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R.WEISS Verpackungstechnik
  • Offer Profile
  • Erect blanks of various geometries, fill them in top-loading process and seal them – that is what we have been developing and producing innovative solutions for since 1990. Powerful components, complete plants for packaging your individual products in primary or secondary packaging. Quickly, safely and reliably. With a high level of increasing the value of your product. Our packaging machines are used in many industries world-wide. 2-digit growth rates speak in favour of our competence and the quality of our equipment.
Product Portfolio
  • Erecting

  • For any carton blank the fitting module
    The erecting of die-cut cardboard and corrugated carton blanks occurs by means of our multiple approved modules.
    According to the application it will be a line integrated UNIROB module or a stand-alone machine of our series COMFORTLINE or ECONOMYLINE.
    • UNIROB-06-C

    • Competence meets effiency
      Our UNIROB top-loading machine is just one example of how our know-how and competence meet the efficiency and the application-driven development competence of R.WEISS Verpackungstechnik. The basic unit consists of a solid steel frame which is conveniently accessible through large guard doors. Depending on the formulation of the specific tasks, one or multiple standard robots with two, four or six degrees of freedom are suspended inside this frame. The peripheral modules are positioned underneath. Any processes may be run successively within most confined space. Almost any customer-specific requirements can be complied with. Additional benefits: sophisticated standard robot technology, international service is ensured; compact, space-saving solution; any enhancements are possible; free positioning of the peripheral devices; automatic change of the robot tools.

      The unique advantages of the UNIROB top-loading machine:
      • space-saving top-loading position of the robot s
      • optimal access around the packaging system by wide doors
      • product and packaging material feeding from all sides is possible
      • very good visibility into production process for the operator
      • flexible extension of the packaging line by modular built-in system
      • highest flexibility for product or packaging style changes
      • Packing Systems

      • Efficient packaging technology for all Stackable products

        The VST-C stackers are designed for the packaging of stackable products. Within the machine the trays and cartons are efficiently erected, filled and closed.

        At the tray and carton design a high flexibility is given, too. Simple trays with or without cover lid, cartons with hinged lid and wraparound-style cartons can be handled on the system. The carton design can be modified so that it will have the function of a display tray after opening. Additional staple edges for better fixing of the product can be incorporated.
        • Closing

        • Also for the closing of die-cut cardboard and corrugated carton blanks our UNIROB modules or stand-alone machines of our product lines ECONOMYLINE and COMFORTLINE will be used. All typical carton closing styles can be handled on our closing systems. We list here just some of them: hinged lid with tuck-in flap with or without glue dot for temper evident closure, outside glued flap with tear-off strip, one-, two- and three-side closure, U-shaped lid, wraparound-style lid, etc. Send us your specification. If requested we would be pleased to assist you in developing the best design.
          • Palletizing

          • Palletizing on narrow space
            At the end of each packaging process we offer our customers a compact robot palletizing system. According to the demands it could vary in different automation steps. Additional functions like labelling, laser or ink-jet coding etc. could be integrated, too.
            • Planning & Engineering

            • Planning Forms the basis of common success

              Experience and innovative engineering ensure optimum customized solutions. Frank and direct communication characterises the cooperation between you and our team. From the first meeting to the timely commissioning. And past that point. Committed staff members, rich in ideas, competence and experience guarantee a target-oriented, smooth project handling and a reliable after-sales service. Guaranteed.

              Good cooperation, skills, competence and fairness create successful projects

              We are our customers’ good partners. You will notice this as early as in the first consulting interview. It is true, our products are machines. High-performance machines.

              But they are devised and built by people. For people. For our customers. For you. Therefore, quality is of paramount importance to us. Quality creates confidence. And confidence is the basis of a productive partnership.

              Our highly qualified staff will solve even the most unusual of problems

              On the basis of our proven standard modules, we develop application-specific solutions. Mostly routine work for our experienced staff who will also cope with tricky tasks. Using engineering creativity and profound skills and knowledge. The result will in any case be seen in the form of equipment of the highest efficiency.

              Our packaging machines vary with the requirements of our customers

              More versatility, shortest changeover and start-up times, convenience, ensures the needs of our customers operability, compact design, increased availability, cost-saving retro-fitting, highest productivity and efficiency - our developments will stand the test of time and provide our customers with a high level of investment security. Our UNIROB top-loading machines have been in use for many years. All over the world. A pioneering solution based on cutting-edge robot technology. Today as ever, we are proactively working on improvements meant for the benefit of our users and an increase of the productivity of the packaging workflow. A contribution to our customers’ competitiveness. Are you looking for optimum solutions for your packaging tasks? Let us work together.