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  • Offer Profile
  • We are specialized in the development of customer-application-specific integrated circuits, embedded systems, color measurement.
Product Portfolio

  • Our goal for the JENCOLOR® products is it to measure variances of the light more accurate, faster and better than the human eye. The unique features of our True Color sensors, are that they are able to detect color differences at highest precision based on the industrial standard CIE 1931.

    JENCOLOR's® application-specific spectral and color sensors are customizable in their spectral sensitivity, temperature and long-term stability sensor parameter characteristics. These features are achieved by the utilization of high-quality interference filters.

    The extensive product portfolio of standardized sensors and signal processing ICs are adapted to specific applications in the areas of light control & regulation, color detection & grading as well as color measurement. Users can easily manage the applicability of the JENCOLOR® sensors for their specific tasks thanks to intuitive evaluation kits.

    MAZeT consults and supports you in finding the right solution for your task. Our highly experienced engineers will accompany you through the entire product development. They can show you ways and methods to find cost-efficient solutions and assist you up to series production of innovative options, while utilizing our sensors options.
      • RGB Sensors

        • True Color Sensors

            • MTCS-CDCAF

            • A fully-integrated sensor chip solution – the MTCS-CDCAF XYZ color sensor with I²C interface in a compact QFN16 housing and on-chip temperature sensor for measuring color and regulating light of multi-channel LED light sources to correct for spectral changes caused by temperature drift and aging.
          • Multispectral Sensors

                • MMCS6CS - MMCS6 multispectral sensor in SMD LCC10 package for hand and automated assembly

            • Sensor Signal Amplifiers

                • MCDC04

                • Upto 16 bit 4-Channel Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with I²C Control / Output. The IC processes via charge-balance method and converts lowest photo-currents at high accuracy. Its full-scale range can be customized to specific applications. Sensitivity of 20 fA/LSB at a dynamic of 1 to 1,000,000. The IC is temperature compensated and features the possibility of external synchronization.
                • MDDC04

                • 4-channel resistive analog current integrator, every channel is addressable and programmable in 17 levels - 0,1 MΩ to 102,4 MΩ, 11,7 nA to 12 μA, dynamic range 60 dB, resolution A/D conversion internally 12 bit at a conversion time of 1 μs per channel, serial digital output via SPI, very low power consumption and temperature compensation on chip.
                • MTI04

                • 4-channel resistive transimpedance amplifier, programmable in 8 levels - 25 kΩ to 20 MΩ, 25 nA to 20 μA, 6 to 300 kHz, integrated compensation of input capacities, Output analog voltage values, low power consumption and temperature compensation on chip.
              • Sensor Boards

                  • MTCS-INT-AB4

                  • Passive OEM sensor board based on CIE1931 color standard, high dynamic range 1:1,000,000, 16 bit ADC, I²C-Interface, EEPROM and temperature sensor on board.
                  • MTCS-C3

                  • Active OEM sensor board based on CIE 1931 color standard, high dynamic range 1:1,000,000, 16 bit ADC, USB-Interface, EEPROM, implemented firmware for system integration, customized calibration possible.
                  • MMCS6-INT-AB1

                  • OEM sensor board with I²C interface based on the spectral selective Sensor MMCS6CS, high dynamic range in signal amplifying 1:1,000,000, 16 bit ADC and EEPROM.
                  • MTCS-INT-AB5

                  • Passive OEM sensor board with True Color Sensor MTCS-CDCAF and integrated 16 bit ADC based on CIE1931 color standard, highest dynamic range on the market at 1:250,000,000, I²C-Interface, EEPROM and temperature sensor on board.
                • Industrial metrology

                • MAZeT offers customer-specific solutions for communication interfaces of the automation engineering industries.

                  The master component series for the EnDat2.2 is MAZeT‘s IP solution utilized as interface between absolute value encoders from HEIDENHAIN and subsequent electronics. Aside the EnDat2.2, other encoders with EnDat2.1 or SSI interfaces are supported.

                  The extensive options of the EnDat master IP series allow an effective layout of the control tasks between the EnDat master component and the µController. There are IPs for a FPGA solution as „encrypted VHDL“ or EDIF netlist. Some IP solutions allow the customized integration of own components within a single FPGA.

                  The offered IPs have been developed in close collaboration with the Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH and have been tested by the Heidenhain company.
                    • Services

                    • One main focus of MAZeT is the development, assembly and implementation of customized industrial computer systems including a broad range of services for the manufacturing of electronic components, from the prototyping to series production level.

                      Our services are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485 certified.
                            • Applications

                            • Which applications are suitable to your technology and what technology to your application request?
                              • Metrology
                              • Medical Engineering
                              • Industrial Electronics
                              • Color Sensor Applications
                            • Development

                            • MAZeT is you expert for embedded system solutions. We guarantee our customers a continuous value added chain over the entire product lifecycle - starting with the initial concept up to the series production - ensuring our high quality standards.
                            • Production

                            • MAZeT has extensive experience in producing prototypes, series production and delivery in various quantities, product maintenance and quality management. Our international supplier network with long-term partners allows MAZeT to be flexible in meeting customer demands and to react to any needs for low- or high-volume productions. Close collaboration with our suppliers and partners, the expertise of our staff and continuous technical trainings and developments are our key elements of meeting customer's demands in high quality products.
                            • Quality management

                            • Additionally to the real-time quality control during manufacturing we ensure a consistent high-quality for all components and devices. The functionality of products based on the customers' demands is tested pre-delivery.

                              Design, installation and start-up of specifically required testing stations are performed via modern measurement engineering standards in collaboration with our development team. Therefore, a high level of testing coverage at realistic operating conditions and extensive diagnostic options can be provided with unified and convenient operating software. Full traceability is granted via test result logging.

                              Reproducibility can be ensured by choosing the ideal documentation method for our measuring devices. We offer an environmental chamber and thermo stream for specialized operating condition testing methods.