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  • Offer Profile
  • EK AUTOMATION is a leading European supplier of Automated Guided Vehicles. With more than 40 years experience, EK has installed over 700 systems and delivered almost 7000 AGVs worldwide. Our Manufacturing Execution System, MES-CON OS can enhance automate, control and improve virtually any industrial process. EK AUTOMATION has strength and presence. With five subsidiaries in Europe EK is a true leader in the supply of Automated Guided Vehicles, process control and integrated material flow control systems.
Product Portfolio

  • Getting things moving.
    Moving things at minimum cost. Always having things where you want them, when you want them - Are these your visions?

    Automated Guided Vehicle systems deliver that vision. Automated Guided Vehicle systems (AGVs) save time and money. They optimise and smooth transport flow, they increase process efficiency.

    EK AUTOMATION is Europe's AGV leader, delivering quality, benefits and value, world-wide.
      • ECO

      • The ECO is a fine example of an EK Smart Idea that really does deliver the Best Results.

        With its simplicity and economy, the ECO is always tough, flexible and quick to install. But above all, it’s cost-effective and that’s especially important for larger fleets.

        The ECO is most commonly used for simple and repetitive tasks around production lines and assembly areas – where it’s a real workhorse.

        The ECO is available with all sorts of load handling attachments; roller, chain, slat or belt conveyors, telescopic forks, as tow tractor units or with just a simple load platform.
        And of course it comes with our range of guidance options.
      • COMPACT

      • The COMPACT is our range of small footprint vehicles, designed to work in the tightest of spaces, yet remain truly maintenance-friendly.

        With built-in roller, belt, slat or chain conveyor and even with telescopic forks, the COMPACT is ideally suited to medium volume transport duties where space is at a premium.

        The COMPACT also comes in Super-Flat form, making an extremely low and sleek vehicle that’s ideally suited to hospital duties. With its integrated lifting gear, the COMPACT SF delivers hospital trolleys, beds, containers and the like.

        The tried & tested design of the COMPACT is easy to maintain and delivers risk-free automated transport and handling.
      • MULTI

      • The most flexible automated transport platform of them all; for any load handling attachment.

        The MULTI opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the automation of materials transport, handling and storage in the factory and in the warehouse.

        Using our proven, reliable and modular design, load handling attachments are simply bolted on. Whether it’s roller or chain conveyor, lift mast with forks or clamp, etc., the MULTI can be fitted with them all.

        The Multi Advantage:

        • Standard modules delivering engineered solutions.
        • Three sizes, plus specials.
        • Risk-free and cost-effective.
      • VARIO

      • Does your workplace have special or sitespecific requirements; perhaps with temperature extremes, hazardous materials or high levels of cleanliness?

        Or do you need vehicles that are capable of much more than just moving pallets from A to B?

        With our experience, product range and technologies, we can develop and tailor the right solution for every task; whether it’s for inside or outside, or for the fragile, robust or sensitive. We call our special-purpose AGVs the VARIO range.


    • Are you still transporting your containers manually? Automated Guided Vehicles from EK Automation lower your operating costs by reducing the time spent and physical effort expended by your qualified staff members. AGVs automatically transport laundry, medical, main meals, snacks, waste and much more. The hospital systems from EK Automation optimise the number of containers, shorten the time taken for transport and cycle times, always deliver on-time, and reliably carry the transported goods as if by hand – the gentle AGV handling provided avoids damage to the containers and their contents as well as to the infrastructure, whilst also lowering the risk of employee injury.

      If you add to that the improved overview of your material flow, which provides pin-point accuracy, the reducing of floor space needed for transport logistics, the minimising of supplies and control stock needed, as well as the lowering of personnel costs, particularly in multi-shift operation, you will see that AGVs from EK Automation provide a Return On Investment in a very short time.

