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Seika Sangyo Yamaha Industrial Robots
  • Offer Profile
  • Yamaha Robotics offers one of the widest variety of single axis, cartesian and pick & place robots available on the market today. With payload capacities up to 80 Kg and cycle times as short as 0.45 seconds, Yamaha Robotics can supply one of the most effective and economical robot solution available for your application.
Product Portfolio
    • Transervo Series

    • With the Transervo series Yamaha Industrial Robots releases a new kind of linear axis. Instead of a complex controller, it is equipped only with a driver unit which helps to reduce the cost by app. 20%.

      Transervo uses stepping motor with resolver. By this, the advantages of stepping motor (cheap, vibration-free stop) and servo motor (precise, high speed, high payload) are combined into one axis, which makes Transervo interesting for many different applications. Handling is easy and design is compact, so automation can become even more efficient from now!
    • FLIP-X Series

    • Single-axis robots

      Full line-up of YAMAHA single-axis robots supports the needs from the production site now and in future.There are 27 versatile models in all now after strictly pursuing functionality, durability, ease of maintenance and economic efficiency and they assure more freedom in designing the line.

      We, at YAMAHA, also use many robots in our production lines and have devoted our selves in their development, pursuing the function, performance and work efficiency in view of the actual needs of the job site.
    • PHASER Series

    • Demands for higher speed, enhanced quality and less cost are increasing more than ever. How to meet these demands quickly is the task expected of manufacturers now and in the future. YAMAHA PHASER series is a completely new line up of high performance single axis robots in which the cost factor and performance are combined in a desirable way."YAMAHA PHASER series"is the key word that in creating the manufacture scene of the next generation with new value concepts.
    • XY-X Series

    • With the future production scheme already taken into consideration, operation to return to the origin is no more necessary. Adoption of the completely absolute system for all models enables quick return for production. There robots are now indispensable at the production site for higher speed production and reduction of loss time. As these models have a very rigid frame and highly accurate positioning function, they can cope with higher level applications.

      YAMAHA robots have successfully proved their reliability and ease of maintenance which are both important factors of machines. Since the installation position and origin position used for the models of X series are same as those of the equivalent models of t series, shift to the latter series can be done without difficulty. The motor incorporated structure of the robots is short enough to be added to the line easily. As a number of variations are available, it is possible to select the right functions and size. We, at YAMAHA, take not only the current production scheme but also the future production scheme into consideration.
    • YA Series

    • With the YA-series Yamaha offers a wide range of manipulators for general handling, assemply and placement applications.

      6-axis robots

      The 6-axis robots range from the ultra-light YA-RJ with 1 kg payload up to the YAR6F with 6 kg payload and longest reach in class (1422mm).

      Main features:
      • Ultra light and compact
      • Flexible mounting
      • Long reach
      • High speed control cycle

      7-axis robots

      The 7-axis robots open up new possibilities due to the very high degree of motion like a human arm. It can reach behind objects and used in narrow space.

      Variations from 5 to 20 kg payload are available.

      Main features:
      • Flexible Arm Move w Elbow Axis
      • Very low positioning
      • Reach behind the objects
      • Flexible Mount
      • Cables and Air Tube inside robots
      • High performance simulation
      • Put arm in narrow space
      • Down sizing
    • LCM

    • The next generation linear conveyor LCM100 supersedes belt conveyors and roller conveyors.

      The issues facing the manufacturing industry continue to increase each year: shortened lead time, reduced cost, increased product quality, support for small production lots of diverse types, and reduced installation space. At a single stroke, the LCM100 solves these issues by fundamentally overturning existing concepts of transport between manufacturing processes. Why not implement the next generation of production line with us?

      • Flexibility: change of production qty, high-variety low-volume manufacturing, changeover and etc
      • Cycle time reduction
      • Facility downsizing
      • Commonalize manufacturing process
    • SCARA

    • The most distinctive feature of the Yamaha Scara robots is the completely beltless structure.
      As the tip rotation axis is directly connected to the speed reduction gear, this achieves the overwhelming high-rigidity, high-speed, and high-accuracy.

      This robot is used in a wide variety of processes and applications, such as production equipment for electrical and electronic components, and small precision machine components requiring the precise assembly, and assembly, handling, and transfer of large automotive components.