw materials receiving and transport to and from AS/RS to supply to processing lines, handling of finished products and trailer loading. Some specific applications include:
                    • Food transport in less operator-friendly environments (cold storage, freezers, drying kilns)
                    • Transport of fish tubs in salty and oily areas
                    • Storage of cheese racks and transport to ripening rooms controlled via recipe management software
                    • Fully automatic handling of beer pallets from automatic warehouse to dock using automatic trailer loading vehicles.
                    Track & trace your food batches The AGV management software E’tricc® stores each transport the system has performed along with batch ID, time stamp, source and destination location. This allows for tracing the origin of finished food products and its whereabouts in every single process step and tracking other food lots resulted from the same original batch.


                  • Automated guided vehicles for pharmaceuticals

                  • Dematic Egemin’s automated guided vehicles reliably move products in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies such as the following:
                    • Pharmaceutical products (medicines, vaccins) for consumer healthcare and animal health
                    • Nutritional poducts
                    • Diagnostic instruments & testing
                    • Medical devices & surgery devices
                    • Eye care products & vision technologies
                    Automatic transport with AGVs in pharmaceuticals Typical automatic transport applications with AGVs include:
                    • Transport of raw materials from receiving to automatic warehouse / storage areas
                    • Transport of products from warehouse to production and WIP buffer (Work-in-Process)
                    • Product delivery from storage to picking zones
                    • Supply of packing materials to packing lines
                    • Transport of finished products from production to warehouse
                    For specific manufacturing environments and special needs we always develop custom AGVs and systems. Automatic transport compliant with clean room regulations Our automated guided vehicles for pharmaceuticals are electrically controlled and do not use any hydraulics. As a result, no oil leakages can be caused in pharmaceutical environments. Laser navigation allows for preventing dust production during installation of the AGV system. Safe and validated transport with AGVs Dematic Egemin combines its knowledge in materials handling with its experience of working in cGMP critical environments. We supply turnkey validated systems to meet your FDA requirements. Because automated guided vehicles track all movements, they are compliant with process validation regulations.
                  • Automated guided vehicles for production & manufacturing

                  • Dematic Egemin’s automated guided vehicles reliably move products to, from or in between production lines in production, manufacturing and discrete manufacturing processes. Some other typical applications:

                    • Delivery of raw materials
                    • Transport of semi-finished products to work-in-process buffer storage or the intermediate warehouse
                    • Supply of other materials like packaging or removal of empty pallets and refused goods
                    • Move finished goods from the end-of production line to the finished goods warehouse or shipping area

                    For specific manufacturing environments and special needs we always develop custom AGVs and systems.

                  • Automated guided vehicles for timely transport in paper & printing

                  • Egemin's paper & print automated guided vehicles constitute the perfect connecting link for the printing and packaging industries and for related manufacturers of raw materials such as paper, carton and boards. Always on time with zero damage Thanks to the intelligent scheduling software of our AGV systems, loads always arrive on time at the presses or other critical production equipment like unwrappers, sheet cutters or binders. This is essential in industries with short time-to-market to make sharp deadlines.

                    The usage of the right paper handling device for the right application along with the extermely accurate navigation and positioning software makes sure the your loads are not damaged during transport. Versatile paper and print applications Our AGV systems are highly automated and can be easily modified for a wide range of transport applications.
                    • truck unloading of paper rolls
                    • horizontal storage in high-bay warehouse or vertical deepstack storage on floor
                    • transport to unwrappers, sheet cutters, presses
                    • intermediate storage of prepped rolls
                    • waste paper handling
                    • transport of finished products (newspapers, books, catalogs, tissue paper etc.) in shipping areas or mailroom
                  • Automated guided vehicles for tobacco

                  • Egemin's automated guided vehicle for the tobacco industry constitute the perfect connecting logistic solution between the various stages of your tobacco production process. AGVs can link the machinery within your primary and secondary department and directly cut back on costs while increasing capacity and operational efficiency.

                    Automatic handling is made necessary also by health and safety regulations governing the weights that operators are allowed to lift and the number of times they are allowed to lift them during a shift. Due to increased complexity of the tobacco process with much more blends and packing requirements automatic handling is important as well to eliminate production errors and handle recipe management. Optimised transport of tobacco blends to feeders

                    Many tobacco processing plants look for added value with a larger variety of blends in smaller batches. Just-in-time delivery of tobacco materials from primary to secondary is essential to cut costs and save time, especially when switching to another blend.

