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  • We are convinced that there is an individual solution for every challenge. This principle is our motivation. We strive to develop customized solutions for various business segments – and to set new standards again and again. With creative ideas and technological expertise, we want to support our customers worldwide in achieving their corporate success. Every day we therefore keep our promise: Expect Solutions.
Product Portfolio
  • montrac®

      • Basic Shuttle G4

      • The shuttles are the intelligent material handlingvehicles and the centerpiece of every montrac® system.
        A shuttle is available with one drive axis or as a twinaxle shuttle. Each shuttle has a sensor, which prevents potential collisions with obstacles or other shuttles.


        • Very smooth running and low noise development
        • EMC test for electromagnetic compatibility successfully passed (corresponds to all industrial requirements with regard to electrostatic discharge)
      • Industrial Shuttle 200

      • The Industrial Shuttle 200 is a revolution for the intralogistics market up to 200 kg. With its speed of 20 m/min it is up to four times faster than transport systems so far available on the market. Waiting times due to loading or downtimes as with free-running AGV (automated guided vehicle systems) can be omitted.


        • Open, rail-mounted system without enclosure
        • Payload up to 200 kg 4 times faster than conventional systems
        • Low energy consumption
        • Compact design by monorails
        • Modular and expandable system
        • Designed for customer specific tool carriers
        • Energy is available on shuttle during transport
        • Sensor-controlled safety technology
        • No charging time for battery needed
        • High throughputs rates (fast cycle times) can be realized
      • TracControl 1

      • The TC1-IRM (Intelligent Routing Module) is an optoelectronic communication module for data exchange allowing shuttle, track and master control to interact with each other.
        The shuttle and TC1-IRM communicate with each other via signals in the infrared spectrum.
      • TracControl 2

      • TracControl 2 offers many ways of controlling a montrac® system.
        Thus modules consisting of standardized montrac® single components are controlled by the montrac® control.
    • Accessoires

        • Lift

        • SupoTrac

        • PositioningUnit PU-4

        • FlexTrac

        • IsolationTrac

        • TracDoor

        • ErgoTrac

        • TracCrossing

        • TracSwitch Area

        • TracSwitch

        • TracCurve

        • TracLink

        • Trac

        • TracSet

        • TracSupply

      • Material Flow Controller

            • Material Flow Controller

            • The Material Flow Controller (MFC) visualizes the entire rail lines of the montrac® monorail transport system. The user gets information such as position and destination of the workpieces as well as status of the individual components at a glance.


              • Intuitive visualization with a lot of detailed information
              • Display of position and destination for the montrac® Shuttles
              • Status indication of montrac® components
              • Archiving and reporting function
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