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Eaton Industries
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  • Offer Profile
  • Eaton is a power management company with 2014 sales of $22.6 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 102,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit
Product Portfolio
  • SmartWire-DT®: The Communication and Connection System for Your Entire System

  • With SmartWire-DT, Eaton has heralded in a new era of connectivity between individual switchgear and controllers. SmartWire-DT not only replaces the control circuit wiring for all the components inside a machine's control panel, but also extends this flexibility to elements such as sensors. This way, SmartWire-DT makes it perfectly possible for a system's central controller and moving components to communicate with each other continuously and directly. In addition, the fact that this eliminates the need for previously required PLC inputs/outputs and control wiring saves signifi-cant space, making the use of more compact control panels possible.

    The SmartWire-DT communication system can be used anywhere where switchgear, sensors, and actuators are at work. And the advantages it holds over competing solutions quickly become clear during installation, operation, and further expansion down the line. Large data volumes, a length of up to 600 m, and flexible options for connecting to field buses from virtually any PLC manufacturer are just a few of the characteristics that make SmartWire-DT the ideal system for an extremely wide range of applications.

      • Lean Automation solutions – with CODESYS

      • The new compact PLC series XC152 combines a modern con-trol architecture and comprehensive communication interfaces in a single device.
        Meanwhile, HMI PLCs combine the latest IT technologies with traditional PLC and HMI technologies by grouping control, visualization, and data management tasks together in a single device. In both cases, the integrated SmartWire-DT interface makes it much easier to communicate with switchgear.
      • SmartWire-DT – twice as easy with easySoft

      • Our new easy800 devices with SmartWire-DT combine the functions of an easy800 control relay with a direct connection to SmartWire-DT. Instead of having to connect switchgear inputs and outputs to the corresponding controller individually, they can simply be connected via a SmartWire-DT line instead. Programming remains the same, using ladder diagrams in easySoft-Pro.
      • Open for every master with different gateways

      • Eaton offers gateways for a wide variety of standard field bus systems so that you can establish communications with any controller. The following protocols are supported: PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, PROFINET, and Powerlink.
      • Convenient control and signaling

      • Due to the fact that every single contact and indicator light has to be wired individually to a controller's input/output modules, conventional pilot device wiring is associated with a high level of complexity and cost. The perfect alternative is SmartWire-DT, which instead connects pilot devices with just a single click. Functions that previously needed to be set up separately, such as those in double pushbuttons with LED indicators, now require a single SmartWire-DT function element only. More-over, SL signal towers can also be connected to SmartWire-DT.
      • SmartWire-DT®: All the information you need regarding your motors

      • With SmartWire-DT, PKE motor-protective circuit-breakers rated for currents of up to 65 A can be easily integrated into automa-tion systems. The function element for these circuit-breakers not only reports their trip setting, but also their trip state and the cause of any trips. Moreover, it also sends data concerning the motor current and the thermal motor load, providing advance warning of potential faults and shutdowns due to overload. The result is increased availability and serviceability.
      • Efficient power distribution monitoring

      • The modular design behind PKE motor-protective circuit-break-ers ensures that they can also be used as circuit-breakers for load currents of 15 A to 65 A in power distribution applica-tions. In addition, combining them with the PKE-SWD-CP SmartWire-DT module makes it possible to evaluate phase current, trip state, breaker setting, and advance overload warn-ing monitoring signals, eliminating the need for conventional measuring equipment.
      • Connect machine sensors directly

      • IP67 I/O modules provide SmartWire-DT systems with a fine-grained I/O solution that features a high degree of protection and can be used directly on machines. The small number of I/O channels means that even individual sensors and actua-tors can be connected to a SmartWire-DT system directly in the field by using these modules. This not only reduces the amount of wiring needed, but also renders a machine's wiring simpler. All in all, digital and analog sensors and actuators can be easily connected in any order and amount, and expansions can be conveniently added by simply adding new cards.
      • Electronic motor startups made even simpler

      • EMS electronic motor starters can take care of the tasks per-formed by a reversing contactor combination, including emer-gency stops and motor protection, on a mere 30 mm. This saves space and keeps wiring down to a minimum. And, in addition, using SmartWire-DT means that the starter's power supply and control sections can simply be plugged in.
      • PowerXL variable frequency drives – communicate efficiently

      • PowerXL variable frequency drives can also be combined with SmartWire-DT. To do so, it is only necessary to plug a SmartWire-DT function element into the device, completely eliminating the need for conventional control circuit wiring. The new interface makes it possible to configure the variable frequency drives centrally, and the network connection can be used to send control commands to the devices and read diagnostic data from them.
      • DS7 soft starters – direct access to all parameters

      • DS7 soft starters are available within a performance range of 1.1 to 110 kW, and by connecting them to SmartWire-DT, you can obtain easy and convenient access to all their parameters. Users can read and overwrite potentiometer settings. Extended status, error, and diagnostic messages can be retrieved directly. The result: absolute data transparency. The plug-in units make installation fast and error-free, and the resulting connection includes the soft starter's control current supply.
      • Visualization and logging system – BreakerVisu

      • Measuring electrical parameters is the foundation of any energy management system. With SmartWire-DT, the opera-tional data of NZM circuit-breakers and PKE motor-protective circuit-breakers can be visualized and logged using Breaker-Visu. This self-configuring system allows for up to 16 cards to be connected to it via SmartWire-DT and, alternatively, another 32 via Modbus RTU. Once connected, it can be used to read important information, such as phase currents, trip states, and configuration parameters, via SmartWire-DT. In addition, energy values can be obtained via energy measuring modules.