                    Our AGV management software E’tricc® helps you optimising the tobacco flows to the most critical points in your process to make sure all tobacco blends are present at the right time and place.

                    Tobacco transport & storage applications Examples of AGV applications in tobacco include:
                    • Transport of tobacco bins from filling machines in primary and storage in bin warehouse
                    • Transport from warehouse and bin tipping into feeders
                    • Transport of empty bins
                    • Transport of finished cigarettes to warehouse or shipping
                    • Automatic truck loading


                • AGV software

                • Egemin Automation's automated guided vehicles are controlled by advanced software integrated on each individual AGV that allows for controlling and navigating the vehicle. The central system software takes care of the management and intelligent assignment of transport orders to the AGVs and of the traffic control of the AGV fleet.
                    • AGV management software for traffic control & transport management

                    • E’tricc® manages all automated guided vehicles in the AGV system and issues transport orders to the vehicles. A transport order contains the optimised route between the order’s source and destination location and is given to the AGV that can get there the fastest, taking into account the priorities of the orders.

                      E’tricc® keeps track of every AGV in the system to safely manage traffic on the shop floor. Thanks to the route optimization algorithms, the most economical route for all transport orders can be calculated. The software also contains functions to supervise system status and to diagnose occurring problems. Intelligent battery schedules allow for recharging the AGV’s battery on scheduled time or when it has no work. Maximum flexibility thanks to dynamic routing & scheduling A blocked aisle, an AGV transferring its load or a highly congested zone will influence the most optimal route. Dynamic Routing allows AGVs to take alternative routes for the same destination based on the overall conditions of the guidepath. This eliminates bottle necks and optimizes the AGV flow to maximize throughput.

                      Assigning the right job to the right AGV at the right time is key to a well balanced, high throughput AGV system. Egemin has always used its unique Look-for-Work logic in order to optimize job assignment to the AGVs. E'tricc® constantly reevaluates job assignments and reassigns jobs to different AGVs if they are better suited for the job.
                    • Navigation software for automated guided vehicles

                    • E'nsor® is Dematic Egemin’s on-board navigation system for controlling and navigating automated guided vehicles through the layout. Thanks to the E'nsor®navigation software, AGVs are capable of driving accurately in narrow aisles, positioning loads in racks and on floor level with extreme precision or managing complex load handling operations.

                      E’nsor® allows each vehicle in the system to follow a specific path by means of navigation sensors. E’nsor® calculates the correct position for the vehicle and ensures that it is able to get quickly and accurately to its destination Supported navigation methods E’nsor® offers the openness to incorporate any of the existing navigation technologies and is ready for the future ones to come:
                      • Laser
                      • Magnet
                      • Wire
                      • Natural target navigation
                      • Camera
                      • Etc.
                  • Automated warehouse and distribution solutions

                  • Dematic Egemin supplies automated warehouse systems and distribution solutions for the automatic storage, retrieval handling and distribution of your goods.

                    We integrate custom-made quality solutions based on own products and other suppliers' systems. We manage the entire process of your automation project, from design through implementation to lifecycle services:

                    • Intelligent logistics concepts for material handling with analyses and simulations
                    • Lifecycle services for longer life time of logistic installations
                    • Integration of logistics systems from an extensive network of preferred suppliers
                    • Development of advanced controls for storage and transport systems
                    • Development of modular control and warehouse management software
                      • Warehousing and distribution concepts

                      • Our automated warehouse and distribution concepts are based on the following concepts for intralogistics:
                        • Full-in/Full-out automated storage
                        • Compact picking
                        • Zone picking
                        • Integrated picking
                        • Combined warehouse systems (AGVs or in-floor chain conveyors with automatic warehouses)
                          • Automated storage for high-throughput and compact bulk storage

