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Innovative Sensor Technology
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  • Offer Profile
  • IST produces three types of thin film measurement technology:
    • RTD temperature sensors,
    • capacitive relative humidity sensors,
    • and mass flow sensors.
    Manufactured at the component level, these elements are available with a diverse range of standard and custom features.
Product Portfolio
  • Sensor Products

  • Our temperature sensors are offered in platinum and nickel with customer specified size, TCR value, extension type, and nominal resistance.

    Our humidity sensor product line features excellent stability and linearity, rapid response times, high chemical resistance, and temperature compensation. Humidity sensors are available in multiple operating temperature ranges with different base capacitances. Our flow sensors are applicable in both gas and partially in liquids. They are able to measure extremely low and high flow rates, indicate flow direction, are suitable for level and bubble detection and come with optional housings to facilitate assembly.

    Application Services
    Need some help with your application developement? Our technical teams can offer you consulting, development, and production assistance for your project.
      • Temperature

      • Our thin film RTDs have an operating range from -200 to +1000°C. We also offer a series of temperature sensor ICs.
      • Humidity

      • Measuring 0-100% RH at temps from -80 to +190°C, our capacitive RH sensors offer excellent linearity and fast response times.
      • Flow

      • Our thermal mass flow sensors have a range of -40 to +450°C in both liquid and gas, and can measure flow rates from 0 to 100m/s.
      • Conductivity

      • IST has developed a thin conductivity sensor with the purpose of measuring the concentration of ions an electrolyte.
    • Temperature

        • Measurement Principle
          Our resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) function on the principal that a material’s electrical resistance changes with temperature. This positive resistance-temperature relationship holds true within extreme temperature ranges over extended periods of time. With knowledge of this relationship, an accurate measurement of temperature can be derived from the resistance value of an RTD.

          Product Overview
          IST’s temperature product line includes platinum and nickel RTDs, and temperature sensor ICs. Platinum and nickel sensors are both resistance temperature detectors with a variety of temperature ranges, extension types, and nominal resistances. While platinum can withstand extreme temperatures from -200°C to +1000°C, nickel has higher resolution within a smaller temperature range. We also offer custom RTDs in both platinum and nickel with user specified values for TCR, nominal resistance, etc. TSic sensors are semiconductor temperature sensors that feature highly accurate measurement within a limited temperature range. They are ideal for mobile applications due to their low power consumption.

        • Platinum

        • IST platinum temperature sensors provide solutions for extreme temperature applications. IST products are designed with the highest quality materials, allowing them to operate within a temperature range of -200°C to +1000°C. Standard DIN 60751 sensors are offered in class B (0.12%), class A (0.06%), 1/3 class B (0.04%), and higher accuracies upon request.

          IST sensors are available in SMD and wired configurations, and in sizes ranging from 1.6mm to 10mm (L), and 0.8mm to 5.08mm (W). Standard sensors can be customized with a variety of wire material, length, and configurations with user defined attributes such as nominal resistance, TCR value, and tolerance class.
        • Nickel

        • IST nickel temperature sensors provide solutions for precise temperature measurement applications and are a direct replacement for nickel-balco sensors. IST nickel temperature sensors operate within a temperature range of -60°C to +300°C. Standard DIN 43760, ½ DIN 43760, and 2x DIN 43760 sensors are offered in TCR values ranging from 4280 ppm/K to 6720 ppm/K.
          IST sensors are available in SMD and wired configurations, and in sizes ranging from 2mm (L) x 1.2mm (W) to 10mm (L) x 5mm (W). Standard sensors can be customized with a variety of wire material, length, and configurations with user defined attributes such as nominal resistance, TCR value, and tolerance class.
        • TSic

        • The TSic™ product family consists of chip-integrated and calibrated temperature sensors with an integrated signal converter for analog or digital signal output. It offers measurement accuracy from ±0.5°C to far below ±0.1°C and also medium (0.1°C) to high (0.034°C, 0.004°C) signal resolution for optimal temperature control.

          The measurement with the TSic™ is very simple and offers not only excellent accuracy, but also long-term stability. Due to its power consumption (typical 30 Microampere), it is well suited for data logger, digital thermometer, and temperature monitoring and measurement applications.
        • Custom

        • IST custom sensors include the CustomSens and MultiSens product lines. CustomSens allows the user to define key attributes of the sensor including the nominal resistance, TCR value, dimensions, extension type, etc. This allows our clients to specify custom values for their sensor to distinguish themselves from the rest of the market. CustomSens is also a way for the customer to develop a unique sensor that cannot be duplicated.

