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  • mimatic Tool System products are utilised between the machine spindle and the workpiece. Cutting tools, driven toolholders, angle heads as well as precision drill chucks are important elements of our range of products.

    Cutting tools cover circular milling of slots and grooves, circular thread milling with multiple inserts or a single insert, solid carbide thread millers as well as reaming with system tools (shank plus carbide metal head).
Product Portfolio
  • Innovations

      • eltimon

      • The revolutionary system eltimon (electronic live tool integrated monitoring) for digitization of live tools, angle heads in machining centers and driven tools in CNC lathes.
      • mimaticSTC

      • The STC thread milling system* from mimatic was developed specifically for large threads from M24 upwards. For these threads, there is so far no optimal thread milling method.
        The production of large threads in large components were usually realized with large machines, which often had no 3D-control. Because of this technical reason, a classic thread milling operation is not possible. Therefore, on these machines the threads are often processed as a tapping operation.
        This procedure has very serious disadvantages in regards to thread quality and tool breakage. Today large parts with large threads are produced more and more on modern machines, providing a 3D-control. However, the existing thread milling tools and procedures have limitations regarding these applications.
        Usually two tool types are used:
        • ŒMilling Cutters with 6 Edges
        • Multi-Tooth Thread Milling Inserts
    • Cutting Tools

        • Circular Milling Tools for Contours and Threads

        • The circular milling principle allows
          outside and inside contours to be manufactured to individual requirements on all CNC machining centers and milling machines. High efficiency is achieved by short machining times, extended tool life, and by reducing or eliminating with expensive special tools.

          With the utmost ease and without chip obstruction problems

          • High Precision Free Contours
          • High-Precision Plunge Cuts
          • True-to-Gauge Threads

          can be executed.

        • Circular Milling Tools with Polygonal Insert Seat and 6 Cutting Edges for a High Chipping Volume

        • The new generation of circular cutters allows,

          • Plunge Cuts
          • Guard Ring Slots and O-ring Slots
          • Metric Internal Threads acc. to DIN
          • Whitworth Threads
          • Special recesses

          to be milled in components with great precision. The polygonal connection between the insert and cutter body improves the economy and quality of the machining process.

          • Longer Tool Lifetimes
          • Higher Chipping Volume
          • Higher Feeds
          • Shorter Machining Times
        • Circular Thread Milling Tools

        • Only 1 Tool for 3 Applications

          • Thread milling with undercut
          • Thread milling and
          • Drill milling

          are possible with the same cutter and the appropriate insert. The advantages are shorter machining times as well as the reduction of tool costs.

          Smoot cutting action and reduced cutting forces guarantee a long tool life, an improved surface quality, as well as a lower machine load. A conical position of the insert pocketguarantees stability of the tool shaft. Further advantages are the radially back ground thread profile, an extremely high wedge angle, a more stable cutting edge, a positive rake angle and coolant through the holder..

        • Circular Thread Milling Cutters in Solid Carbide Version

          • TINAMATIC-Coating
          • Uncoated types
          • Best prices
          • Best endurance
          • Thread from Ø 4 mm
          • Short processing times by high cutting speed and feed rates
          • Long endurance
          • High thread quality; threads are full cutted to the bore hole ground
          • Small chips prevents chip congestion
          • High surface quality achievable
          • Tolerance values can be realized with accurate corrections
          • Only one tool needed for different diameters within the same pitch
          • Accurate thread fl anks by extrem diameter proportions can also be machined with specific profile corrections
          • Alternatively for left- or right-hand threads
          • Only one tool for blind holes and through holes
          • Core diameter and thread are exactly concentric
          • Low cutting pressure when machining thinwalled parts
        • RPK Reamers with Polygonal Insert Seat for high Chip Removal

        • A new generation of reamers enables the insertion of blind and through holes into the units with a very high precision.
          The polygonal interface of the cutting insert and the shaft improves the efficiency of the machining process significantly.

          Two basic types RPK 40 and RPK 42 are available, which cover a wide range of applications through their different shanks and cutting insert designs.
          The insert change is fast and easy to operate.

          Because of the frontal clamping screw the shaft does not have to be unclamped.
          Different overall lenghts are available.


          • Solid connection through a polygonal insert seat
          • Easy insert change
          • Internal coolant supply directly
            to the cutting edge
          • High concentricity
          • Longer durability
          • High precision
          • Higher volume of metal removed by reaming
          • Higher feeds
          • Shorter processing times
          • Special dimensions available


      • Driven Toolholders

          • Driven Toolholders for CNC Machining Centers

            • Standard versions
            • SK, CAT, BT, HSK
            • Modular "mi" or collet chuck
            • Torques up to 150 Nm
            • Speeds up to 15.000 U/mi
            • Internal cooling supply / External up to 70 bar
            • Different gear ratios
            • 360° and is infinitely variable

            Angle Drilling Heads and Cutter Heads

            For many years, mimatic® has been a reliable partner in planning and supplying precision tools in the field of chip removing production worldwide.

            In addition to toolholding systems and cutting tools, the company also provides driven tools for both CNC lathes and CNC machining centers to solve customer-specific issues in the area of chip removals.

            The company has provided many special purposeful solutions for angle heads and cutter heads since its foundation in 1974. By doing so, mimatic has always placed special emphasis on maximum precision, power transmission, operating safety and quality.