                          • Our automated storage concept allows to store goods automatically on pallets, boxes, cartons and crates in warehouses and distributions centres. The automated storage concept is ideal for the following applications and industries:
                            • high-throughput storage of full unit loads (full loads in / full loads out) for fast moving consumer goods in industries like food & beverage, distribution & logistics and pharmaceuticals
                            • compact bulk storage for goods with longer time to market for replenishment of other warehouses or picking areas
                            • Space & cost-saving
                            • Restricted handling
                            • Lower stock levels with increased stock accuracy
                            • Reduced ecological footprint and energy savings
                            • Unique integration possibilities with Egemin AGVs and automated hybrid VNA trucks
                            Concept components
                            • High-capacity automatic warehouse controlled by Egemin’s E’car® software with load handling devices for single deep, double deep and multi deep (satellite) storage of goods in racks
                            • Automatic infeed/outfeed zone, e.g. roller and chain conveyors, transfer car, carousels, automated guided vehicles
                            • Powerful E’wcs and E’wms® software for automated control of warehouse equipment and warehouse management
                            Applications for automated storage

                            We implement automated storage concepts for the following markets, amongst others:

                            • Distribution and logistics service providers (3PL)
                            • Retail DCs
                            • Food industry
                            • Pharmaceutical industries
                            • Apparel
                          • Save time for order picking with compact picking

                          • Compact picking is our efficient goods-to-man concept for distribution centres with slow-moving products, a large number of articles and orders with relatively few order lines. If orders are picked from several work stations, compact picking can help you to reduce the time required for picking by 70%.

                            In our compact picking concepts, the outfeed of goods traditionally takes place from an automated warehouse. Goods are brought via a goods-to-man concept to order picking stations where they are individually picked. Compact picking concepts are ideal for order picking of heavy to light products based on pallets, trays or totes as storage device. Benefits
                            • Shorter walking times lead to increased picking productivity and lower picking costs
                            • Improved ergonomics
                            • Space and cost saving
                            • Easier and faster paperless order picking
                            Concept components
                            • High-capacity AS/RS system controlled by Egemin’s E’car® software
                            • Order picking zone with one or several order picking stations
                            • Link between various zones by means of caroussels, transfer cars or E’gv®systems (AGVs)
                            Applications for compact picking Compact picking is used in the following markets, amongst others:
                            • Wholesales distribution
                            • Retail DCs
                            • Parts & components
                            • Production centers
                            • Food industry
                            • Pharmaceuticals
                          • Decrease distribution costs with zone picking

                          • Zone picking is our efficient and profitable order picking concept for applications with many articles, small orders with a restricted number of order lines and short delivery times. Egemin’s zone picking solutions are ideal for distribution centers with a large product range and fast moving products. We offer the following zone picking solutions:
                            • Product picking from zone-to-zone
                            • Batch picking with sorting area
                            • Shorter walking times lead to reduced distribution costs
                            • Ergonomically designed picking stations and positions of conveyors and totes increase productivity
                            • Increased quality of deliveries: less picking errors, shorter throughput, higher picking efficiency
                            • Software supported picking methods (order per order, wave or batch picking, pick & sorting out)
                            • Software supported picking technologies (pick-to light, voice picking, RF picking, pick-to-list and pick-to-label)
                            Concept components
                            • Goods storage in warehouse racks (with or without automatic replenishment by automatic warehouse)
                            • Automatic transport system in order picking zones for higher capacities
                            • Packing and expedition zone
                            Applications for zone picking Zone picking is used in the following markets, amongst others:
                            • E-commerce
                            • Wholesales and retail distribution
                            • Parts & components
                            • Logistics providers & 3PL
                            • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
                            • Food industry
                          • Integrated picking of pallets, totes, boxes and items

                          • Egemin’s integrated picking concept combines automated storage, compact picking and zone picking solutions. Some warehouse and distribution applications are more complex in structure due to the nature of their distribution model. Orders must therefore be picked at various levels: full pallets, totes, boxes or individual items. Benefits Due to the complexity of the order picking process, integrated picking concepts often have several material flows with replenishment from various manual or automatic warehouses. This requires a powerful warehouse management system (WMS system) with a dynamic transport and route management system. Integrated picking systems bring the following benefits:
                            • On-time and accurate deliveries
                            • Ideal for highly complex concepts
                            • Handling of cross-docking operation from goods reception to despatch
                            • Support of value added logistics (custom labelling of boxing, preassembly of articles)
                            Concept components Integrated picking applications require an integrated logistics system that allows you to pick any order in the most suitable way. For integrated picking applications we combine systems such as:
                            • 1 or several high-capacity AS/RS systems controlled by Egemin’s E’car®software for pallets, totes and/or cartons
                            • Automated sorter and transport systems
                            • Consolidation buffer (manual or automatic) for replenishment of packing zones or docks
                            • Ergonomic and efficient picking & packing stations
                            Applications for integrated picking Integrated order picking is used for applications with complex goods flows in which orders are picked at different levels, such as in the following markets:
                            • Wholesales & retail DCs
                            • Parts & components
                            • E-commerce
                            • Production centers
                            • Food industry
                            • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
                          • Warehouse & AGV Systems

                          • Some warehouse applications have a strongly variable rotation of goods with both fast moving and slow moving products. These products can best be stored in different warehouses for better stock rotation.