          MultiSens technology employs the use of multiple trimmed resistors with different thermal characteristics that are connected in a network, allowing the user to define a wide range of TCR values and nominal resistances.
      • Humidity

          • Measurement Principle
            Capacitive RH sensors consist of a ceramic substrate on which a thin film of polymer is deposited between two conductive electrodes.
            The sensing surface is coated with a micropourous metal electrode, allowing the polymer to absorb moisture while protecting it from contamination and exposure to condensation. As the polymer absorbs water, the dielectric constant changes incrementally and is nearly directly proportional to the relative humidity of the surrounding environment. Thus, by monitoring the change in capacitance, relative humidity can be derived.

            Product Overview
            IST thin film capacitive relative humidity sensors are capable of measuring 0 to 100% relative humidity and operating at temperature ranges of -80°C to +190°C. The humidity sensor product line features sensors with excellent linearity, low hysteresis, fast response times, and high chemical resistance.

            IST provides exclusive humidity sensors with directly integrated platinum temperature sensors that cater to a wide range of applications. A variety of different layouts and connections such as SMD and wired configurations are available.

          • Flow

              • Measurement Principle
                Thermal mass flow sensors utilize heat transfer principles to determine the flow velocity of a fluid. As fluid passes across the sensor, heat is carried from the sensor to the medium. This relationship is dependent upon the flow rate. As flow increases, so does the amount of heat that is transferred. By knowing the temperature of the medium, the flow rate can be determined from the amount of voltage compensation needed to maintain a constant temperature differential.

                Product Overview
                IST thin film mass flow sensors offer solutions for a wide variety of flow applications. The thin film and membrane technologies incorporate highly accurate temperature sensors and heaters as core elements of the sensors. IST flow sensors are applicable in both gas and partially in liquid, have an operating temperature range of -30°C to +450°C, and can measure flow rate and direction from 0.0001m/s (microflowSens) to 100m/s (respectively from 1mL/min to 10L/min). In addition to measuring flow rates, our liquid sensors can detect the presence of a liquid, biofilm, or bubbles, as well as indicate liquid level.
                Development channels guarantee the best possible adaptation of our sensors to the requirements of your application, whether in terms of dynamic range, response time, directional detection or ambient conditions. Connecting options such as different wires, solutions on flexible substrates or injection-molded encapsulations are available (denoted by letter A).
              • Conductivity

                  • Conductivity sensor
                    IST has developed a thin film conductivity sensor on a compact chip design with the purpose of measuring the concentration of ions in an electrolyte. The conductivity sensor is carrying an on chip platinum temperature sensor and operates with a 4-electrodes configuration. The conductivity can be determined as simple as applying a voltage on the sensors two outer electrodes and measure the voltage drop between the two inner electrodes.

                    The operating temperature range of the sensor is 0°C to +90°C and the measurement range is ~5μS/cm to ~20mS/cm. Furthermore, the IST conductivity sensor is offered with customer specific requirement for specific application needs.

                    Temperature Compensation
                    Conductivity of an electrolyte depends heavily on the temperature of the medium, and therefore it is important to have an accurate temperature sensor for compensation. The thin film conductivity sensor, developed by IST, consists of two current electrodes, two measuring electrodes and a thinfilm platinum temperature sensor for temperature compensation. The temperature sensor, used for compensation, is an integrated PT100 or PT1000 with class A and B accuracy. The platinum RTD is applied on the conductivity sensor, directly at the point of measurement, for assured accuracy.

                    Applications in Water Quality
                    Conductivity sensors play an important role in determining water quality, and are able to measure the conductivity of most electrolyte solutions. The IST conductivity sensor is an ideal choice for water quality and waste water treatment applications, as well as many other applications.
                  • Industries

                  • The available and ever expanding IST portfolio satisfies the growing application possibilities across multiple industries.
                    Our wide product range is the choice of many renowned OEMs in a variety of fields. As a result, our sensors are found in measuring instruments for various industries such as automotive, HVAC, appliance, medical, and test and measurement. While our products are widely used in these industries, they are by no means limited to them.

                    To note in particular, we are very proud of our thin film RTD temperature sensor that is currently aboard the Rosetta space probe. It will be exploring the comet Chudjumow-Gerasimenko in 2014 to complete its measuring task.
                      • Automotive

                      • With new innovations in the automotive industry, the need for accurate and robust measurement methods has become relevant. IST’s sensing solutions satisfy this need. Thin film platinum temperature sensors capable of measuring up to +1000°C provide precise measurement solutions for diesel engine applications.

