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Kardex Remstar
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  • Offer Profile
  • Kardex Remstar is one of the world's leading suppliers of automated storage and retrieval solutions.

    Our products are designed to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your working practices. With our tailor-made solutions, you can considerably reduce your company's storage space.

    We have successfully installed more than 140,000 systems in sectors such as retail, warehouse & distribution, defense and aerospace since 1873.
Product Portfolio
  • Material Handling

      • Vertical Lift Systems

      • Systems from Kardex Remstar support all kinds of order picking: ergonomic design, time and space saving.

        Retrieval, control and packing into shipping containers are combined into one work operation.

        Handling steps can be minimised even more using a combination with modern conveyor systems. Turnaround times are optimised by installing modern warehouse management software, for example Power Pick Global. By randomly allocating storage locations, it is possible to perform two-stage picking. Storage can take place simultaneously and the error rate for storage and retrieval is minimised.
          • Shuttle XP

          • The Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP is an automated high bay warehousing system with a modular design operating on the "goods to person" principle.

            Optimum storage density, flexible efficient storage strategies and safe fatigue-free working: the Shuttle XP combines unique specifications to produce one system that precisely meets individual local requirements and conditions. Its success recipe in a nutshell: efficiency through OptiFlex.

            Unit dimensions
            Width 1,580 to 4,380 mm
            Depth 2,312 to 4,292 mm
            Height 2,550 to 30,050 mm

            Unit height pitch
            100 mm steps

            Performance data
            Vertical speed adjustable up to 2.0 m/s
            Storage/retrieval speed adjustable up to 0.7 m/s
            Gross loading capacity max. 67/120 t

            Width 1,250 to 4 ,050 mm
            Depth 610 to 1,270 mm
            Adjustment pitch 25 mm
            Tray pitch 75 mm
            Payload up to 725 kg
          • Shuttle XP 1000

          • The Shuttle XP 1000 is an automated vertical lift using the "goods to person" concept. The Shuttle XP 1000 has a compact design and makes optimum use of the room height available, thus offering maximum storage space within a minimal footprint.

            This can save up to 80% of the space usually required for conventional shelving. The unit can be implemented on the customer's premises as either a stand-alone unit or as a multi-storey solution with several access openings up to a level of 20 metres.

            Unit dimensions
            Width 1,580 to 4,380 mm
            Depth 2,362 to 4,342 mm
            Height 2,550 to 20,050 mm

            Unit height pitch
            100 mm increments

            Performance data
            Vertical speed: Individually adjustable per tray 0.75 m/s
            Maximum gross unit load: 67/120 t

            Depth 610 to 1,270 mm
            Width 1,250 mm - Payload per tray: 1,000kg
            Width 2,450 mm - Payload per tray: 900kg
            Width 4,050 mm - Payload per tray: 800kg

            Intermediate widths in 50 mm increments are also available
          • Shuttle XPlus

          • The Shuttle XPlus is an ideal largecapacity store which can provide up to 2,300 m² storage space on a footprint of only 20 m². The Shuttle XPlus can take a load of up to 240 t.

            Several lift modules are connected through a travelling beam to a Shuttle XPlus system. An extractor travels on the beam bringing the required tray with the stored goods either directly to the access opening or back to a free storage place in the systems modules.
            The extractor travels diagonally through the lift modules for the shortest retrieval times.

            Unit dimensions
            Width 4,460 to 7,040 mm
            Depth 2,921 to 3,074 mm
            Height 3,050 to 20,050 mm

            Unit height pitch
            100 mm steps

            Performance data
            Drive speed 250 kg/500 kg
            Vertical speed adjustable
            up to 1.5 m/s
            Storage/retrieval speed
            0.62 m/s
            Horizontal speed adjustable
            up to 1.3 m/s
            Gross loading capacity
            30 tons per segment

            Width 1,250 to 2,450 mm
            Depth 813/864 mm
            Adjustment pitch 25 mm
            Tray pitch 75 mm
            Payload up to 545 kg
          • XPMultiple

          • The Shuttle XPMultiple automatic storage system provides greater capacity, optimum use of space and very fast delivery. The system consists of two independent modular high bay systems arranged in tandem with trays moving from the front to the rear system and vice versa. The arrangement cuts the space required for movement by 50 per cent compared to individual storage and retrieval systems.

            The Shuttle XPMultiple is ideal storage technology where it is impossible to install two separate systems and allows deep, narrow spaces can be used to their full extent. Routes are reduced by only having one delivery gate.


            Increases capacity or reduces floor space being used
            Improves productivity – system prepares next tray while operator is working on the previous one
            Optimal use of awkward spaces in terms of height and depth
            Futureproof – can be used alone or as part of an integrated system
          • Logicontrol® 100/200

          • Kardex Remstar introduces a new control generation to complement all Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems.

            This machine based control center brings major improvements in ergonomics and usability of Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems. It provides a simple, intuitive touchscreen user interface and a basic space management and reporting environment for the Shuttle XP and Megamat RS automated storage systems, with a new state-of-the-art design optimized for both touch and keyboard usage.