                            Fast movers and slow movers

                            Fast moving products represent a small part of this and are responsible for the most part of the orders. These goods are dispatched at a high capacity, for example with automatic warehouse cranes and conveyor systems.

                            Slow moving products, the majority of the stock, only make up a small amount of the orders. These slow rotation goods are stored in a separate warehouse with many corridors. An AGV system which in this case is responsible for the receipt and despatch of goods leads to a more flexible logistics system in comparison with conveyors. With AGV’s your floorspace also remains completely free and it is simpler to expand the system in the future.

                            Combined warehouse systems

                            Dematic Egemin integrates various storage and transport systems for better rotation of your goods in your warehouses. This demands an intelligent logistics concept which allows flawless links between various systems.

                            We develop the following combined warehouse systems:

                            • AS/RS systems (automatic warehouses) and AGV-systems (automatic guided vehicles)
                            • Hybrid warehouses (manual and automated warehouses)
                        • Industries & Markets

                        • Egemin Automation integrates automated warehousing and distribution solutions for the Food & Beverage, Distribution & Logistics and Pharmaceuticals industries.
                            • Warehousing and distribution solutions for food and beverage

                            • Typical of the food and beverage industry is a short time to market with peak periods. Especially for fresh products, customers need fast delivery. And all without compromising quality.

                              That’s why food and beverage producers must organize their supply chain and processes as efficiently as possible to secure the sales margins of their products . The usage of intelligent solutions such as automatic storage and transport and order picking systems is obvious.

                              Optimal storage of food products Our automatic storage systems and automated warehouses ensure that your food products are kept at their best at every moment in the process. With an optional tracking & tracing module you can trace all of the information relating to your stored goods.

                              Our warehouse and distribution solutions fully comply with the storage requirements of your food products. They also take into account the expiry date of your end products and organise your warehouse racking on the basis of that information. Specialists in cold storage and frozen warehouses The longer shelf life of frozen products has fundamentally changed our eating habits. The growing range of frozen and conditioned products has led to more frozen warehouses and cold storage. Automation offers a solution to working in inhospitable environments such as in chilled and frozen storage areas at temperatures of – 30°C or lower.
                            • Warehousing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and life sciences

                            • Responding quickly to new trends is essential for manufacturers of medicines and healthcare products. End customers also impose increasingly more stringent demands in terms of delivery times, product range and quality. Your internal logistics must respond to this flexibly in terms of warehouse capacity and speed of order picking.

                              Dematic Egemin develops and integrates automation solutions for storage, transport and distribution within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. They eliminate manual transport and storage and reduce logistics and operational costs. Integrated automation according to cGMP legislation Our validation experts ensure that your warehouse system and logistics process comply with current cGMP legislation. We adopt a risk-based approach for a validated system and conduct extra tests for the significant critical points in your warehouse.

                              Dematic Egemin's greatest strength is the development of integrated automation systems for the entire process in your pharmaceutical factory:
                            • automatic truck loading and unloading systems
                            • AGV systems for the replenishment of goods to production and warehouse
                            • fully automatic AS/RS systems for high bay warehouses
                            • automatic transport and distribution systems
                            • order picking systems
                            • Warehousing and distribution solutions for wholesales and retail DCs

                            • In order to remain successful, wholesales and distribution centres must comply with the ever changing demands of the end customer. The lifecycle of products is also becoming much shorter with more and more new products being launched, the success of which is often difficult to predict. At the same time they must also be able to deliver large quantities. Order picking with an efficient WMS This demands an efficient logistics system which meets your requirements in terms of storage, order picking and distribution. With the aid of simulation studies we can simulate the installation in your environment with your future capacities and test various logistical models.