                        Additionally, thermal mass flow sensors are capable of monitoring vital fuel and engine systems in these harsh conditions. IST’s humidity sensors are also largely applicable in the control of cabin conditions.

                        • Exhaust Gas Temperature
                        • Engine Temperature
                        • Windshield Fogging
                        • In Cabin Comfort
                        • Fuel Flow/Switch
                        • Engine Coolant Flow
                        • In Cabin Comfort
                      • Building Automation

                      • The Heating Ventilation and Air-condition (HVAC) market in the Building Automation industry focuses on controlling atmospheric conditions to make them more suitable. Among the conditions controlled by these systems are temperature and humidity.

                        IST’s thin film platinum and nickel temperature sensors are ideal for heat meter monitoring and control applications in HVAC because of their high resolution and long term accuracy. Additionally, IST’s thin film capacitive humidity sensors are ideal for controlling the relative humidity of an environment due to their rapid response times and accuracy over time. Thermal mass flow sensors also have applications in the HVAC industry as an indicator of duct airflow.

                        • Heat Meter Monitoring
                        • Heater and A/C Thermostats
                        • Room and Duct Probes
                        • Humidity Controls
                        • Air-conditioning
                        • Duct Airflow
                        • Outdoor Shutter Protection
                      • Appliance

                      • Measurement and control is an essential element in determining the effectiveness of products in the consumer appliance industry. Precise temperature measurements along with flow control are crucial to the proper functioning of household appliances.
                        Measurement and control is an essential element in the success of products in the consumer appliance industry. Precise temperature measurement in cooking equipment along with flow control in cleaning equipment are crucial to the proper functioning of different appliances.

                        IST’s thin film platinum temperature sensors are ideal for the long term precise measurements required by many of these devices. They are also capable of measuring extremely high temperatures at which some appliances operate. IST’s flow sensors, with the ability to measure pressure differential and flow direction, are more than capable of meeting the needs of products in the appliance industry.
                        • Oven Controls
                        • Stovetop Controls
                        • Dewer Humidity Control (Module)
                        • Vacuum Flow Monitoring
                        • Smoke Detectors (Gas)
                        • Washing Machine Flow
                      • Medical

                      • The medical industry requires that its equipment and instruments perform consistently and accurately. IST's precise and reliable sensors meet the needs of these applications. The medical industry requires the accurate and consistent performance of its equipment. IST’s precise and reliable sensors meet the needs of these applications.

                        Flow is perhaps the most widely used sensor in this industry, controlling medical devices where a gas or fluid is being supplied to a patient, or in cases of patient monitoring. Humidity sensors also have an application in the medical industry in products that control the air present or supplied to the patient.

                        • Custom Probes (Platinum / Nickel)
                        • Incubators
                        • Body Part Measurement
                        • Respirators
                        • Incubators
                        • Spirometers
                        • Dosing Monitors
                        • Oxygen Meters
                        • Vacuum Meters
                        • Liquid Medicine Dosing
                      • Test and Measurement

                      • Test and measurement is an industry in which highly accurate and stable sensors are crucial.

                        IST’s full line of temperature, humidity, and flow sensors has applications in this industry. Our sensors can be directly integrated into instruments including assemblies, probes, meters, and more.

                        • Temperature Probes
                        • Temperature Thermometers
                        • Temperature Data Loggers
                        • Handheld Devices
                        • Compensation
                        • Ultra Low Power Temperature
                        • Humidity Data Loggers
                        • Dew Point Handheld Devices
                        • Weather Balloons / Stations
                        • Humidity Handheld Devices
                        • Humidity Chamber ( MK-33 )
                        • Compressed Air Meters
                        • Clean Room Observation
                        • Flow Handheld Devices
                        • Weather Stations (Gas)
                      • Process Control

                      • Measurement and control is an essential element in determining the effectiveness of products in the Process Control industry.

                        A wide variety of applications are met in this industry by IST’s diverse family of temperature sensors. Additional process control applications are met by unique humidity and flow sensor products offered by IST.

                        • Petrochemical Sensor Probe
                        • Food/Beverage Sensor Probe
                        • Chemical Sensor Probe
                        • Cryogenic Probe
                        • Injection Molding
                        • Greenhouse
                        • Discharge Air Monitoring
                        • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Gas)
                        • Gas Flow Control
                        • Liquid Flow Control