            For customers not requiring a WMS system, the Logicontrol provides an alternative machine based control solution, which means:
            • No additional hardware required, no PC workstation required
            • No loss of data and investment if upgrading to a PC based soft ware solution at a later stage

            Advantages at a glance
            • No additional hardware required
            • Time efficiency
            • Rational use of your resources
            • Intuitive operation
            • Ergonomics and user friendliness
            • No additional user training needed
            • Stock management of up to 3 automated storage devices at one time
            • No loss of data and investment if upgrading to a PC based solution
        • Vertical Carousels

        • A vertical carousel features a series of shelves which can be rotated so that the user can access the requested items more easily. Not only that, it allows for their removal from a safe and convenient height, minimizing the likelihood of accidents or injuries.
          Vertical storage carousels will:

          • Save floor space - as you instead maximize the use of vertical space
          • Save Time - as retrieval times are reduced
          • Improve health and safety - as physical effort is reduced and awkward lifting positions are eliminated
          • Enhance security - as additional security options are available

          Our vertical storage solutions are suitable for tools, stationery, industrial and commercial hardware and consumables. The benefits for each remain the same - improved effectiveness in the order picking process and either increased storage space or more efficient use of what is available.
            • Megamat RS 180

            • Efficient storage and fast retrieval of lightweight loads

              The Megamat RS 180 is mostly suitable for the orderly storage and picking of textiles or small parts in containers – for instance in the hotel and medical sectors, in vehicle manufacturing and mechanical engineering, and in the electronics industry.

            • Megamat RS 350

            • Ideal for medium-sized loads

              The Megamat RS 350 is the perfect solution for storing and retrieving components, tools and spare parts. Among the wide range of possible applications, each carrier can be loaded with up to 350 kg.

            • Megamat RS 650

            • For heavy loads of up to 650 kg per carrier

              The Megamat RS 650 can be used in a variety of different areas. For instance, it can be integrated in the production process in a number of ways – either as an interim storage solution for semi-finished products or as a storage buffer during drying phases.

          • Horizontal Systems

                • Horizontal Carousels

                • With a Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel goods are stored and retrieved quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

                  Efficient picking station
                  A Horizontal Carousel makes optimal use of the existing room length. The central access opening positioned at the front of the Horizontal Carousel and the arrangement of the machines in so-called picking stations give the picker fast access to the stored goods on a minimal footprint. This reduces the travel time usually necessary for personnel working on a conventional shelf storage system.

                  Another advantage: all Horizontal Carousels belonging to one picking station work simultaneously. This guarantees permanent access to goods and reduces unproductive staff waiting times to a minimum.

                  Efficient order picking is made possible by linking a Horizontal Carousel with warehouse management software (e.g. Kardex Remstar Power Pick Global) and using various optical display elements. Picking performance can be improved even further if picking strategies such as “batch picking” are applied.
            • Office Solutions

                  • Lektriever

                  • The Lektriever is a software controlled automated storage and retrieval system that can hold thousands of files, videos, CD’s, DVD or a host of other media. Its capacity is the equivalent of at least 16 four-drawer filing cabinets. It can be operated in a stand alone mode or networked to your IT systems.
                  • Times Two

                  • The Kardex Remstar Times Two is a double sided rotating document filing system which can save substantially on floor space. The inner cube revolves within an outer shell enabling users to access both the front and back of the unit whilst only having the one fixed access area.
                  • Mobile Shelving

                  • Mobile Shelving is the ideal office storage solution for your less active and archival filing requirements. It is important to give consideration to the likely activity rates to retrieve files. Our document management audit will help you to make the correct choices.
                  • Filling Supplies

                  • It is the correct choice of hardware combined with the most appropriate filing software which will produce the ultimate solution. One without the other is only going half the distance and will only give half a solution – leaving expectation levels unfulfilled.
                  • Fire Protection

                  • Protection from fire or theft can be a very important part of good document management. But it is not just fire: A whole range of disasters including burglary, flood, electrical failure, vandalism and terrorism put thousands of companies out of business each year.

                    The Kardex Remstar Disaster Protection range has been specially designed to offer point of use protection, not just from fire but burglars, vandalism and floods too.
                  • Imaging Solutions

                  • Our solutions can successfully merge different technology types in the office. The growth of paperwork in the office is projected to increase steadily for the following years. At the same time there is also a growing call for the electronic office solution.
                  • Document Task Force

                  • The Document Task Force has been established to supply a range of services at short notice, in a professional and efficient manner.
                    The service provided by the team is an all encompassing one-stop-shop, enabling you to adapt internally to meet external demands.
              • Software

                  • Software Solutions

                  • Increase your productivity!
                    Power Pick Global facilitates batch picking, allowing an operator to fill multiple orders at one time, increasing productivity significantly. Multi-user-picking provides the flexibility to easily add additional labour to further increase picking speeds when order volume is high. Optical indicators such as Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light direct the operator to the exact location of the pick, increasing accuracy and reducing the number of picking errors. Power Pick Global communicates with various peripheral devices such as bar code scanners, batch lights, LED or laser light pointers and printers.
                    • Optimised Pick Processes – allow for fast access and enable parallel operation on orders, thus increasing picking efficiency
                    • Various optical indicators and simplified entry methods – result in reduced picking errors, increasing picking accuracy up to 99%.