                              Due to the great variety of items and the large number of orders to be processed, a powerful order picking system and warehouse management system (WMS) is no superfluous luxury. Our E’wms® software manages all warehouse activities and calculates the required replenishment of products and priorities based on the available stock in the flow rack conveyors, requested order quantity, time necessary for transport, number of cases and so on. This provides a considerable increase in productivity of the order picking process.
                            • Warehousing and distribution systems for logistics service providers and 3PL companies

                            • As a logistics service provider or 3PL company you have to be able to deliver goods swiftly and at a low cost to keep your customers happy. This demands sophisticated internal logistics which keeps turnaround times in your warehouse and distribution as short as possible. At the same time your operational costs associated with your internal logistics must remain as low as possible. Profitable automation of storage and transport Dematic Egemin's automatic storage and transport systems have a high return on investment (ROI). Automation ensures that you can concentrate on your core tasks. Many logistics companies have broadened their activities in the last few years and have expanded to become multifunctional service providers with countless VAL activities (Value Added Logistics).
                            • Warehousing and distribution solutions for components and parts centres

                            • Many components and parts centres have a wide range of items on stock in totally different formats, from a few grams to hundreds of kilos in weight. Dealing with small and late orders whilst retaining the ability to deliver fast is of vital importance to be profitable.

                              This demands a well organised warehouse and order picking process with a flawless warehouse management system. Automatic storage and distribution of parts Dematic Egemin designs and integrates complete warehouse systems for the automatic storage of components, parts and spare parts . We particularly specialize in location management in warehouses or distribution environments and full management of goods flows.

                              Furthermore, with our modular WMS software E'wms® you can manage your orders and stock, trace your goods better and optimise the transport of your products. This enables you to improve the reliability of your deliveries along with the turnaround time for your deliveries.
                            • Warehousing and distribution solutions for e-commerce

                            • With a sharp increase in electronic purchasing, mail order companies have grown to become fully-fledged e-commerce businesses. Online sales of books, multimedia, clothing and other consumer products will continue to grow. Other companies are also increasingly offering their products online.

                              In order to remain successful, e-commerce businesses must react much more quickly to market demand, follow a price-conscious policy and organise simple order processes. In terms of logistics this means delivering orders within 24 hours without errors according to a simple logistics process at a low operational cost.

                              In addition to this, returns logistics - which can be as much as 25 to 30% of outgoing logistics- must be organised seamlessly. Warehousing and distribution fine-tuned to your needs Dematic Egemin's automatic warehouse and distribution systems perfectly meet the stringent logistics requirements of the mail order and e-commerce sectors. The higher level warehouse management software provides smooth control of the goods flows from the automated warehouse to the order picking stations. This makes sure you can deliver fast and without errors.
                          • Automated warehouse and distribution systems

                          • We always build and integrate your automated warehouse and distribution solutions based on own products, controls and software. We combine these with quality systems from reliable suppliers of material handling systems for storage, transport, sorting and order picking which we install ourselves. To make these installations work, we supply the following advanced controls and software:

                            • Warehouse management systems (E’wms®): software for order and stock management in manual and automatic warehouses
                            • Warehouse control systems (E’wcs): warehouse control software for transport and location management
                            • Crane controls (E’car®)
                            • Conveyor controls (E'con)
                            • Sorting controls (E’sort)
                            • AGV software for the management of automated guided vehicles (E’tricc®)
                            • In-floor chain conveyor software (E’tis®)
                              • Automated warehouses and storage systems (AS/RS)

                              • Dematic Egemin integrates AS/RS systems (fully automatic storage and retrieval systems) for the automatic infeed and outfeed of goods in pallet warehouses and miniload warehouses. Due to the automation of the storage process, the storage area is optimally utilised and you can work with minimum stocks. Automated warehouses yield an immediate lowering of operational costs and increased productivity in your business.

                                Dematic Egemin’s automatic storage systems are equipped with E'car® crane controls. The E'car® control receives transport commands from the higher-level warehouse control software which, together with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) distributes transport assignments optimally across the available cranes.

                                Unitload stacker cranes Automatic unitload stacker cranes take care of the storage of pallets, containers, boxes, rolls and other large goods. Depending on your SKUs and required storage capacity and order rotation, Egemin integrates aisle-bound or aisle-changing stacker cranes and single or double-mast stacker cranes for single deep, double deep and multi deep storage (with satellite system). Miniload stacker cranes Automatic miniload stacker cranes take care of the transport of smaller carriers such as totes, bins, trays and cartons in small goods warehouses. Our E'car®control software is the perfect fit for the control of high-speed miniload warehouses with high capacities. Such systems can be implemented fast and thanks to E'car®they guarantee a high level of reliability, availability and capacity. Automatic storage with AGVs Dematic Egemin develops automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems for the storage of pallets in warehouses for racking, block stacking or storage of reels. We deliver automated hybrid forklift systems for automated storage with very narrow aisle trucks (VNAs), reach trucks and other warehouse trucks equipped with AGV technology.


