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  • Offer Profile
  • mimatic Tool System products are utilised between the machine spindle and the workpiece. Cutting tools, driven toolholders, angle heads as well as precision drill chucks are important elements of our range of products.

    Cutting tools cover circular milling of slots and grooves, circular thread milling with multiple inserts or a single insert, solid carbide thread millers as well as reaming with system tools (shank plus carbide metal head).
Product Portfolio
  • Cutting Tools

    • Circular Milling Tools for Contours and Threads

    • With the utmost ease and without chip obstruction problems
      • High Precision Free Contours
      • High-Precision Plunge Cuts
      • True-to-Gauge Thread
      can be executed.
    • Circular Milling Tools with Polygonal Insert Seat and 6 Cutting Edges for a High Chipping Volume

    • The new generation of circular cutters allows,
      • Plunge Cuts
      • Guard Ring Slots and O-ring Slots
      • Metric Internal Threads acc. to DIN
      • Whitworth Threads
      • Special recesses
      to be milled in components with great precision.
    • Circular Thread Milling Tools

      • Circular Milling with Recesses
      • Bore Thread Milling
      • indexible insert (helical)
      • Range beginning from M 14 x 1
      • M, MF, G, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, NPT
      • Shaft: DIN 1835 A, DIN 1835 B
    • Circular Thread Milling Cutters in Solid Carbide Version

      • Range beginning from M3
      • Chamfer
      • Internal Coolant Supply
      • Fixed dimension
      • M, MF, G, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, NPT
      • DIN 6535 HA, HB, HE
    • RPK-Reamers with Polygonal Interface

      • High-tensile connection by polygonal insert seat
      • Internal coolant supply directly to the cutting edge
      • High concentricit
      • High precision
      • Diameter and tolerance selectable
  • Driven Toolholders

    • Driven Toolholders for CNC Machining Centers

      • Standard versions
      • SK, CAT, BT, HSK
      • Modular "mi" or collet chuck
      • Torques up to 150 Nm
      • Speeds up to 15.000 U/mi
      • Internal cooling supply / External up to 70 bar
      • Different gear ratios
      • 360° and is infinitely variable
    • Driven Toolholders for CNC Turning Machines

      • All popular CNC Turning Machines
      • All popular Toolholders
      • Modular System Mimatic "mi"
      • Internal coolant supply / external up to 70 bar
      • Torques up to 150 Nm
      • Speeds up to 15,000 rpm
      • Different gear ratios
    • Multi-Spindle Technology

      • Adjustment to most diverse Customer Needs
      • Smallest Spindle Clearance 14mm (ER7)
      • Speed up to 15.000 U/min
      • External and Internal Coolant Supply
      • oil lubrication, MMS
      • Turn Key Solution with Cutting Tools
  • Modular Quick Change Systems

    • mimatic® mi

      • Solid an precise
      • Taper 1:10 plus face contact
      • Short design saves space in the machine
      • Quick change with a single hand
      • Internal coolant supply
      • Length adjustment
    • mimatic® Hydroflex

      • Hydro-Expansion Clamping System
      • Very Short Design
      • High Concentricity
      • Quick Tool Change with One Hand Operation
      • Internal Coolant Supply
      • Horizontal Adjustment
  • High Performance Precision and Standard Chucks

      • mimatic® Makes Machine Tools Complete!

        mimatic® Universal Chucks guarantee maximum concentricity, reliability and tool life.

        Because of the particularly high clamping forces mimatic® Universal Chucks securely lock the tool in the chuck.

        mimatic® Universal Chucks can be used flexibly for drilling, reaming, countersinking and milling.