            We ensure close co-operation with our customers worldwide, providing advice on all machining problems - even on-site. We realize and implement our solutions on the basis of our comprehensive standard program or by means of customer-specific special developments and designs.

            Our new standard programme of angle head tools provides our customers with the means for complete, integrated machining. It is no longer necessary to repeatedly relocate tools, which results in a considerable reduction of production costs, rationalisation and the increase in flexibility over the entire production process.

          • Driven Toolholders for CNC Turning Machines

            • All popular CNC Turning Machines
            • All popular Toolholders
            • Modular System Mimatic "mi"
            • Internal coolant supply / external up to 70 bar
            • Torques up to 150 Nm
            • Speeds up to 15,000 rpm
            • Different gear ratios
          • Multi-Spindle Technology

            • Adjustment to most diverse Customer Needs
            • Smallest Spindle Clearance 14mm (ER7)
            • Speed up to 15.000 U/min
            • External and Internal Coolant Supply
            • oil lubrication, MMS
            • Turn Key Solution with Cutting Tools

            mimatic® Multi-Spindle Technology increases Productivity

            The multi spindle technology is characterized by the rule that almost no working issue resembles the other one. Our strength lies in our ability to prepare individual solutions for each of these cases.

            Our multi spindle units for the multiple's processing are rationalized by drilling operations (workpiece-specific drill hole-patterns) in mass production for middle and high lot sizes. With the help of a multi spindle unit, multiple holes can be worked at the same time.

            The fixed multi spindle units are usable for drilling, thread cutting, countersinking, reaming and for multi spindle milling. Many tool interfaces such as mimatic® mi, HSK, collets, etc. are possible.

            Our customers are mainly the automotive industry and machine tool manufacturers (HSC milling machines-, CNC machining centers, special- and transfer machine manufacturers)

        • Modular Quick Change Systems

            • mimatic® mi

              • Solid an precise
              • Taper 1:10 plus face contact
              • Short design saves space in the machine
              • Quick change with a single hand
              • Internal coolant supply
              • Length adjustment


              • Universal tool clamping system for all production areas
              • Presetting of the tools off-line by length adjustment screw
              • Tool change within seconds
              • Concentricity of the interface < 0.002 mm
              • Secure holding force by form-locking
              • Very short design
              • Toolholders in different sizes
              • All toolholders with internal coolant

              Use on CNC-Turning Machines and Machining Centers

              Driven toolholders for all turning machines, machining centers, milling machines, turn/mill centers as well as transfer and special machines.
              Driven toolholders / basic holders are available in many different versions:

              • Shafts such as VDI, SK, BT, CAT, HSK, Capto, ...
              • Straight and angle units
              • Single or multi-spindle versions
              • Gear multiplication or reduction
              • Internal and/or external coolant supply
              • Central of offset

              Modular Toolholders in different Sizes for all Production Areas

              • Tapping toolholders
              • Collet toolholders (internal and external nut)
              • Hydro-Flex hydraulic toolholders
              • Thread tightening toolholder cutters
              • Morse taper shank toolholders
              • MK Bohreraufnahmen
              • Weldon and Whistle Notch toolholders
              • Shell mill toolholders

              All toolholders are available for use with your presetter.

            • mimatic® Hydroflex

            • Vibration reduced tool clamping system for all applications (reaming, drilling, milling, tapping, ...)
              Usability in our mimatic® driven toolholders
              • Concentricity < 0.002 mm
              • Holding forces up to 290 Nm

              Useful facts about vibrations of boring bars

              The result of vibrations many times is a bad surface and wear of the cutting edges
              ending as a negative production output.
              The origin of vibrations could be caused by:

              • If the boring bar is clamped in a worn-out holder
                the result could be that the angle of cut from the boring bar is not correct
              • Not enough machine stability
              • Flat cutting angle
              • High cutting pressure forced by a high feed

              Advantages of the modular hydraulic clamping system

              • Same characteristics as "Hydraulic spindles" - but with less expense!
              • Concentricity < 0.002 mm
              • Transferable torque > 80 Nm - with 12,000 RPM capabilities
              • Longer tool-live and 60% longer tool length is possible
              • Concentricity is consistent throughout the inteface range, unlike many competitive systems
              • Tool pre-setting outside of the machine is achievable using length adjustable reducing sleeves - Gives you more UP time!
              • Tool live improvements up to 100%
              • Extremely stable and rigid design
              • No concentricity errors regarding the interface
              • Tap sleeves are also available

              Exchange of Hydro-Flex sleeve

              • Unclamp both axial screws
              • Remove the Hydro-Flex in unclamped condition
                Never clamp the spindle outside and/or without a tool!
                Only clamp the sleeve together with tools of cylindrical shank - no Weldon or Whistle Notch!
          • High Performance Precision and Standard Chucks

                • High Performance Precision and Standard Chucks

                • mimatic® Makes Machine Tools Complete!

                  mimatic® Universal Chucks guarantee maximum concentricity, reliability and tool life.

                  Because of the particularly high clamping forces mimatic® Universal Chucks securely lock the tool in the chuck.

                  mimatic® Universal Chucks can be used flexibly for drilling, reaming, countersinking and milling.