                              • AutoStore, compact and efficient storage and picking of small goods

                              • AutoStore® is a compact and cost-effective storage and order picking system for small items and packages. It can be easily integrated into any type of warehouse, both existing and new. An aluminum grid provides the storage space for all your goods. The size and form of the grid only depend on the warehouse around it and ensure optimal space usage. The goods themselves are stored in plastic bins inside the grid. AutoStore® helps you to maximise your available storage space and capacity, all without increasing your footprint. This makes it one of the most efficient goods-to-person systems available on the market.

                                Intelligent storage system for bins

                                AutoStore® works with intelligent storage robots that operate on top of the aluminium grid. The grid serves as a storage matrix for the plastic bins that are stacked on top of each other. The robots hoist the plastic bins in and out of the grid, move them on for further processing and transfer them via conveyors, carousel or lift ports, to order picking operators.

                                The robots constantly optimize the storage positions in the grid. Fast movers are placed in the higher levels and slow movers in the lower levels. That is how future tasks can be performed faster. The robots also work together for optimal order picking from the bins. The storage locations are managed by the AutoStore control system. The content of the bins can be managed by Egemin’s E'wms® warehouse management software or customer-specific WMS software.

                              • WMS Software (Warehouse Management System)

                              • Egemin’s Warehouse Management System (E’wms®) is our advanced WMS software application to manage inventory, orders, locations and transport flows in warehouses and distribution environments. It constitutes the perfect link between your logistics environment and the equipment available.

                                E’wms® is a mature and flexible WMS solution for increasing productivity and inventory accuracy in your warehouse or distribution center.
                              • Internal transport systems for pallets, totes, cartons and trays

                              • Dematic Egemin supplies high-performance and reliable automated conveyor systems and conveyor controls for the transport of loads such as pallets, totes, bins, trays, cartons and boxes in warehouses, distribution centres, goods receiving and expedition environments.

                                Efficient conveyor systems transport your goods at high throughput capacity, with many sorting options, without product damage. For very demanding warehouse and distribution processes, a high level of system availability is an absolute requirement. Dematic Egemin provides intelligent conveyor controls to meet your intralogistics requirements.

                                A wide range Dematic Egemin integrates a wide range of transport systems for the internal transport of pallets, totes, trays, boxes, crates and other miniloads. Examples include:
                                • Roller conveyors
                                • Chain conveyors
                                • Conveyor belts
                                • Overhead conveyors, monorails
                                • Turntables
                                • Pallet lifts and tote lifts
                                • Transfer cars
                                • In-floor chain conveyor systems


                              • Order picking systems for pallets, totes, cartons and boxes

                              • With an increasing number of items being offered, achieving deliveries on time without errors is becoming a greater and greater challenge. The number of smaller orders that need to be processed fast is also growing. This demands a well organised order picking process.

                                Dematic Egemin will support and advise you in finding the optimal concept for your order picking. We offer integrated order picking systems to process your customer orders efficiently and timely. Our order picking systems provide a suitable solution for item picking, case picking and pallet picking. A high-performance order picking strategy Order picking is still one of the most time-consuming and labour intensive activities in the warehouse. An efficient order picking strategy increases the accuracy and productivity of order picking and enables savings in costs and storage space in the warehouse.

                                Order picking processes are unique and require a custom-designed solution. Depending upon your application we configure the right order picking concept (goods-to-person picking, person-to-goods) and combine this with a collation method such as zone picking, compact picking or integrated picking and systems such as pick-to-light (P2L), voice picking and RF or RFID scanning. Simulations of reliable goods flows Dematic Egemin designs its own simulations and models for warehouse systems and transport installations. Simulations offer a good insight into your existing and/or future goods flows and lead to reliable estimates for capacities, interim storage, transfer times and so on. This enables you to know immediately if the order picking system can achieve the capacities you want to achieve.
                              • Fast sorting systems for faster deliveries

                              • Automated sorting systems are essential for businesses with a high distribution capacity and a short time-to-market. You must continually increase the quality and reliability of your services. Consumers increasingly demand quicker deliveries of goods ordered online to their homes.