                    Enhance your flexibility!
                    Power Pick Global offers you exactly those functionalities that you need – no more, no less! Additional optional modules and individual adjustments are at your disposal to enhance, support and optimise your warehouse management. Power Pick Global can be implemented as stand-alone solution or integrated into your IT-system via flexible interfaces.

                    • Modular structure and versatile options – enable adjustments to change requirements at any time and protect your investment.

                    Reduce your cost!
                    Power Pick Global can be used effectively in combination with Kardex Remstar dynamic storage and retrieval systems and/or other established storage facilities, e.g. shelving or pallet storage.

                    • Optimum use of storage space – up to 85% more storage space possible

                    Power Pick Global warehouse management software increases the efficiency of your storage facility

                      • Cleverstore 1000

                      • Cleverstore 1000 is the solution for efficient storage and retrieval of materials. Besides management of storage space and stock various protocols and reports enable smooth storage processes. This software ideally complements Kardex Remstar dynamic storage systems.

                        Advantages at a glance
                        • User-friendly design
                        • Increased productivity
                        • Increased flexibility
                        • Modular structure
                        • Reduction of storage levels
                        • Maximisation of storage space
                      • Smartpick 5200

                      • Smartpick 5200 is the solution for the management and processing of picking orders – specially tailored to the needs of the electrics / electronics industry. Special attention was paid to the handling of SMD components. For example, during putting charge / serial numbers are recorded and during picking the correct charge / serial number is predetermined. Thus incorrect picking is not possible anymore!

                        Advantages at a glance
                        • Special SMD-handling
                        • Integrated optical indicators
                        • Modular structure
                        • Reduction of stock levels
                        • Maximization of storage space
                      • Smartpick 6000

                      • Smartpick 6000 is the solution that supports different picking strategies. Multi-Order-Picking (Batching) bundles several orders together into a batch order so that the material that is required for several orders only has to be picked once.
                        Multi-User-Picking enables several operators to pick at the same time. With the help of automated light systems they are directed to the respective order box. Incorrect picking is thus reduced to a minimum.

                        Advantages at a glance
                        • Multi-Order-Picking (Batch)
                        • Multi-User-Picking
                        • Integrated optical indicators
                        • Modular structure
                        • Reduction of stock levels
                        • Maximization of storage space
                      • Communicator Pro

                      • Communicator Pro is the storage solution for all enterprises that already operate an ERP or WMS system whilst striving to get even greater performance from their dynamic storage systems.

                        Material master data synchronisation with host
                        Order synchronisation with host
                        Action result reporting (booking list export)
                        Inventory orders
                        Kit list import
                    • Solutions

                    • Integrated Systems for superior Performance
                      Our storage systems are designed to increase your productivity, optimise your storage pace and improve the efficiency of your working practices. All our solutions can be adapted to meet your specific requirements.

                      Our Products offer You the following Benefits:
                      • Space savings of up to 90%
                      • Improvements in pick accuracy up to 99%
                      • Improvements in picking productivity up to 400%
                      • Achievement of stock accuracy levels up to 99.7%
                        • Storage

                        • Benchmark for Storage Solutions
                          If you want to store any kind of physical item, a space saving, reliable and efficient storage and retrieval solution can reduce man hours and storage costs – whether operated automatically or by hand. All of our vertical and horizontal systems work on the 'goods to person' principle, reducing waiting and walking times significantly.
                        • Order Picking

                        • Intelligent Picking and Packing
                          With our solutions for intelligent picking and packing you access a new level of efficiency and profitability. Automated control systems or fully automated picking devices facilitate the picking process and enhance performance as well as safety and reliability. The line-up of our modular systems is flexible and can be adjusted to your requirements, as well as youre desired level of automation.
                        • Handling & Automation

                        • The Pursuit of Excellence
                          Our automated storage and commissioning solutions enable you to make substantial efficiency savings in the way you handle your inventory.
                        • Document Management

                        • Focus on Business, not on Documents
                          We assist you in managing the vast quantities of documents received as a result of the "information explosion". As a fully integrated technology supplier we provide solutions to merge both physical and digital data; leading to impressive savings in space, productivity & accuracy. Our extensive range of document management solutions and products allows you to focus on your business, not on the documents.
                        • Office Technology

                        • Saving Space, boosting Productivity
                          Kardex Remstar’s extensive range of office technology solutions and products assist companies in managing vast quantities of documents. Our systems allow companies to successfully merge both physical and digital data; leading to impressive savings in space, productivity and accuracy.
                        • Special Environment

                        • Under Control
                          With our systems you have the option to store your goods in a dry, controlled environment or under clean room conditions still with the flexibility and adaptability that characterises all of our systems. As room-in-room configuration or stand-alone: the units can be positioned as desired without any constructional limitations.