      The Automated Guided Vehicles from EK Automation find their way using the most advanced tracking technologies. Whether contour, magnet or laser navigation, or a combination of one or more of these, our flexible equipment always meets demands with minimum installation and maximum precision and flexibility. Easy to modify and extend, they represent a long-term, sensible investment in very advanced technology.

      Safety is the major benefit you gain when using AGVs from EK Automation. The layouts are designed for accident-free and fault-free navigation throughout the hospital corridors. It goes without saying that our person protection systems fulfil and exceed the European safety requirements.


          • EK AUTOMATION delivers Automated Guided Vehicles Systems for the automatic transport of linens, food, medical waste, trash, drugs for hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, clinics, etc.

            Automated Guided Vehicles offer many benefits, such as lower operating costs, reduced transport damage and improvement on delivery times

            The AGVs from EK AUTOMATION have a Super-Flat profile, making an extremely low and sleek vehicle that’s ideally suited to many hospital duties. With its integrated lifting gear, the vehicles deliver hospital trolleys, beds, containers and the like – up to 500 kg. The tried and tested design of the AGV is easy to maintain and delivers riskfree automated transport and handling.

            The AGVs drive automatically in and out of service elevators and generally use separate service aisles to bridge various floors. If needed, they can use passenger lifts as well using a reservation mechanism. On-board safety sensors allow the vehicles to stop when persons or obstacles on the path are detected – avoiding personal injury and damage to payload, surrounding items or infrastructure. Automatic guided vehicles are able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, replacing multiple shifts at once.


      • EK AUTOMATION has been active for many years in process automation and process optimization. Our experience goes from small and simple systems control to complex, high-availability process control.

        These include control systems for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), material flow control systems and integrated control systems with MES functionality.

        Take advantage of our experience of more than 1000 automated systems in these areas.

        We offer cost-effective automation systems for your facilities that are flexible, adaptable and efficient.

          • Technology

          • An AGV system is made up of four main building blocks: a travel route; a control system; the vehicles and their power supply. The travel route is simply defined by your material flow needs. The control system is there to ensure smooth flow of vehicles, materials and data. The vehicles are driverless industrial trucks. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be fitted with virtually any sort of mechanical handling device. AGVs are used throughout manufacture, assembly and warehousing. They are goods transporters, and can even act as mobile work benches or assembly platforms. AGVs are battery-electric trucks, available with the widest range of battery and charger power systems, to guarantee maximum flexibility and mobility around the clock.
              • NAVIGATION

              • At EK AUTOMATION we have a full range of AGV guidance and navigation systems, so we always have the right solution for your task and your environment.

                Our control systems are multi-sensor enabled, so we are not limited to a single navigation method, but can deliver hybrid systems with different navigation technologies in one vehicle. The optimum solution is guaranteed.

                Our systems are very flexible, making them easy to extend and modify as your business grows, ensuring a long-term and secure investment in the most modern technology...
              • SAFETY - FIRST

              • Automated Guided Vehicles often share factory aisles and roadways with other traffic and people, so built-in safety systems must be up to the task. Naturally, our AGV systems meet and exceed the demands of the relevant European safety standards.

                And because we only supply open systems with the most modern and standard components, additional safety features can easily be integrated to meet site-specific needs. Safety first and guaranteed.
              • ENERGY SYSTEM

              • A very important part of any AGV system is its energy concept. Based on your application and your environment, we optimise the energy concept to best-fit your installation.

                With over 40 years experience in Automated Guided Vehicle Systems, you can be sure that an EK AUTOMATION job is designed and installed in the right way, using the best of concepts and best practice.
              • SYSTEM SUPERVISION

              • Our PC and PLC based control systems are built around software kernels that have been exhaustively tried and tested over many years, and have been subject to continuous development and improvement programs to meet the most exacting of modern standards.

                Our highgrade HMI visualisation systems are very user-friendly and give a complete overview of your system. Detailed system operating and performance data is also recorded and made available for statistical evaluation at your leisure. Interfaces between our AGV systems and for example your Host computer or peripheral equipment, are fully supported.