                                Dematic Egemin's sorting systems can sort all your trays, bags, boxes, roll containers or packages of every dimension to the right destination at a high capacity, at high speeds and very accurately. For all types of loads Dematic Egemin sorting systems are suitable for all types of loads and can be fitted with automatic or manual input and output systems. After sorting the goods are placed directly in the tray, box or bag. Examples of the sorting systems which we install:
                                • Split-tray sorters, tilt-tray sorters
                                • Cross-belt sorters
                                • Sliding shoe sorters
                                • Pop-up sorters
                                • Pusher sorters
                                • Wiping sorters
                                E’sort software: increased production capacity Dematic Egemin integrates sorting systems according to your throughput capacities, your product variety, types of loads and number of destinations. In the integration of sorting installations we also take into account potential bottlenecks in receipt or despatch, order processing times and potential peaks in your distribution process.
                                We equip our sorting systems with our E’sort software which is suitable for all sorters on the market. With this software your production flow is significantly concentrated and your production capacity increased. All sorts of applications Sorting systems are often used in the following applications:
                                • Retail and wholesale DCs
                                • Food & Beverage
                                • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
                                • E-commerce
                                • Courier, express and parcel
                            • In-floor chain conveyors for reliable transport and sorting of products

                            • E’tow® is an intelligent internal transport system with which you can send your goods to the correct destination. The system works on the basis of a powered chain which is integrated via a rail in the floor. The transport of goods takes place via product carriers which are connected to the in-floor chain conveyor via product carriers. Capacity is expanded very simply by adding new product carriers.

                              E’tow®-in-floor chain conveyors are suitable for the continuous transport of large transport volumes for example in distribution environments and for the transport of difficult to handle loads in manufacturing environments.
                                • Concept Solutions

                                • In-floor chain conveyor systems are frequently deployed in mail sorting centres for the automatic transport of mail bags on mail sorting trolleys. Extensive sorting possibilities Via intelligent and automatic controlled diverters an in-floor chain conveyor systems can opt to send mail sorting trolleys to a different loop or to another destination. As a result in-floor chain conveyors are lend themselves extremely well to sorting systems in mail sorting centres. Continuous transport, no stoppages Thanks to the automatic lubrication of the chain and reliable technology, chain stoppages are restricted to a minimum. Due to the high system availability you can sharply increase your production capacity, certainly in comparison with manual transports.
                                    • Automatic pallet transport on in-floor chain conveyors

                                    • User-friendly hand pallet trucks are indisputable for the transport of pallets on E'tow® chain conveyor systems. These standard transport resources are relatively cheap, easy to handle and offer a high degree of capacity and flexibility for internal transport. Standard pallet trucks for in-floor chain conveyors

                                      For the transport of pallets on in-floor chain conveyor systems standard pallet trucks can be utilised for loads of up to 1,200 kg. These adapted for use on an in-floor chain conveyor in several areas.

                                      The tow pin is mounted at the front of the truck. This enables operators to couple the hand pallet truck to the transport system without any problems. The impact bumper ensures the safety of your employees. The hand pallet trucks can also be fitted with barcodes or RFID-tags to determine the route and destination of the carrier.

                                      Applications for pallet transport E’tow® pallet transport systems are used in the following applications and markets, amongst others:
                                      • crossdocking centres
                                      • distribution centres
                                      • production companies
                                      • spare parts centres
                                      • wholesale


                                    • Automatic transport of roll containers on in-floor chain conveyors

                                    • Our in-floor chain conveyor systems can transport just about any type of roll container such as mail containers, flower containers, Danish containers and other roll containers.
                                      Roll containers are widely used as product carriers on in-floor chain conveyor systems for the transport of smaller or difficult to stack loads in the distribution environment. Adapted for in-floor chain conveyors For use on in-floor chain conveyors the roll containers are adapted in several areas. Thanks to the tow pin, which is mounted at the front of the platform trolley, operators can couple the trolley to the transport system without any problems The roll containers can also be fitted with barcodes or RFID-tags to determine the route and destination of the container. Applications for roll container transport E’tow® roll container transport systems are used in the following applications and markets, amongst others:
                                      • distribution centres
                                      • mail sorting centres
                                      • parcel centres
                                      • flower auctions
                                      • wholesale
                                    • Automatic transport of platform trucks on in-floor chain conveyors

                                    • Automatic transport of custom-made product carriers

                                    • E’tow® in-floor chain conveyor systems can automatically transport fully custom-designed product carriers. Custom-designed product carriers adapted for in-floor chain conveyors The tow pin is mounted at the front of the product carrier. This enables operators to couple the carrier to the transport system without any problems. The product carriers can also be fitted with barcodes or RFID tags to determine the route and destination of the container. Custom-made applications for product carriers E’tow® in-floor chain conveyor systems can carry custom-designed product carriers for the following applications:
                                      • distribution centres
                                      • production companies
                                      • mail sorting centres
                                      • flower auctions
                                    • In-floor chain conveyors for cross-docking centres

                                    • Goods transport in distribution centres and retail applications

                                    • Smooth automatic transport of heavy loads in production zones

                                    • Internal transport systems and in-floor chain conveyors for auctions

                                    • Automatic transporting and sorting in mail sorting centres

                                  • In-floor chain conveyor components

                                  • In-floor chain conveyors consist of robust and reliable components that focus on maximum flexibility and life. Thanks to continuous product improvement we are able to create new application possibilities. Our add-on software products allow for efficiently managing the towline and identifying and registering the goods on your system.
                                      • Reliable system components for in-floor chain conveyors

                                      • E’tow® in-floor chain conveyors consist of durable and reliable components which are controlled by a proven control design. This delivers an operationally secure transport system which will last for many years. We work hard on focused product development, so that we can create ongoing new applications for your environment. Basic components for in-floor chain conveyors
                                        • Chain: an endless chain keeps the carriers constantly circulating. The system automatically lubricates the chain with environmentally-friendly lubricant.
                                        • Rail: The chain runs in a U-shaped channel that is completely anchored into the floor.
                                        • Drive: the chain is driven directly and runs in a loop over a drive and idler wheel. The product carrier is smoothly transported over the drive.
                                        • Pusher dog and tow pin: The pusher dog is a special link in the chain that pulls the product carrier's tow pin forward.
                                        • Curve: the curve contains a special roller chain that guides the chain through the curve. In this way friction and power consumption can be kept to a minimum. This makes the system more energy-efficient.
                                        • Transfers and diverters: these sort your product carriers into the various destinations. They form the basic components of intelligent lay-outs

                                      • Manage your information and goods flows in one system

                                      • E’tis® (Egemin Tow Information System) is intelligent software to manage your chain system. The software gives you a clear overview of the flow of goods on your installation and also lets you control the flow of information. Your operators can use the software to continuously trace where the carriers and goods are on the chain conveyor and intervene when necessary. Central management of your in-floor chain conveyor system Using E'tis® your operators can coordinate various actions, such as:
                                        • visualisation and request on-line status information
                                        • automatically sort and monitor carriers
                                        • optimize the flow of goods;
                                        • adapt goods destinations.
                                      • Accurate and efficient registration of goods

                                      • E’arl® (Egemin Acquisition & Registration of Load characteristics) is an integrated measurement unit that can be integrated with E’tow® in-floor chain conveyors systems. The unit measures and registers load data such as volume, weight and identification (RFID, barcode) with utmost accuracy. Perfect control of weight and volume The extremely high accuracy of the measurements gives you perfect control to ensure your customers' weight and volume data are correct. Other benefits include:
                                        • No stops in production or operational losses thanks to real-time measurements
                                        • More efficient loading of trucks thanks to accurate volume measurements
                                        • Optimization of logistics through data exchanges with the administration system
                                        E’arl® can also be fitted with an identification scanner and a camera system for the creation of an image database.
                                      • Fast product identification in flows of goods

                                      • With a product identification system you can manage the flow of goods even better by fitting your transport with a product identification system. This enables you to monitor the products in your goods flow better. Simple barcode recognition and colour identification Your operators can distinguish the various loads from each other fast and effectively thanks to barcode recognition or colour identification. On reading the barcode, the control system will send the carrier to the right destination. Intelligent RF identification With RFID identification, each product carrier carries an RFID tag. Antennae built into the floor can read these tags using radio frequency. On the basis of this information which is linked to the tag, the control system determines the destination and the route of the carrier.